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September 10, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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September 10, 2014

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"Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014 13B LETTERS, from page 1 IB ,' budgets, rule of law, national ' defense and morality of , religious norms. Republicans, like Democrats, I , are big government, big spending ruling elites ' believing in moral ,-- equivalence and taking care of rich political donors. They just think they can do it better. As to comparing political leaders of the past, it is the past. Time and experience change national norms. Republican Lincoln of the 1860s would have fought the 1950s Democrat Bull Connors and his dogs. What today's Tea Party fights is modern slavery of low expectations and government dependence. Another leader, Ronald Reagafl, was Tea Party incarnate. Help a person learn to provide for their family, show no tolerance for criminals living off the labor of others, demanding dictators tear down walls that keep people from freedom, supporting allies and knowing there is a difference between a national i , prayer and the people praying for the nation's safety. The one thing I do know is that the people joining the Tea Party love this country, with all its blemishes of the past. They will strive to make a nation resembling the ideas at our founding not the actions of politicians of the past. Mike Ingle Greenville Hijacked Republican Party In a recent letter, a writer asks the reader if a pattern can be seen. There is. The writer continually regurgitates the lies and misconceptions about reality. It always revolves around President Obama. The writer is trying to persuade the reader that there is a correlation between people she sees as lesser American citizens being mistreated by their own law enforcement an an Amer&can citizeBh( happens to be a veteran being apprehended in a foreign country for obviously breaking a not-so-frivolous law. An unarmed kid gets shot 6-10 times, three in the head, by an off'mer whom we now know came from a small municipal police force that was disbanded for not dealing with African-Americans fairly and is on a force now that has those same shortcomings. It leads to protest, not only by the locals, but nationwide. It is exacerbated by a military-like response from law enforcement and more outrage is fomented. So the President gets involved by ordering the Justice Department to investigate in the name of fairness. Justice Department and fairness, what a concept. Mr. Tahmooressi drives into Mexico with three loaded weapons and 400 rounds of ammo. There are signs on the highway before the border warning travelers that guns are not allowed at the border. For whatever reason, Wahmooressi crosses into Mexico and is arrested. It is unfortunate for him and his family. I would say he is lucky anyone even knows where he is. But is the President obligated to do more than what is being done? The State Department is working with their counterparts, but like any arrested lawbreaker, he is in legal proceedings. So, once again, we have this vocal fringe element in our country who will use any event to try and paint our president as an enemy to every American value. Come this November, even conservative Plumas County has a chance to reject their hijacked Republican Party. Tom Slavik Mohawk Vista Republicans' dead horse I know the economy is getting better because fewer people are panhandling. But, the Republicans and Tea Party keep saying the economy is tanking. Tell that to the stock markets, businesses around the country, to manufacturers and retailers. The Consumer Confidence Index is at a seven-year high -- the eqpnomy is coming back. RepubliCan Doug Ose (seeking Rep. Ami Bera's seat) and Republicans in California and around the country have put all their eggs in one basket and have latched on to "repealing and replacing Obamacare" as their campaign slogan. What about jobs and economy? Doug Ose and Republicans must have missed the recent headlines: "Obamacare is working," "Healthcare law gains support." Leave it to Republican to keep beating a dead horse. Come on Doug and fellow Republicans; fess up, 'repealing and replacing Obamacare' is just smoke and mirrors with no substance; a negative vehicle to fire up the Republican base and get you elected. Because, really, what else have the Republicans got for the midterm elections. Ron Lowe Nevada City Getting it right in 300 words In my previous letter, my initial goal was to warn children and other innocents of the inaccuracies contained in another's letter. I tend toward such quixotic thinking. I wrote a long, creative response that corrected errors in language, logic and science as best my rust-pitted brain would allow. After hours of expository angst, I pasted the text into Word to get the word count. Only had to reduce my masterpiece by two-thirds. If you'll pardon the comparison, this immediately brought to mind Samuel Johnson's observation concerning the prospect of being hanged -- it "focuses the mind wonderfully." Gotta make a poster-- "300 Words!" Maybe write a song about it. I also, somewhat indirectly, took to task another writer who seems to be perpetually getting it all wrong. The kind who makes the class groan when he stands up. My issues with the first gentleman were ones of poor communication and inaccurate data, prerequisites;in my mind, for any discussion of, well, anything. My issue with the latter misguided soul is that his logic circuits seem to be fried. He makes statements of dubious parentage, places them behind the looking glass andproceeds to wte the rest of his 300 words )n irrelevancies. Philistine. I have a faulty logic board in a laser printer. It's prohibitively expensive to replace, but I'm told that I can put it in the oven, bake it on high for a bit, and it will realign and rejuvenate the synapses, er, solder. Doesn't last long, but when it's all you got... I think we should deport the alien trout population and farm the frogs intensively. Stop the caterpillar invasion, save the trees and the frogs. What I really want to discuss is ignorance. Regarding my opinions of cogeneration plants and related topics: I plead the fifth. 300. Gary Terhune East Quincy Corporations are people Mitt Romney was right. Corporations are people, at least in a legal sense in America. They make money and vote in elections. They create much of what Americans consider reality, from entertainment to news. With such powerful "citizens" in our midst, it's fair to ask what type of people they are Are they thekind, helpful folks we see in their ads and PR spots? Or are they the ones who do anything for profits, becoming contrite only when their heinous deeds are discovered? Do they contribute to our public schools or evade taxes needed to fund those schools, using accounting gimmicks made legal by their lobbyists? Are they thoughtful stewards of our publicly-owned natural resources and lands, or do they treat them as a source of cheap supplies and a dumping ground for their toxic, sickening (literally) waste? When caught red-handed breaking the law, do they admit their moral failings and do better? Like students banned from student loans for selling pot, do they lose out on government contracts when they break the law, often repeatedly? Does the corporate media detail their misdeeds, involving billions of dollars of waste, fraud, and abuse, or does it focus our attention on the few who steal from public welfare programs (unless the thieves happen to be incorporated, of course)? Are they guilty of using their influence over government to crack down on tips earned by waiters while letting corporations "invert" to avoid paying their taxes? Luckily, corporations are the only people who broadcast their motives openly. They are required by law to maximize profits for their shareholders. They shield their owners from liability, or what humans call responsibility. In short, if corporations are people they must be watched, regulated and policed. They're the worst. Paul Cavanaugh Quincy Never black or white A writer to this newspaper recently chastised me for seeing everything as right/wrong, black/white, good/evil. He claimed that to him "the world is a more nuanced and colorful place." He scoffed at the idea that the U.S. sending food supplies and military assistance to others' war zones might "bring hope to thousands praying the U.S. will choose good over evil." He proceeded with a pointedly biased view of U.S. involvement in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine. He offered no explanation of why our government decided such actions were warranted -- only his after-the-fact, prejudiced assessment of our evil deeds. where did his "nuance" go? Different standards for us conservatives -- again. The U.S. has made tough and sometimes disastrous choices when inserting ourselves into others' political and social concerns in an effort to help them achieve peace and prosperity. However, speaking of nuances, these situations are never black or white, as his comments suggest. And sometimes we are wrong and good intentions do lead down the road to hell. But if America is so horrible, tell me which country, dynasty, empire, etc., in history has been as successful as the U.S. and had the resources, compassion and guts to try to help other people escape tyranny or other destruction? I see America like a big sister. Most of the time, you want her to leave you alone. Let you make your own mistakes, and not be bossy. But when the bullies have you cornered on the playground, you want to know she's got your back. Would this critic really face starvation, see women and children raped and tortured and people beheaded but refuse food and military See Letters, page 14B CARPET & WINDOW CLEANING BUSINESS FOR SALE Established Central Plumas County carpet and window cleaning business for sale. 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