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September 10, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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September 10, 2014

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12B Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter 4 The leader of the talks in Philadelphia..   ..., .- ...was General George Washingt( 1. Annimills LLC 2014 Vl 1-37 ...,,,4,, f Wow! You can read the Constitution After the Declaration of Independence was signed, the states in America were "united" by a weak central government. Each state had its own strong government which created many problems among the states. In 1787 almost all of the 13 states sent their wisest men to Philadelphia for a meeting. They were to work out the problems with trade, taxes and other matters. So this is it was formed! Washington ] "11 [ In Independence Hall they studied, argued, talked, on your computer voted and wrote. They were laying the groundwork ,-, for a strong central government. Some wanted no _J/part Of this. Wasn&apos;t this like the British rule they had] 11. the only 1 just broken away from? t / Constitutional t(J% The central government was to be headed  H 0 \\;< 1[ by a leader (President) chosen and elected by I // 6e [ Iread that/the people. There was to be a court of law // I mereare I (Supreme Court)and a body to make laws I/ ; three 3 I 1 I (Senate and House of Representatives). | / 4 I inthe \\; A, of these ideas formed the , i ..,) wisest Constitution.J Constitution of the United Statesl  ., .\\;e,e, 5 "--y.-J] It has worked well for 227 years! ,, 6[ uphold laws and the rights, f " " people. You can see the  8[ "  Constitution in the ]  el National Archives 101 J J , J J ' i in Washington, D.C. Fathers The first three words of the U.S. Constitution tell who is behind the making of our government. Fill in the puzzle below and these first three words will be spelled out under the arrow. 1. General - who became our first President 2. men (from many fields of work) were sent to Philadelphia 3. some people were afraid a strong  government would take power away from the states >4. the men who helped to write the Constitution were thought of as the Founding 5, number of branches the new government would have 6. Hall where the meetings took place to write the Constitution 7. number of states in 1787 8, checks and balances keep each branch from becoming too 9. Constitution was signed on the 17th of this month 10. the special meetings in 1787; the Convention state that never took part in the g,, IIIIII glasses that let people focus at two different distances. _.Where did Iput mine? . , J ] ] ] "/A 00enny saved is a pel earned." CLhe( out! Print out free September Governm word search, Grandma and Grandpa @ J ] J ] www.rea ( Which state is known as the "Constitution State?" .... - ....... " It has its nickname printed on its license plates. To find out, color in the puzzle using the color key. Then find 11 letters and unscramble them to spell the name of the "Constitution State." A dot (,) is in the upper-left corner of each letter. Use only the letters that are all one color. G B B R B B B B B R G G I / / ' / I I / / / / / Did you know that there are 2 senators from each state, for a total of 100 senators in the U.S. Senate? The Senate is taking a vote today on a new law. Count the number of "Y" votes for "Yes". 1. The Constitution is the weakest law of the United States. T ( 2. It tells us the way our government works. T F 3. Our country's written constitution is the world's longest and newest. T F 4. Some people wanted basic rights to protect individuals added to the Constitution. So, 10 statements called the "Bill of Rights" were added. T F 5. Additions, called "Amendments," protect freedom of religion, speech, voting rights, etc. T F Put on your thinking cap and sharpen your pencil! Ask Mom or Dad to help! T = True, F = False. Ilove quizzes! 7 Don,t you? W 6. We have 3 branches of government, formed to balance each other in power. T F 7. The first is the Legislative Branch that: a. makes the laws by writing bills and voting on them. T F E b. includes our Senate and House of Representatives. T F -e. < 8. The second is the Executive Branch that: _>' a. upholds the laws to make them work. T F b. lets the President serve a 7- year term. T F 9. The third is the Judicial Branch that: . a. has our Supreme Court, the highest in the country, which needs to have 27 judges, T F b. decides if laws are fair and being used in the right way. T F If you would like to help sponsor this special page (plus advertise your business or service at the same time) please call Feather Publishing's Sales Department at 283-0800.