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September 26, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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September 26, 2001

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Record, Reporter Wednesda Sept. 26, 2001 9B i m m i FRANCIS JOURNALIST a U.S. citizen, from St. now living in St. Russia. It was here when we got the about the attack on the ! by terrorists. night on the In- bouncing around to Web sites, slowed mad- 'the heavy traffic net. ' was a night of frustra- One of loneliness, anger, the U.S. Consulate to register. They are asking all U.S. nationals to They came to pray for theThis was a terrible tragedy veteran, wearing a shabbyways been proud to say his check in. I got there, and out- most part. They would stop for the world. All Russians old suit coat in the rainy home was close to the U.S. side there were a few people in front of the building, place feel the suffering of the peo- weather. Pinned to his coat Consulate. standing around, and a bunch their flowers gently on the ple of the U.S. We are with were combat ribbons, earned He met American soldiers of flowers lying in front of the ground if they had them, then you today, and will be with during his youth on the field on the front in WW II, and he building. It was very nice. most would pray. Some cried, you tomorrow." of battle against Hitler's always loved America. He Across the street, there was quietly. The flowers cameLate in the afternoon, a armies, said he was hurt terribly by another group of flowers, from normal, everyday Rus- group of about 15 teenagers His wife, an old, wrinkled what happened, but that now, with some candles. (I found sians who felt moved to come came along, led by a lady who woman with silver teeth, bent like before, America and Rus- out later that security would- to the consulate, say a prayer, I correctly surmised was down with a few pathetic sia should be allies in a war n't let them light candles and drop off some flowers, their teacher. They had decid- flowers and laid them on a despicable foe. Just like close to the building, so any- Most people didn't bring flow- ed after school on an im-amongst the others as the old in WW II, now America and one with candles to light was ers. They brought sad hearts, promptu visit to the con-man wiped away tears. Russia could be friends, fight- asked to do it across the filled with sympathy for you sulate. I walked over to him, anding side by side against an en- street.) I went in, registered, and me. Most people only I met a lady, tears stream- said hello. He spoke for about emy who wanted to extermi- then came back out to talk to stayed a couple of minutes be- ing down her cheeks as she lit five minutes in a very low, nate us. some of the people milling fore leaving, a candle placed in a small jar but passionate voice. I under- I cried. More than once. around. I spent the entire day there, to keep the rain and windstood almost none of the I left today, in a very angry, It was a very interesting and met no one who was hap- away. She spoke about being words, but I knew what henationalistic mood. I was day. I talked to a couple of py about what happened, a little girl in Leningrad dur- said by looking in his eyes. hoping to find trouble. What I hundred people throughout I met the mayor of St. Pe- ing the siege. She was very After he was done, I thanked found was that America does the day, and maybe five of tersburg, a guy named concerned about me, and our him, as an American, for car- have friends. Friends in some them were U.S. citizens. All Yakovlev. I also met the national state of mind. She ing. of the most unlikely places, the others were Russians, leader of the parliament,assured me we would over-Another newsman there but friends that shouldn't be save for a pair of English Later, I met a winner of the come this, and encouragedtold me what the old man had overlooked. girls. Nobel Prize in physics. His me to rally my countrymen to said was more or less that he We aren't alone. The people would come, name is Joures Alfyorov. He arms. felt our pain. He lived in the slowly, quietly, respectfully, said, "I am very distraught. One man I met was a WW IIneighborhood, and had al- i m a lot of : about "bombing the Ronn Owens, on al- that this would mean innocent people, peo- to do this atrocity, but "we're we have to accept What else we do?" I heard pundit discussing we "have the belly. done." I thought about the is- s being rsted especially I am from , and even rye nved here for 35 I've never lost track of on there. I want to tell anyone who will listen how it allwould come in there, takeThey're already suffering. So what else is there? tween Islam and the West. looks from where I'm stand- out the Taliban and clear out Level their houses? Done.What can be done, then? Let And guess what: that's Bin ing. the rats nest of international Turn their schools into piles me now speak with true fear Laden's program. That's ex- I speak as one who hates thugs holed up in their coun- of rubble? Done. Eradicate and trembling. The only way actly what he wants. That's the Taliban and Osama Bin try. their hospitals? Done. to get Bin Laden is to go in why he did this. Laden. There is no doubt in Some say, why don't the Destroy their infrastruc-there with ground troops.Read his speeches and my mind that these people Afghans rise up and over-ture? Cut them off from med- When people speak of statements. It's all right were responsible for the throw the Taliban? icine and health care? Too "having the belly to do what there. He really believes Is- atrocity in New York. I The answer is, they're late. Someone already did all needs to be done," they're lam would beat the west. It agree that something must starved, exhausted, hurt, in- that. New bombs would only thinking in terms of having might seem ridiculous, but be done about those n)on- capacitated, suffering. A few stir the rubble of earlier the belly to kill as many as he figures if he can polarize sters, years ago, the United Na-bombs, needed. Having the belly to the world into Islam and the But the Taliban and Bin tions estimated that there Wot ld they at least get the overcome any moral qualmsWest, he's got a billion sol- Laden are not Afghanistan. are 500,000 disabled orphans Taliban? Not likely, about killing innocent peo- diets. They're not even the govern- in Afghanistan--a countryIn today's Afghanistan, on- ple. If the West wreaks a holo- ment of Afghanistan. with no economy, no the Taliban eat, only they Let's pull our heads out of caust in those lands, that's a The Taliban are a cult of There are millions of wid- have the means to move the sand. What's actually on billion peOple with nothing .ignorant psychotics who ows. And the Taliban has around. They'd slip the table is Americans dy- left to lose,That's even bet- took over Afghanistan in been burying these widowsaway and hide. ing.'And not just becauseter from Bin Laden's point of 1997. Bin Laden is a political alive in mass graves. Maybe the bombs would some Americans would die view. criminal with a plan. When The soil is littered with get some of those disabledfighting their way through He's probably wrong. In you think Taliban, think land mines; the farms were orphans; they don't move too Afghanistan to Bin Laden's the end, the West would win, Nazis. When you think Bin all destroyed by the Soviets. fast. They don't even havehideout, whatever that would mean, Laden, think Hitler. And These are a few of the tea- wheelchairs. It's much bigger than that, but the war would last for when you think "the people sons why the Afghan people But flying over Kabul and folks. Because to get anyyears, and millions would of Afghanistan," think "the have not overthrown the dropping bombs wouldn't re- troops to Afghanistan, we'd die, not just theirs but ours. Jews in the concentration Taliban. ally be a st :ike against the have to go through Pakistan, Who has the belly for that? camps." We come, now, to the ques- criminals who did this hot- Would they let us? Bin Laden does. Anyone It's not only that the tion of bombing Afghanistan rific thing. Actually it would Not likely. The conquest of else? Afghan people had nothing back to the Stone Age. only be making a common Pakistan would have to be to do with this atrocity. Trouble is, that's been cause with the Taliban--byfirst. Will other Muslim na- They were the flu'st victims done. The Soviets took care raping once again the people tions just stand by? You see of the perpetrators. They of it already, they've been raping all this where I'm going. We're flirt- would exult if someone Make the Afghans suffer?time. ing with a world war be- Bush came to Congress (last Thursday)to The President'saddresswas fought on many different The President's address northern California border, demonstrate the strength of both uplifting and to the fronts against terrorists and made it clear that no matter Trinity, Shasta, Plumas, Sier- our resolve as a nation, that point. He brought to light cer- advocates of terrorism, using how long it takes, the United ra, Nevada, Butte and Yuba we willnot allow these terror- tain hard facts of this tragedy, all resources necessary for States and freedom-lovingcounties. He serves on the ist attacks to go unpunished, about the sorrow we are all victory. It will be waged on people all over the world will House Committee on Ways and In his address, he spelled out feeling and how the unity of the home front with a thor- prevail. Means and is the chairman of exactly the nature of the ene- our spirit will see us through ough rethinking of domestic Congressman Herger repre-the Subcommittee on Human my with whom we are at war, this ordeal, security policy. It will be sents the Second District of Resources. and what manner of battle it The war on terrorism willfought abroad with the California; including Siskiyou will be. not be a quick one. It will be strength of our armed forces, and Modoc counties along the SM rvey: Nearly 58 percent of Plumas County residents contend'that the United States should use "all-out" force to avenge the terror- ist attacks. An Internet poll was conducted last week to de- termine what residents think about the subject. The poll, which ran at from Sept. 17 to Sept. 24, asked site visitors about the at- tacks. The poll was not scien- tifically conducted. Rather, site visitors were asked to state their opinion on a topic. There is no way to verify whether the poll ac- tuaUy reflects community opinion. The result is the highest percentage any poll an- swer has ever received since the newspaper start- ed publishing its Internet Site poll results earlier this year. Another 19 percent sup- port military force, but in "a limited fashion." On the other hand, near- ly 22 percent of the readers oppose the use of the mili- tary, arguing that "vio- lence is not the answer." Another 2 percent op- pose the use of the military because the government should "let nature take its course." i Rate President Bush's performance during this national crisis. I for Letters letters must contain an ad- and a phone number. We only one letter per week, and only one letter per month regarding same subject. We do not third-party or open let- Letters must be limited to a of 3o0 words. Any let- excess of 300 words will be the editor. The deadline is at 3 p.m. Letters may be to any of Feather Publish- offices, sent via fax to 283- or e-mailed at i. Beckwowth daughter has a home of the fire department. father, have a travel west of the house. To are some vacant lots, some occupied homes. have a few clocks and )f sentimental value. What a shame one can't live these events and I have what goes on to make that I have a beautiful stem in our little town without fear gained a deep respect for the thing run. It isn't easy and be- wind men's pocket watch. It is that ff you turn your back for organizers, lieve me, I know. We encased in glass, with no a minute, you could be I applaud the organizers of work all year to give people numbers on the dial and robbed, the H.S.M.F. They work hard five days of enjoyment, but we everything inside visible, Jim Downs all year for a four-day event, sure don't get much thanks with beautiful ruby jewels. Beekwourth I am a local 4-H horse forit. It would be nice to hear A few weeks ago, I had them leader. My group uses the are- what was done right for a on my bed winding them. I f ow some support na at the fairgrounds on a reg- change instead of a bunch of placed them in a clothes clos- I'm really tired of listening ular basis. Yes, the arena was complaints. et. to everyone complain about used for the festival but it was The High School Rodeo is a I didn't know there was a the High Sierra Music Festi- part of their contract, great addition to the commu- thief looking in the west win- val, High School Rodeo, and What isn't known is that all nity. The kids are respectful, dow. The only thing between the fair. Isn't anyone in this I had to do was ask and I had well mannered, and they love the thief and the watch would county happy with what goes six H.S.M.F. workers cleaning what they do. Why can't we be a locked door. on at the fairgrounds? up the arena and they had it support their dreams? I wish I go to my daughter's house Should we just cancel every done in 10 minutes. They did- it had been here when I was quite often to watch TV. event so people around here n't have to. That's the kind of in high school. I didn't think it necessary to won't have to associate with people they are, They trySure, we might not have lock up the door just to go any "outsiders"? their hardest to make every- benefited from their being watch TV for a short while. I Why is this county so inca- one happy, even when it here this summer, but maybe always locked up when lear- pable ofaccepting changes? I might be an inconveniencefor once we could focus on the ing town. work at the fairgrounds dur- for them. My group was able kids instead of money. It will About a month later, wind- lng the summer months andto hold its meeting safely, grow, it just needs time and ing again, the beautiful jew- have survived two music fes- Mike Clements does a support. eled watch and case are gon& rivals, two fairs, and a high tremendous job of putting on I sincerely thank Mike If the punk is an addict, it school rodeo. I see all the hard a terrific fair every year. Vol- Clements for everything he should buy a lot of dope. work that goes into running unteers don't know the half of has done. I hope the people in this community will open their eyes, quit focusing on themselves, and start showing their support, not only for the fairgrounds, but for other events yet to come, and their organizers. Jenelle Seibel Quincy We can't say we don't have the money. The state of California is 05 fering low-income property owners and renters assistance in the form of a rebate on a yearly basis; and the Feds are passing out rebates to all who paid income tax last year. The Indian Valley Hospital Board of Directors is asking the voters in the Indian Val- ley Hospital District to pass a $75 per year parcel fee for a duration of.five years. That's less, per year, than one trip to Cosco, or one-half hour in See Letters, page lOB