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July 18, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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July 18, 2012

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lOB Wednesday, July 18, 2012 eulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter T summer ,00ealth ,h400za00'00ls to Q: Chuck, like so many Americans, I love going to summer barbecues but am worried about food poisoning, especially when I don't pre- pare the foods myself. Any recommendations? --Jerry E. Rapid City, S.D. A: Last week, I began to ex- plain 12 summer health haz- ards, starting with high out- door temperatures, asthma and disease risks at beaches, lakes and even public pools -- all of which have increased this year. Here are a few more of those dozen summer health concerns: 4) Food poisoning. Accord- ing to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, one in six Americans (about 48 million) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die by consuming conta- minated foods or beverages, and the numbers and risks in- crease during the summer's hot and humid weather, when bacteria grow faster. The most common contam'i- nated foods are of animal ori- gin -- that is, raw meat, raw C-mRCE HEALTH AND FITNESS CHUCK NORRIS info@creato[ eggs and unpasteurized milk. Fruits and vegetables con- sumed raw can even be a con- cern, because though clean- ing them can decrease conta- mination, it does not neces- sarily eliminate it; so local or- ganic produce is always best. Johns Hopkins University posted some great health tips for avoiding food Poisoning. (For many more, visit john- shopkin- --"Food Poisoning Preven- tiofi Tip No. 1: Shopping "Avoid packaging that is ripped or leaky when buying perishable products. Choose items that have not reached their expiration date .... Do not purchase fresh, pre- stuffed whole poultry. --"Food Poisoning Preven- tion Tip No. 2: Storage "Refrigerate food at 40 F or below; freeze food at 0 F or be- low .... Save cooked leftovers for no more than four days. Freeze or cook fresh poultry, seafood and ground meat within two days of purchase. Freeze or cook whole cuts of meat within three to five days. --"Food Poisoning Preven- tion Tip No. 3: Preparation "Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 sec- onds before and after han- dling food. Thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator (never at room temperature), (and) then cook immediately .... Avoid cross-contamination": Use new sanitized cutting surfaces and utensils for each separate food item. "Clean fruits and vegetables thoroughly with water before eating. --"Food Poisoning Preven- tion Tip No. 4: Cooking "Thoroughly cook meat, poultry, seafood and eggs .... Do not serve raw or lightly cooked sprouts. Avoid them or cook them thoroughly .... Cook ground meat to an internal temperature of 160 F; ground poultry to 165 F." Most of all, if you're eating summer foods (restaurant or otherwise) that you did not buy, store, prepare or cook, don't be afraid to ask others (including via company hot- lines) how they did all those things. 5) Swimmer's ear. The CDC estimates that "swimmer's ear" (technically called otitis externa) results in 2.4 million doctor's visits and $500 mil- lion in health care costs each year. Swimmer's ear occurs when water remains in the ear canal for an elongated amount of time, allowing germs to grow and infect the skin. Swimming, bathing and other water activities in- crease the risk, and summer humidity can fuel it, as well. Germs found in public waters are one of the most common causes of swimmer's ear. The CDC recommends these precautions to prevent swim- mer's ear: --"When around water, keep your ears as dry as pos- sible. --"Dry ears after swimming or showering. --"Refrain from putting ob- jects in the ear canal or re- moving ear wax yourself be- cause both can damage the skin in the ear, potentially in- creasing the risk of infection. --"Talk to your doctor about whether you should use alcohol-based ear drops after swimming. "People should consult with their health care provider if their ears are itchy, flaky, swollen or painful or have flu- id draining from them." 6) Foot-and-mouth disease. The American Academy of Pediatrics explains that cox- sackievirus A16 causes this viral infection, which results in mouth ulcers and tiny blis- ters on the hands and feet of younger children. It is spread through saliva, mucous and feces. A wide range of symptoms and illnesses can precede them, including fever, rash, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat and even a Cough and runny nose. Look for the rash to show up on the palms of the hands, on the soles of the feet and inside the mouth. The AAP home care advice for foot-and-mouth disease in- cludes: --"Liquid Antacid for Mouth Pain: Use a liquid antacid four times per day. --"Soft Diet: EnCourage fa- vorite fluids to prevent dehy- dration .... Avoid citrus, salty or spicy foods. --"Fever Medicine: Give ac- etaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) or ibuprofen for fever above 102 F... or severe mouth pain. --"Expected Course: The fever lasts two or three days. The mouth ulcers resolve by seven days. The rash on the hands and feet lasts 10 days. --"Call Your Doctor If: Signs of dehydration develop. Fever present over three days. Your child becomes worse." Next week, I will continue my list of summer health hazards. Write to Chuck Norris (info@ creators, corn) with questions about health and fitness. Copyright 2012 Chuck Norris Distributed by creators.corn r ,;l' t00nc00' e sale. support honzeless t) ots,00 Friends officiaUy rescued our iild ii :reem:S::lm?pbet:Vgng" h eltehansd ::aes: 111 be P st first four kittens from the shel- ter this past week! We took two Our resources for this pro- Many thanks for all your brothers, Ebony and Nab, and gram are limited and when we kind words and notes of en- two pretty tabby females, Milly run out of food weekly some- couragement -- they are all and Peanut, from the shelter di- ANIMAL TALES Friends of the Animals will days at the above address, un- one has to be turned away. much appreciated. Hope to rectly for surgery and they are available for adoption to ap- proved homes as of July 12. Al- though Friends has paid for the altering of approximately 50 - 100 cats each year we have been working with the shelter ani- mals, these four beauties are the first batch we have taken and can call our own. Friends will be taking kit- tens weekly, spaying and neu- tering them and offering them FRIENDS OF PLUMAS COUNTY ANIMALS at no cost at Pet Country Pet and Feed and directly from Dr. Klement's office in Quin- cy. When we move into our own facility, animals will al- so be adoptable from that site. This Free Pet program has been very successful in curtailing the number of adoptable cats euthanized at be having a yard and bake sale Saturday, July 21, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and all monies from the sale will go back in- to the program. Of course, if you wanted to donate directly to help Friends into their new home -- toward rent and moving costs -- that would be much appreciated also. Please come by 54 Redberg Ave. in East Quincy and find some treasures, buy some til we move into a permanent building. The Free Food Pro- gram is targeted to those who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties and are unable to buy food for their dog (we don't usually have cat food). The program is aimed at those with emergency needs and we ask that you not come for food if it is not a cri- sis. Please do not come and take food just because it is Friends animals .will be posted on the Adopt-A-Pet site. Our four kittens are al- ready posted there, but due to technical difficulties (my camera died) we don't have photos yet. That will be reme- died soon though so go to the site often and see the animals Friends has taken from the shelter. As we get settled into a new place we will be able to take a few dogs from the see everyone at the yard and bake sale July 21! Friends of Plumas County Animals is a 501(c)(3) nonprof- it corporation and all dona- tions are tax-deductible. No one in Friends gets a salary or gets any administrative fees. Friends is not a county entity. Donations can be sent to Friends, P.O. Box 182, Quincy, CA 95971. Thank you for your continued support. Sudoku Puzzle #2586-D 7 5 4 2 7 1 3 2 5 2 8 3 8 9 6 4 7 2 4 1 Difficult 7 1 3 5 2 9 Material Men I G O O 02 G Y A C T A S A I R N__ _e e I O A_N N A V E o o_ C I N O s K O P D R Sudoku Solution #2585-D 51 9623748 238745196 67481 9325 1 46572839 753981462 89236451 7 921 457683 487236951 3651 98274 ACROSS 1. New- hay 5. Synthetic fiber 10. Alka-Seltzer- landing-in-water sound 14. Indy winner Luyendyk 15. Bobby of the Black Panthers 16. Ready to pluck 17. Greek Z 18. Recap giver 20. Monroe  (1823 pronouncement) 22. Churchillan ,gesture 23. Blond shade 24. Basis for discrimination 25. Is so minded 29. Goldie of "Laugh- In" 31. In an evasive manner 32. Ibn  (Arabia's founder) 34. It has 100 seats 36. Beau Brummell 37. De Mille or Moorehead 39. Signed like an illiterate 40. Dustin's "Midnight Cowboy" role 42. "Welcome" giver 43. Think highly of 46. Vintner's dregs 47. Lily Tomlin's Ernestine, for one 49. Irish ,Rose's man 51. Like some deodorants 52. Bearded beast 53. "Platoon" war zone, informally 56. Part of SSN: Abbr. 57. Not invincible 59. Sparsely distributed amount 63. Shaker stuff Open 38-Down 1 2 I 14 17 2O 23 hu 50 }1 I American Profile Hometown Content 64. Hammer head 65. Like a King story 66. Ballet bend 67. Capp or Gump 68. Rationed, with "out" 69. Malamute's tow DOWN 1. Miata maker 2. Stackable cookies 3. "Red Scare" fanatic, so to speak 4. Clutter-free 5. Hands out 6. See the old gang 7. Partner of rank and serial number 8. "Slippery" tree 9. Ultimatum alternative 10. Blesser of holy water 11 Smith or Claiborne I 12. Unlock, poetically 13.  annum 19." Madness" (anti-marijuana film) 21. Like steak tartare 25. Lamp cover 26. Highest-numbered item in a rack 27. "How can ?" (gambler's query) 28. Proofreader's finds 30. Suffix with cannon or block 31. Look from Snidely 32. Page Page's place 33. Slack-jawed 35. Sing the praises of 38. One surrounds each theme entry in this puzzle 41. "Rope-a-dope" pugilist 44. Placed in. inventory I1 12 13 m i3 54 55 IIM 7/8/2012 45. Acted the field genera 48. Like a ready-to-use violin bow 50. On the other hand 52. Bottled spirit 54. Kate's TV roommate 55. Allotted, with "out" 57. Compete in logrolling 58. Krait cousins 59. Therapeutic spot 60. Relief pitcher's locale 61. Checkers color 62. Writer Rosten Tr00.Studio,00 OPEN STUDIO Saturday July 21st. 10-4 Fine Art 00-Ph otograp hy Services 00--Audio/Video 000.0o t000000o,,.a,aUe on s,00o. 3215 Hill Crest Dr.. Lake Almanor, Call for Appointment $30-$96-4166 All tickets sales purchase art supplies for our local schools. New for 2012 Still Life Photography Watercolor Lan dscapes