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August 1, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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August 1, 2001

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14B Wednesday, Aug. 1,2001 Bulletin, Pr~ressive, Coat, mind from page 11B or two in his yard, and now Mr. Murphy and your city at- torney say he can't because it doesn't meet building codes. Folks, I have never seen or heard of such a preposterous reason for ordering someone to remove a tent from their personal property. What's next for each and every one of you? Color restrictions on house paint? No umbrella canopies on your porches or decks? (After all, they can be- come missiles in a good wind storm!) Maybe a restriction on what trees or flowers you can ornament your yard with! In the town where I live, I put up several of my tents (from tepees, to wedges, to a copy of George Washington's marquee) several times a year--sometimes for a few days, sometimes for several weeks--and folks make an ef- fort to come by and see these unique dwellings from our history and to ask questions and take pictures. But that is the difference of living in a place where our city fathers have common sense vs. the ones you obvi- ously have elected or hired. I'm glad that I live in a free country and state and not one ruled by a "dictator" who obviously has way to omuch time on his hands and no sense of history. The rest of you good people of Portola, watch out or be regulated to death. Good luck Dale! Mark Roster Davenport, N.D. Not hairy at school I originally wrote this let- ter to the Plumas Unified School District; however, I decided it would reach more people and have more impact by writing to the paper. I am writing this letter af- ter stewing for about a month. On Friday, June 22, one week after the end of the school year, I received a let- ter from Feather River Mid- dle School Principal Tommy Miles. are being considered for River Middle School, I was to any community they grade retention. My son did no longer asked to help in the choose to live in. have a very poor report card classroom, even though I of- Mrs. Lambert, your state- in his last quarter of school; fered, merit that 8,000-10,000 people however, he has never re- Now, Tommy Miles talks with "this same viewpoint" ceived an F or a failing the talk, but hedoes not walk might, could, it is possible grade, nor have I everobeen the walk. He likes-to say how that, is it then only a matter told he is not working at welcome parents a/'ein his of time, "might tempt them grade level, school; however, myself and to damage $60,000 pieces of He has, on two occasions, many other parents I have equipment," is very negative. brought home a progress re- talked to feel we have been My viewpoint is that all port with Fs. Upon receiving cut offfrom helping at school 10,000 people came to one these progress reports, I im- as soon as our childrensmall location and not one in- mediately contacted the reached middle school, cident you allude to did hap- teachersto f'mdout why. I have known many of pen. That is the fact worth Most of his problems seem these students since they noting! to come from laziness, not were in diapers, and most I So your constructive sug- ability. I feel the main reason have known since kinder- gestion for more port-a-pot- my son is in summer school garten. Most of the teachers ties, better parking control, is because they didn't have and staff have only known trespassing, or any other enough of the F students sign these kids for one to three concerns should be noted, up, so they targeted the D years. I feel in this day and passed on to the promoters, students, age, we need to be a team. At and improved upon next I do feel that a week after FRMS, they are leaving out year. I would be very happy school is out is a little late to an important part of that to pass these suggestions on tell someone their child is be- team by eliminating the par- to the supervisors and/or ing considered for grade re- ents. The faculty, teachers, promoter for you, in case tention. I am a very accessi- students and parents all need they don't already know. ble parent. I drop offand pick to work together to have a In closing, I would like to up my children every day. I successful school. Some par- note that when we drive am a stay-at-home morn with ents--maybe most--do not down any road, anywhere, a telephone and message ma- have time to help, but let the isn't it predominately Bud, chine. I feel I was not given parents who want to help do Coors and Miller cans that the chance to help my son so without making them feel are littered, not Sierra Neva- during the school year. unwelcome, da Pale Ale bottles? For Okay, now that I have told Kim Beev revery event in our county, you how I feel about the let- Portolalet's work to make them posi- ter, I would like to let you tire for our county, while know what is being taught in You decide the price working to eliminate the the seventh-grade math pro- Responding to the July 18 prejudice all people have to- gram. letter by Jewdy Lambert, ti- ward someone who holds a Keep in mind, these stu- tied, "At what price?" I am viewpoint different than dents will be going into alge- left wondering who you are their own. bra next year. They have angryat? Jeff Glover been working on number Are you mad at people who Taylorsville placement, multiplication smoke marijuana? Are you and division. My youngest mad at the High Sierra Festi- No tepee son, who just completed the val promoters or Ralph and I agree with the city's deci- third grade, did these sub- Trish Wilborn for not getting sion to make that guy take jects last year. When I went the necessary permits? Or, is down his tepee. to talk to the teachers about it just the promoters for not This is America: you do it this, I was told the sixth anticipating and providing our way or hit the highway. graders were working at a enough port-a-potties? Then No more namby-pamby de- higher level than the seventh you put in the kicker to "tick cisions about such important graders. If this is the case, I meoff." things as flying the rebel do not understand why these "Please remember that ac- Southern Cross, calling out kids are grouped by grade cording to these people's po- an insult to someone you level instead of ability. By litical point of view, we are don't like, parking an old can giving these kids third-grade not 'politically correct' and in your yard, storing fire- work, they are not being that we 'kill trees for aliv- wood or erectinga tepee. challenged. If they are hav- ing.'" From now on all you right ing trouble with seventh- Mrs. Lambert, to lump all wing wackos better get in grade math, help them with people together as one view- step, or move to Idaho. seventh-grade math, not point is extremely close- Because from now on, I third grade, minded and counterproduc- want all the buildings in Por- I have one more gripe to tire. I am a local who went to tola to be color schemed by a get off my chest. I have vol- the festival for all four days. Frank Lloyd Wright design- unteered in the schools in I saw local insurance sales- er. Hey, didn't old Frank once design a tepee himself?. Ed Laurie Mr. Miles states that thePortola since the early '90s. men, business owners and a gtndo_ntg rvw _ivin thig lo_ttor As soon as my son reached "multitude" of people who I -'.'t.:;~.~ ............ ~.i~ .... .... ~ he six h~de, oI~ FeaSt woUl~dflsid~~sets Tim missing tepee. " nance Committee Where did our neighbor- even thou hood tepee go? ber of that How ridiculous that the ing the spirit of city has made the JohnsonAct, he has family take down their tepee, meetings, being the We live directly across the board member street and look forward to sits there seeing the tepee up several the committee times a year. It certainly scowling if does not block our view of pleases him. anything. During We drive the streets daily when he ran for the and have never had a prob- board, he made lem going safely through the paign promises: intersection when the tepee 1. He said that h is up. run for a three- Besides the historical sig- 2. He said that nificance of a tepee, what the specialtax expire about all the family memo- 3. He said that h ries that the Johnson family keep errant will have that take placetionersin the Seneca around the tepee? rather than send the$ Let them keep the tradition er hospitals. of putting up the tepee when 4. He told us that they want, and let Jim Mur- gy Alliance would phy and his crew take care of hos more serious problems that The citizens happen in town. he kept any of those i Terry and Judi Heydon es. . Portola Since then, I participated in that tepee the Public Records Concerning the tepee on Brown Act, and Pine Street. It has been going and Safety Code. up several times a year for has allowed many years and nothing was cial information to ever said. leased to the Many people have driven after month. He by and stopped and enjoyed praise Erdoe seeing this tepee, loe has failed to If this were an Indian fami- terms of the ly that lived on Pine Street agreement. (Why and put up the tepee not a spending word would be said. lars on billing This is a dumb law that when the you have put in. This tepee loe req isn't hurting anyone, tain proper I was a resident, and a vot- At monthly board ing one at that, for over 15 we have to suffer years in Portola and am for bursts and things that other people en- Supervisor joy. rarely attends Sene Jan Johnson ings, and often Napa ignorance of Seneca told the citizens Ron Davey--troublu for tion Mr. Davey. Seneca Instead of Again, Ron Davey went lenfless campaign against the Seneca Finance self-promotion Committee and tried to set should be su the special tax at an exces- Seneca District. sive rate. He even held a pub- Dennison's intel lic hearing where he scared Seneca Hospital is our senior citizens into fa- All he does is heap voring the higher tax rate. praise on his cronieS, Ron Davey's heavy-handed and Wilhoit. leadership has been a burden When Dennison on Seneca. lands a big job in Recently he has been at ....... hiptt influence Fi- i. 'lm'a are one or more GSS Courses by Certificate 4 Gunsmith Technician Safely Fitter Stock Repairman ~" Rifle Accuracy Smith Gunsmith Machinist Stockanaker " Trigger Smith w" Bolt Action Rifle Barrel Fitter ~" Welding and Hardening Gunsmith Metalsmlth Metal Finisher v" Revolver Smith Double Gunsmith Composition Stock Fit & Gunsmith ~" Antique Firearm Smith Barrel Fitter Extractor Fitter v" Firing Pin Fitter ~" Pistol Smith Shotgun Smith ~" Rifle Smith Rimfire Smith 7" Reloading Spring Maker Repair Gunsmith - Master Gunsmith v Parts Fabricating Gunsmith i Registration hours are: Monday-Friday, 8am-4:3Opm Extended Hours One Week Before Classes begin, and First Two Weeks of Semester Monday-Thursday, 8am-7pm Friday, 8am-4:3Oprn Recoil Pad Installation GSS 50. I September 1~-21, 2OO! I Unit Covers the installation and fitting of re~oil pads to fl~rm stocks, wood, hollow wood and synthetic. J ,d,k skw I 0ss 52.1 1 -21, 2OOl ! Covers tool sharpening, types of at~ls, cutting al:~ds, and us~ of I~r~ilion en~suring tools. DFR ~ ShetSpms GSS 60.3 Septemb~ 17-21, 20OI I Unit ~.Y~e~r h~ ~aign, ~nct~on ond r@poir of Auto shotguns th~ ore not strictly long ~=oil or gors operated. Skep 2 GSS 52.2 September 24-28, 2001 I Unit Cov~r~ t~rning of short topers be~een centers, grinc~ ing and u~e of form tools, Sliq Swivel bstdatiu GSS 50.2 S*ptemb,r 24-26, 200! .5 Udt Covwr~ instot$otlon o~ sli~ swivels in wood and cor~ pc~itic~ sh~:ks. |,vdvw Band Fitlbg GSS 66.2 September 24-28, 2001 .5 Unit Cove~r~ th~ rl,~,v~ll and flffln~ o| r~votv~r borrels, ~crew In and pin ~pes. DFR Safeties GSS 53.1 S,pt.nd r 24-26, 2001 .5 Udt Cover~ the function ~nd fitting of monu~l ~nd pa*~lv~ S~f~ttel, Macidw Sbep 4 GSS 52.4 Odcdl~ 8-12, 2001 1 Unit Covers the cutting o/ int~nol threads ond the rno~hin- ing of internal top~10rS on O IOIhO. Case Hardwks gss $4.4 Octobw 8-10, 2001 .S Udl Cove~ the at~ hardening. Imt~Ctiwo Co~ hardening and drawing b(:~k of mi~l (low carbon) steels. Heat Treating Carben Steels GSS 54.5 Octeber 10-12, 20OI .5 Udt Covers the hardening and N~mp,~in~ of car~on and carbo~ c~oy ~e|s, as u~d in firearms. CAms kMiq ~r Acmlcy OSS 51.4 October 15-19, 2001 1 Unit Covers the technique of glass 10~lding bJot oction rifles to get maximum accut~-y potential from them. Mackine Shef 5 gss $2.S Octol~r 15-19, 2001 i Uldt C~ov~r~ t~e use Of ~ dividing h~K=ld on a milling m~chlne, ~ncl the mc~nuk~t~dng of o~togon~l bo~L~. quor~ ports ond mul~t~c~Dd port~. ,,,ahg Am4d St,d October 17-19, 2001 .5 Co~ the onn~oll~ of steels os u~ In flre~rm~ h%ot they can be mochinel. INck Proctke GSS 50.5 Octol r 15-17, 2001 .5 Udt Cov~* correct ~se oF bond toots used in the gun* sm~rhlng trade. GSS 63.1 1 Cov~r~ design. ~nction ond ~F~lr of single ~1~ ~yl~iND~ts ell ~Jnd in d~kl~ gunL eros hdd s r, pk oss s .s Oddw 22-26, 2001 ! Co~m~ ~'~e r~lnf~:~=lng ond glo~ be~dkdlng of Ik~:ks ~neth. Ranging GSS 61.5 September 26,28, 2001 .5 Unit Co~er~ the fit of th~ c~lnder and crone In re~to~er fTc~me*. sMt hstda GSS SO.5 Octdm 1-5, 2OOl ! Udt C~r~ cuttlnEI dove, oils. drifting and topping for open sllith~l, and o1~, ~ofi ~l~g ~18h1~ ~nd romlx. $ Octdw !-5, 2001 ! Udt of ~rs ar~ *~om* of ~mng. 6 0ss 52. Octd r 22-26, 2001 1 Udt Cov~ees th~ ~rnlng of k>ng work pt~ e~h c~ I~orrels or Io~ ~Wolght *hafts. 0FR GSS 61.1 I dw !-5, 2001 1 Cov~ the fitting. ~mlng ~nd rel~=Ir o~ sidle o11~ Stocks GSS 55.2 0ct0bw 29-1kvNdm 2 ! Udt t~ov~rs the ~l~c=lf of creaked ond broken stock~. 0pnad bstdak GSS S0.4 Octebw 11-12, 2001 I Udt Covers Ihe ins/o~fion of mo~ types of optical sights: scold, ~1 dot and r~.-'~ve. b Ibe WNd Flddl Oct.v~ 2 Ing with an in the Wood Rnildh, Octebe 29-Hevemb~ 2 1 Covers the measurement, ck]ngers of heodspoce in oil types of firearms. Gim, fw Accw oSSl 5-9, 2001 I Covers the technique of gJ~ bodding bolt to ~ maximum o~curocy potential from thorn. lend C**tmn i GS5 Novmd~r 5-9, 2001 I Cove~ th@ ~ turning of borre~ el~ml, topers and contours Belt Attica Barrel Rttiq GSSj Nevemdb~ S-9. 200 ! ! Cov~r~ the th~dl~, fitting and chombed, ond /v~u~r ~ am $t~di~d. OII tide Weed Fkddl 055j Nevemb~ 5-9, 2001 I Covl~ ~ preporing of the stock for finish ing wil~ an on the VVood finish. I oss! bvmbw 26-30., 2001 ! Covers t~d sl~rl~nlng, ~ of ~etm. oni u~ of prt~|slo~ ~w~dn~ tO~JS. Belt Medlfkati~ G5s~ Nevembw 26-30, 2001 I I f clip b ~d~ DFR Celt levdvw G5$i lievmdw 26-30, 2001 I C~ve~lrs ~ d4Nll~n, flJn=tlcl~rl Or~ r~ir Of the ~ 2 oss: December 3-/, 2001 1 Covers t~rnlng of ~hon topers GSSl Decmlm 3"/, 2001 I, Cove~l the dol~ln, f~nctl~n and r~l=~lr of eJ~ Otlw Ibvdv, rs D, 3"/, 2001 Cov~ ~ dee~n, ~t~on, or~i rela~lr o#lhew ttn~n Cob o~d Smith oral W~. ~-Johr*s~m. Cl~ote~t ond ~n WelJon. GSS 51.Y lust hnleh and finish- GSSI 1 For mmore information contact Admissions at Gary Boyd, 251-8808. at 251-8809