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July 11, 2018     Feather River Bulletin
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July 11, 2018

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4B -Wednesday, July 11, 2018 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter BLOTTER, from page 3B Non-designated camping On Highway 89 west of Super Ditch near Chester, it was reported that some campers were in a non-designated area. A deputy said they would be moving along. Driving down the Riverwalk In Portola, a deputy received information that someone drove a car down the Riverwalk in the city limits of Portola. Both ends of the walk are gated and someone removed the barriers. A deputy checked the area but didn't see any vehicles. that he was being followed by a woman and he didn't understand why. Dispatch attempted to transfer the call to CHP, but the call was dropped. Hanging out on the porch In Quincy, a caller reported that someone was on her neighbor's porch causing a disturbance. A deputy reported the woman was trying to get her phone. She was gone when he arrived. Citation given A deputy reported issuing a citation to a man who was charged with having an unregistered vehicle and not having valid proof of correction for an insurance violation. To the rescue In the Lake Almanor Peninsula area, a caller reported that her cat was in a tree. The call was transferred to SIFC. Log on water Near the Lake Almanor Peninsula, a caller reported that a large log was floating close to the docks in the lake behind her house. Problems at a campground In the Lake Almanor area, a deputy reported doing a check at a campground. The deputy contacted a campground host who was intoxicated. The deputy spoke to the other host who had not been drinking. Suspicious activities In Chester, a caller asked to talk with a deputy about a man who might be abusing his dog and might be in possession of stolen property. A deputy said there was no crime. lot. The call was transferred to CHP. Talking a stroll to the river In Portola, a caller reported that she saw a dog that was walking down to the river. The large dog had a collar, but she couldn't see an ID. The information was given to a deputy and animal control. The original caller said she was taking the dog to its owners. Wagon in the roadway On Highway 70 near Keddie, a caller reported seeing a man with a wagon and a dog on the highway. They were northbound. The call was transferred to CHP. A second call came in about the man. Scam letter reported In Blairsden, a caller reported receiving a scare letter and wanted to talk with a deputy. The deputy said the man and others also received a letter requesting a cashier's check. A deputy researched the address and it was bogus. It came back to a cemetery in North Carolina. Stolen property found At Oakland Camp near Quincy, a deputy reported coming across possible stolen property. Two suspects were reported. The property was entered into evidence. Waving a flashlight On Highway 32, 10 miles Blame it on the neighbors from Highway 36, a caller In Portola, a caller reported reported that two people were having ongoing problems seen waving a flashlight on with his neighbors. A deputy the side of the road. They said that the man reportedTheft reported were wearing orange that his neighbors' trash At Grasshopper emergency vests. No vehicle ended up in his yard and it Campground near Portola, the seemed to be around. The call was intentional. A neighbor boat patrol reported that a was transferred to CHP. said it was from a bear. Extra camper was requesting to talk patrol checks were requested, to a deputy regarding the theft Head injury at the lake of items from his campsite. At the Big Cove Someone removed a door Campground at Frenchman In Blairsden, a caller Irate at the store Lake near Portola, a caller reported that someone In Chester, a caller from a reported that a female had a removed the door from the business reported that an head injury. The information entrance to their basementirate customer caused a was transferred to Eastern the previous day. The caller disturbance and left. The Plumas Health Care. CHP said that it wasn't the first caller was concerned that the transferred a second call. The time it happened. A deputyperson might return. woman was conscious. She reported that it appeared to be was across from the dam at suspicious. Extra patrol Fire reported the last campground. The checks were requested. On the Lake Almancr victim was transported to Peninsula, a caller reDrted Reno. Deliver the mail to the door that a fire was close. Tae or else! information was transferred Thursday, June 28 In Quincy, a postal to SIFC. Scare reported employee reported she In Cromberg, a caller received a threat over theThrowing rocks at houses reported that he received a phone from someone that In Quincy, a caller reported scam call. He sent the suspect threatened to have a hit put that three juveniles were $2,700 in gift cards, out on her by the Mexican throwing rocks at her house. cartel if her mail isn't A sergeant was unable to Stalker on wheels delivered directly to her door. locate the rock throwers. In the Quincy area, a caller reported that she was Dogs left in car Scooby where are you? following a reckless driver in In Quincy, it was reported In the Blairsden area, a that someone left two dogs in caller reported having a truck. The call was transferred to CHP. The truck a car with the windows up. ongoing issues with a The caller reported that the Chihuahua named Scooby driver then called 911 to say vehicle was leaving a parking running around on her property. The information was transferred to animal control. The caller later said she found the owner and he agreed to keep his doggie at home. Riding on the road In the Greenhorn Ranch area, a caller asked to talk with a deput concerning laws about riding off-highway-vehicles on the road. The caller said he was in a confrontation with a neighbor who was speeding on the same road. He said he was threatened. The caller was upset and didn't want to give an address. Dogs bites smaller dog In Portola, a caller reported that her small dog was bitten by two larger dogs. She didn't know who owned them. She said she spoke to someone at animal control and was told to call the administration line. A deputy spoke to the woman and would try to locate the dogs. Tuesday, June 27 Can't use the bedroom In Portola, a caller said that a man wouldn't let her in the bedroom. While on the phone, the man let her in. A deputy contacted both parties who agreed to keep the peace. They were counseled on the proper use of 911. Someone falls out of a vehicle On Highway 89 in the Blairsden area, a caller reported that someone fen out of a vehicle. The call was transferred to CHP. A deputy reported being unable to locate anyone in need or the vehicle. Fraud reported In Quincy, a caller reported that he was scammed in the amount of $1,000. A deputy tried to contact the caller twice. Campfire reported Near Quincy at the Oakland Camp Road and the spillway bridge, it was reported that someone was camping and had a campfire. The information was transferred to USFS. Fight reported In Portola, someone reported a fight involving eight people. A second call came in saying that a woman was being assaulted by a roommate. That woman reported that she was assaulted by a man still on scene. A deputy spoke to another woman who wanted information on the situation. A deputy said it was a fight with three parties and two were non-desirous of pressing charges. Three people were given trespass varnings. Counterfeit money found In the Plumas County jail, someone reported finding counterfeit money. A deputy reported a $100 bill was confiscated from a woman. No swimming! I'm fishing! At the Green Bridge swimming area near Blairsden, a caller reported that a man threatened him and caused problems. People were swimming in the area and the man was angry with the swimmers because he was trying to fish. Deputies checked the area, but the party was gone. Dispute over paying In the Lake Almanor area, a caller reported having problems with a rental customer. The customer didn't want to pay for fuel. A deputy spoke to the victim who said it was verbal only. The man left, but did pay. Angry mama In the Graeagle area, a caller reported finding a sick fawn in the area. The doe was there and angry. The information was transferred to fish and wildlife. A deputy contacted the caller and reported that the doe gave birth and everything was fine. Tree down About 6 miles south of Highway 89 in Sierraville, a caller reported that some people cut down a large aspen tree on the side of the highway. It was 50 to 60 feet tall. The call was transferred to Sierra County. Monday, June 25 Suspicious incident In Quincy, a caller asked to speak to a deputy. She said that her husband choked her. She sounded very intoxicated. When dispatch asked for her name she hung up. Dispatch attempted to contact her many times. Multiple deputies listened to the call in an attempt to identify the call, but with no luck. Bear browsing In the Lake Almanor Peninsula area, a caller reported that there was a bear on her front porch. No one was available to respond. The number for fish and wildlife was provided to the caller. Alarm mystery In the Lake Almanor area, a caller reported that an alarm was going off under her house. She said she didn't have alarms on her house. She said it was coming from under the porch. The call was transferred to SIFC. Computer crimes In Chester, a caller reported that someone possibly hacked into her bank account. She also wanted to report other crime that occurred in other counties. A deputy reported there was no criminal evidence. The woman said she thought someone hacked into her computer. Violent camper In the Beckwourth area, a caller reported a camper was violent. The young boy was released to his parents. Card scammed In Quincy, a businessperson reported that his wife's gas card was scammed. There were three pending charges in the Las Vegas area that day. A deputy was to contact a secret service agent and inform him. Reckless driver reported On Highway 70 near Beckwourth, a caller reported that a reckless driver in a pickup ran three people off the road and then also ran off the road and into the dirt. The information was forwarded to CHP. Problems in Loyalton A caller reported that her neighbors were fighting and the woman was lying unconscious on the floor. The call was transferred to the Sierra County Sheriff. Eastern Plumas Health Care ambulance was requested for Loyalton. They were canceled when the patient got up and drove away. Disturbance reported In Chester, a caller reported that a strange woman went to an apartment and caused problems. She left, but just went across the street. A deputy said she was gone, but they would watch for her: Having a bad day In Quincy, it was reported that three juveniles were in a driveway. One said he wanted to harm himself with a belt. A sergeant reported that the juveniles were arguing and having a bad day. One was taken home. Reckless ATVs On Frenchman Lake Road, a caller reported having Word Scramble Rearrange the letters to spell something pertaining to space. Sudoku Puzzle 7 9 7 9 5 6 4 8 1 6 1 4 7 8 2 1 I7 8 1 4 Clrosswot'd ACROSS 1. Begetter 6. Arrived extinct 9. Lacking the power to hear 13. Epic 14. Aboriginal Japanese 15. Jar used for cooking 16. British nobleman 17. Smart 18. Israeli stateswoman 19. Outer space matter that reaches the ground 21. Instrument 22. Infections 23. Holiday (informal) 24. Spanish be 25. Not even 28. Chewie's friend Solo 29. Garments 31. Geological times 33. Music City 36. Cubes 38. Important .Chinese principle 39. Closes tightly 41. Forms a boundary 44. Knife 45. Plants of the lily family 46. A turn around the track 48. Midway between northeast and east 49. Type of degree 51. Midway between north and northwest 52. Profession 54. Musical note patterns 56. Deeply cuts 60. Muharraq Island town 61. Emaciation 62. Weaver bird 63. One point east of northeast 64. Scherzer and Kershaw are two 65. Rice dish 66. Nasdaq code 67. Danish krone 68. Enzyme rV--'TF-'--T~-- T--- .!~ . m Ili'i I 22 27 32 45 m 51 r~---~ 155 m ~m 26. 27. 29. 30. and Jarrett DOWN 1. Carpe 2. Wings 3. Loose soil 4. Earnhardt are two 5. 3 feet 6. Fasts 7. Erstwhile 8. Diving seabird 9. Houses 10. Ancient Greek City 11. Type of skirt 12. Greek village 14. Estranges 17. Scottish island 20. Express delight 21. Cosmopolitan city 23. Letter of Hebrew alphabet Largest English dictionary (abbr.) Flow Shoal-forming fishes Footwear parts Schedule of events 52 6----~ m 15 18 m 30 m 44 53 m 57 m 62 m~ Songs to one's sweetheart 34. Test for high schoolers 35. Enthusiasm 37. Streets have them 40. One point east of due south 42. Cut the grass 43. Rattling breaths 47. For each 49. Marketing term 50. One who challenges 52. Sword 53. Polio vaccine developer 55. Film version of "Waterloo Bridge" 56. Want 57. Rhythmic pattern In Indian music 58. Young hawk 59. Harmless 61. Small amount 65. Palladium Answers to this week's puzzles can be found on page 15C problems with several all terrain vehicles that were being driven recklessly on her property and the highway. The information was transferred to CHP. Medical needed In Portola, a caller requested an ambulance for her husband who had fallen and had a head injury. He was breathing, but was unresponsive. It was reported that emergency services were cancelled when the woman got the fall victim into the car and was taking him to the hospital. Break-in by bears Near Greenville, a caller reported that two black bears were trying to get into her daughter's house. The information was given to deputies in Chester. Detectives were in the area and would handle the bears. The information was transferred to fish and wildlife. Someone spoke to the caller who said her son scared him or her off with a BB gun. A detective said the backyard was completely covered with trash and that was what was attracting the bears. The caller didn't want to deal with fish and wildlife. Armed camper At Oakland Camp near Quincy, a caller reported that a child saw a man with a backpack who was with a woman who had an AR-15. They stole a backpack from the juvenile. The juveniles reported it to the person who was calling. The individuals were camping past the bridge on the left. A deputy was unable to find anyone.