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July 28, 2010     Feather River Bulletin
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July 28, 2010

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12B Wednesday, July 28, 2010 Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter LETTERS, from page 11B (Oh yes, did I mention this census worker even spoke to our neighbors about our property?) Up until now I have been patient and cooperative. Af- ter all, he stated that the only reason for his visit was to check the work of the previ- ous census worker, which was the reason given for most of the other duplica- tions of effort. We're not subversives, spies or persona-non-gratas. Nope just plain old hard- working Americans minding our own business. So, what do you think they'll do to us once we've been "red flagged," take away our birthdays? Anyone think they might j ust be making busy-work to justify their jobs which would have ended long ago were it not for all the redun- dancy? In our household we now refer to them as "The Senseless Bureau." Sherry Halverson Portola Not your wood I cannot believe what I just heard today. I am stunned that someone would go into a wood hole that not only was cleared to get into in the first place by someone, but then have the audacity to go back into the wood hole and load up someone else's wood that they know was cut by this person and not give a "rats" about it. Small-town neigh- borly crap I'd say. Are you that lazy that you cannot cut your own let alone find your own area to cut . Northeastern Rural Health Clinics Proudly A ckno wledges Rios lM[aintenance Coordinator for NHC Administration July 20.10 your wood? If you know that someone else is cutting in an area and you know this area is for cutting wood for in- come and you know that this person is loading up and will again come back for the rest, what gives you the right to take it? Some of us do not own a business with walls and floors. Some of us work our behinds off throughout the summer to make it through the winter, and this means cutting wood. I ask that peo- ple be respectful to those that are cutting. If you know that it is not yours do not take it. Oh, and to only cut what you can haul. well I think that be- cause it is so hot that it is a good thing that the saw is on- ly run in the early part of the day, don't you think? Glenda Turnage Chester What guarantee? Last week the hospital board resolved to limit your tax! The voter.s have been told by the hospital board that the tax is already limit- ed. The board gave us an up- per limit of $87.30 per $100,000 of assessed value on the Mea- sure A ballot. Last week they became confident that they can deliver a top limit of $125 ... for the next 28 years! Is this number acceptable to voters? What binds this reso- lution? Is a resolution by a board a law? What will the board resolve next week, next month, next year? There is no guarantee that this tax rate is a reliable number. According to this newspa- per, the hospital board held an unscheduled special meet- ing July 15. The Save Our Hospital Committee was in attendance at that meeting and participated in discus- sions regarding the resolu- tion to limit your tax rate to $125 for 28 more years. Not one supporter of Measure B was in attendance at this meeting because not one sup- porter of Measure B was in- formed that there would be a special meeting. Does this lack of courtesy on the part of the hospital board to inform any of the supporters of Mea- sure B demonstrate willing- ness to promote community harmony? We are faced with 28 more years of hospital board reso- lutions, using the power of Measure A as their tool to do what? Within the first two years of Measure A the esti- mated tax levy jumped out of the $21.36 to $87.30 range on the ballot of Measure A to a huge $121.81. Now, last week the Hospital Board resolved to limit your tax to $125 per $100,000 of assessed value. I ask again, is this now accept- able? Don't allow the Hospital Board to resolve another way to increase your tax rates next week. Truly limit your tax to $50 per $100,000 of as- sessed value. Cap the tax and vote "Yes" on "Measure B." Carol Alexander Meadow Valley Now is theUme Our communities working together. I think there has and continues to be a certain greatness in that philosophy throughout Plumas County. We've seen it time and time again. Together we've beat back dangerous forest fires and overcome devastating 100-year floods. Now it is time for the peo- ple in the Quincy area to up- date their hospital. It's saved countless lives over its 50- year existence and it is up to us to see that it continues. Af- ter all, we own the hospital; its future is solely our re- sponsibility. Now it is time to take care of each other and our families. Vote Noon Measure B. It's not the answer to our prob- lem. Bill Coates Quincy Need to plan As I have been following the arguments on both sides of Measure B, including "Let- ters to the Editor," Bill Mar- tin's "Economic Analysis" and the news that the hospi- tal board is now considering a $125 limit per $100,000 per year, I have some comments and questions of my own. Measure B's $50 per $100,000 of assessed value is a median figure of the amounts that proponents of Measure A led us to believe the bonds would cost over 30 years (ap- proximately $22 to $87). It al- lows taxpayers to manage their yearly costs and decide if they can support measures for other districts in need (such as fire districts). Why $125 now? Measure B will also reduce the impact for people who have purchased property in recent years and have much higher assessed values than those who purchased their- property when prices were much lower. Is it equitable for older, long-term residents to pay less while younger families that bought in re- cent years pay more? Measure B also reduces the impact for property owners that are barely able to make payments in these harsh eco- nomic times. It will help those struggling to keep with- in their budgets and not face foreclosure on their proper- ties. Also, will landlords have to pass on the uncertainty of tax amounts to their renters just to make sure costs are covered? The pressing need for seis- mic modification has been pushed back until 2030. This extra time allows Plumas District Hospital to further pursue other funding options to complement the money collected from Measure A and "capped" by Measure B. People need to be able to plan their personal finances. Measure B will allow proper- ty owners to do just that. Vote Yes on Measure B! Robert Gimbel MeadOw Valley The heipfut place. I I It TWO D ON I I July 30th & 31 [] - Sat 8am - Sunday 9am- 5pm Power tools, power equipment and electrical appliances i0% off. Excludes gift cards and sate items. Some other restrictions may apply. See store for details. Food for thought Here's something I want everyone to consider when it comes to your Measure B de- cision ... what price do you want to place on your fami- ly's well-being? Are you will- ing to Cap the Tax and have the possibility of not having a hospital period? Do you re- ally think that you're going to save all that much money when you have to drive to ei- ther Chico or Reno for med- ical care? Last time I checked it cost me almost $50 in gas to drive either way, when it cost me nothing to drive a couple blocks to PDH. What happens if, God forbid, some- thing happens to a loved one that requires immediate medical care, and whoops, you have to wait for the Life- Flight to pick them up? Why would a doctor want to move up to this area to work in an antiquated hospital? Here's some more food for thought ... have you thought of all the employees of said hospital that would be out of jobs if PDH shut doWn? You can't honestly tell me that you don't know at least one person that works there. I know I do. Would you be will- ing to look that person in the eye and tell them that you don't give a hoot about their financial future because you're too concerned about saving a buck? See Letters, page 13B help NG If it's ng we can' ll find some o can. CONSTRUCTION SINCE 1984 mm,,,mmm~ General Building Contractor Calif. Lic. #453927 (530) 283-2035