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September 22, 2010     Feather River Bulletin
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September 22, 2010

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Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010 11B COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE ther River College's cash-flow problem is state's fault WHERE I STAND DR. RON TAYLOR PRESIDENT/SUPERINTENDENT FEATHER RIVER COLLEGE I would like to clarify some issues regarding Feather Riv- er College's cash flow prob- lems and the college's request to the county for an advance on tax revenue. The need to ask for an ad- vance is a direct result of the state's failure to pass a bud- get, which has left the college struggling to try and operate with virtually no revenue for the first three months of the year --- and now it seems this situation will go on much longer. The request for an ad- vance is not a result of frivo- lous or increased spending by the college -- in fact very much the opposite is true. Everyone at FRC is working very hard to cut costs and save money. A quick look at our last year's budget shows that although a little over $12.7 million was budgeted, only $11:8 million was actual- ly spent, a savings of over $899,000. for the year. By working together, and working harder, FRC reduced expenses by 7 percent, in spite of the fact the number of stu- dents served has grown con- siderably. These savings were achieved in a number of ways, including not replacing some employees who retired or moved on to other jobs. Other vacancies were restructured before being filled to create savings. For example, when the director of Human Re- sources left in 2009 an i~erim director was appointed and the position was restructured before a new full-time direc- tor was hired, resulting in a savings of over $80,000. Overall, 27 open positions have been carefully reviewed, with most having been either not filled temporarily or mod- flied, reducing expenditures. Moreover, in fall 2009, the college laid off one staff posi- tion due to state cuts. The col- lege has also reduced accounts for supplies and services down to the bare minimum. Since the start of the cur- rent fiscal year, when cash has grown considerably at FRC, as it has at community colleges statewide. In the midst of the economic crisis, people are going back to school in record numbers. Many colleges around the state have been turning away students by drastically reduc- ing course offerings and thereby limiting the number of students to cut costs. FRC has striven to accommodate as many students as possible. The increased number of students has led to more work flow concerns arose due to the for everyone at the college. lack of a state budget, the col- Faculty are accepting more lege has engaged in a "spend- students into classes, espe- ing frost," examining every cially core classes such as time counselor (a retirement that has not been replaced). Financial aid applications are up by 17 percent, and aid has been disbursed to 28 per- cent more students than last year. The amount of traffic in the Registration Center has nearly doubled in the last two years, from 8,942 annual visits to 16,472 visits. As you can see, we are do- ing more with less. I am per- s0nally extremely impressed that the college remains dedi- cated to providing a high-qual- ity product in spite of such challenging circumstances. Everyone on campus has stepped up and made the extra expenditure carefully to en- English and math, and overall effort necessary to provide surethat only absolutely nec- class sizes are up roughly 15 many more students with ser- essary expenses are covered, percent from last fall. vice, with limited resources and Payments to vendors have Advisers are serving more in spite of no revenue coming in been delayed in many cases, students than ever, stepping from the state this fall. It's not In the meantime, enrollment up in the absence of our full- easy, nor is it sustainable, and stress levels are high, but once again the FRC staff and faculty show that they are willing to do whatever it takes to create and maintain our primary product -- student success. FRC is only asking the county for an advance on tax revenues that are due to the college. We only need to do this because the state has yet to agree on a budget, which has meant no state funds com- ing to the college. The request is for funds on an as-needed basis to maintain basic ex- penses -- payroll, benefits and the bare necessities to keep classes in session. I have'communicated with the state government about the fact the budget impasse has led us to this situation; apparently the political dy- namic has not taken our needs into consideration. H/rite-in candidates should challenge board incumbents WHERE [ STAND things based on their admin- basis to challenge the validity the new realities, they can istrator's or attorney's recom- of the election. Enough! and perhaps should be re- JAMES REICHLE mendation without questionThe point is it might not be a placed. Their job is to give FORMER PLUMAS CO. DA while presiding over institu- bad idea to encourage some new good advice, follow board di, FORMER PLUMAS CO. COUNSELtions sliding downhill to-people to run for seats on our lo- rectives and present issues I recently saw a headlinewards a cliff, cal boards. It is not complicated and problems to the board for about a Republican operative It is amazing, for instance, to run a local campaign, decision, fostering innovation recruiting street people to that there are no seats con-. There are people who knowand frugality, not building sign up a~ Green Party candi- tested for the these forms and the Election empires or creating self-flat- dates in Arizona. He was do- PUSD board and with three Division of the Clerk- tering relSorts. ing this to hurt the Democ- seats open on the PDH board, Recorder's Office can help. We can't afford to wait two rats. Just another dirty trick, two incumbents are runningThere is an urgent need for years for the next election to After reading the article, I re- and only two challengers, people who are not institu- have this public discussion. alized there are probably peo- With all of the uproar over tional insiders or tools of the At this critical juncture with ple who ought to be recruited Measure B and the mishan- institution's administrators so many people expressing by someone who could apply dling of the hospital's future and attorneys to step forward, the need for improvement, more common sense and inde- by the existing board, a ma- These boards need to grabwho has stepped forward to pendent judgment than some of jority of the "new" board are the reins, make the hard deci- do the real work as an agent those who now run unopposed, going to the people who creat- sions and take the necessary for change? All incumbents who would take seriously the ed the problem and still don't action to guarantee our chil- should have opposition, if for responsibility for charting a accept responsibility, dren and ill or inj ured are no other reason than to re- Course for the future of our se- Their attorney who told served during unprecedented quire them to explain them- riously endangered schools them not to worry when thebad times that almost certain- selves and the actions of the and our hospitals. Measure B people took themly will get worse before they boards they are h part of to These boards are unfortu- to court (wrong!) is now lob- may get better, the voting public. nately too often composed of bying to file a suit to overturn If current advisers and ad- Although it is not difficult members who do too many the election without any legal ministrators can't adapt to to become a qualified write-in candidate, it is an uphill battle "and perhaps expensive equip- to win an election as a write- ment at a hospital (as in Alas- in. People have until Oct. 19 to ka), but how can we assure file papers to become a quali- this is implemented in a way fled write-in the November so as to not diminish the level election. This involves filling of medical care? out some forms and collecting Similar opportunities exist some voter signatures, for the schools online and oth- The only way to force in- erwise, but without a local cumbents to answer the hard participation to keep students questions at forums and oth- involved there would be a se- erwise is to have opposition riously degraded "education." candidates for whom votes Administrators and attor- will be counted, neys should not be making There are questions that these fundamental decisions. need asking and answering If competent people step for- about how things have gotten ward offering to serve on our perilous and what basic deci- boards, willing to do the hard sions must be made to assure work required to educate the survival of our schools themselves and make inde- and hospitals as competent in- pendent decisions on the stitutions, steps necessary for our insti- For instance, there is a tutions to survive and pros- wealth, of opportunity online per, we can have a public de- to access specialists live and bate we so desperately need otherwise to reduce the need instead of contentious elec- tor on-site personnel expertise tions and litigation. " t Cheap shots Hope and change Lundy and remember to vote many stores shuttered, it is Who would have thought Beckwourth airport fls;-inon Nov. 2, because, after all, at no time for thousands of feet that Portola would be the site breakfast Sept. 12, had a new the endofthe day .... characterof new retail space. With of a Pearl Harbor sneak at-twist. Parking now has a fee does count, nearby golf courses running tack carried out by the wife of of $ t0 and no explanation as Thank you, and with grati- at a loss, it is no time for an- a member of city council! to why. Perhaps this is in line tude, , other golf course. Well, I guess we can all expect with all of the "hope and Ralph Wittick In fact, the question is: What a few more "barely literate" change" going on these days. Graeagle are they thinking? For that an- cheap shots from our locally Bob Walter swer or to provide some elected city council majority Quincy .Great pride thoughts of your own, please because two of the "gang of It was with great pride that attend this final meeting. three" majority are up for re- Outpouring I read Alicia Knadler's article Arne Ruse election and they are faced We've lived in this town concerning my brother, Bill Lake Almanor with a formidable challenger since 1968 and have attended Wattenburg, and his role in by the name of Julianna numerous retirements, social the robotic radio-controlled File areport Mark. functions and fundraisers of Kubota. Anyone who knows I would like to tell everyone Why do we have such a split all types, and have alwaysBill well might say, "So whose civil rights have been on our city council? I believe been impressed by the out-what's new." I almost did, be- violated by the police to that it copies from the differ- pouring and generosity of the cause I know that this story is please file a report with the ences in our personal philoso- people in this community, only one in a very long list of FBI. These types of acts by phies. I have always put the The fund, raiser for Randyequally humanitarian efforts our police are called "color of interests of the people who Beck is a classic example. I on his part, usually at his own law violations" and it's the elected me first. Unfortunate- can't remember a turnout time and expense. FBI's mission to investigate ly, too many members of thatlarge inaverylongtime.Now Bill and some of his and prosecute. elected agencies across our Of course, it is a tribute to colleagues at Lawrence Liver- Mrs. Jackson's story is not country become representa- Randy. more Lab, Chico State Re-uncommon in Plumas Coun- tires of the boards they are It is not the purpose of this search Foundation and San- ty. Traffic stops without prob- elected to first rather than letter to thank every one of dia National Laboratory are able cause are a very common representatives of the people the volunteers who made it all deeply involved in makingoccurre.nce. who elected them work. I'll leave that to others, lives~afer for those who make More on this here: By way of example, let me Kudos to those folks who our lives safer. They've found hq/cid/civilrights/color.htm. tell you of one of my criti- sat down and organized this a way to locate tunnels, EdFerguson cisms of the present direc- event through lots of sweat bombs and whatever else the Portola tion of our city. A criticism and tears (more tears thanenemy might have hidden un- that the "gang of three" ma- sweat, I suspect) to round up derground. Not socialists OU " jority froth at because theyall the necessary money andDarn, but that's worthy of "Thank y , Mr. Presi- think we should all just be lo- the loose ends that inevitably putting on the Internet, now dent. cal "cheerleaders" whetheroccur in an endeavor of this wouldn't you say so, "Dear "Independent" voters have ther~ is anything to cheermagnitude. They deserve Editor?" observed the last 22 months about or not. Our city hasmuch of the credit. NansiBohne "hoping" that"change" would spent a lot of money on park Well done. Quincy be good for America. Ameri- and road sign and lighting Bud Kibbee cans, 53 percent, voted you in- improvements over the last Quincy Urgent to office; because you were go- two years. I think it all looks Do you care if there ising to turn our country away great. However, we don't Character enough water to drink, to put from war and make America have one community devel- You know the old saying: out fires and to enjoy for a better place to live. We di- opment project in place that "All politics are local"? Well... recreation? If so, then attend gestedyour positive message is planned and designed tothey are. the 3 p.m. meeting Thursday .... of hope and change, even bring new businesses to our Last June, in the primarySept. 23, at Chester Veterans though healttfcare was city. So, what good does it do election I ran for the office of Memorial Hall. This is the shoved down our throats. our local residents to have Supervisor, 5th District. I had last meeting before the Walk- Some believed your "party" beautiful parks, road signs an amazing experience. I was er Ranch development pro-, would create jobs; but instead and lighting, as our town is reacquaint'ed with many ofceeds without further commu- you pushed the "cap and tax" Still growing slowly into a my bld friends, met many new nity input, agenda. Many were tolerant ghost town? We'need jobs,friends. All-in-all, it is proof Why will this developmentas you.delayed the closing of businesses and growth to get that our hard-fought democra- deplete our resources, espe- prisons at Guantanamo, you us out of the malaise. Wetic process works, cially water? Groundwaterdid not: Only "your" party need staff that has the skills Now, it's time to think flows through this site before passed hundreds of billions of to provide that. We don'tabout November and the fu-it reaches low-lying areas like dollars of debt to our children need a city council made up ture of our country and our West Almanor, Chester andand grandchildren, but they of non-thinkers who are for- county. I am writing to you LACC. This development will never read the bill. Have ever there to simply rubber today to show my strong sup- capture most of our water to these bills created any new stamp staff recommenda- port for Dick Lundy for Su- fulfill its huge demands,sustainable jobs? tions with little insight into pervisor, 5th District, and en- Other than water, furtherYou once said that you were up with some new dorse him as my candidate of impacts concern us immedt- five days away from "funda- ideas, choice. If you voted for me in ately. With so many homesmentally changing America William Weaver the prima'ry, thank you. Ifor sale, in foreclosure or left ,.." Councilmemberwould like to ask you now to unfinished, it is no time for We regret being so naive. Portolaput your support with Dickthousands of new ones. With As the November election ap- preaches, millions of voters have lost homes, jobs. retire- ment. savings and their busi- nesses. Many Americans are fearful their current jobs will not be there for them. You forced new government bu- reaucracies, restrictions and mandates on the private sec- tor. You have ignored the dis- senting majority of Ameri- cans; instead of listening ... you have vilified them. You trample on American ideals, because your own childhood roots were not in this coun- try. Your naivet6 supports "government solutions and socialist agendas".., even for "illegal" immigrants. Now, God-fearing, gun-tot- ing Americans are challeng- ing your power. All races, re- ligions and genders will vote and we thank you for bring- ing us together. We reject your vision to "fundamentally change America" and we choose to stop you Nov. 3. Independent, nonpartisan Americans will decide this election, not the established partys (sic). We are taking back our power. "Thank you," Mr. President, we learned a valuable lesson from you; we are Americans, not socialists. Dr. Trent Saxton Portola Mouthful Repeat mistake, now that's wonder the economy is what it is. I recently worked in Neva- da for three years. I noticed something impressive; the lo- cal papers there, printed once a month, how county taxpay- ers' money was being spent. Can we do that here? It sounds so democratic. Just for the record, as for my statement in favor of some sort of investigation, I do not mean at the cost of Pluns County taxpayers. If Plun s County needs help with tt ;, they can come to the peopl I venture to say most of us h~ e learned how to get thit s done within our means. John LundqJ Ches Fortitude Hooray for Ruth Jackson having the intestinal fortitl to speak out and act regard what many here believe to an overzealous CHP for Don't get me wrong, I beli~ that the CHP play a pivc role in keeping our roads s~ But at what cost? Their often incredulous i ;1 ,[ L~ L~ ,{ tl e a sons for stopping drivers ~ u to some minor (dim lice~ u plate light) infraction so t] .'~ can try and hit the motI .~ lode (DUI) seem at least u~n- ethical and at most illegal. The' stories I've heard from many people regarding th i: a mouthful, interaction with the 1o, ,, When reading the article CHP make me think that I Repeat mistake could cost haps I've been transported the county $320,000," I another country and anot] ,thought, here we go again; time where citizens' rig: and quite frankly I don't were nonexistent. think we can afford it. With the current state of af- fairs in governance, I think we just need to say enough is enough. Not only should there be an investigation (at no ad- ditional cost to us) as to how this happened and how to avoid it in the future, it needs to produce some results too. Specifically, right the wrong or live with lower qual- ity roads. But don't pay twice, I can't afford it. At one time, I thought my property taxes were a bargain, not anymore. The fact that this issue has been overlooked several times raises some serious ques- tions. We have been getting rolled like this for years; no Contrary to popular bel it is not illegal to drink drive. It's illegal to be i paired and drive, and I say those folks off the road. Bu make up some false prete to pull anyone over in hol of finding an impaired dri' makes all of us suspects j 'for getting behind the wh of our car. I urge every person thinks they've been stop! as a pretense to contact the cal CHP commander, their pervisor and the local pa: and let them know that, the people, will not toler this type of poli6e activity Bob Raymt a t, t 11 :f t S e E H h e 1, PE ~q fl rl 'u il ummm 'nnum,; .... : Z- ,- ; m - , il ............