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July 30, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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July 30, 2014

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, July 30, 2014 13B books...  u L(...s.go to the library to get   t myths and legends of other countrie Annimills LLC 2014 Vll-31 People all over the , , archaeologists trolls 5_ world have shared stories called myths. Myths are ancient tales that tried to .- - J myms explain mysterious .7Id things that people , ," wondered about in the past- events they did not know the | . . reasons for or things they did not understand. People believed  giants . these stories to be true. Myths were very important to them.  6 " ' F brownies k_ 11 heroes Who or Wha? Myths are full of people, gods, y goblins 10 -- --  12 heros and creatures. Who or what are these characters in  9 .I .I ogres myths? Read the clues to fill in the crossword: gremlins -- -- 1. powerful beings, rulers of all ., , m __ -- Wha 2. stories to explain things people did not know or could not understand " Ar' 3. huge manlike beings that some people thought existed before humans . m __ --,, ./ 4. pilots with problems in their engines or instruments would blame these '" m -- __ Mtn5 5. they search and dig to find items that   ' .._ _ About? will tell about myths of different peoples /'4  ' "-" Find out 6. played harmless pranks, did household chores overnighthtpr -- by fillina in the ohrases" 7 people of great strength and courage '"  I, --4 "h,,,.,,,, - h,,,,,,," .., 8'..physically .smaller. than giants; hunted and ate people rm="= __ .. s'"ecret"'of the rhythm'"J'of. ,..T =e I 9 fire breathing, flying monsters . " "|| ---, 3. heroes slaying animals world I 10. underground folk, under four feet tall, hard-working; w fj, w 4. natural happen unlucky they mined and worked precious metals like gold 5 wh thin s ha  lightning , . y g PP 11. ugly elves, pesky and annoying .o0..( '')'( I rw,,,- C""ome to nnt out free puzzles. Super "Y", Warm Summer Nights, World 12. they lived under bridges, in forests and on  I P' ' mountains; they protected their lands S, I Travel and Fun Under the Summer Sun @ dragons 8 Pandora o a box and let evil into the world, but there was still . HOPE. j M91:hical Creat:ures Have you heard or read myths? Ask Morn or Dad to help you matchea name to its description: 1. Neptune A. one-eyed giant 2. Cyclops B. ruler of all the gods (Greek) 3. Centaurs C. bird rose from ashes: reborn 4. Zeus 5. Phoenix D. each was half man and half horse M gsticz,l, vagical Things Myths are full of magical things. Read the items below and match them to their use: 1. Pandora's Box 2. Excalibur 3. Flying Carpet 4. Magic Lamp 5. Crystal Ball 6.Chariot of Apollo ( ,olaen Things: A. magical "rug" brought rider anywhere instantly B. Greek god used this to pull the sun across the sky C. famous sword locked into an enchanted stone D. item that held all the evils of the world E. helped wizards see the future or cast spells F. rub this and a Genie pops out to grant wishes E. god of the sea (Roman) 1. Golden Rings 2. Golden Ram f Do you-' f Nah, that's' 3, Golden Goose see a /   l just a myth! / 4. Golden Thread winged / "(lk But, I do see a I 5, Golden Touch monkey /  .k., ' fire-breathing| 6. Golden Age - v dragon. ,,/ 7. Golden Apple 8. Golden Egg A. Rumpelstiltskin could turn straw into this B. food of the gods; Hercules would quest to find this C. jewelry that gave protection or invisibility to wearers D. fable tells of a hen that could lay this E. time of peace, harmony and prosperity E from German fairy tale; don't touch its feathers G. king who could turn anything into g01d had this H. winged animal whose fleece was golden A L,"I B, i Myths ften make things "larger  +the bottom ofa '..)  o than life." They have a little bit of this 1. The top of a and a little bit of that to help explain thmgs. Some creatures in myths and " otThi50 o !  other stories are half human and half di,.o T 0 animal. Do you know these? Write The top of a + the bottom of a ! !he numbers that describe them 2. ' o 0 intheboxes ' I [ I '  ill  !i o Mermaid Centaur Sphinx FUN PAGE SPONSORED BY: 530-283-d463 Papers, t (January 11,1755-July 12,1804), wrote this concerning the nature of liberty: The fundamental source of all your errors, sophisms, and false reasonings is a total ignorance of the natural rights of mankind. Were you once to become acquainted with Iese, you could never entertain a thought lhat all men ar not, by nature, entitled to a parily of privileges. You would be convinced that natural liberty is a gift of the beneficent Creator to the while human race; and that civil liberty is founded in that and cannot be wrested from any people, without the most manifest violation of justice. Alexander Hamilton