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August 29, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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August 29, 2001

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Record, Reporter Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2001 1,1LB I I RESIDENT AND FOR THE ON ia a region domi- In only 29 per- by ; all the agen- the biggest e Na- who owns near- county. is both a privi- responsibility for z Who live sur- include be- Walk out our front block) and make a living, , cut hre- vehicles, take a class, rivers, ride )SWimming, camp, a rock and i watch the clouds skim by. mountain bikes; snowmobil- The responsibilities in- ers and cross-country skiers clude understanding that we might occasionally shout can't do all of those things not-so-nice things to each oth- anywhere we please. There er. ' are rules and regulations we But this is America. All us- must follow, es of the public land must be And that makes sense, respected and accommodat- Imagine if hunters, wildlife ed, provided they don't cause biologists, dirt bikers, log- damage to the public re- gers, fiLshermen, horseback source, or injury to others riders, bird watchers and who are equally entitled to scout groups were all trying use the public land. to do their thing in the same Our nation has always forest. It would be chaos! been a place where people of So the public lands are di- different viewpoints, differ- vided up into different areas, ent religions, different values and each area has its own and different hopes and rules for what's allowed and dreams can all live together. what's not. Wise leaders throughout Some areas are for fh'e- our history have made sure wood gathering, others for that we have balance in our mountain bike riding, others society; never has a dictator for off-roading, etc. The idea or tyrant been able to brain- behind this is that these wash Americans into follow- many different uses of the ing a single way of thinking. public land are all legitimate. Our public lands are perhaps No one use is "better" than the most graphic illustration the others; public land serves of this important balance. us in many, many ways. Currently, over 100,000 Of course, different users of acres of Plumas National For- public land have strong opin- est lands are being proposed ions about each other some- for permanent protection as times. People often "disap- Wilderness Areas by a coali- prove" of others who don't tion of citizens' groups. use the public land the same The areas being considered way they do. Hikers might for Wilderness designation-- not like sharing trails with in the Bucks Lake area, in the Chips Creek high lakes area, wilderness, as witnessed byvehicles are generally al. and in the middle fork of the the development of the can-lowed on these roadways. Feather River--are especially cer-treating compound Taxol, We've got to use common beautiful and wild. Many developed from wild yew sense here. Public lands must Americans value such beauty trees in the Pacific North-have rules and restrictions in and wildness, and our values west. order to guarantee balance. deserve respect, just as we re- Who knows what other re- When the proposed areas of spect the values of others markable things wilderness the Plumas National Forest who prefer to see public lands has to teach us? are designated as Wilderness roaded and developed. Of course, wilderness can'tAreas, nearly 90 percent of The point is, this is Ameri- meet all users' needs. Roadthe forest will remain avail- ca and we must be able to ac- building and motorized vehi- able for other uses. This is a commodate all reasonable us- cles are prohibited in Wilder- reasonable balance. es of our public lands, ness Areas. Of the many reasons for Wilderness is a very legiti- But then we've already dis-preserving wilderness, there mate use of public land. It cussed how different areas of is one that stands out more meets many of our needs, public land must restrict cer- than any other for me: I be- without damaging the public tain activities in order to pre- lieve we must do it simply be- resource, serve the resource and guar- cause we can. Wilderness supplies clean antee fairness to the many I lived back east for many water for many communities, different users. My freedomyears, and they don't have It sustains wildlife. It pro- . to hike in a pristine, quiet much wilderness anymore. In rides excellent fishing, hunt- forest with my binoculars is many places back east, they ing, scenery and unique no less important than some- are attempting to restore recreational experiences one else's freedom to ride what they've lost. such as hiking, horseback their four-wheeler up a steep We, on the other hand, riding, river running, rock jeep trail. We should both be have a unique opportunity to climbing and backpacking, able to enjoy our freedoms,preserve a part of North Perhaps the most impor- without infringing on each America's heritage that few rant use of wilderness is to other, other regions will ever have. our academic and scientific A major misunderstanding Wilderness is a treasure. communities, about wilderness is that itFor information on the pro- Biologists, botanists, hy- "locks up" land and keeps posed wilderness areas in drologists, ecologists and sci- people out. This is equivalent Plumas County, contact entists of all stripes utilize to saying that our interstate Cindy Gray at . Even chemists have made ans, roller skaters and bicy- valuable discoveries in clists, since only motorized MS ~PERINTENDENT Ilike to take this op- what Small school fund- it affects our County. we have been special | Which has allowed Unitized School ' receive additional the state. We may lose those funds, if the governor fails to continue this legislation. First, allow me to explain what a "necessary small school" is. It is any elemen- tary school (grades K-6) with attendance of less than 101 students, or any high school (grades 9-12) with attendance of less than 300 students. In order to receive special state funding, additional state cri- teria involving combinations of distance and average daffy attendance must be met. Un- der current law, districts must also, have less than 2,501 students. Currently, Plumas Unified receives necessary small school funding for four schools: Chester High, Tay- lorsville Elementary, Greenville High and Portola High. Special legislation (re- quired because we have more than 2,501 students dis- trictwide) has provided this funding since 1997. This spe- cial legislation expires on Ju- ly 1, 2002. There are several other school districts which also have been statutorily allowed to receive necessary small school funding based upon their local circumstances, and in spite of the general qualification requirements. Plumas Unified, however, is the only district which has had to initiate new legisla- tion every two to three years in order to continue to re-Why should Plumas Uni- whether or not our schools ceive this special funding, fied be treated differently continue to receive necessary The first bill (SB 1155) was than other districts that have small school funding, totaling passed in 1997; the second bill special legislation which is $800,000 per year. (AB 1-Aanestad) extended the ongoing? Perhaps this can be Thank you for your sup- funding until July 1, 2002. addressed and rectified with port. Your letters should Presently, AB 1189 (Aanes- your help. I am requesting a be mailed to: tad) is pending and would ex- letter-writing campaign toThe Honorable Gray Davis tend the funding until July 1, the governor in support ofFirst Floor 2004. AB 1189. The bill will soon be Sacramento, CA 95814 Other districts which have forwarded to Governor Davis been exempted from some re- for his signature. Your letter quirements are: could make the difference ADA* Name of District No. 38 Death Valley Unified 16,154 Alum Rock Elem Dist. 3.:~'64 Patterson Jr. UnKied 6,100 Sierra Sands Unified': ."I,/ 30.941 Chino Unified 11.845 Coachella Valley Unified 2,787 Mariposa County Unified *ADA: Average Daily Attendance one 1994 one 1993 ; oae i ,~ , - ,~,,..,,, ..... .,~-J ,,1993 one !998 one 1988 ' two 1993 one 1995 This eek's q uestion Nearly half of Plumas Coun- The poll was not scientifical- About 20 percent said, "What ty's residents do not think ly conducted, does Plumas Corp actually do?" Plumas Corp should receive in- Rather, site visitors were About 15 percent asked, creased funding from the coun- asked to state their opinion on "What is Plumas Corp?" ty. a topic. About 10 percent said, An Internet poll was con- There is no way to verify "They're doing a good job, but ducted last week to determinewhether the poll actually re-they don't get enough money." what residents think about the flects community opinion. About 5 percent said, "No. subject. It is for entertainment pur- But some kind of economic The poll, which ran at poses only. model needs to be developed to ' from Aug. 20 About 45 percent said, ' re replace it." to Aug. 27, asked site visitors, you kidding? It's throwing good Another 5 percent said that "Should the county increase money after bad. Dismantle they do not know. funding to Plumas Corp?" Plumas Corp." 1 Who is best high school football team in the area? j for Letters contain an ad- I one number, We letter per week, only one letter month regarding Ibject. We do not or open let- ust be limited to a 300 words. Any let- be The deadline is Letters may be of Feather Publish- via fax to 283- e-mailed at a Feather Riv- readeP for 55 quali- and thank staff our area as want to thank his ability to of interest and of Yet are over in any writings are try to catch or uninten- Publicly any- Dave Keller for Up to date on need to know Another of our news re- have someone to take care of mind. The comdlunity struck me porters who needs to be ad- me, should anything happen. May He bless each of you as an interesting melange of dressed and a big thank you He is available to me within a and ease any suffering yoururality, flatlanders and op- is our Victoria Metcalf. Go to few minutes, may have. I will remember portunists. a hospital board meeting, or I have worked and played you in my prayers, please re- It appears that folk from to a forest fire or into the alongside so many of you, all member me in yours, the metro areas grow tired of world of art, and so many around this beautiful county. Cindi Beard the "Rat Race" and move to other news events we'd never That is why it is so very diffi- Quincy Quincy-like communities. know about and there she is. cult for me to say "good bye." After a year or so, bored As a recent item in the edi- Living here for over 20 Back fo a via# half.way silly, they start ma- torial opinion page tells of years has put me in close con- Impressions! On July 20 nipulating change. Usually to how her days could go, we tact with many wonderful and 21, I attended my 59 year modernize and vitalize their know we have a valuable ded- people. I would love to hug reunion of Quincy Union new town that they originally icated staff writer. Not every- each of you personally, and High. migrated to for its value. one could do as she does for tell you what you have meant Seventy of us, including I'm coming back to further us, the readers, to keep us in- to me. spouses, made it. I visited explore. It's quite interesting. formed on our communities.Some have loved me, and I Quincy once in 1944 (on fur- Bill Macabe While there are other suchthem. Others, well, you lough) and again, briefly, one Hayward valuable writers on the know, "stuff happens" but I year ago, since leaving in De- Feather River Publishing forgive you yours, and askcember of'41. This time, IHomo staff, I can only say thank that you forgive me mine. had time to "nose around."In response to Mrs. you to them also. We have laughed, had pies I had lived in Plumas Coun- Whalen's well trained ques- Our Feather River Bulletinthrown in our faces, worked ty (Indian Bar, Howells, Carl- tions about having to "pre- publishers have done much on different committees for bou and Quincy) from earlypare" your child to enter for us and we thank them, the betterment oft he commu- 1930 to Dec. 16, 1941. school, then not be taught but especially for our Dave nity, raised money for oneMy nosing established (in anything when they get there Keller and our Victoria Met- thing oranother, volunteered my opinion) that Belden, is exactly why more and calf and the others we nowtogether, celebrated special Caribou and Howells are best more people are taking their cannot do without, happenings, cried at the loss forgotten. PG & E has fairly kids out of school and home Mildred West of friends or family, and still well "done in" the "Rio deschooling. Quincy managed to go on with our Las Plumas." I didn't stop at When the teachers are lives, a smile on our faces, Indian Bar. My general opin- stressed out over crowded Hul~ to the lX~l~ of and our heads held high. ion is the "Canyon" as a classrooms and not being Plumlm @4m~ty There will be other friend- whole is a write-off, able to explore other options Goodness, this is a hard ships cemented, but the Quincy--two things really to teaching, then nothing is letter to write. As many of friendships I have made here impressed me favorably, getting done for the child that you know, my health has be- mean so very much to me. IFirst, the Plumas County Mu- can't learn by reading out of gun to deteriorate rather will never forget you folks.., seum. Good show! Second, a book versus having some rapidly in the past few So, as I cruise down the the bed and breakfast. I've hands-onexperience. months. Due to this, I am canyon for the last time on been to quite a few, but have Other reasons I observed forced to leave the area and September 1 or 2, I will have had none exceed the comfort personally were walking into live in Sacramento where my tears in my eyes and fond and welcome we experiencedthe school office and watch- son resides. In this, I will memories racing through mytherein, ing the school secretary pass Ritalin out like candy. Easy way out for the teachers to say this kid needs Special Ed. Then your child is sent to the whole system of IEFs and special help from an unquali- fied person hired from budget cutbacks. It all comes back to the school blaming it on the parents and not the wasted time spent sitting a kid in a box during recess in the hot sun because he bounced a ball 2 extra times! Do you understand that kids need recess to unwind and get some fresh air?. When the kids get to play they need to burn off energy. How far will you get when the kid goes back in the classroom mad cause he spent it sitting in a box on the blacktop? These are the kids that learn from hands-on and not reading. You should be able to explore other options of teaching that way. As for the public schools trying to take a stab at the charter schools, I would ques- tion Mr. Chelotti's input on the test scores, as these are the kids that needed the extra help in school that didn't re- ceive it and were pulled out and home schooled. Their test scores would of been the same in the public school. So the next time you ques- tion a parent on preparing their kids for school, ask Imge lA41