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August 8, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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August 8, 2012

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012 11B COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE You sh uld have the right to know about GMOs WHERE I STAND LINDA MARGARETIC AREA LEADER MEASURE 37 In November, California voters will have an opportu- nity to declare their "right to know" -- their right to know if the food they are eating contains GMOs (genetically modified organisms). A "yes" vote on Measure 37 will ensure that food sold in retail outlets in California will be labeled if it is geneti- cally engineered. GMOs are organisms -- plants and animals -- that have been genetically engineered so as to essential- has not been conducted. Test- Restaurants, dairy prod- more stringent federal regu- declared vote-worthy by Sec- ly alter their DNA. ing conducted thus far hasucts, eggs and alcohol are ex- lations for genetically engi- retary of State Debra Bowen Often this is done to make primarily been done by empt from the labeling re- neered foods, and given a proper title: Mea- them pesticide and herbicide agribusiness giant Monsanto, quirement. Measure 37 began as a sure 37 -- Our Right to Know. resistant, enabling growers the very entity responsible Nearly 50 countries have grassroots initiative, instigat- Supporters ask everyone to to apply toxic chemicals for creating and promotingeither banned GMOs alto- ed by Pamm Larry, longtimeplease consider a "yes" vote without harming the crops, genetic engineering, gether, or require labeling. Chico resident and food ac- on Measure 37. There are five major GMO Currently, the only way toThe United States is among tivist. It quickly gained mo- For more information visit foods that commonly appear know that you are not con-the very few who have notmentum and statewide sup-, or as ingredients in many of the suming GMOs is by buying done so. port. foods we eat: corn, soy, certified organic food. Mea- If Measure 37 passes, Call- Local leaders emerged to Those who would like to get canola, cottonseed oil and sure 37, if it passes, will en- fornia will make GMO label- spearhead the massive peti- involved to help educate vot- sugar beets, sure that GMO food in stores ing history and set a prece- tion drive, which culminated ers in Plumas County, be list- Other foods, such as will bear the label "contains dent that other states will in significantly more thaned among the endorsers of salmon, are scheduled to be (or may contain) genetically surely follow, half a million signatures.Measure 37 or simply find out genetically modified and dis- engineered !ngredients." Inevitably, the Food and Plumas County gathered more about GMOs and local tributed in the future. In addition to this disclo- Drug Administration, which more than 1,2~ signatures activities are invited to To date, adequate testing as sure, genetically engineered has been reluctant to deal during the three-month cam- contact area leader Linda to long-term safety for hu- foods are prohibited from be- with this important issue, paign. Margaretic at 283-3969 or mans and the environment ing advertised as "natural." will follow suit and create In June, the initiative was wildwoodflower@snowcrest net. Pond scum is not an acceptable national energy policy WHERE I STAND intermittent, unreliable and expensive sources of energy WALLY HERGER CONGRESSMAN "We're making new in- vestments in the develop- ment of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel that's actually made from a plant-like substance, algae -- you've got a bunch of algae out here. If we can figure out how to make ener- gy out of that, we'll be doing all right." --President Barack Obama a t the University of Miami The president's energy policy seems to be this: ele- vate and fund with taxpayer dollars experimental, while hampering, hindering, regulating and minimizing proven sources of reliable energy -- especially petrole- um. No wonder we keep see- ing wide price swings at the pump. Gas prices have been falling in recent weeks, but history has repeatedly shown us that prices can rapidly spike. The price of a barrel of oil can be swiftly impacted by war in the Mid- dle East, political unrest, supply manipulation by for- eign oil-producing states, hurricanes, increased demand in other nations and our dependence on foreignenergy independence he Where the president has many other factors. Presi- oil, but it squashes an oppor- often emphasizes a desire faltered, Congress has taken dent Obama often complains tunity for tens of thousands for experimental, expensive the lead. The House has that circumstances beyond of workers to obtain high- and unreliable energy. He passed legislation to ap- his control dictate the price wage jobs building the has discussed the prospect of prove the Keystone XL of oil. But what about the pipeline. I am deeply frus- creating "biofuels" out of al- pipeline, and last week the circumstances within his trated that Obama has taken gae (essentially, pond.scum). House passed a series of bills control? a win-win and turned it.into While it is possible to create under the umbrella of HR Obama's own State De- a lose-lose. I remain con- energy from algae, it is not a 4480, "The Domestic Energy partment made an official cerned that Obama chose as replacement for a rational and Jobs Act." This legisla- finding that the Keystone XL his energy secretary a man energy policy for a huge na- tion would open up new at- pipeline would pose no sig. named Steven Chu, who tion. It is a talking point that eas for domestic drilling, nificant environmental stated in 2OO8 that "some- generates enthusiasm from streamline environmental threat. Nevertheless, he has how we have to figure outthe environmental votingregulations and Permitting rejected TransCanada's per- how to boost the price ofbloc. The same goes for solar processes and potentially mit application to construct gasoline to the levels in Eu- projects like Solyndra, a put tens or even hundreds of a 1,700-mile pipeline from rope." I do not see how spectacular failure that is thousands of people to work. Canada to Texas refineries. America would be helped by going to cost the taxpayers We hope the president will His decision to kill the $9-per-gallon gas. hundreds of millions of support this bipartisan ef- project not only perpetuates When Obama talks about dollars, fort. Californians shouldn't fall for Gov. Brown's budget 'head fake" WHERE I STAND GEORGE RUNNER MEMBER, CALIFORNIA BOARD EQUALIZATION OF If you fall for an opponent's head fake in sports, you risk losing the game. The stakes are much higher for taxpayers. If they fall for the governor's head fake this November, the price tag could be as high as $50 bil- lion by 2019U' Don't be fooled. The governor and Legislature have for months been carefully Orches- trating a head fake of massive proportions designed to scare Californians into voting for higher taxes. At the center of this head fake are $6 billion of "trigger cuts" contained in this year's recently signed budget. The budget hopes voters will approve raising ta es by $8.5 billion a year. The trigger cuts kick in only if voters reject higher taxes this November. There's no good reason for the Legislature to postpone bal- ancing the budget. There's also no reason, except political games, why 99 percent of the trigger cuts target schools. About haft ofCalifoi nia S ' state budget funds education. This year's budget grows school funding by $6.7 billion-- 14 per- cent. Including both general and special funds, K-12 will get $68.4 billion and higher educa- tion will receive $23.1 billion. Gov. Brown insists nothing fishy is going on. When he un- veiled his budget in January, he claimed his numbers "em- anate from the bowels of the Finance Department bureau- cracy." The experts aren't buying it. Dan Schnur, director of the Jesse Unruh Institute of Poli- tics at the University of South- ern California, called the gover- nor's plan the "largest ransom note in California political his- tory." Allow me to explain: The gov- ernor and his allies want more of your hard-earned money. But they also know most voters won't agree to send more dol- - lars to Sacramento to fund growing welfare entitlement programs, state worker pen- sions and the like -- especially when the Legislature refuses to reform these programs. The govern'or and his allies linked their tax increase Scheme to something voters really care about -- teachers and schools. According to the Public Policy Institute of Cali- fornia, K-12 education is the budget area most Californians would like to see spared from cuts -- 58 percent of likely vot- ers and 64 percent of public school parents chose it over three other major areas of state spending. In alliance with the governor, the attorney general has al- ready titled the governor's bal- lot measure "Temporary Taxes to Fund Education" to make sure you understand school funding is at stake. In case that wasn't enough to increase his chances of victory, the governor and his friends have even found a clever way to move their tax hike to the top of the ballot. They think you're more likely to vote yes before you get worn out reading the dozen or so measures on No- vember's ballot. It will still be an uphill battle, California voters have rejected eight consecutive efforts to raise taxes at the ballot box. The most recent vote in June was a measure aimed at raising from a $1.5 billion loss in fund- ing. There are always other op- tions. Republican lawmakers offered a budget plan this year that protected education fund- ing and did not raise taxes. Since Republican votes are no longer needed to approve bud- gets, that plan was ignored by cigarette taxes by a dollar a pack. It failed. If this pattern continues and voters reject the governor's tax hike plan, the full trigger cuts probably won't happen. Case in point -- last year's budget contained $2.5 billion in trigger cuts. These cuts were to be implemented if revenues fell short mid-year. When revenues did fall short, the governor only imposed $980 million of the cuts, sparing K-12 classrooms the Democrat majority. DOn't get faked :out by Slick " campaign commercials urging you to vote for school funding. They're but a final move in a carefully orchestrated head fake designed to take more of your money to Sacramento. Elected in November 2010, George Runner represents more than 9 mil- lion Californ&ns as a member of the state Board of Equalization. LETTERS to tl,].e EDITOR Guidelines for Letters All letters must contain an ad- dress and a phone number. We publish only one letter per week, per person and only one letter per person, per month regarding the same subject. We do not publish! third-party, anonymous, or open letters. Letters must be limited to a maximum of 300 words. The editor will cut any letter in excess of 300 words. The deadline is Friday at 3 p.m. (Deadlines may change due to holidays.) Letters may be taken to any of Feather Publishing's offices, sent via fax to 283-3952, or e-mailed to Bravo, Nancy Lurid I love and miss Greenville and Indian Valley very much; I lived there for over 65 years. Nancy Lund, a present resident of Greenville, just published a book that, no doubt, will refer to Greenville and Indian Val- ley at times. I get inquiries about it here in Quincy and since our names do pro- nounce somewhat alike, I now find myself having to say, "Darn! It's not my story, nor is it my book." Writing and publishing a book is a wonderful adven- ture, and I hope her book is very successful. I know just a small part of the publication process having published two books of poems years ago. Any woman (or man for that matteO who manages to com- plete a book to the point of publication certainly de- serves her comments. I'm referring any and all interested parties directly to her. Bravo, Nancy Lund! our rights, heavily on the nation's econ- Nansi Bohne Contact all Democratic sen- omy. Quincy ators to voice your objection Obama was elected to do Not surprised to AB 2179 by Googling Cali- exactly what he has been try- fornia Senate and clicking on ing to do after the In the July 25 newspaper phone numbers or email in- Bush/Cheney financial Alicia Knadler reviewed a book by Nancy Lund: "In the formation, crash. He has been bending PrudenceL. Miller backward trying to include Land of the " McArthur the Republicans while the Re- Paragraph three of the re- publicans have adamantly re- view said: "Readers might be Romney won't save fused to cooperate. stlrprised by Lund's early af- America We should tremble if Rom- filiation with the Communist I was startled to read a ney is going to save us by tak- Party prior toWorld War II." Romney comment on my ing us back to the policies of Since your paper opened computer to the effect that he any of the previous Republi- that door, let me say I for one wanted me to help him save can administrations. am not surprised! America. Salvatore Catalano Roy Wallis To begin with, anyone canTaylorsville Lake Almanor say he's going to save Ameri- ca, From what I have heard Bad bill so far, saving America for Obamacare is a bad law Your help is desperately him would be to pull the plug It never fails to amaze me needed to stop Assembly Bill on our safeguards and to de- how some of our liberal writ- 2179 which is one of the most stroy our hard-won healthers to this newspaper distort egregious bills ever authored care. Exactly how that will the facts in an attempt to sup- by the California State Legis- save America is a mystery, port their opinions. lature. During my lifetime, it has For example, take the Oba- It will adversely effect been the Democrats who mac,are argument. Republi- every farmer, rancher, have been doing the saving, cans are blamed for not im- sportsman and citizen in this Roosevelt mitigated the el- mediately signing off on the state, fects of a disastrous depres- president's reform plan with This bill gives the Depart- sion brought on by a Republi- no congressional debate and ment of Fish and Game thecan administration, when 57 percent of the Amer- power to impose fines up to Kennedy sparked the na- lean public opposed it. $10,000 for each and every tion's conscience, dispelling And then we have Nancy perceived violation of the the effects of a desultory, de- Pelosi telling us we have to Fish and Game Code and de- pressed Republican adminis- pass this bill to see what's in prives you of your right to go tration, it. What a great way to run a before a.superior court judge Carter brought integrity to government! or jury. The Fish and Game the nation after an unscrupu- The Supreme Court ruling becomes judge and jury and lous Nixon/Agnew adminis-told us the "penalty" for not any appeal of their decision tration that had been forgiv- buying health insurance un- must be made to the director en by Ford. der Obamacare is not a penal- of Fish and Game, therebyAlthough Clinton's person- ty at all, but a tax. If it is, in eliminating your right to due al life was dragged shameful- fact, a tax, then why was the process of law. ly into the public eye, his ad- Democratic majority able to The constitutions of the ministration gave Americacircumvent the required le- U.S. and state of California balance and serenity after a gal procedures for passing a never intended them to have Republican financial disaster "tax"? these powers. This sets a dan- had necessitated the bailout The Congressional Budget gerous precedent for other of the nation's credit unions. Office, purported to be an in- state agencies to follow with Also, Enron and the energy dependent body, has project- further erosion of all crises had weighed ed that Obamacare will cost us $1.7 trillion over the next sealed, baptism records 10 years and still 30 million sealed, Harvard College people will not have health records are sealed, and insurance, whose wife lost her license to Republicans won the House practice law. in 2010 because of incompe- "If you will vote for me," tent actions like this in pass- B.O. said, "I will give you ice ingan unpopular law, not be- cream." The people went cause of allegedly trying to be wild. "Yes! Yes! We want ice obstructionists, cream." A discussion Democrats cry that Repub- followed. How did B.O. plan licans have no plan for health to pay for the ice cream? He care reform but they didn't wasn't sure. But no one put- even have the courtesy to ac- sued that question. They took knowledge the plan put for- him at his word. Would he ward by Paul Ryan of Wis- buy it or would the people consin, pay for it? He didn't know. That plan offered a numberThe people really didn't care. of important points that All they were thinking about could have resulted in real was ice cream Romney reform. Points such as allow- was forgotten. B.O. won by a ing citizens to purchase landslide. health care across state lines, Every time Barack Obama promoting greater use of opened his mouth he offered Health Savings Accounts ice cream and 51.4 percent of (HSA), capping punitive dam- the people reacted like 9-year- ages in medical litigation and olds. They wanted ice cream: other salient factors. The other 48.6 percent know The plain simple fact is they're going to have to feed that Obamacare is bad law. It the cow and clean up the'mess. needs to be overturned and a Paying zero federal taxes new reform effort be started, means you don't have a right And that's why we need to al- to complain, when you haven't so reform the presidency in contributed a dime to your November. country. So who isn't paying Bryan Hansen their fair share? Graeagle Apparently, I am supposed Patriots don't have to to be more outraged by what support president Mitt Romney does with his Did Mr. Obama "earn" his own money than by what B.O. Nobel Peace Prize -- or did does with mine. someone else do it for him? "And in my second term, I Let's see -- free housing,promise to do what I said I clothing, food stamps, health would do in my,first term." -- care and jobs for everybody. Baraek Odumber But who needs a job? Every Patriotism' means to stand thing is free. by the country. It does not Name the one presidential mean to stand by the presi- candidate endorsed by the dent." --Theodore Communist Party of the Unit- Roosevelt ed States. Name the candi- Trent Saxton date whose college thesis is Lake Davis