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September 19, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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September 19, 2012

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8B Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter LETTERS, from page 7B Unions don't benefit students Come on people: Teachers Unions are about benefits, and salaries not the students. Teachers Unions use "chil- dren" as a backdrop because a strike without "children" is like a car without gas. Teach- ers Unions use "kids" to seek the sympathies of the general public; the same way a pimp uses a prostitute while claim- ing to be a respectable busi- nessman. Union organizers threaten teachers during a strike. If you don't pay us your month- ly dues and walk in circles while faking your outrage, we won't guarantee your job pro- tection. I really want that job, the job where I sit back, collect money monthly from brain- dead zombies, while ordering them to walk in circles. Teachers are subservient to union thugs and they are teaching your kids? I thought teachers were supposed to be the bright ones? Can you say "vouchers"? A teacher's base pay in Chicago is $74,839, and $13,078 is spent on each student per year. Yeah, "it's all about the children". Plumas County teachers averaged $56,509 in 2011. That is $8,667 per'stu- dent, 47th in the state. In Santa Clara, teachers' pay averages $100,530 for marching in circles. Two questions: Which school dis- trict in California is better at making teacher circles, and does higher pay improve their circles? I am laughing. Changing subjects: Democ- rats booed God at their "evening" meeting; essential- ly denying his name three times in an open convention vote. Jesus said of his disciples at PUBLIC their last evening convention (supper), "Before a cock crows, one of you will deny me three times." Interesting simi- larities huh? Democrats may have given up on the good Lord but he won't give up on them. I pray he'll change his mind. The Mayan calendar predicts De- under Republican leadership, and net worth increased from $129,582 in 2001 to $152,950. Then voters put Democrats in control of Congress in Jan- uary 2007. The Great Reces- sion began 11 months later and turned into a financial crisis nine months after that. With Obama in the White cember 21, 2012, as the end of House, middle-class income the world. Maybe it's just for Democrats. There's always hope for change. Trent Saxton, Lake Davis Do some research Mark Mihevc misrepresent- ed a Pew Research report ti- tled "The Lost Decade of the Middle Class" at pewre- has been falling since. A table in Chapter 1: Overview, titled "Average An- nual Change in "Mean Family Income" shows the poorest fifth did better than the wealthiest 5 percent from 1950 to 1980. Nobody did well after LBJ declared war on prosperi- ty in 1965, until Reaganomics. The most impressive thing on middle tier lost more house- hold income (as a share of the total) during the 1990s (Clin- ton decade) than any other decade. And it's the only decade the poorest tier lost share, dropping from 10 per- cent to nine. There are serious problems confronting the middle class, as well as the nation as a whole. And from my point of view, they usually trace back to Democrats' policies. Voters should not be deceived by con- stant efforts by the left to blame all problems on Repub- licans. The World Trade Center dis- aster followed eight years of President Clinton avoiding re- sponsibilities for national se- class-optimism-income- barack-obama -mitt-romney- congress-wealth-income-lost- decade-worst. Middle-tier income hit an all-time high around 2007 NOTICE this table' is that before LBJ:. curity. He abandoned Somalia WOP all income tiers did well, and about equally. Then gov- ernment meddling spoiled it. Check out the entire Pew Re- search report. Another chart shows the after "Black Hawk Down," treated the 1993 WTC attack as a "local police matter," failed to respond to repeated attacks on our embassies, USS C01e, and allowed bin Laden to form terrorist training camps and terrorists to train for flying commercial jets. Do research. Gene Kailing major utilities went bankrupt. This debt became $9 billion, only $3 billion of which was recaptured by Democratic At- torney General Bill Lockyer years later. It was the core of our state's ongoing deficit. Wilson's best action was to sign the Vehicle License Fee in 1996, inaccurately known as the "car tax." It was a contin- gent revenue producer. The maximum "hit" was paid by frequent new car buyers (higher valuation). And, it was only in force after bud- getary deficit years, and would sunset when adequate revenue returned. When Governor Schwarzenegger kept his promise to kill the law during his first week in office it had run, sunset and re-run as de- signed. Arnold was still sit- ting on the electric debt when he threw away $4-to-6 billion of yearly VLF revenue -- he then floated $15 billion in bonds to refinance that debt. Bill Martin Quincy Portola Saxton should look PUBLISHED D~LINQUENTLIST 1010-110-006-000 FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION$ 8,482.20 at himself I Julle h= 110410007-000FEDERAL NAT ONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION , W "te, Plumas County Tax Cofleclor Slate of California certify thai: I " : . $ 1,145.86 Short on facts In a recent letter, Trent Sax- ' ' - 1010-110-027-000 FEEDANNYE $ 428.14 N~ticeisherebygiven~a~t~ereelpr~pe~ies~istedbe~wworedec~ared~heintaxdefau~tat5pm~n J 126-132-025-000FLAHERTYDANIELJ&DESORAHAH/W $ 5,468.87Gene Kailing's letter of ton described President Oba- .June 30, 2009, by operation of law, pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code =etioo 3436. The 1025-252-001-000 GOODMAN KEVIN & CHRISTI HN~ dederation of default was due io non-payment of the total amounl 0ue for the taxes assessments and , $ 1,109.71 Sept. 12 had unsupported ma as a hate-creator. He gave other charges levied in 2006-09 which were a lien on the listed reaf property. 025-252-002-000 GOODMAN KEVIN & CHRISTI,H/W $ 1,109.71 claims and a lack of facts, a number of examples of how I025-252-005-000 GOODMAN KEVIN & CHRISTI H/W $ 1,419.62 Ta~