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August 1, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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August 1, 2001

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in Lassen County Times Indian Valley Record Chester Progressive Portola Reporter Westwood Pine Press Tuesday. July 31, 2(X)1 Wednesday, AL ust 1, 2001 Page F -- u I hill Help 4 nn Help " 4 Help 4 nn Help 4 nn Help 14n Statewide 14n Statewlde 4 An Statewide .,.,vWanted vv Wanted ..lw Wanted v vWanted vu Wanted Advertising ,..,v Advertising ..... , -vv Advertising -- i scr~ption avaaabte at the Su- interesting career opport~n~ be highly motwated Must be d~pioma or equ;vaient One SECURITY OFFICERS PUBLICATION OF POSTAL 4 OUT OF 5 people with her- Save! Low monthly pay- sanvitle School District Ofhce m a team oriented environ- able to relate to Native Amen- y~r expenence ,n COTTer- WANTED ,- JOBS $48 323 00 yt Now hlr- pes do not know they are in- merits. FREE color catalog pro- START SALARY Class 15 - Tent where our employees cans and preference will be ciaI or insl~tul~Onai quantriy No~% State Security In., ~s ~ng - No experience- Paid fected 10 minute testing call Call today 1-800-711-0158. area $7.06.$9 01 ~ hour APPU- are truly appreciated for their given to NaWe ap- food preparat on Passage of currentiy Iook=ng for respons,- trammg - great benefits Call 1.877-861-6481 for your wwwnp.etstan.O0rn ry ofCATION PROCEDURE Ap- involvement and talent. This plicants 142 CFR 36 221) dstriCl s Food Serwce Test b~e adults to work uniformed for hsts. 7 days 800-429- nearest provider. ~ pock- tCAL'SCAN) gram phcation and complete job de- is a rate opportun~ 1o be in- Salary: DOE We offer an ex- Food ,Ser'vce Test wdl be ad- secur,ty m the Susan,'die 3660 ext J 100 ~ corn {CAL"SCAN) EARN $25.000+ per year. chil-SCrtption may be obtained at volved in providing very ad- cellent benefit paokage Apply mimstered on Monday Au- area Pan trme posrhons are (CAL'SCANt 1 re- the Susanwlle School D sir ct vanced dentistry in all phases at Lassen Indcan Heatth Cen- gust 13 2001 at 10 00 am at avad CaW (5301243-0295 ' ASSEMBLY AT HOME Arts, 100% financing if quaiifiecl. ricesOffice Applications must be of Interdisciplinary Therapy, tar, 795 Joaqu~n Street, Su- the Susanw!~e School D~stn~ 8am-Spm M0n-Frr For appli- SAVE BIG ON Energy costs Crafts, Jewelry. Also electron- Tuition hotel, travel. Truck "L an- received m the D~strict Office and to be confident that your sanville or call our Personnel Office located at 109 S cation How to design and mstall a Los, sewing, typing fn your drrv~g, '~lsnary arts. bdingual home electncaf generatmg sparet~ne- Great pay No ex. classes. Quality Cotlege. 0.56 Gilman St DUTIES Job de- ~ system - $995 Download in. patience. No Fee. Will train 1570 N. Wishon, Fresno.CA CLOSING DATE: Completed thought out options in their pr~o~ w'tt~ al~ CTOs- scnpt~on available at the Su- ;, PI~3 on or before the closing date patients are receiving well Off~ce 257-2542 Subrnd DMV ' application must be recetved treatment. Benefits and corn- ~ Date U~I F~lled sanwt!e School District Off~ce F~nJsher/form setter wanted struCtions @ http//www fuel- Call 800.795-0380 ext. 2 93728 1.800-542-2225. START SALARY C~ass 15- Also need laborers Wifl train ,,,c,ettspw~' corn {CAL"SCANI (24/t~rs/ ,(CAL*SCAN) (CAL*SCAN) and"tran, in the Susanville School Dis- pet~tive pay offered. Please CROMBERG AREA Helper$7 06-$9 01 per hour APPLI- nght person 251-6884 or It tO Su~ln 10. 200t at 400 p m. AP~LY resume 1o 530.283-2319 help w~ i~ilding a house. At- plv' and complete job de- a~sage tenance Busmess for sale. train qualified applicants to ~n Street, TO Susanville School Dis- 7231 Sr Eastern. B-186, Las become electricians. trict. Michelle Brown, 109 S NURSING JOBS so stack wood and clean up scription may be obtained at TOW TRUCK DRIVERS need- Vegas, NV 89119 plumbers, carpenters, etc. Gilman St. Susanvdle CA AVAILABLE property. Saturdays or Men- the Susanwlie Schoo, Distncl ed in Portola, Quincy and tn- fCAL*SCANt Paid relocation HS. Grads eeded for 96130 1530i257-8200. Equal RNs: per diem and part time days 530-836-6400. ask for Office Apphcat=ons must be dian Valley areas Must have A'+ M&M. 'MARS/NESTLF under age 35 1-800-345- nesdeliv, openings. LVNs per diem. Sarn NIEEDAJO~? recervedmtheD~stnct Off~ce cIean DMV pnntout Must stocked, established vending 6289. tCAL'.'~AN} ...... FTCHELP'n~message'frm(~is newspaper) and the ."an DMVO_.~J:~:~tun~ Employer part time and full time open- on or before the c!os~ng date pass drug test Apply m per- route Will sell by 8/13/01 Un* DRIVER - IT PAYS to start FTC n & insur~ PARAMEDIC OR EMT II Nor- ings CNA's per diem, part Work as a tamp while Iookmg CLOSING DATE Completed son at C~escent Tow. High- available Cal cert req. part time with time and full time openings for p~ Sk/~ed der~l apphcabon must be recewed wa~/89 Crescent M~lls der $9K mmimum investment wdh us Call SRT today 1. reel. Su- benefits 4 12-hr shifts per Business Office Representa- workers needed for tempo- =n the Susanvil~e School Dis. required Excel/ant monthly 877.244-7293 or 1-877~BlG- ,,, 2twk ini ER per pay period tire full time and part time rary positions: secretarial re- 1not Office by Friday Augusl SITE DIRECTOR;TEACHER profrt potenbal Finance avail- PAYDAY Great pay Paid ~J, TIME. plus 4 scheduled ambulance openings. Regular part.time ceptiontsl, data entry, book- 10 2001 at 400 p m APPLY for Sierra Cascade Family able/good cred=t 1-800.637- weekly 'Excellent benefits Is Per. on-cat shifts Saary DOE and employees ehgible for health keeping, etc. Polent~al exists TO Susanvdle School D,s- Opportunaies 40 hrs~wk 44 7444 (CAL'SCAN/ *St,250 s~gn-on bonus. *Dri- 200 Persona nce WithI~ensure- Suppodrve environ- insurance. Subrmt application for permanent Fff Register trict, M~che!le Brown, 109 S wks/yr $13 66 - $14 21/hr ADVERTISESTATEWlDE, ring Student graduates wel- ,, COunts re- Tent emphasizing profes- and resume to Human Re- sources. Indian Valley Hospi- at Typing & Temporaries. Gdman St Susanvdle. CA plus benefits. Pos~t~on starts come. Southern Refngerated 96130 (530)257-8200 Equal August 20 2001 Apphcant HELPH I need a v~eo copy of ben. Pa~m=~m and quality. Contact 184 pubhcahons, $450/25 Trar~ort (CAL'SCAN) 'nent plan. amela Thrig. EMS Mgr at tars, 184 Hot Springs Rd., 1915 Mat St Susanville. must have AA degree in word ads Northern/Southern rra Valley 530 832-4277 x581 or x270 Greenville CA 95947. Fax 257-8088 Op~:~:~ttun~t Employer ECE/CD or 60 umts with 24 Cahforn~a regions avaaable DRIVERS: ALLIED Van Lines the Lassen County Fairs ~3795 SO. Fax 832-t 105 284-6696 ' MOUNTAIN METHODIST CUSTODIAN ECE umts and 6 un~s admin- pets classified deptCatl th~s perbopa~ng ne#sl~-0r (916) andhas openingStrade electroniCSclass A contact me at (530)233-585,4,Country Show Down Please 1ola. CA CHILDREN'S Center Christ- PART-TIME ~t.rabon: and 2 un~S adult s~- 288-6019 www CDL with 1 year o/t/r experi- FEATHER PUBUSHING does INSTRUCTIONAL MECHANIC WANTED. Must ian Preschool is now accept- The Richmond School District perv~s~on and 350 days of 3+ ICAL,SCAN) ence Tractor purchase avail- not want any advertising that ASSISTANT have own tools, be able to ing apphcations for is advert~smg for the pos~ti0n hours~day teaching experi- ~althC, en. The Richmond School District pass drug test & have a lean PRESCHOOL SUBSTITUTEof part-l~me custodian One ence mcludmgatleastl00 BI='ST ROUTE Up to able. Call 800-634-2200. hasasexualobiect~ve.~ssex- ~se 0pani~ ~is advertisinginstructlon, atfOrassistant/noonthe position availabtedriving QuincyApphcatinSTow Set- TEACHER. Must have 12 four hour a day position wifl days of superwsing adults $4.600,month (reahsbc) 20 Dept ACAS fOAL*SCAN)uallYanythingeXpliCitof monetaryr that offerSvatue EC E. units, current CP.R be h~red and an e~ig~b~l~ty hst Aop~can~ must qualn'y for S~e ioca~ vending sires NO com. DRIVERS H~nng Drivers *Free ,ecretaryuty assistant. This pos t on vice & Repair, 612 W. Main w~ll be estabhshed for future Supervisor Perth1 Submit re- peht~on - 6 hours/month, training Class A CDL Inqu=re including living accommoda- Call M~'~ 258-2345 hiring and for substrtute bos~- sume and transcnpts by 500 $t5000 investment requ=red about "20 days 0n/10 days lions, g~fts or trips in ex-, endWill beonefUndedhaft hoursfr UPdaily,tO three175 St.. Outnc~. -- NOW ACCEPTING'APPUCA~t~ons Appi=cabons may be pm August 10 200't to L~n- 1-800-268-6601 (24 hourS) off *Tuition reimbursement change for companionship. ubstancedays a year plus legal holi- BABYSITTER/NANNY in TIONS for al~ bos~bons Ap~y p~c~ed up at the district off~ce da Margare{~c 429 Mat St. (CAL"SCANi .........*Immediate benefits MuSt be We print no last names, pri- age 21 Call: 1.888-810-2778 vale addresses or telephone )ling~ FamilYand picked up at the district officedays Applications may be Chester.CERTIFICATEDCal1258-3187. __ 2795 Mat stin person. BtaCksusanwlieBear Diner atand700-585need toRiChmndbe returnedRadto Su=teEOE A Quincy. CA 95971 MAKE MONEY FAST with CRST EOE (CAL'SCAN) numbers Feather Publishing ~s, ass~. at 700-585 Richmond Road TEACHING POSITIONSWAITERS. WAITRESSES the chstncl off~ce by 4 00 p m. KwikKerb!! Call 1-800-667- has the legal right to reject ks for Me- and need to be returned to FOUR POSITIONS: Westwood 5372 Don't wa~t' Cash =n on DRIVERS: NORTH American and/or edrt any adverting for !l~ll~g~. thedis~officeby4:0Op.m Jr.Sr. High School part housekeepers and d~shwash, onFnaay Augustt0 2001 IL.~Sion to on Friday August 1Q 2001. time/temporary positions as ers needed Apply m person Card,dates w~tl be required tO 'J #'}t~l Jobs the huge demand for ma- Van Lines has openings in any reason whatsoever. Ad- or cal~ LaKeview Inn 825- comply with finger prmting chme-la~d concrete landscape Relocahon, Speciahzedvertisers and those who re- alnta~ning Candidates will be required to ROP instructors in the follow- 3555, The Strand. Spald=ng and background check re- / LV Wanted edging in your area Truckload and Flatbed fleets, spond must be age 18 or ~, as re- take a test for basic skills and ing classes: Cabinet Making, Ea~le Lake qu~rements R~chmond ICAL*SCAN~ M~nimum of 8 months o/t/r ex- over. Feather Publishing has ~1 a clean comply with finger printing Food Service. Auto Mechan- School D~stnct ~s an equal available. Call 1-800.348- and respondent assume all ti. ~e'cutiVe and background check re- ~s, and Const~ Trade. TRAVEL AGENT-Experience employment opportumty era. CAREGIVER SPECIALIZING MEDICAL BILUNG Unhmded penance TractOr purchase no liabil~ for, the advertiser mcome potential No experi- 2147 Dept. CAS. al~t~ for, the content of or re- , ~e: as- quirements RichmondSCHEDULE & SALARY: Ap- Required Send resume to All ~Io}~er in Elder Care seek ng home ence required Act now! Urn- (CAL*SCAN~ per- School District is an equal proximately 2 hours per day. Points Travel 809 Mat St. ply to any advertisement or i~taff With employment opportunity era- Salary dependent on Susanwlle. CA 96130FORT SAGE UNIFIED care and or respite care 5- ited hcenses avadable, tn. Such as ill. _p_tOyer. salary/stipend schedule SCHOOL DISTRICT has an years hospital experience. 3- vestment $2.495159,995 F=- PUT YOUR CAREER in mgh for any claims made against years home care experience handing available Island Au- gear! Earn up to $50Wyr Feather Publishing as a result DATABASE-TESTING PART- opemng for the fock;,w~ng pos~- Great ~eferences Call 283- totaled Medical Services, *Run Western or 48 states thereof. The advertiser end OUTDOOR EDUCATION placement TIME Lots of database devel t~ons Mamtenance $10 42. ! 174 PROGRAM STARTING DATE: August 28, respondent agree 1o hold the The Lassen County Office of 2001, contingent on finger- or installat=on exp? Small DB 516 23 per hour and Custody- ~ Inc 1800)322-1139 ext "Flexible schedule Education has the following print clearance and TB test consultmg firm, Bla~rsden an $9 97-515 43 per hour CAREGiVER 24 years experi, u~2101comWWW busmess-start-!CALSCAN OTR!lyr.*Glass/heavYflatbedhaUlexp " andFeatherits employeesPUblishing CompanYharmless Job Opportunities: OUTDOOR completK)n, area Smallest detads imbor- For an apphcat~on caii 530- ence h,,e out Sped;ably. el-, EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS Des~gnat- tanUaccuracy a must! Some 827-2129 Send ietter re. derly & para;~eg=c Contact 2327,breed TranspOrtwww combmedtrans-t .800.290- sonablefrm aI! coStSattorney,sflncludmgfees}.rea-tia. TEACHER/NATURALIST. Ex- ed Subiects Credential based :~ ~Yeouoff.'~ees~~ M,cneweSUme andBeck e,ta~Phcat'nP O Bo,t Mrs LaPres,e 254.6063 MILL-DIRECT CARPET Bro- ~rt tom fOAL*SCAN} b~tr~s and damages resu~ng on minimum of 5 years expe- i~er needed m your area' bm- project work/hourly Day Work 35 Hertong CA96!13 Clos- ~tedt~me offer- Buy carpet AMAZING LIQUIDATIONOP- fromor ar~lng o~ of the pub- patience working with ele- hence in the listed s~blects boat=on or any replay to any mentary school students. Pri- requires flex~b~hty to meet ,n,~ date ~S AuguSt 3 200! ,,, or experience 0ncluding vot- PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: 't, n Statewide 60~ below rotary No Invento- PORTUNITY! Builder default: personal adved~sement unteer work) in environmen- Abd~to ~ 25-75 pounds,'re- qu~ck turnaround t~ght dead- ry.'overnead No Upfront 12 super pro-insulated tat/outdoor educat~n is de~r- quently and bend and reach tohnesBeileySendcoxresume'& Assocpay re:lSBox ACCOUNTs1,592. $1,939,MoCLERK II / "~'v Advertising Costs, !aaci t .888-731-1433 homes FasV.~mple construc- ,, ,, , able, A bachelor's degree in on a regular be.s~.1499. Graeagte. 96!03 or For a;phcat~ons contact [CAL'SCA~/ t~on Your foundation/floor ~,Rt'~I Lost & Biology. other soence, or oth- DEADUNE: Open u~l filled bbcoxpstn corn P!umas C~,unty Cn~id Su~poq STEEL BUiLDIhGS new must ~ plan. Proven quahty/htehme warranty Local L, u Found APPLICATION PROCE- Services Cour~!y Persorne se~ 33x40x'2 ,,,as 5r3 200 ~%~anted Proven Oxtgen Sup- References/Detads 1-888- ,, er appropriate degree is re- DURES Applicants should LOGGING COMPANY LOOK-Dept or Merit System Set. ~o~ $5 ~, 40x60~12 was plement Ground F!oor - !st 966-4866 Sacrifice Pnces!! qu=red, Knowledge of natural history of Laasen County pre- provide a letter of interest, tNG for experienced Modei v~ces Jot. L;r'e at 9!E. $~6 400 no,,, $~0 97,, tree offered Top compensa- FOUND NECKLACE with certificated application, and 20 Ch=pper operator SK~oQer 253-3534 or ,'s't ~ur ~ebs:',e 50xlC0xt6 ~as 527 595 was t~or ,~an Vs~! us at wvtw Life- small ring near river in La- nt preferredferred Teachingbut notCredentialrequired, resume to Sandy Rayburn at operators toa0er operator a, w,,,'~ cps ca gov,mssi~r.,- $~9.990 ~5x200~'~6 ,',as Mar,,et~ng corn or 888-603- AZ s BEST BARGAIN 36Porte Identify second charm Possession of current CPR the WUSD office. PO Box Top pay m industry bonus ,:el Fna fi,n~ate 8'~'' $5876C."o,v$429~.3 ~-853- 2.5,94 'CAL'SCAt',. acres 524900 Beautiful 1225. Westwood Ca 96137 program and benefits avad- E O E 40,6-5~26 ranch m WHhams/Ftagstaff to claim 619 584-1470 and First Aid Certification is The office is located at 5th able Qumcy Chester area required $100 per day (antic- SUSANMILLE ~pate a total of 28 days), and Delwood Sts For infor- 530-258-2669 CP,t.,RtT'( CARS Do, ate y~r GREAT DE~LS ON Home Of- areas;ectacularPerfeCtmountam6 100 chmatewews FOUNDsacramentoPUppystnearAboutSOuth2 Room and board is provided marion, please contact the SCHOOL DISTRICT ,an :;e Seer 3n ~.,,0,ah an3 ~,ce CC",putErS F-y ~t,a'Jed borders stale iand Affordable months old CaW to cden~=fy while working at the Outdoor district office at 530-256- LYNTwcfutlt~mepstr~s T~eSusar',, escudo D~t'~' Pec;e TaxOed.,c':~e tree "e,'~ Gate~it"r, PCs t~.r f,'~, Ca:!AZLR~-B77- 257.4399 2311. The Westwood Undled prowd~ng bac~ Off~ce Sup;',o~ a,~,-.c~,r~ces ire !:.. ~,,, "; '~-,"* - .... tot, P ....... " ...... J.~ .~.-,~-'~ ,~.,-.,. ~7,99 5" r~,s "; * ~-"", *"~ ~J. 'a 2:'2.52~'~" ,,- ,c,..- ,. Program OUTDOOR EDU- School D=stncl is an Equal for c,n,c pro, ders for NR~C Dora'y '~a3" ~'3 ,'aoar,ct for COS 'C ..... ;""~' ~' I-a'~c .~.lo~eboo~s for $~,9 S"~" FOUND C~dd Siacket s~ze 12 "" - , S,,.,.~ F;~ ~, ,,,,S . ('it" r CATION INTERN: F_~nence O.p~:x~un~EmpIo~er chmcs Requ~rescurrenlCA '"e2SC' 23S25.':",'~.~ r'ear ~00-44~4450 ww,vchar~ty- ~;~ghan~;mgext'a Ca;' C:...,RAD.~ S W MOUt'~i= months Found on R,dge working with elementary LVN hcensure IV and CPR POSiTIt.~,~ C'-e ~, Te~Dc o. school students, Pnor experi- DENTAL ASSISTANT-RDA certff=ca1~on Mus! be ab~,= ~o ra,y Fu'.q '"e Tt,e I teat'Ca, cars or,3 CAL'SCA!, 850-84~-~55~ cr. s t ;~ e TAIN Ranch 35 acres - from Street ~r~ Portola Please call " ' " ,~a~' Co''r bade, $3~ .900 Coo! ~ ~0~ ..eie,ta- ~32.5978 to cia~m r~ prowde high standards of Da- LOCATiO,",; r) a" s"d Ve,,, ,CAL'SCA', t:,r As~.en Por'der~sa t~ent care ha~e exce!ient 0,- Sc'~oo REQUI~EMENTS P:'e~ Sa,'s '.~eadow & LOST MY KITTEN' !0wk-oid gamzatton commun~cat c" Pcssesso- of Ca %'r,a Go" ;~o'~cs Dramatc ,~:ews o! maie ta" and whte ,~bue customer ser~ce s,q!s As '/ era: E e~e'-ta% etar':a'c E s'%t, Sac, bet mt"s ,t-,5.,