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September 17, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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September 17, 2014

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6B Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter D ITORIAL AND OPINION EDITORIAL Portola has weathered its share of the economic downturn, including a bank branch closure and shuttered storefronts along Commercial Street. It's also faced a maelstrom at City Hall, with contentious meetings and turnover in leadership. But the atmosphere is changing thanks to fresh leadership and the dogged determination of those who refuse to see Portola decline, but who instead envision, and are committed to, securing a prosperous future. Thanks to new City Manager Robert Meacher, a revived council and groups like I Love Portola, the tenor is changing. Almost as soon as Meacher took over his position, the city faced a critical water crisis. But thanks to his background and connections, residents won't face the harsh cutbacks many are struggling with throughout the state. Meacher listens when people speak during public comment and he responds. That attention is reflected in the council, whose members now share at each meeting what they do for the betterment of the city outside of the council chambers. Councilmember Michelle Gault has emerged as perhaps the city's biggest cheerleader, forming the I Love Portola group. The following are Gault's sentiments regarding what she envisions for the future of Portola: "Over the last year or so, I have seen a positive shift in the community's attitude. I see individuals hopeful again and they are stepping up, getting involved and volunteering their time. I see cooperation from organizations that used to quarrel. We have more volunteerism and a higher morale and it is creating a better future and a more committed community. "We, as a whole, are showing by our actions, the changes we wanted to see. It takes more than just a few individuals, or just a council; it takes a whole community including our neighbors, county and state working together. Change is a slow process but, if you look, you can see action and positive momentum. "If people focus on that, contribute when they can instead of complain, then they can also help take credit for shaping the future of our community. Something wonderful is happening; portola will be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. ."Great things can be a hleved and there are many positive opportunities just around the corner. I encourage anyone who wants to participate to get involved as much as they can. Time is better spent creating and building rather than destroying and tearing down. I only say that because you will always get those few 'negative Nancys' that try and find fault with anything and everything. "I counter that with a question. How do you change a town? By changing one negative person at a time. If you can motivate and encourage them to participate, hopefully they will become positive and encourage someone else along the way. Not only does positive participation help depression it also gives a sense of direction and belonging. It is what ties our community close together." Editorials are written by members of the editorial board, which consists ofthepubllsher, the managing editor and the appropriate staff writer or writers, and should be considered the opinion of the newspaper. Feat lishing + wspaper For breaking news, go to Michael C. Taborski .............. Publisher Keri B. Taborski .... Legal Advertising Dept. Dan McDonald .......... Managing Editor Jenny Lee ................. .Photo Editor Ingrid Burke .................. Copy Editor Staff writers: Laura Beaton Debra Moore Carolyn Shipp Maddie Musante Michael Condon M. Kate West Makenzie Davis Aura Whittaker Ruth Ellis Sam Williams Will Farris James Wilson Susan Cort Johnson Samantha P. Hawthorne Feather River Indian Valley Record Bulletin (530) 284-7800 (530) 283-0800 Portola Reporter (530) 832 4646 Chester Progressive (530) 258-3115 Westwood Lassen County Times PinePress (530) 257-5321 (530) 256-2277 Member, Printed on California Newspaper recycled paper Publishers Assoc. Talented writers are a valuable resource As an avid reader and movie buff I felt tremendous sorrow for the loss of Nora Ephron, who died June 26, 2012. I equally grieve the fact that the world has lost her talent as an American journalist, essayist, playwright, screenwriter, novelist, producer and director. For most of us everyday folks she is likely most recognized for her works "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail." In addition to those two films, I've bought every Ephron film known to be available. Her smart and sophisticated humor, insight into personality type and great role casting will live forever in my mind. While I mourn the fact that I will never be able to look forward to adding thought down this road I am again reminded that another author I so 2 respect, Tom Clancy, is also lost to his world audience. While I own his full collection, books and movies alike, his character Jack ..... ..... Ryan is the best, in my book. I have read as Jack's role has grown from a bookish MY TURN CIA analyst to staving off a world war as ............................................... he puts his faith in a Russian submariner. M. KATE WEST Staff Writer chesternews@plumasnews.corn to my collection, her works will live timelessly and be visited often in my home. I am comforted by the fact that she is in good Company in both my book and video libraries. As I take my train of This week's special days NOT JUST AN ORDINARY DAY COMPILED BY KERI TABORSKI Not just an ordinary day....a sampling of weekly notable special days and facts throughout the year. September 17 1776 -- The Presidio, a former military base and current National Park area was founded in San Francisco. 1787 -- The United States Constitution is signed in Philadelphia, Pa. episode after 72 years on the air (15 years on radio). September 19 1981 -- Simon and Garfunkle reunite for a free concert in Central Park in New York City. September 20 1881 -- Chester Arthur is inaugurated as the 21st President of the United States following the assassination of James Garfield. September 21 1897 -- "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" editorial is fn-st published in the New York Sun. 1937 -- J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbitt" is published. September 22 1789- The office of the United States Postmaster general is established. 2001 -- The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) reopens for trading after the September 11 attacks, the longest closure since the 1930's Great Depression. September 18 Today is National Cheeseburger Day. A trademark for the name "cheeseburger" was registered to the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In in Denver, Colorado, in 1935. 1793 -- The fn'st cornerstone of the United States Capitol building is laid by George Washington. 1888 -- The fn'st issue of the National Geographic is published. September 23 Today is the first day of Fall. 1851 -- The first issue of the New York Daffy Times is published, which later becomes the New York Times. Today is National Voter Registration Day. Interested Plumas County residents can contact the Plumas County Clerk's Office at the courthouse, 520 Main Street, Room 102 in Quincy 283-6256 for more information on how to register. 1975 -- Patty Hearst is arrested after a year on the FBI Most Wanted list for her involvement with the Symbionese Liberation Army. 1806 --Lewis and Clark return to St. Louis, Missouri, after exploring the Pacific Northwest of the United States. 1962 -- The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts opens in New York City. 2009 -- The television soap opera: "The Guiding Light" ends its final broadcast He later went on to be a deputy chief with the CIA, then national security advisor, vice president and then, due to a national terrorist attack, the president of the United States of America. In my last Clancyesque read, Jack had left the office of president but due to his dislike of the current administration's management style, he was on the campaign trail again. I am left holding my breath waiting to learn the outcome of the election and how Jack is going to put our world to rights. This may be fiction, but with the state of our country today, we need Jack. In other reads I occasionally slip into a historical romance and have favorite authors among that genre. However, I am more of an action story reader and movie ticket buyer when the involved characters are the CIA,.mffitary or FBI. I also have every David Baldacci, John Grisham and Jack Higgins book. Ben Coes has a new character I am following and I absolutely devour Lee Child's Jack Reacher books. John J. Nance writes great aeronautic thrillers and I very much enjoy Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt character. I have a list.of about 40 authors I read and watch for new releases from, yet throughout my life there have been many books worth re-reading. It used to be that I read Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind" every five years or so, he same with James Michener's "Hawaii" and Australian author Colleen McCullough's "The Thorn Birds." Lately I have had African author Wilbur Smith on my mind. I believe that over the last 20 years I have read every book he has written. He is truly what I would classify as a man's writer. His characters can be brutal but at the same time, his historical writings about the settling of the continent, the Boer Wars and diamond mining, coupled with hisability to write convincifigly from an' animal's ' perspective, makes him absolutely addictive. I'm caught up with all my favorites and Coe won't have a new Dewey Andreas book out until May 2015. Winter is fast approaching and this may be the perfect time to return to Wilbur Smith's Africa. REMEMBER WHEN KERI TABORSKI Historian, 75 YEARS AGO ..... 1939 Four California newspapermen became honorary members of Sigma Delta Chi, the national professional journalistic society at Stanford University Friday night. Among them was M.F. Small, publisher of the Feather River Bulletin. A low bid of $191,062 has been awarded for the construction of the Almanor Forest Highway between Paxton and Crescent Mills. 50 YEARS AGO ..... 1964 The last half of our bound volumes in our archives for the year 1964 (July through December) is missing and those historical items are not available to include in this Remember When column. 25 YEARS AGO ..... 1989 The Portola Railroad Museum will be featured on a segment of KRON Television Channel 4 "Bay Area Backroads". The five minute segment took a full day to ffl . In the fmal weeks of the marijuana growing season, Plumas County Sheriff deputies confiscated approximately 2300 plants worth nearly $10 million from various gardens in the Feather River Canyon. The plants were ready to harvest and were eight feet tall. 10 YEARS AGO ..... 2004 After reviewing different parcels owned by the city, the Portola City Council authorized the property where the Plumas County Sheriffs substation is now housed, as the site for the tri-county court complex. The parcel is located next to the Portola Library along Gulling and First Streets in Portola. Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspaper archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actually appeared in the original newspaper. To help tay on task, try a to-do list I am a fan of the to-do list. It is my best tool for organization. It helps me reach goals; it helps me get projects completed; it prevents me from forgetting promises and commitments. I create lists for upcoming newspaper articles when the appropriate publish dates are at a future time. Lists are written for seasonal projects. For example, this summer during good weather I refinished patio furniture and stripped and stained a dresser. I organize tasks for various church ministries on paper and of course write daffy tasks. You might notice that my to-do lists are categorical rather than generic because I find my time allotted to work on certain projects varies each day and each week. A project appropriate for Saturday would be different from something I might have time for on Tuesday. While I find to-do lists very effective for keeping on task, I decided to see if I might make improvements. With a little research I found several ways to perfect my method. From I learned to break large tasks or projects into steps, creating a to-do list just for that particular project. (A task or step should take no longer than one or two hours.) Also, I learned to MY TURN SUSAN CORT JOHNSON Staff Writer organize each list according to the priority of the task with the mQst important at the top. To determine the lineup on the to-do list, mark the most important task A and progress through the alphabet with lesser tasks marked B, C, D, etc. suggests spending 10 minutes at the end of the day organizing tasks on your to-do list for the next day. According to, a written , to-do list is a simple technique that can increase your productivity by 20 percent or more. "It also has extra benefits of clearing your mind and saving you energy and stress." A good tip provided on this site was to give higher priority to the tasks that get you closer to your goals. Another point good to keep in mind is the fact that often new tasks must be added to a list. "If during a day some new unplanned task comes up, don't do anything until you put that new task on your list and rate it by priority," suggests "See it written among the other tasks and put it in perspective." In' order to check off tasks, work must be completed; therefore, time must be scheduled for each task. If it seems like there is no time to complete items on the to-do list keep a log for a period, such as a week, to see where your time goes, suggests Days quickly accumulate, creating months and even years, and without structure and discipline the things we want to accomplish are never achieved. Frequently I hear such statements as, "I want to learn to play the guitar"; "I would like to travel to Italy"; "I am going to write a novel"; "I want to finish college and get my degree online." If you are one of these people, create a to-do list with the steps for achieving your goal. Then, as the Nike slogan commands, "just do it" and start checking off tasks. }