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October 3, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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October 3, 2001

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Progressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2001 :U.B ~,LLC..Z_ .... ...... . .............. ' IIII nlllll I IINIINIHnrl k . I I I ,u2 _ OYCESCROGGS ,an De~CTOR, PLUMAS RURAL SERVICES }DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SERVICES t foot Domestic Vio- COUIli ce Awareness Month. This ; thus annual, nationwide ob- ..... ,,dwance when domestic vio- -r "p ograms ann agencies jxzuv FK intensively to raise high |ds and educate policy kers and members of our . _J aunity. )1 plaY, his year, Domestic Vio- LOUgll Ice Awareness Month 1 hutaes at a time when Ameri- play reeling from the trag- ic loss of life in New York, the coalition gathered data to pro- abuse, while 44 percent of Changing the "not my busi- mestic Violence Awareness District of Columbia and duce a community assess- health care providers dis-hess" attitude among commu- Month in Plumas County. Pennsylvania. ment. Surveys, interviews agreed that they were doing nity members. That proclamation notes that Plumas County's Family Vi- and focus groups provided in- enough. Using the assessment study, "community involvement is olence Prevention Coalition formation that was used to de- The prevention needs that coalition members also iden- critical to solutions for do- joins advocates and agencies velop the prevention plan for were identified from this com- tiffed the strengths, chal- mestic violence. Community across the nation in extend- Plumas County. The surveysmunity assessment included: lenges, opportunities and bar- alliances among government, ing our deepest sympathy and were conducted at the county Education about domesticriers to prevention efforts in community associations, support for family members fair, as well as with law en- abuse and local resources for Plumas County. businesses, educators and re- of those lost in this tragedy, forcement, health care health care providers, law en- The training and educationligious organizations will Ending violence has now providers and school person- forcement, school personnel of service providers, law en- strengthen our families and taken on a new urgency that nel. and the general public forcement, judicial systemteach alternatives to violent affects all Americans. Safety Eighty percent of those who Changing law enforcementand school personnel became behavior." in our homes, for our fami- responded said that domestic attitudes about survivors and a high priority. The coalition Preventing violence and lies, is seen within the larger abuse was a serious or very increasing their understand- concluded that education of abuse in Plumas County is a context of international serious problem within ing of why women stay in these sectors of our communi- long-term commitment to peace. Yesterday, Plumas Plumas County. A majority of abusive relationships ty would reinforce efforts in a making all homes safe as we County's Family Violence school personnel (54 percent) Increasing accountability countywide community work to make our country Prevention Coalition present- noted that they were not sure for batterers in the courts awareness campaign and im-safe. ed the board of supervisors if they were doing enough. Encouraging the involve-plementation of youth pro-If you would like to join the with a strategic plan to pre- Seventy-three percent of ment of males in prevention grams in the schools, work of Plumas County's vent domestic violence in our law enforcement respondents efforts Yesterday, the Plumas Family Violence Prevention homes and communities, agreed they were doing Increasing parental inter- County Board of Supervisors Coalition, contact us at 283- During the past year, the enough to prevent domesticvention and proclaimed October to be Do- 5675. to tear the fabric of our soci- communities to become divid- Indeed, the President asked ety, to break the bonds that ed. We must remember thatfor an initial $20 billion and hold us together as Ameri- we are all in this together. Congress responded, unani- )pose cans. This mission has failed. Our partners include thou- mously, by giving him twice [1. W J.HEBGE America is unified now more sands of Northern Californi- that amount. More will fol- it CONGRESSMAN than ever. arts who, because of the color low. Seldom-before-seen acts of of their skin or their religious Our resolve is focused: we ,hasis lost ofus patriotism, heroism and faith traditions, must not be con- will do whatever it takes to :obab hocked, still mourning, have become commonplace fused with the enemy, defend ourselves, and to de- . ,.,f y our sadness is turning on the evening news. When we allow neighbor to fend freedom itself. We didn't ~.Bl. &IL r~.l. r teous anger. In our own region, families be pitted against neighbor in ask for a war, we didn't start _Le are stunned and sick- hang Old Glory in their front this manner, the terrorists it, but we will wage it with an e red at the images we have yards, and people stand in win. intensity and purpose that will stagger our foes. ,.fld. ,.l$n---the. ,senseless attack on line for hours to donate blood. We are now embarking on a , ,..eir can soil, American Churches, synagogues and long-term war on terrorism. *s and unerican" dignity, mosques hold vigils, signal- As President Bush made it havtur suffering is unfath- ing their support for the Unit- clear in his address to the na- Llege sJ b , but our country is ed States and the victims, tion, this will be a very differ- . However callous itSchool children empty their ent kind of war against a dis- ...... we all must now thinkpiggy banks and send toys to persed and elusive enemy. :tllCt getting on with our those who have lost parents As you know, the United ]e an - Necessity demands wein the attack. States Congress has already weak e te We will not allow ourselves acted to give President Bush rrorist attacks aimed to be paralyzed by fear and the tools he needs to fight as sha anger. We cannot allow our back. inn it = = ective Even as we combat this evil, even as we strike back at the fanatics who despise us for merely being Americans, our lives must go on. Schools will remain open. Grocery stores will continue to have food on the shelves. Farmers will continue to work their fields. Fire crews will continue to battle blazes I in our national forests, ly hear or read my comments, As President Bush said, and those of all our elected business will continue, but representatives, regarding never again will it be "busi- energy, water, farm families, hess as usual." health care, veterans' issues, Those critical issues affect- and a host of topics seemingly ing the nation before the at- unrelated to the battle against tack have not disappeared. As terrorism. Congress returns to work, we While national security will address issues of nation- concerns are at the top of our al security, including ap- agenda, all Americans must preaches to solving our ener- strive for normalcy. gy crisis. The battle will be complex, While a mild summer diffmult, and sustained. We brought relief to what may need to brace ourselves for have resulted in months of the long haul. rolling blackouts, a mild sea- In addition to specific mill- son is not a policy solution, tary action, it may take years And our water concerns have of changes to aviation, intelli- not decreased. Indeed, the wa- gence and security policy. ter shortage still looms as an However long it takes, we enormous problem for Call- are committed. Right now we fornia, must get back to work. Like My point is simply this: in you, I too have a job to do. the coming days you will like- Like you, I intend to do it. I I at American will go un- in a journal or diary, der tribute q ourning. They music to remind yourself that Attend your church, syna-tional Office, National Ass0ci- i -hed--whether directl or Recognize that thinkirtg a;,e a a reacti ome , n20st of the people in the gogue, mosque or other faith ati0n of Crime V.ietin Com- .... :ec l. y--by the devastating ability may be compromised, women,and childreffto inter- world and in your community community services or vigils, pensation Boards, National Przst attacks that took It is natural that in these cir- hal stress. They remove un- are good. Be authentic with the God of Association of VOCA Admin- recently and which cumstances, one's ability to healthy stress-related toxins Human goodwill and kind- your understanding, istrators, National Center for ,3t the hearts and minds of concentrate is limited. Em: from thebody, hess illuminate the darkness Seek professional support. Victims of Crime, National quare U ens across the nation, ployers must recognize this Reach out to those more di- even as a single candle can Additional trauma support, Organization for Victim As- People will experience a and accommodate, rectly affected. Call those you pierce the darkness, counseling and resources are sistance (NOVA), the National .. ety of reactions to the Honor individual differ- know who are affected, even if Do something to help. Do- available from several organi- Organization of Parents of rrenz v,... and t h " he unforgettable ences in trauma reaction,distantly. Perhaps invite them hate blood. Send money to the zations below. Murdered Children, National ea : esfrmthetragedy, in-Your way is not the only way. over for dinner or take them a American Red Cross or one of A coalition of victim assis- Sexual Violence Resource gis stri lgfeel -g n.umb, angry, People bring their full life ex- meal. Listen exquisitely. They the other organizations that tance organizations, which Center, and the Pennsylvania aml helpless. The fol- periences to the events of may say the same things over are helping directly, can offer further trauma sup- Coalition Against Rape and er supI ..g tips may help you cope Sept. 11. It is not useful to tell and over again. Honor these Fly an American flag or put port if needed, and which pro- Tragedy Assistance Program aroP eemotionsandgrief others how to handle their experiences by listening a candle in your window to af- vided this information in- for Survivors (TAPS). es : lmk:efnSpeakable trauma own trauma. For example, rather than giving advice or firm your commitment thatclude: the California Crime Additional information and y more manageable telling someone he or shetelling them that things could darkness will not overcome Victim Compensation Board, trauma recovery tips and in- _p it is verbalized. Try to must be strongis useless. Peo- have been worse, the light. Plant a tree or Colorado Organization forformation can be found at eekly/ Words to describe your ple are coping the best they Limit television and radio perennial plant to remindVictim Assistance, Joint Cen- , our on and share them with can. exposure. Turn it on only oc- yourself at next year's an- ter on Violence and Victim , f repres one you trust. If you Recognize the value of casionally and then go for a niversary that life prevails. Studies, the Mothers Against or '.r peri talk with someone, write tears. Tears are simply a ten- walk or put on some calming Utilize spiritual resources. Drunk Driving (MADD) Na- . edited, er survey: I Only 70 percent of Plumas president, have ranked Bush's perfor- County residents rate President The poll was not scientifical- mance from 89 to 91 percent. Bush's performance during the ly conducted. Nearly 30 percent ranked national crisis as favorable. Rather, site visitors were President Bush's performance An Internet poll was conduct- asked to state their opinion on as unfavorable. _2 ed last week to determine what a topic. None of the readers who vet- This week's question residents think about the sub-There is no way to verify ed selected the choice of not :: -.__ ject. whether the poll actually re- knowing how they feel about What should happen to ee ....... The poll, which ran at plumas-flects community opinion. Bush's performance. Plumas Corporation? n m specials_ -,--,.,. ..... news.corn from Sept. 24 to Oct, 1, The result contrasts sharply ,e hosIfl -- asked site visitors about the with national surveys, which [ plumasnew$.om [ th. ffall eiving evenu lltl for Letters the historical integrity of the rural atmosphere here. I am continually at ease with Indian ters must contain an ad- site----only to see those efforts If the future of the ski hill is myself and the district that .opertY]Land a Phone number. We pelted with a volley of snow- threatened by parks superin- the students of Westwood still really Only one letter per week, balls thrown from misguided tendent John Knott's appar- are going through their daily LbLeto Son and only one letter and misinformed parks andent power-play, it means a routines without being fed. I uring Per month regarding recreation officials, loss of jobs and revenue for mean food. l SUbject We do not It seems like selective per- local businesses during the After being cited for not pro third.p " ception prevailed, and the fac- season when business is slow. complying with the guide- _... arty or open let- tions empowered with mak-Does the Board of Supervi- lines set forth by the national _ ,m,t to aing decisions on the site only sors want to continue to see school lunch program, the ad- mum Um of 300 wor . Any let- heard what they w inted to recreation, food and lodging ministration at Westwood "-2* ;esS of 300 words will be x can 3 ate ditor. The deadline is hear revenues trickle outside the High School still insists that The board of supervisors county, or does" it want to soda pop is the best food val- . _,IL o P.m Lattom may be would be well advised to hold take ue for their students' nutri- one any of" =': Feather Publish eourt with state officials to a hard look and determinet.ion dollars. sent via fax to 283 determine why they flip- what went aw . Scott Mayer RIO rm L, or e-mailed at flopped their decision. Equally, residents shouldQuincy The board may also Want tO be asking the same questions question why state officials and not be snowed by the V ty ol pod MJ nixed the improvements after state's conclusions. My fourth grandchild was o approving them some seven " Len Fernandes born Thursday morning, Department e by S eation;s-it-el months ago. Clio and Castro Valley Sept. 13. HIS name is Phoenix. The improvements at Ski The phoenix is a mythologi- .merits at Sk 'C_ i'd Gold Mountain were never cal bird which burned a nd Jestlo=~" stzm :t kiusGspld destined to turn the facility In the wake of international rose again from the ashes. nr or ' mtations. -- into a Squaw Valley look-concerns it is equally impor- What an appropriate name in *tUpaS oprietors alike. No one wants that.taut that we as free citizens light of what has happened. no*, Instead, the improvementsdo not lose our local perspec- I don't wish to leave a world dm v ies= rpear n e --- =-teto would haveprovMed theareativeonlocaljustice, of violence to this beautiful with a fh-st-class recreational I am a teacher in the West- child. There has to be another resource that adhered to the wood Ul ified School District. way. I am angry. Almost all Phoenix were killed or Americans are, and most of maimed? We did not win that the world, war. There are other ways to ex- There are other ways of press our feelings. Instead of finding and punishing these sending angry and hate-filled people. words out over the Internet, I am glad that I live in collect money for the RedAmerica and have the free- Cross; donate blood; calldoms that I enjoy. I am also someone and tell them howrealistic about this country. much you love them; take The United States is not the dinner to an elderly neighbor; innocent that our govern- stop and talk to a homeless ment would have us believe. person on the street; and most We are not always a "kind important, spend some time people," as George Bush said with a child. Read them alastweek. book, take them for a walk, Read the newspaper, read maybe to a park, and pushbooks, talk to people from them on the swings, other countries. Even as I This, of course, does not ira. write this, our government mediately rid us of terrorism, and other governments that We live in an incredibly corn- we support are committing plex worM. acts of inhumanity. Certainly it must be This is the chain of rio- stopped. However, | wouldfence which repeats over and urge our government to use over We not only need to cut caution and restraint, off terrorism at its source, we To go off and bomb coun- need to. cut off violence at its tries as we did during Desert source also, which begins Storm is not the answer. How many innocent children like II= e