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August 1, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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August 1, 2001

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Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2001 Bulletin, Doing Business As: Doing Doing Business As: Bids for retrofit Land-for-Land Exchange 1/4 w WE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Business As: RCTTTIOUS BUSINESS NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Notk:e is hereby given that the Forest Set- T. 24 N., R 9 E. se~ t NAME STATEMENT NAME STATEMENT Scaled Proposals w~ll be received at the vice (FS), United States Department of Agri- soc. 3 3, N'E 1/4~1/4NW 1/4' se~| No. 2001-164 (Expires 7-3-2006) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS No. 2001-157 office of the Rumas County Administrator culture, is considering an exchange of land 114. l"" '~" The following person(s) LVare doing busi- NAME STATEMENT (Expires 6-262006) in the County ~ in Quincy. Caii- with tbe Soper-Wheaier Company, a Califor- T. 25N'.,R.gE.sOt,.4,1~ui!t No+ 2001-166 The~ person(s) ~are doing busi- fomia, until August 17, 2001 at 2:00 PM at nia Coqxxation, under the authority of the 16, aiI,EXCEF~NG 11J~s bee~ beque,ness as:92400Bob'SHighwayBarbeque/Bert's70, No. 9,Bar'cA The following(ExpireSperson(s)7"l 1-2006)is/are doing" busi-L hess as: "F~gle Builders, 324 Oelleker which time they will be publicly opened Genecal Exchange Act of March 20, 1922, 96135. hess as: Cascading Ne~, 805 Old Meed- Park Dr., Portb~, CA 95122. and read in said office for: the Federal Land Exchange Facilitation Act tin theref as ~ac~ Brett Keiser, P.O. Box 275, Chilcoot, CA ow Valley Road, Quincy, CA 95971. Michael William Martinez, 324 Delleker SEISMIC RETROFIT OF TAYLORSVILLE of August 20, 1988 and the Act of June 11, Railway CompS, I~Bb|lity 96105. Park Dr., Portoia, CA96122. AND CUD BRIDGES 1960, and the Federal Land Policy and recorded Februmy ~, "~rtin~ u~S business is conducted by an individ- Heidi-Daryt Wateraten, 808 Old Meadow Valley Rd., Ouincy, CA 95971. ~ business is conducted by e~ indivi0- ual. catly re{rofitting the following structures as lands under the jurisdiction of the FS that The Registrant commenced to transect The Registrant commenced to transact shown on the plans and boefly described are being cor~dered for exchange are de- lion thereef conveyedll:,~._ road Company, e I~I~P~. n~ business under the above name on July business under the above name on June as follows'. TAYLORSVILLE BRIDGE scribed as: Mount Diablo Meridian, Yuba recorded Feeb~' 1L~lral~ I 2, 2001. The Registrant commenced to tnmsact 26, 2001 (9C-0009), a 4-span steel girder Ixidge, Counly, CaiHow~ Signed: Brett Kaiser. business under the above name on July Signed: Michael Mattinez. approximately 290 feet long, and CLIO T. 19 N., R. 6 E. sac. 14, N I/2NE 1/4 Deeds, page m. _,,dlnrjV "}' lt, 2001. This statement was ~ed w~h the County ALSO EXCEPllNG ClerkThis statement of Plumes was County fledonwith date theindicated County Signed: Heidi-Detyl W--on+ ~l~.of Plumes County on date indicated bridge,BRIDGEapproximately(gC'0557)' a2014-span feet long.Seat gilder T. 18sec.N., 22,R'7E'N,: sac.Sac" 23,10' swlts 11, 12 and 15:1/4NE 1/4, S ~D~d~ ~ ~j. Ltl' This statement was filed with the County ,,I below: Filed: July 3, 2001 Cle~r~ ptumas County on dste~ All bids must be addressed to the Chair- 1/2NW 1/4, SW 1/4SW 1/4, see. 26, 64 of Deeds, ~Uge ~-J ,it~_._. Judith Wells, County Clerk Filed: "June 14, 2000 man of the Board of Supervisors of the WI/2NW 1/4: sec. 28, I~s 15 and 16: By: Eileen Hannen, Deputy Filed: 'July 12, 2001 Judith WeQs, County Clerk County of Plumes, a'~l shall bear the title sec, 34, NE 1/4NE 1/4, S 1/2NE 1/4, ALSO EXCEPTING "[Ig~Fu z] Published July 11, 18, 25, Aug. 1, 2001 Judith Wens, County Ck~ By: Eileen Hannen, Deputy. or neme of the work to be consb'ucted. NW t/4NW 114, lot I (SWl/4SWlI4), lion theref as cmel~esd a'. By:. Eileen Hennen, Deputy Published IVR, FRB, PR, CP This project has a goal of 10 percent dis- NI/2SI/2, SEI/4SEI/4: and others, by DeedS_ July 18, 25, Aug. 1, 8, 2001 advantaged business enterprise (DBE) 1957 in Book 107, ~ M Doing Business As: Published FRB, IVR, PR, CP Aug. 1, 8, T, 19 N., R. 7 E. sac. 9, F_J/2SEI/4, 176. _.... '~Zl FICTmOUs BUSINESS 15, 22, 2001 pad~pation. SI/2SI/2SWI/4SEI/4; sac. 10, S 1/2; soc. sac. 17, W I/2SE 1/4,+~'on Plans and Specifications, forms of Pro- 11, NW 1/4SW 1/4; soc. 14, lots 1,2, NAME STATEMENT Doing Business As: posal, bonds and Contract will be fur- and 3 (S 1/2NW 1/4, NW I/4SW 1/4) 1/4SW 1/4; No, 2oo1-165 (Extras 7 ZmS) bed to each q med prospectwe s. 19, E I/2E 1/Z The uio ng per n(s) Doing FICTmOUS BUSINESS sac. 15, AlL sac. 20, (po~on within der upon request to tha office of the Direc- sac. 20, NW I/4NE I/4,~ be( NAME STATEMENT M&B survey of Mysv. Sdxx:~); ssc. 29, nees as: sp,~ cat~ng, P~.- Business AS: NO. 2000-165 tor of Public Works, 1834 East Main ~ with M&B survey of Mysv.~1/1~W~44,,, S EI/4SW~.. I~O~ ] za Factory/Main St., Chester, CA 96020. Street, Quincy, California 95971. Plans C.,a9%;Y~eOYle Bouer, p.O. BOx 1629, Chester, CA RCTITIOUS BUSINESS (Expires 6.14-2005) and Specifications, forms of Proposal, T. 20 N., RI 7 E Parceb 20 and 21 in sac see. 29, HE I/4NW 1/4'1a L NAME STATEMENT The follovw~ person(s) is/are doing busi- bond and Contract on soid work may be soc 30 Io('; Samantha Donovan, P.O. Box 1629, NO. 2001-139 hess as: Grizzly Bite Care, 4367 Main purchased therefi'om, for $30.00 per set, tions31 end 35, T. 20 N ,R7andaE. T. 28 N., R. 9 E. see.' ' ~,~. ~zl~,.+j%+_ (Expires 6-8-2006) Simet, Tayiorsvi~, CA 95983. Pamets 23, 24, 25 in section 36, Chester, CA96020. said purchase costs not to be refunded. T. 27 N. R. 9 E M~',.tueYy THis businees is conducted by copartners. The following person(s) ls/~e dsing busi- caroline M Garcfa. 917 Genesee Road, T. 20 N., R. 7 E. and that pet=k~ of parcel SEII4NWI/4; s . I,,.~O U Tayk~vi, e, CA959&3. No bid will be considered unless it is ' ec 2(I, OUp,, The Registrants commenced to transact heSS as: A/manor Classic Car Wash, 640 ~ business is conducted by an indivld- made on a blank form furnished by the 13 lying in sec0on 3-~ business under the above name on May Main Sireet, Cheater, CA 96020, Plumas County Department of Public T. 20 N., R. 6 E. and the pardons of percets I/4NW 1/4; soc. 2 7,Eltlllras s] Peggy L. Boynton, P.O, Box 1657, 18. 19 and 221ying in section 36, 1/4. .,,,il~hicle Works and is made in accordance with 1,2001. Chester, CA96020. T. 20 N., R 7 E., and'Remaining Property', T. 22 N., R. 10 E. ~P., Signed: Gayfa/L Bo~er. ~ business is conducted by ~ individ- The Registrant commenced to transact This statemem was f+ed wire County busirms ur~der ~ ~ove r~me on July the provisions in Section 2, "Proposal Re- CLAIM, desig~ by imply"+ C. Clerk of Plumes County on date indicated ' 4, 2000. quirements and Conditions" of the S/an- in sectk)n 36, belOw: Filed: July 3, 2001 The Registrant commenced to transact Signed: Caroline M Garcia. dard Specifications. T. 20 N., R7 E. as showo upon that certain asbracingLt 39,a portion(als I~ ~l~.a~'d'~of 10~r"~" This statement wee filed with the County Each bid must be accompanied by cash, Parcet Map NO. 3.99 fled in the offce of MDIIjI~ to c< Judith Wells, county Clerk businass undar the above name on June Clerkbe%:ofRumasCur~tyndateindicated a certified or cashier's check or a biddaes the County Recorder of the County of Range lO East, -'~.,;,T, 6, 2001. 113.92 acres more or Iz~.,l~ t"Or~ By: Eileen Hannen, Deputy Signed: Peggy L Boynton. bond on the form provided by the County Yut~ State of California, on September uwly dssoribed by m e ,,,alerYo r Published July 11, 18, 25, Aug. 1, 2001 of Ptumas, in the sum of not less than ten 6, 1978,in Book 27 of Maps, at page 3. This statement was filed with the County Filed: .june 14, 2000 percent (10%) of the tote/aggregate of T. 20N, R+BE. sec. 12, SW1/4NEl/4, W Patent frm the Unlte0,~lX~ a ' Judith Wells, County Clerk 1888, recordsd in vl~~ tC~ov~v'.of Pturnes County on date indicated By: Melinda A Rother, Deputy the I~1, and said checks or bond shall be 1/2 SE 1/4; sec. 13, W I/2NE I/4, NW I James H' Rood' et ll'-"~l " made payable to the order of the County /4SE 1/4 sac. 3 1, lots 5, end 6, Doing Business As: Fi~: .june 8, 2001 Published IVR 189, Ptumas County ~~ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Judith Wells, County Clerk July 18,25, Aug..l, 8 2000 of Rumas as liquidated damages in case Mount Diablo Meridian, Butte County, Call- BOSTON PLACER ~~ NAME STATEMENT By:. Eileen Hannah, Deputy the successful bidder fails to file satisfac- fomia tory bonds as required by the Contract T. 21 N, R. 5 E signed by the Surv~_/ ". No. 2001-158 (Expires 6-29-2006) Published FRB, IVR, PR, CP Aug. 1, 8, Amendment hearing ~umem or fails or refuses to enter into sac. 30, tot 1, NE I/4NW 1/4, NE 1/4. Survey No. 3624, ~.~ The following pemon(s) ~are doing busi- 15, 22, 2001 Township 22 North,~ ness as: A L'il BirD' Count~, 525 Main NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEAFIINGa contract w~thin the speofled time. T. 19 N., R. 6 E. sec. tl, all remaining Fad &M., consisting of 160~ St,, Chester, CA 96020. The Board of Supervisors wilt hold a pub- The Board of Supervisors has ascertained erai land w~thin the SWI/4SEI/4. and more particuladY~ lic heanng on all the foltowing matter at the general prevailing wages for straight T+ 20 N., R. 6 E. sac. 30, ~ 2; Mount Diabio Dabble Ann Cole, P.O. Box 1353, Abandons 1:~0 p.m. on Tuesday, August 14, 2001, time, overtime, Saturday, Sunday and hot- Merid~, Rurnas Coun!y, California and the~ Chester, CA 96020. States of America ~d d.~ ne= is conducted by an =~vld- business name in the ~ in the Board of Supervi- iday work applicable to the work done in T. 20 N., R. 8 E+ sac. 5, lots liD 8, inclusive. Edwin D. Bowman, et~ sore Chambers, Room 306, 520 Main Plumes County. These rates are on file in T. 21 N., R. 6 E. sac 26, SE 1/4NE 1/4, E 1901, recorded in Boo~~ STATEMENT OF Street, Quincy, California. the office of the Director of Public Works, 1/2SE 1/4; sac. 32, EU2SWU4; sac. 35, 211, Rumas ~xdy~~ The Registrant commenced to transact ABANDONMENT OF USE OF 1:30 p.m. ORDINANCE: CODE AMEND- 1834 East Main Street, Quincy, California, NEI/4NEI/4, SI/2NEI/4, NI/2SEI/4, business under the above name On July FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME MENTS: PLANNING AND ZONING and are as listed in the State of California SEI/4$EI/4. SAVING AND ExCF...FI~ 10, 2001. Signed: Debble Cole. The folinwing person has ebandsned the Amendment of Chapter 2 of T~tle 9 of the Department of Tr ansportation's publica. T. 21 N, R. 9 E sec. 16, pertJon of Ict 7 and th=t portion thereo(~ This statement was filed with the County following Fictitious Business Name: Plumes County Code, Section 9.2.2605. llon entitled "General Prevailing Wage NW I/4 SW 1/4 (to be described by Albert J. Olds and Mal~*'~ ~be~ Flumes County on date indicated Feather River Storage 74520 Hwy 70 Yards (12) Rates" that is in effect when the bid is Leland Rcoltar and E~~ Podola, CA 96122. M&B survey); sec. 17, NE 1/4NE 1/4SE 7, 1970, recorded American Valley Aviation nas petitioned submitted. The holidays upon which the 1/4NE 1/4. Filed: .june 29, 2001 Danny James Yandell, 316 Calif. Ave., for amendment this section from a re. holiday Wage rates shall be paid shall be Book 197, Of~ Judith Wells, County Clerk Manteca, CA 95336. T. 23 N+, R. 11 E. sac. 2 1, N 1/2 S 1/2+ SAVING AND EXCEPI~ By: Eileen Hannah, Deputy was conducted by an indi- quirement of a twenty foot front yard to: all holidays recognized in the collective The non-Federal lands are described as the foregoing, any pod~/ Published July 11, 18, 25, Aug. 1, 2001 for'FrntyezdsYardS:adjacentnne'to excepts residentiallyten (10')zonedfeet particularbargainingcraft,agreementclassificationapplicableor typet theof Mount Diablo Meridian, Butte County, Calf by Deed from Jam~ Original Fictitious Business Name File fomia Joshua N. Turner, =JdW Number. 99-171. parcel', workman employed on the proiect. The la- T. 22 N., R+ 5 E. sec. 26, SEI/4; sec. 27, Doing Business As: Signed: Doony J. YendelH. This would apply to all parcels in the bur surcharge and equipment rental rates SWt/4, SWI/4SEI/4; sec. 28, SI/2NWI]4, recorded in Book 34 o~ County that are zoned Light Industrial to be used under this contract shaR be as NI/2SWI/4; sec. 34, EI/2NFJ/4; sac. 35, Rumas County P,e~o~~ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS ThiSclerkstatementof PlumasWaScountyfiledonwithdatetheindicatedCUnty (1-2). Yards are required to be free of listed in the State of California Depart- WI/2NWl/4. acres, more or less, Illd~ NAME STATEMENT belOw, above ground structures for which a build- ment of Transportation Division of Con- T. 23 N, R 5 E. sec 35, W 1/2; .scott Racer'. i:q.A~l No. 2001-160 ing permit is required. The proposal is to struction publication entitled "Labor Sur- THE UNSCOTT (F..xp~ 7-2-2006) Fdad: July 3, 2001 T. 21 N., R. 6 E. sac. 6, lots I and 2, S Judith Wells, County Clerk amend the Light Industrial (1-2) zone to charge and Equipment Rental Rates" that 1/2NE 1/4; described as folloWS:~ The following person(s) is/are doing busi- By Eileen Hannah, Deputy. correspond to the Periphery Commercial is in effect when the work is accom- ness as: Longboards Bar & Grill, 402 Published FRB, IVR, CP, PR (C-2) plished. . " i T. 22 N., R 6 E sec. 17, Sl/2 sec. 2 1, N 1/2 southweet comer Of the ~ Poplar Valley Rd., Btairsden, CA 96103. July 18, 25, Aug. 1, 8, 2001 Notice is further given that said heanng is No bidder may w~thdraw h~s b dfor a peri- sec. 28, SEl14NW1/4;sec. 32,NI/2 Mining Claim, at a point ~ ' T:'2ON:,R. aE.'~c:6, tot3; ~; L. 540 feet on a courSe- ~ ++ ' Com NO. I ofwh is THIS business is conducted by an LLC, ff you challenge the Code+ insubjectlo'-acceptance byt~Own~ r~. + The Registr~t commencedt~ trimsact,, . l oing ..... T+24N, R. aE variation being 170~Wbll: " -' court, you may be limited to raising only ing this period. The Contract, if awarded, West 10.27 chains to !111~,~ +heSS un~ the =x~e name m +l Busine As: ~ issues you or someone else raised roll be awarded to the lowest responsible sac. 2, SW 1/4SW I/4NE 1/4, E 1/2E Boston Claim; ~ ~\ j ~1, 2001. at the public beenng described in this no- bidder. The County of PLumas reserves 1/2NE 1/4SW 1/4, W 1/2NW 1/4SE 1/4, "Signe~: Urbano J. Maffel. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS comer on the east ~ j This statement was filed with the County NAME STATEMENT emd te the Board of Supervisors at or pritice or in written correspondence deliv waive any informality m the bids or m thethe right to relect any and all bids and to SEI/4 W I/2W 1/2SE I/4SE 114;I14NW 1/4SE I/4 E 112SW I/4SE Township 22 .N~i~ I or to, the public haaring, bidding. T. 25N, R. 8E. sec+25, NEl/4, S1/2NW West 22.75 chains dis~ld;,~~ I ~wv:+of Plumes Coun~ on date indicated No 2001 98 &M., bears Sou~ 850 ~ ~J+ II (Explms 4/6/2006) Dated: July 26, 2001 COUNTY OF PLUMAS 1 t4 sec. 26, SI/2SEI~4, NEI/4SEI]4 15' East on said Wy..a1 F'ded: ~luly.2, 200t The following person(s) is/are doing busi- Nancy L. DeFomo, Clerk of the Board of Tom Hunter, Director of P~blic Works T. 26 N., R. 8 E. sec. 6, lots 3 and 4; Judith We~s, County Clerk ness as: Mountain Glass and Wipe Out Supervisors of the County of Plumes, Dated: July 17, 2001 T. 27 N., R 8 E sac. 3 1, lots 1, 2, 3and ~ North 640 lceS'No~.~ By:. Eileen Hannen, Deputy Wash, 165 North Pine St., Portola, Ca State of California. Published July 31, Aug. 7, 2001 .LCT, the NE 1/4SW 1/4, S 1/2SW cedar stump; thence I~l~p~ Pu~shed July 11,! 8, 25, Aug. I, 2051 961= Published IVR, PR, CP, FRB WWPP I/4 (being IOt 4 and the SE I/4SW I/4); the~e; thence North 8~u ~ Mountain Freedom, Inc. CA, 165 North August I, 2001 Aug, I, 8, 2001 FRB, IVR, CP, PR T. 21 N., R 9 E. sec. 19, lot I, NE II4NW Doing Business As: busin=s is cord _.. by a corpora- 15' 3u .-| hinD. FICTmous ~USINESS Budget hearing day work applicable to the work done in T. 23 N., R. II F.. s~c 14,_~I NAME STATEMENT The Registrant ~ to Vansact Notice of Public Hearing F/ureas County. These rates are on file in No. 2001161 (Expires 7-2-2006) bu~ onder the ebove name on Feb. Plwnas Local Agency Formation NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS 15, lots 4, 5, 6, ~'j~ 10t ~1~, The following pemon(s) is~are doing b~ mary 14, 2001 Commission Scaled Proposals will be received at the the of 6ce of the Director of Public Works, heSS as: Aoada Design Inc., 106 Poplar Si~ted: Mountain Freedom, Inc. Notice is hereby given that the Rumas office of the Rumas County Adminisbator 1834 East Main Street, Quino/, Catifo~ e~ therefrom ~e_~ Rd. Graeegle, CA 96105. This statement was flfad ~dth tbe County Local Agency Formation Cornmisaion will in the County Courthouso in Quincy, Ca~ and are as listed in the State of Caiikxnia said lot 4 being more pw~dl! fomia, until August 17, 200t at 2:00 PM at hold a public hearing to consider the entitled 'General Prevailing Wage Rates" er of said lot 4; ~ ~..~,dllP:,, Xorand ~,(cali~, P.O. BOx 115, befog.Of Ptumas County on dste indicted Depertment of T~'s publication as Ulows: Beginning =1P'w~L GreeegJe, CA 96103. edof~Jon of the following proposed F~cai which time they will be publicly opened that ls in effect when b'~e bid is submitted, of lot 4 N85055,17-E, f~,,4~,"~, tionThis., business Is conducted by e corpor~- Fded:.'Apd116, 2001 Year 2001/2002 Budget: and readin said offce fo~. The holidays upon which the holiday northeast comer of Io(&~/]?l Judith We/b, County CI~ 1. A detailed F~,al Year 2001/2002 Bud- SEISMIC RETROFIT OF FLOURNOY, The Registrant commenced to transact By:. Eiieen Harmon, Deputy get fuzzing $60,000. DRUM, TWAIN, LIGHTS CREEK ANDWage rates shall be paid sham be all holi- east line of lot 4 SO005a.,~t, business under the above name on July Published FBR, NR, PR, CP The hearing will be held on August 27, POLE BRIDGES days reo~nized in the cotteclive began- a point in an existing ~...~f. 1,2001. July 18, 25, Aug. 1, 6, 2001 2001 at 11:00 e.m+ in the Community The work, in genersL oonsists of seismi- ing agreement aPl~ t tbe I~ said existing roed I~_ .~ Signed: John Mcintosh, Room of the Plumes County Library, celly re~ofitting the following structures as cratt, daasifica~on or type of wodm~n era- courses;, (1),SS8054'4e-~.= J~=. This statement was filed with the Coonty Quincy Branch, located at 445 Jackson, shown on ~e plans and briefly dssoribed pioyed on the ~ The labor surcharge S76050,21 W 202"~ ~Ib'( c ofmurn=comtyon+mi =ted Doing as follows: FLOURNOY BRIDGE and equipment rentai rates to be used un. $6100214"W' 434.~ t~. Fded: ~ly 2, 2001. N tbe beanng, tl-+ ca~mission "will con- (9C-0010), a 4-span steel girder Ixidge, dsr ff'~s contrect shall be as listed in the S62059',30:W: 267.~ i ,~ w~,, co=ty Buslness As" sider oral and udtten testimony by any in- approximately 214 feet long, DRUM State of California Department of Tram=- $74007 36 W 237.~- ~I By:. Eileon Harmon, Deputy FICTITIOUS BUStN~'._SS terested person or affected agency and BRIDGE (9C-00 It), a 2-span steel girder portation OMsion of Construction publica- N80036 34"W '113.57t~1;Ji111~ July 25 Aug+ 1, 8, 15, 2001 No. 2001.167 cer. The proposed Fiscal Year 2001/2002 TWAIN BRIDGE (9C0032). a 5-span steel rnant Rental Rates" ~ is in effect when lot 4; thence along s~..~IBI~ ~ 7-H-2006) Bodget to be edopted may be exan~ned g+rder b~ge appro~+netmy Z~ ~ k~g ~ ~ is a=x~d~. "E, 316.5 Doing Business AS: T~ ~k.W,0 p~(,) is/m ds~ bus- at the offices of Plumes Local Agency UGHTS CREEK BRIDGE (9C-0044). a No blddar may withdraw his bid for a perk ~.O48'59 7 f~e(Io w.~.~ I heSS as: Sun BO~ 7507 Hwy I~ #5, Formation Commission located at 6820 2-span steel girder bridge, approximately the opening thereof and the same shall be fomia I FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Graeegle CA ~103 sut~ to acc~ by the Ovmer during T. 21N., R.9 E. J I ~at Lake Davis Road, Portola, 103 feet long, and POLE BRIDGE NAMESTA11EMENT Wayne L. Pearson, P.O. Box 10114, (9C-0050), a 3-span steel girder bridge, ' period. The Contract, if awardsd, will NO, 2001-170 (Expires 7-16-2006) Graeagle, CA 96103 For information On the proposed Fmcal aiNxoximately 92 feet k~g. sac. 33, That cedain ~ I The California Department of Fish and Gi- Year 2001/200~ Budget to be adopted, dasigneled by Sunmyo~ m~ ~' The ~lowing person(s) is/am dsing busi- ~ is conducted by a ~r~nl be awarded to the lowest responsi~ bid. ness as: Pup n' Suds Pet Grooming, der upon receipt of ~ 1601 Si~ambed oontact John M. Gu~, Exenu~ve Offi- ame 1601 Strasmbed Alteration Agree- Alteration Agreement from the California 57, situated in Section_~dJ .I 17565 Pioneer Rd., Greemille, CA 9&947. The RegLMrant commenced to tranlact car of Rumas Locat Agency Formation menL Waiver of Weste Water Disdnarge Department of Fish and Game at Pole north, Ranger 9 F..a~ ~ ~, under 1he above name on July ~ at (5,30) 832-0788. Bridge. The County of Plumas reserves G.=v,le, "" i AUg. I, 2001 cured for the Pole Bridge kx:alion prior to .i .=19..arly idonnaiity in lhe bids or in the more fully I~djlJ ] This statement was flkKI wilh gle P.Aunty August I, 200 I. Patent to Dixon Br~ .'~11 The Registrant commenced tO transact .of CoSy on Fee heating must be to OF m 1M, business under the above name on Au- man of the Board of Supe~sors of the Tom Hunter, Director of Pubic Works County of Plumes, and shall bear the t~le Del: Jdy 17, 2001 Nc 25, All of M.S 4~u..u, er:!~ gust I 2001 Filed: ~ly 12 2001 Ptumas ~ion~ Formation 14 of Deeds Pageu ~/104+ Signed: Victoria Cutler. or n~,lle of the work to beo~stn, lcted. ~hed July 31, Aug. 7, 2001 LCT, SWII4SWII4S++;INIIq~.,W~dlI This statement was filed with the Cognty Judith Walb, C,~onty GWk Notice is hereby given that the Rumas This proieof has a goal of 10 percent dis- SI/2SEI/4NEI/4,~dl~ l~,,of Plurnas County on date indicated By:, Been ~ Dqx~/ Locd A~mcy Formalion Commission will advantaged business enterprise (DBE) FM nd IVR, FRB, PR, CP A.g, 1, e, too1 FRB. IVR, CP, PR 1/2NE I/4SE 1/4, hold a public headng to consider the pa~dci~ edo~ ofthe follow~ propeeed Sched. Plans and Specifications, forms of Propos- 14SE 114, NW 114SE I/~ (~ede~ "July 16, 2001. judith Wells, County July 18, 25, Aug. I, 8, 2001 SE II4NW 1/4SE I14, a~._~ ule of Fding end Processing Fees under el, bonds ond ~ will be ~ to tI4SE /4SE t/4, NE B~. Eile~ Harem, Deputy Govemm~t Cods Secton 56383:eac~ quaif, ed ~ blddsr upon re- 1/2NW i 14SW 11~1~ 1/4, w,~!I+ Pubr tmd FRB, IVR, PR, C,P I. A ds isd Sd edu of ond Pro- quest to the Dace of the Oimc or of Pubk: Aug. 1, 8, 15, 22, 2001 Do|rig ceasing Fass as allowed under Govern. Works, 1834 East Main S/met, Quincy, I/4SE 1/4. BusJneu As: melt Code Section 56383 which ~ be California 95971. Plans and Specifica- Any Doing Business As: RCTmOUS = ted = time an for of con- RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT ~ by Plumes I.AFCO is sul~dt- tract on said work may be purchased ted. therefl'om, for 4130.00 per set, said pur- NAME STATEMENT No. 2001-162 The ~he~ng. will be held on August 27, chase cmts nnt to be refunded. No. 2001-172 (Expires 7-$.~006) 2001 at 11:00 a.m. in the Commu~ty NO bid wi be considered unless it is made (Expires 7.19-2006) The following pelion(s) ~ dalng bJ- Room of the Plumas County Library, The fo,o perk(s) is/are doing busi- he= as: Blu Mountain Gla= & Metal- on a 10fank form fumisbed by the Plumes hess as: PClT: Plum= County Inform- works, 830 Valley View Dr., Ou~, CA Qu~ Branch, located at 445 ~, County Department of Public Works and is Tec as,East Main Si at, =e71, Quino/, rr= a=ordance the p. in Quincy, CA 95971. Robert Edward Brownlee, 11,1,0 Valley N ~ headng, ~e Commie=on will con- Section 2, "Proposal Requirements and Robert Sd~eebaum, 2056 East Main SL', V~ Dr., Quincy, CA ~71 Iddsr oral end wrigen te~imony by any in. Condil~ons' of lhe Standard Spedf~. Quincy, CA 95971. This busineas is condu~ by i ht~ terasted person or ageofed egency and Each bid must be aca3mperded by cash, a THis busin~ is cor~cted by an in(ivid, andS. the feint ~f the U~O Ex=:utive Offi. u.lif~l o~ cesi-~s che~ or a i~ide~s Ual. The Registrunt commerced to ttlmuct ~r. The Sc~dule of R~ng aml ~ bond on the form providsd by the County The Registrant commenced to transact busineas under the abeve nsme on No. Ing Feas to be adopted may be examined of Plumes, in the surn of nof leas lhan ten business under the above name on July vemb~ 1, 2000. at the ~ of Ptu~nas Local Agency percent (101/6) of the total aggregate of 19,2001. Signed: Robert Brownlee. Formation Commission located at 6820 the bid, ond said checks or bord shall be Signsd." Ro~ Sch~ This stat~ was Bed will1 the County Nli= Trail at ILake Davis Road, Portola, made peyab~ to the order of the Co~ THis statement was filed wflh the County Clerk of Plumas Comfy on date indicated caNomi~ of Ptumas as iquk:lmd damegas in ce"e Clerk of Ptm~ County on date ~ bek~. For idmTW~on on the ~ Sd~ddethe success~ bldd= fdb to ile =~lac~ F~. July 3, 2001 of Filing and Processing Fees to be n/bonds as required by the Contrad Do(> F~