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August 6, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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August 6, 2014

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014 9B PIER, from page 7B it all the more important for mental health and drug treatment departments to work collaboratively with other agencies and county departments. When I arrived in January 2013, Plumas County Mental Health had $10 million in the bank, more than enough to support creating effective programs and services, including helping to fund alcohol and drug treatment. I was ready to sign some checks but my eagerness was met with some strong resistance that I could not understand (and still don't understand). It was clear to me that the funds, which had been sitting in the bank for several years accruing interest, were way underutilized. The source of that money was primarily Plumas County's allocation of Mental Health Services Act funding. I was surprised that the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission had not taken the funds back, which they had the right to do, and I was afraid they would. I hurried as fast asI could to develop programs and services by partnering with other community-based agencies, which is the intent of MHSA funding: to broaden the scope of services such that caring for people is not solely in the hands of a few mental health professionals. But, as each proposal passed under the eyeballs of Jon Kennedy et al., eyebrows shot to the ceiling and the temperature in the boardroom went down to freezing. My efforts to include BOS members in planning were usually met with dismissal or no response at all. ' I think one of the final nails in my coffin was presenting an idea to Mr. Kennedy for using the $250,000 in MHSA funding (specifically intended for creating permanent housing for those with mental illness) to convert a local motel into such a place, complete with comprehensive rehabilitative services. Hiring mental health professionals in rural counties is challenging, especially if the human resources departments are short-staffed, which Plumas County's department definitely was. The hiring process is designed to be fair but is cumbersome and time-consuming without adequate staff. Plumas County's salary range for clinical staff was a major issue when I arrived. The long-term solution was to create an updated salary scale, a complicated process requiring numerous leaps through various hoops, but Plumas~County Mental Health had more than enough money to cover costs of higher salaries without any impact to the general fund. In the short term, it seemed sensible and expedient to hire new therapists at a higher salary step, which I openly discussed with staff and then marched into the boardroom thinking my request was prudent considering the numbers of clients we had in urgent need of care. I also wanted to utilize university practicum students and interns to support existing clinical staff. Lack of clinical staff means longer waitlists for clients and more frequent on-call rotation for clinicians, which is certain to cause burnout and post-traumatic stress from too many emergencies and no long-term solution in sight. I felt it was extremely important to bypass all the bureaucratic red tape and do whatever was necessary to / Boa &ngel "2-Night Free Vaoatlonff : ~w~l~t W wlm~ m tlW~IHB ~ff ~11 hire new clinical staff right away for the sake of safety for clinicians and consumers, and to decrease the burden on law enforcement and jail staff as well. I thought it would be simple enough to ask my bosses (BOS) for help in getting that job done and that they would leap into action. Hi, I'm Dorothy Gale from Kansas and I'd like to see the Wizard... The grand jury also cites the disconnect between alcohol and drug treatment and mental health services. It makes absolute sense to combine departments as most California counties have now done. First of all, research bears out that addiction and mental health disorders co-occur more often than they do not. Treating addiction successfully means addressing mental, spiritual and medical problems; economic and legal problems; housing problems and barriers to accessing nutritional food. Try treating a person's addiction when they have no stable housing and no nutritious food. It never succeeds. The intent Of Assembly Bill 109 is to develop comprehensive rehabilitative programs addressing all life domains to reduce recidivism. Again, many counties lack resources for such comprehensive programs. Plumas County Mental Health has the resources to develop some innovative and sustainable programs by working together with law enforcement, probation, the court and the medical community. When I spoke up in board meetings, my eagerness for working collaboratively bubbling over, the expression on the faces of Swofford and Kennedy were particularly unnerving. So here is my question for yoU: What would you do with $10 million to spend just on mental health services? The money is meant for you, the consumers of mental health and alcohol and drug treatment services. Whether you are a client, a family member or a concerned citizen who knows someone who struggles with addiction and/or mental health challenges, you have the right to speak up and your voice really matters. I encourage you to join your Mental Health Advisory Committee; join the National Alliance on Mental Illness; and participate strongly in making Plumas County welcoming to every person ' who struggles with mental illness or addiction. Hi, my name I have had many owners and I am really looking for a forever home. My last person was elderly and after six great years went into a nursing home. I am a big orange boy about 11 years old. All I want is someone to love me because I have so much love to give. I have been an inside cat most of my life and I am a good, purry fellow. Isn't there anyone who could give me some companionship in my senior years? ~. Remember... you can spay your cat for $5.00! 2453 E. Main St., Quincy 283-5433 miner swimming swimmers With the hot weather come annual cases of swimmers itch, according to officials at the Plumas County Public Health Agency and the Centers for Disease Control. Swimmers itch is a skin rash caused by the larvae of a certain parasite of birds, such as ducks or geese, and small mammals. It occurs throughout the world. Swimmers itch outbreaks usually occur during the summer months when the larvae are most active. People may get a rash after swimming or wading in affected waters. Individual susceptibility varies, as only about a third of people exposed to the parasite will get swimmers itch. Person-to-person spread does not occur. Children, who continually go in and out of shallow water as they play on the beach, are often more susceptible. Children who can't swim well should always wear a life jacket when near water, says the public health agency. To lessen the chance of swimmers itch rash, follow these tips: Avoid swimming in areas frequented by large numbers of ducks or geese. --Swim in deeper water away from the shore if you are a good swimmer. --Toweling off immediately after swimming or wading may reduce risk. --Avoid swimming in areas with heavy aquatic weeds or snails. --Don't encourage birds to stay near swimming areas by feeding them. Symptoms of swimmers itch may include tingling, burning or itching of the skin; small reddish pimples; or small blisters that can begin within minutes to days after swimming in affected water. Most cases of swimmers itch do not require medical attention. Those with a rash may try the following for relief: --Corticosteroid cream. --Cool compresses to the affected areas. --A bath in Epsom salts or baking soda. --A soak in colloidal oatmeal baths. --Anti-itch lotion. Scratching, hot baths or showers, and soap will make a rash worse. For more information on swimmers itchcontact Plumas County Public Health Agency at 283-6330 or 800-801-6330, Or visit the CDC website at CALIFORNIA FOREST STEWARDSHIP I'IELPLINE oll 1-800-738-TREE A registered Professionol Foresler (RPF) is o oilable for your queslions. - Puzzle #3056-D Difficult 9 3 6 I P RA U P 'lL E --g--g II IIA R Ik I:: OD l__ M P A P U E I R Sudoku Solution #3055-D 51"7293468 846715923 392468571 2741 86395 135924687 689537142 958671234 463852719 721349856 "Oh, the Crosswords You'll Solve!" 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