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August 1, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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August 1, 2001

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Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2001 C~unty News Quincy property sale NOTICE OF Trustee's SALE RLE NO: 0149500167 SERVICER: CALM- CO SERVICING #1000417756 BORROW- ER: JACKIL~, JR YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST, DATED JULY 26, 2000. UN- LESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EX- PLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. On Auguat 8, 2001 at 11:00 AM, Fw:k~ty Na- tional Foreclosure Solutions, as duly ap- pointed Trustee under deed of trust dated July 26, 2000 executed by Charles A. Jack- man Jr., Tammi L. Jackman as trustor, recorded August 2, 2000 as Instrument No. 2000-05159 of the official records of the rmxder's of 6ce of Rumas County, Califor- nle, WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER for cash, or cashiers check (drawn and peyal~e at the time of sale in lawful money of the United Statas as specified in section 5102 of the R- nancial Code), At the Main Street antrence to the Cou Courtho=e, 520 Stre Quincy, CA all right, title and interest con- veyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust in the following described property situated in the aforesaid County and State, as more fully described in the Deed of Trust. 124 Clough Street Quincy, CA 95671 APN 116-362-016 The unde~gned Trustee disclaims any lia- biSty for any inconectnass of the streat ed- dress and other common designation, if any, shown hewn. Said saie wm be made, but without covanant cr vmmmty, expressed or Implied, regarding title, possession, or =ombreno , to pay of e(s) , :ured by said daed of trust, with interast thereon, as p~ovided in said note(s), advances, if any, under the terms of the deed of trust, estimated fees, charges =xl e~ of the tr,~tee and d the trusts created by said deed of trmt to- $148,734,B6. Dated: July 18, 2001 Fidelity National Fore- closure Solutions, as trustee, 3636 Camino Del Rio North, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92108 (619) 528-4688 (916) 387-7728 (714) 573-1965 - Sales Information Shann Motto AuttHxtz rmJre 0149500167 PubHshdd FRB 07/18/01, 07/25/01, 08/01/01 CNS- 268698# Speed limit ordinance ORDINANCE NO. 01-948 AN ORDINANCE ADDING SUBDIVISION (d) TO SECTION 4-,3.705.1 OF ARTICLE 7, CHAPTER 3, TITLE 4, OF THE PLUMAS COUNTY CODE (Forty-fie mile speed limit on County Road 511, also known as Quincy La Porte Road) WHEREAS, the Plumes County Public Works Department has performed a road speed study on County Road 511, also know as Quincy La Porte Road, and has recommended a speed limit of forty-five miles be posted on this road. NOW, THEREFORE, the Bo~d of Supervi- sors of the County of Rumas, State of Cali- fornia, ORDAINS, as follows: SECTION 1. Subdivision (g) is added to Section 4-3.705.1 of the Plumes County RICHARD SCHWENDINGER SPECIAL Johnsville USE PERMIT SPECIAL USE PERMIT ISSUE property & RENEWAL sale NOTICE OF DECISION NOTIGE,OF PUBLIC SALE PROJECT NAME: Issue ~Ran~ of Spa. OF R~OPERTY clel Use Permits for Richard Schwand~ Pursuant to Section 1"~ Chapter 523 of FOREST: Ptumas National Forest the Statutes of 1867-1868, laws of the State RANGER DISTRICT: Beckwourth Ranger of District COUNTY: Rumas California. as subsequently amended, the Superior Court Judge of the County of DATE OF DECISION: August 1, 2001 Plomas, State of Calif nia hereby gives no- PROJECT ABSTRACT AND SELECTIVE ALTERNATIVE: A~ Environmerdal. Assess- lice that on Friday, August 24, 2001, at 2:00 merit (EA) was completed. Two alternatives, PM in the parking lot of the Iron Door and a No-Action alternative were developed restaurant, 5417 Main Street, JohrtsviUe, for the issuance and r~ of Mr. Ric~ California, tbey will conduct a public sale, by Schwendingar's special use permiL auction, of certain real property located in The USDA-Forest Service will renew Mr. the Town of Johnsville, Co~mty of Rumas, Richard Sc~ngar's expired spe~use State of California, which real property is permits for tan years authod~ng access to described as follows: his property on Fcresi Sen~ice road 23N25, 1. Lot 5, as such lot is shown on a rasp des- a private bridge, a private road, use of a ignated "To~msite Map of Jolmsvilis', wl'dch parking area, two water transmission lines, map is filed in the office of the Plumas three water storage tanks, and three spring County Recorder, Quincy, California, in boxes on Natkx~ Forest System lands. Book 3 of Maps, Page 34, Plumes County In addition, a spatial-use pem~t will be is- Records, Assessor's Parcel # 006-032-003; sued for three years authorizing him to 2. Lot 75, as such lot is shown on a map use.839 acres for a soccer field, .021 acres designated ~l'ownsite Map of Johnsville', for a gravel pathway, and planted lawn. which map is filed in the office of the These improvements shall be removed from Plumes County Recorder, Quincy, Califor- National Forest System lands within three nia, in Book 3 of Maps, Page 34, Plumes yews, County Records, Assessor's Parcel # The project is located in t~ Mohawk Man- 0~).014-008; agemant Area # 34 in the Rumas Natiooal 3. Lot 80, as such tot is shown on a map Forest Land & Resource Management Plan, designated "Townsite Map of Johnsville', 1988 (L&RMP). The recreation goal is to an- which map is filed in the office of the courage ~ use and protect the Middle Plumes County Recorder, Quincy, Califor- Fork of the Feather River, The standards nia, in Book 3 of Maps, Page 34, PhJmas and guidelines regarding lands and recta. County Records, Assessor's Parcel # allot1 p~jects ere to be consistent with the 006.014-001; recreation zone of the Wild and Scenic Each of the lots described above will be Rivers Act of October 2, 1968 (I&RNT, sold separately, and in the order shown. 4-318). His proposed uses of National For- The salisr ~ the dght to cenoN, dis- ast System lands are less than a quarter continue, or postpone the sale of one or mile from the Middle Fork of the Feather more of the lots at any time before or during River. the sais. The project area is edjaceflt to California ALL SALES WILL BE FOR CASH, OR State Highway 70, and approximately ten CASHIER'S CHECKS, ONLY. ALL PROSPECTIVE BIDDERS WILL BE RE- miles from Portole, Califon~ QUIRED TO QUALIFY BY PROVIDING RESPONSEBLE OFFICIAL:Mark J. Madrid, PROOF OF PAYMENT ABILITY IN THE Forest Supervisor, Rurnas National Forest, P.O. Box11500, Quincy, CA95971. FORM OF CASH, OR CASHIER'S CHECKS, PRIOR TO THE COMMENCE- The EA and Decision Notice may be re- MENT OF BIDDING. viewed at the Rumes National Forest Su- pe~s Office, 159 ~ St, Quincy, For furthw pa~, contact Court RSter- CA and at the Beckwouflh ~ District, ee Peter C. Hentschel, 75 Court Street, 23 ~ Road, B4alrsdan, CA For eddi- Quincy, California, telephone (530) tionat information, contact Emil C. 283-1110, FAX(530)283-2504. Meacham, Assistant Resource Officer, GarrettOt',ey, Jt~lgeoftheSubedor Court PubEshed PR Beckwourth Ranger District, P,O. Box 7,. Blalrsdafl, CA 96103 or (530)836-2575, AUg, t, 6, 15, 2001 This decision is subject to appeal pursuant to the regulation at 38 CFR 215. An appeal may only be filed by persons, organizations or ent~ that meet the criteria pursuant to 36 CFR 215.11. If no appeal is filed, impte- Quincy mentation of this decision may occur until property on, but not before, five (5) business days from the dose of the appeal filing period, sale Appeals must be filed within forty-fie (45) NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE d~/s from the date of pubScetion of this no- Trustee Sale No: 1030269-03 APN: 116- lice. Notices of appeal must meet the re- 062-004-000 TRA: 053010 LOAN NO: quirements of 36 CFR 215.14. Appeals 4461643423 BEF: DOWNEY, MARK L must be submitted to Bradley E. Powell, Re- !MPORTANT NOTICE TO PROPERTY gional Forester, USDA Forest Service, 1323 OWNER: Club Drive, Valleio, CA 94592. YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED Published FRB, PR OF TRUST, DATED MARCH 6, 1997. UN- August 1, 2001 LESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EX- PLAN&TION OF THE NATURE OF THE OF PUBUC LAND - PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU IN PLUMAS COUNTY, CALIFORNIA SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. This notice affects public lands in Plumas Off August 7, 2001, at 11:00am, CaJ-West- County, California within T.23N., R. 1 6E., em Reco~ Cotpcration, as duly ap- Section 35, SWNW, M.D.M. These public pointed trustee under and pursuant to Deed lands will be offered for direct sale to the ad- of Trust recorded March 14, 1997, as i~t joining landowrer, David G~s of the Pitch. No. 1396, in book 702, pege 218, of Official fork ~ Company. Records in /he office of the County The 40+ acre parcai being offered for dis- Recorder of Plumas County, State of Cali- posai by direct sale to the adjoining fomia executed by: Mark L. Downey and landowner, David Goes, is pursuant to sac- Vickie I Downey, who are married to each tion 203 of the Federal Land Policy and other Will sell at public auction to highest Management Act of 1976 (43 US.C. 1713) bidder for cash, cashier's check dn~m on a and Title 43 Code Federal Regulations state or national bank, a check drawn by a (CFR) 2711.3-3(a)(4). Lands described as state or federal credit union, or a check T.23N., R.16.E., Section 35, SWNW, ~ by a state or federal savings er~l inan M.D.M., centaining 40~ acres more or less association, savings association, or savings have 10esn exarrdned and found suital~ for bank specified in section 5102 of the Finan- disposal in a 1984 Land Tenure Amend- dal Code a,'xi authorized to do business in merit The land ~ not be offered for sale this state: At the Main Street entrance to ~e unit at least 60 days after the date of this County Courthouse, 520 Main Street Quincy notice. The land described is hereby segre. California all right, title and interest con. gated from approp~ under the public veyed to and now held by it under said land laws, indudmg the mining laws, pond- Deed of Trust in the property situated in ing disposition of this action or 270 days said ~ and St~e described as: Corn- from the dele of publication of this notice, p~at~ bescdbed in said Deed of Trus~ whichever occurs first This land is not as. The street address and other common des. santial to any Bureau of Land Management ignation, if any, of the real property de. program and no resource needed by the scribed above is purported to be: 1634 Lee public wig be lost through the trenster to pal. Road Quincy Area, CA 95971 vate ownership. Conveyance is consistent The unde~igned Trustee disclaims any 5e. ,~dth current the Land Tanure Amendmant bility ~ any incorrecY~)ss of the streat ed- for Beck~ Plannk~ Unit which specifi- dress and other common designation, if celly idantifmd the 40, acres as one of the any, sho~m herein. parcels available for disposal. Notice of Said sale will be held, but without covenant Availability of Planning Criteria was pub- or warranty, express or implied, regading fished in the Federal Register on February tie, possession, condition, or encum- 9, 1984. brances, including fees, charges and ex- It has been deto~ned tlut the subject i~. panses of the Trustee and of the trusts ca- eel contains no known mineral values; ated by said Deed of Trust, to pay the re- therefore mineral interests may be con- rosining principal sums of the note(s) se- veyedsimultai~us~.Acceptalx~ofthe~ cured by said Deed of Trust to wit: rect sele offar will qualify the purchaser to $64,558.31 t~h internal thereon ~em Ocfo. make application for conveyan~ of those bet 01, 2000 @ 8.375% per annum as pro- mineral interests pursuant to the Federal vidod in said note(s) plus cost and any ad. Land Policy end Manageme~ Act (FLPMA) vancas with interest. ESTIMATED TOTAL of 1976, Secthm 209 entitled Fleservation DEBT $72,238.27 The beneficiary under o(t//mer , uid Deed of Trust executed and The patent, when issued, may contain cer- dafiered to the undm=gned e ,,titian dec. t~. msewatlons to the Unlted Stm. De. tmatlen of Ddault and Demand for Sate, tailed i~om~Jon c~ these resewa- aed a ~dltan NOOce of Default and BecOon lions, as v~l| as specic condi~,~s of sale, to Sell. The ur~ caused said No~e are avalleble for review at the F.egle Lake of Default and Elec~on to Sell to be reon:l- Field Office, 2950 Riverside Drive, Su- ed in the county where the reel property is sanvBe, CA g6130, located. For a period of 45 d~ from the date of For sales information: Mon-Fri 9:00am to publica~ of this no~ in the Fed~ Rag- 4:00pro (619)590-9200 later, interested persons may submit ~ Cai-Westem Reconveyance Corporation, manta regarding the ~ oonveyance 525 E~t Main Street, p.o. BOx 22004, El of the lands to the Field Manager at the Cajo~ CA 92022-9004 (619) 590-9200 Da=- above address. Any edveme ooc~ts will ed: July 5, 2001 By: Esther Chambedain, be revtewad by b"~e State Director. In the ab- Auth~zed Signature serge of any adverse commants, the isnds 1030~6~03 will be offarl~l for ule to David C~oas, P#ch- CNS- 2711~ Carde Company. FRB Unda D. Hanson, Field ManegerJune 5, Jdy 18, 25, A~. 1, 2001 2001 FRB, PR Ju|y 25, AUg. I, 8, 2001 ~tO read as follows: ~gbo0 4.-3.70~,1 The speed limits on the folknving streets and parts of streets are hereby to be tl -fie (38) mites per hour. (e)-(c)-ond~mge~, d. County Road 511 (al- so know as Quincy La Porte Road) begin. ning at the crossing of Thompson Creek to the intersection of ,~ate Highway 70/89 a distance of 2.5 miles. SECTION 2. Effective and Opera,re Dates; Codifications. This ordinance shall become effective 30 days al r of edopU be pubSshed in the Feat~)r River Buik~Jn, a newspaper of general drculation in Rumas County, within 15. days of final adoption. Section 1 of this ocdinance shalt be ondifled, the remainder shag be uncodified. Introduced at a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors on the 10th day of July, 2001, and passed and adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Rum s, State of Cal fom . on the 171h day . of 2001, by the fo wing vme: AYES: Supervisors: Oennison, Nelson, Meacber, Pe~'son and Clark NOES: Supervisors: None ABSENT: Supervisors: NOra Publ d )d FRB, Aug. 2001 I ropma ltimber harvest REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ON DO- MESTIC WATER SUPPUES A Timber Harvastlng Plan (THP) will be sub. mitred to the California Department of "~ and Rre Protection (CDF) within Sections 16, 20, 21, 28, 29, 30, 32,T24N, R11E; and within Section 25,T24N, R10E, MDB&M The ixoposed THP is located eest of the Williams railroad loop and north of Great,hem Ranch, Romas County. This no. tlce is to request infom ation about domestic '~tar m~diee ~rn Class I, II, and N w~ter. =ne thet recek from the THP aru and are v~hln 1,000 feet do~mstreem of the THP boundary. Watercourses that may be affected Greenhorn Creek, Squirrel CreW, Pine Creek, and unnamed tributaries. If you have any information obout domost watar sopp tas watercourses, please contact (~thin 10 Siera Padre Industnas c/o Oou0 Preetzel RPF 240 P.O, Box 1450 Cedar FUdge, CA 95024 (530) 272-2297 Any responses will be submitted with the THP to the COF ~ review. If any domestic supl~ies are noted, the THP shall contain mit ticm n es.ry to domes. water sqo y. Pub sh FRB A~. 1, 2001 USDA FOREST SERVICE Rum= Fore= Bec ,ou RanW Pul c No cas The Rang 0 .ict de op- In0 a proposal to install |our wtktornass ~ toilets at the Gold Lake 4)(4 camp0round, Localed in T.21N., R.12E. Secdons 19&20 Management Area 35, Lokas Basin. Cur- rentty there is only one vau# toilet to acom. medate 16 SiteS. Septic service vehicles cannot acceu ffWs part of lake because of 4-wheal drive rced; #mrdom ex. m n0 vau to m can, be pumpe The toilets would be covered over once they reached maximum capacity. Your com- ments regarding this proposal would be most useful if received before August 17, 2001. For mole ir~, contact Pantie- ra Valid Bedo~urth Ranger District, P.0 Box 7, Balmden, CA 96103. phone rll,rd~r (s3o) 8 - 75. Published FRB, PR August t, 20oi Every week, you'll know more. Public Notice Thursdays at 4 p.m. 283-O8OO FAX 2 3-3952 i I By Terrl I~st The committee's members bility. Po~tola Editor included county and city rap Pearson The Plumas County Board resentatives, the county "No decisions of Supervisors refuses to ap- health department, the State point a member to the Lake Department of Water Re- He said Davis Task Force Steering sources, DFG, the county get allthe Committee unless that com- public works department, table and, since mittee is reconstituted, and a representative for busi- and the city The Portola City Council nesses outside the city and represented on was informed of the issue at one for those inside the city tee, its meeting Wednesday, July limits. Pearson was 25, when several committee Members have been work- upset when members appeared to try and ing hard for more than four Christi convince the city, which has years and say to reconstitute hired county also withdrawn from partici- the committee would mean source analyst, potion, to rejoin the commit- starting over at square one. council she was tee. The letter from the board of the In a letter to Robert Hight, supervisors gave no reason13 to= director of the California De- for wanting to change, the partment of Fish and Game membership of the commit- "She works (DFG), the supervisors stated tee, and business represents- Hunter at that, although the request for tive Sara Bensinger said she has no formal participation is un- was not given any answers the board," said derstandable and appreciated when she confronted Clark.County by the board, it must decline "I was only told that there man said it was unless the committee is re- were good reasons for wanti- mistake on the constituted, ng it changed," she said? man. The board believes the For years, the county su- "She is our committee should consist of pervisors have operated bysource analyst only four permanent mem- giving the district supervi- represents the bers: the DFG, the Depart- sors the opportunity to run ever, she didn't ment of Water Resources, the their district as they see fit, est piece of City of Portola, and the Coun- according to Clark. the county's tyofPlumas. "We are being consistent think there "Those members should by giving B. J. Pearson the done," he said. then, by consensus, add any same latitude to solve prob- Shulman additional non-permanent lems within his district as we pervisors' stand members deemed necessary gave his predecessor," he the committee to for successful collaborative said. tuted. management," wrote Don Clark believes that Pearson City Clark, chair of the board of should appoint himself as the Murphy also spoke supervisors, representative from the coun- Lake Davis issue: It is because of the county's ty, but said that was Pear- "The issue of nonparticipation that the city son's decision, northern pike has also pulled out of the "The task force committee important one to committee and will not re- is a very powerful committee ernment entities, turn to the table until the but it is not a decision mak- visitors. We county does so. ing group," Clark said. to resolve our The Lake Davis Task Force As for the assumption thatthe current Steering Committee was the county wishes to eradi- ture so that the formed after the poisoning of care the pike by draining and this instance, Lake Davis, to research and poisoning the lake again, else in the future plan a northern pike manage- Clark said no one has ex- able they ment plan which does not in- pressed an opinion on the is- duce their ideas clude the use of any Propos- sue or solutions, althoughthem tion 64 chemicals deemed Pearson, along with othersered by all the harmful to humans by the not on the board, have previ- volved,"he said. state, ously spoken about the possi- I For five days this month, work with professional grams around the Roundhouse Council wiUgraphi.cs progra!~n$ like Pho- youngsters and host a free Internet Day toshop. There will be exercis- He encourages Camp for Plumas County es in scanning pictures and and curious high school juniors and se- working.with a digital cam- er users to niors, era. The camp will be held Aug.The camp will be run by > with suggestionS 22, 23, 24 (Wednesday-Fri-AmeriCorps VISTA volun- for future day), and Aug. -27 and 28 teer Daniel Ambrose a recent like to see in (Monday, Tuesday) from 9 transplant to Quincy, who Interested a.m.-5 p.m. has worked professionally as contact Marlene The camp is entirely free.a Web developer in New the Roundhouse Each camper will get a free York City for the past two(530) 284-6866). Web site and learn how to years, ed. Waiting list write basic HTML. The Ambrose will be running be contacted for campers will also learn tonumerous computing pro- portunities. 1065 BUCKS LAKE ROAD QUINCY, CA 95971 (530) 283-2121 hap:. .p or HEALTH SERVICE SCHEDULE Top em=ii: pd bos AUGUST 2001 ae.c wr J PLUMAS DISTRICT HOSPITAL CLINIC 283-1506 1060 Valley View Drive, Quincy, CA 9597l ,k=m=e Crtgter, F.P.N.P. ~a Struuk, EN.P. 7./13-3392 PLUMAS DISTRICT HOSPITAL DENTAL CLINIC 2~1-3915 GYNECOLOGIC UROLOGY Nermtu C N~sise, M.D. 9~ 2526 St. Mary Cohunbia Drive, Red Bluff, Ca For appointment cal: 530-529-0991 MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY 1045 Bucks Lake Road, Quincy, CA 95971 Brent Webb, D.D.S. Dhue Grner, MA, RD Jack Fry, D.D.S. 1060 Valley View Drive, Quincy, CA 95971 For appointment call: 283-1506 1060 Valley View Drive, Quincy, CA 95971 OPHTHALMOLOGY 1st Jeffrey G. Kepple, M.D., Family Medicine and Obstetrics Ross E. Merlgan, M.D., Family Medicine and Obstetrics Thomas IL Conldin,,M.D. i)ax C. Swamea, M.D., Family Medicine and Oh=attics 350 West 6th SL, Rcno, NV 89503 2~0 For appointment call: 283-2206 or ! -775-329- PLUMAS SURGICAL ASSOCIATES 1060 Valley View Dr., Quincy, CA 95971 Viactmt E Frutz, M.D. General Surgery Steen W, Jeasen, M.D. General Surgery Zg3-1~6 1045 Bucks Lake Rind, Quincy, CA 95971 Slare~ E. Mel,tyre, M.D., Family Med. & Obstetrics Lawreace A. Prke, M.D. Family Practice, Internal Med. & Obstetrics Edie O'Cee~r, P.A.C. irks, F.N2 ORTHOPEDICS Loc~II Lewell D. Nkkel, M.D. 2721 Olive Hwy, Orovilte, CA 95966 For appointment call: 283-4425 1st and 3rdl MediOae Clinic 10051 Lake Avenue., Suite 3, Truckee, CA 96160 For appointment call: 587-7461 PLASTIC SURGERY Mm at I, tm=, lY=a.kt !~ S=m~ Au~ 4,1L IS &73 For appointment call: 283-2121, mk for Radiology MARK L.WHITNEY~ M.D.= Famib/Practke 283-171t} 1060 Bucks Lake Rd., Quincy, CA 95971 CARDIOLOGY every Wed~y Au~. I,g~ 15&22 M.D, ~= 500 First Ave~ P0rteh CA 96122 For appointment call: 836-1122 DOPPLER/ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY STUDIES Schedule Varies riumas Hospital Brace Bro~m, Vascular Technologist For appoinunent call: 283-2121, ask for Radiology GASTROENTEROLOGY Tuesdays .Locslly: PDH (~kdacy F=mib] Med~i~Clinic .. A~. 14 Frederk B. Newlmm, M.D. 10833 Donner Pass Rd., Truckee, CA 96161 For appointm~t call: 582-8535 Edmemd A. Zlmpro, M.D. 909 Hyde St., Suite 615, San Francisco, For Appointment Call: 283-1506 PODIATRY I st & ! Kmue, J. Mactht, D.P.M. 6585 Clark Read, Suite 120, Panned, CA 95969 For appointment call: 283-3904 RADIOLOGY Most weeks: Mo.. Locally: Plumes District Hospital North For appointment call: 283-2121, ask for UROLOGY Medic~ Clinic Jack D. Htgeweed, M.D. 578 Rio Lindo Ave., Suite 3, Chico, CA 95926 For appointment call: 891-4255