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July 11, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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July 11, 2001

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811 Wednesday, July 11,2001 Bulletin, Progressive,_JOHiForesswe t ' ' ._...'1 I'UPlII'I ilrnr iiii i Ill I I supervisor s con,, Plumas County has its newly aligned supervi- sorial districts, but it wasn't a unanimous deci- sion by the board of supervisors. In a 4-1 vote, the supervisors adopted Telgar, one of nearly two dozen plansthe board has considered in the last several weeks. The lone no vote was that of Supervisor Robert Meacher. It's not sur- prising that he'd vote , against a plan that would have him repre- sent a district that covers Indian Valley, a portion of Lake Almanor, the Canyon, and now a portion of Quincy. The supervisors should have adopted a plan that kept Meacher out of Quincy and, instead, gave him a larger part of Lake Almanor. That would have made sense because he is already a presence at the lake and he would then be respon- sible for three communities of interest, not four. But Supervisor Bill Dennison wanted to main- rain a "community of interest" in the Almanor Basin. He conducted two community, meetings and rallied the troops, though he denies encour- aging them to start a petition drive or attend the July 3 meeting of the board of supervisors to ex- press their desire to keep the Basin in one super- visorial district, with one representative. The other supervisors, facing a deadline, adopt. ed Telgar, noting that, in 10 years, they would have to pay for the decision. Because in 10 years, the Lake Almanor area will have grown even more, throwing the desired population ratios even more out of whack. But, if Dennison is trying to do what is best for his constituents, did he succeed? They have one community of interest and one supervisor. But now Quincy has three supervisors. When it comes to any vote of the board, who has the ad- vantage--Quincy or the Almanor Basin? Ken Nelson couldn't understand the concerns of Dennison or his constituents. Quincy has long had two supervisors--with people living on one side of the street in one district, and people on the other side, in another. He reminded the supervi- sors that it is their job to represent the entire county, not just their own distict. In Telgar, every supervisor except for Denni- son had to let go of a portion of his district and pick up a portion of someone else's. District 4 (Ken Nelson) had to give up the area around Feather River College, Gansaer Park, Beskeen Lane and part of Chandler Road. District 5 (Don' ..... Clark) had to give up Greenhorn and Chandler Road. District 1 (B.J. Pearson) had to give up Iron Horse. Perhaps, if there had been more time, the supervisors could have negotiated longer and de- vised a better plan. But, as it is, it will take an ur- gency ordinance to put the new districts into ef- fect In time for candidates to file for the March primary. The item was scheduled on the agenda in such a manner that there was often not enough time for a full discussion. Twice, it followed highly controversial issues that usurped not only the time allowed for the discussion, but also the su- pervisors' energy to tackle it. And, the supervi- sors' schedules often made it difficult for the filve to be present at the same time to discuss it. That's a shame when Plumas County residents will have to live with this decision for the next 10 years. Credit goes to the planning department for de- veloping a new plan for every whim the supervi- sors expressed, and trying to balance the desires of the board with the demands of the law. Steve Allen did a yeoman's job of presenting the alter- natives in a clear, concise manner, and never showed a hint of the frustration he must have felt. Fea g / l ewspaper Michael C. Taborski Publisher Keri B. Taborski Legal Advertising Department Debra Coates Managing Editor Alicia Higbee Indian Valley Editor Terri Nacar Portola Editor Christi Sevtap Chester Editor Shannon Morrow Sports Editor Jenette Meneely News Proofreader, Kid's Page Editor iii i i ,, ' ,, Staff writers Dave Keller, Gall Brown, Victoria Metcalf, Will Farris, Pete Margolies, Rob Brockmeyer, Shayla Ashmore, Sam Williams, Cassandra Hummel, Kelly Dachenhausen, Dale Defter "lit .............. .. ave u my power I felt a momentary twinge of guilt as I heard a piece of firewood hit the shed. I knew my husband was out there stacking first load of the season. Should I go outside and help or contin- ue reading the Sunday paper? Saturday, while my husband was playing 18 holes of golf, I was scrub- bing the bathrooms. No, I decided, I would Emish reading. We have divided the chores around our house on fairly traditional lines--I take care of the inside, he takes care of the outside. It's what I'm used to, it was how I was raised. Though, when I was growing up, I had four brothers and one sister, and felt the numbers unfairly favored the men of the house. Even my first marriage was fairly traditional, though my husband was a great cook and often did the honors when we entertained. However, during the five years I was a single mom, I had no choice but to as- sume the "outside" work. And, I en- joyed it. That first Christmas alone, I asked for and received a tool box. I think I was more excited about that than when I received my first jewelry box-- you know, the kind with the ballerina that dances when you open it. a more COATES MANAGING EDITOR Into my new red tool box went the very basics--a hammer, a wrench, and " an assortment of screw drivers (both kinds). The screwdrivers came in handy when agirlfriend and I decided to f'LX my VCR. We managed to get it apart, poked and prodded everything inside and then reassembled it. No, it didn't work, but I got immense satisfaction out of the fact that we got it back to- gether. During those five years, there were many moments of satisfaction--minor repairs, finding the stud in a wall, get- ting through a winter. But there were times when I needed a man. Like the time Graeagle was without power for five days during the winter of '97 and I tried to light a propane lantern. Unfortunately, I didn't have the canister securely fastened and it Photo courtesy Plumas County Museum It was quite a gathering as area residents headed off into the old mining country around LaPorte for a picnic. The date stamped on the front of the photograph is June 30, 1912. tomb burst into a ball of flame. I the house and threw it into a.' bank where it continued ly. I ran next door to my house, and he came to my He also came to my night, when returning was sure that move as the car rolled into the It didn't. _ About three winters into mY md reer, I received a snow blower, t ablis down the driveway I went, the . ur stopped working. Now, I wasn-"Lt s, ar of using a shovel, but the snoW disc fairly deep. I looked up andn b! street Where were who had just been outside? th I had a sneaking suspicion around, just reluctant to come nec the snow to offer assistance, fror an idea. I made sure the snow off, then I put my hand in was chute. Within moments two appeared. "Don't ever put your pop ,' one men down there, of the sla ake, Within minutes, my snow bloWl tern operational again, the Women and machinery frighten men. My single, recently purchased When she went to a popular provement store to purchase male clerk patientl) different models and their both women stood in the aisle their saws, two men stopped. "Now that's a scary said. I remember when I got my mower. I didn't want to hassle gasoline, so I el with an extension cord the a football field. My dad came explained how to use it. handled too much like a er, and I began to use it like one ' know, stand in one place and back and forth. Needless to say, son quickly deteriorated, as bors can attest. , Now, I'm back in my tradl ion rn' but I miss the sense of indep'en and strength I had when I was but sorry, not enough to help sta c firewood. Y, i! Remember KERITAgORSJ I HISTORIAN 75 YEARS AGO...1926 Vital statistics in Plumas County for the first six months of the year 1926 noted that, with eight marriage licenses issued and six divorces and two annulments granted, a bal- ance is struck. So far during the year there have been 46 deaths, 20 of those from acci- dents and 35 births were recorded thus far. SO YEARS AGO...1951 Word has been received here of the death of Jacob B. Laufman in Santa Paula where he has made his home for many years. He was a native of Plumas County and some 50 years ago was the shop foreman for the newspaper, The Plumas National. 25 YEARS AGO...1976 Roy Hamma, Quincy area attorney was this week appointed part-time Plumas Coun- ty Public Defender at a salary of $25,000 per year. The Board of Supervisors created the new position effective July 1. 10 YEARS AGO...1991 As part of the new tax laws California legislature and signed bY nor Pete Wilson, odicals sold in California are now sales taxes for the first time in the! history. NOTE: Items included in the weekly J ber When column are taken from edition newspaper archives and writing style of that particular spelling and grammar are not copy is presented as it actually the original newspapers. just for the opportunity to graduateOf course there are downsideSh I i once again. I think there is never such a don't have to explain to anyone 7 moment in one's life where the possibil- here. But I will say, don't believe ,-: ities seem endless, confidence runs high thing you hear. We all know rum# ll and life is spread out before one, full of the bane of small communities. CHRISTI$[V] P promises _an.,d potential. I in particular want to tha J[; And, that s where it clicked. I had po- "friends at the Chester Progre : STAFF WRITER tential. At one time, there,were high ex- Ladles," thanks for understandi i l ...... Ill pectations of me. It wasn t an unpleas- sense of humor, and for defen~ By the time you read this, I will eant pressure; it inspired confidence to against those who did not. gone. know that others expected me to do well And thank you to Mike Tabo e I've had a very interesting, fulRlling with my life. Debra Coates. You two are the eight months reporting in Chester, but Now, I'm not suggesting that being we can say we are part of the the time has come to expand my hori- the editor of our local hometown news- Publishing "family." sons. paper is amounting to nothing. I feel Thanks to Jewelle Mapes and I have itchy feet. I think that has been very honored to have been the resident Chavez of the ABC Center, who apparent since my very fast My Turn. I editor. I learned so much about how a me and my husband when missed my home, so I came back to community works and the very impor- Chester, but there's also so much more tant role a newspaper plays. of the world that I want to see and expe- rience. Something in me has been growing, nudging me toward my future. But I think the last straw came while I cov- ered the awards ceremony and gradua- tion of the Chester High School Class of 2001. I watched the students win awards, accolades, recognition. I listened to the valedictorian's speech. Finally, ! thought to myself, what hap- pened to me? I was one of these stu- dents, six years ago, receiving these same awards and scholarships, think- ing that it was all up from there. I would endure four more years of teen-aged, high school awkwardness Imagine the pressure of double and triple checking each word you write, scared stiff of misquoting your fellow community member or misrepresenting your friend. It's not easy, but I think I played it waltzed into town. Thanks to the Rotary Club of for support and fellowship. I'm couldn't stay with your wonderf~ riization a little longer. Oh, and thanks to Elise TumaJ a Chester Library. Your books kel ,s sane and grounded. (I'll settle q ,I fairly cool. , later...) But, it boils down to this: I m not And a big THANK YOU to Bill $ ready to settle down. son, who, when we first met, So, I've decided to return to school, me of the importance of f'mishi , My plan is to finish my degree and pos- college degree. As I've already tol ,t sibly pursue further education. And we are a lucky community, had# n who knows where life will take me? have such a strong, active prol t] I hope to at least a few exotic places,working for us. ,: In the short period I've been here, I'm off to realize my potentlY. { most members of the community have be back, sooner or later. I don t h made me feel welcome. That's one of the where exactly I'm headed, but peirks of small-town living, it's worth a shot.