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October 3, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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October 3, 2001

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Fr.Y Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2001 Bulletin, Progressive, Record, ~' Pr~ with each and every one ofon the road of destruction us. built by the gruesome two- It is imperative that we be- somes. gin to see how we treat this The power of the press is earth and every being, hu-noted for its ability to achieve man or otherwise, on it. what the public cannot. Our Wasn't it John Lennon who newspaper is our county's sang "all we need is love" and link, and its journalistic ahili- love begins with you and me. ties are reflected by the re- Susan Prindle ported awards received. Portland, Ore. It's evident there's local frustration over what's hap- mmth pening to our county and lack Without our hospital, you'll of confidence in leadership have to drive to Quincy orwhich emphasizes the need Chester for medical care. for a steady flow of informa- A gallon of gas costs in the tion concerning the fight area of $2. That won't get you we're in for existence and there and back, but maybe it awareness of how the local won't need to get you back ff wind is blowing. you don't get there in time. Pinkie Forbes The parcel fee equals $6.25 Meadow Valley a month, $1.56 a week, 22 cents a day. WoOl Farm mml Day Go f'tgure! Oct. 2 has been set aside as NansiBohne World Farm Animal Day Greenville throughout a number of na- tions. This day was set aside & few to remind people of the inhu- Amazing how mismanage- mane treatment animals re- ment ofthree-fourthsofcoun- ceive under the farming ty land, led by an M&M, gets methods we have come to off so lightly with local news know as factory farming. coverage. Factory farming was devel- It's one thing to protect oped in an effort to maximize readers from divorce statis- profits at the expense of ani- tics, but frustrating ff people real and human weffare. This struggling with the Forestpractice affects many ani- Service and tree huggers reals, including those raised aren't able to get progress re- for food, pets, animal re- ports through to the readers, search and furs. Anyone know who the nine It basically deprives ani- people were attending the reals of any kind of natural Forest Service meeting in existence in an environment Quincy?. which does not allow the ani- "Anyone know how the Su- real access to fresh air, open pea pushed for solidarity at a space, and to behave in a nat- Rural Counties meeting?, ural way. Many of these ani- Do funding blockades cur- reals exist in overcrowded tall all attempts to stand tall? cage conditions, never feeling Anyone ask if county sunlight, green grass, fresh growth is totally based onair, or soil beneath their feet. mandates? They are even deprived of Are grant writers a necessi- the space needed to turn has even instituted individ- America. I am a volunteer ual farms that raise millions medic for a volunteer fire de- of hogs a year in warehouses partment because I want to which stack animals one on help my neighbors. My top of the other to decrease neighbors live in the Anchor the need for space. Point area. Staggering amounts of Anchor Point is in Alaska, sewage' noxious gases are and last time I looked, Alaska created on'th,ese farms, caus- is in the United States of ing health hazards which af- America. fect the animals trapped in I raise my children to love the midst of it and the work- their home. When someone ers maintaining it. steals a plane and kills thou- Odors are detected from miles sands of your fellow country- away and nearby ground wa-men, they have come into our ter used for domestic water home and violated us all. supplies has become polluted. Some people do not realize Legislation has been devel- what they have, until it is tak- oped to address some of the en away from them. Our inno- issues of factory farming, but cence was taken from us. It it is a case of too little, too in- was as violent as a rape. And complete and quite frankly, we will never have that back. the American people in gen- And yes, there are those eral have not demanded bet- who don't care much for our ter. Farm animals need ourcountry, because that is a help. Consumers are the key right of theirs. They were giv- The factory farming indus-en that right. After all, this is try will change if consumers America. We have the right to make it clear that they value disagree with our leaders. humane farming practices I raise my children to love and are willing to pay more their home, and let me tell for products from "farmed"you, that can be sometimes animals if humane standards very difficult. When your last are raised and maintained."leader" was an embarrass- Become informed--numerous ment, how do you teach pride groups provide informationto your child? on theissue. The leader is not your Write your congressperson country. The people are. So about needed changes. Try to look around you. I do not see t-md sources for products that anyone who is "suddenly come from animals that have American." I see people who not been victims of factory have to get over their farming, hangups and hold hands and We can make a difference, pray. Together God help us but we need to take those all. steps needed to make the JeriTrail changes come about. Former Greenville Faith Strailey resident Quincy Suddenly American I know that you all lead busy lives, but please take a few minutes to read what I Area gas prices In a letter to the editor pub- lished in the Sept. 19 edition of the newspaper, Lester West questioned the rapid increase does not. California is the on- ly state t'0 apply sales tax to both the state and federal ex- cise taxes. Being that Reno is a very competitive market with Ar- co and Costco stations, sup- pliers have to issue tempo- rary volume allowances for their stations to stay competi- tive, which can be quite sub- stantial. We do not receive area discount allowances. All this adds to a playing field that is not level. Regarding Mr. West's refer- ence to the rapid price in- creases in a short time. From Aug. 1 to Aug. 29, our whole- sale cost increased 36 cents, while our retail price only in- creased 3O cents. We were told by our suppli- er that the cause of such a dramatic increase was a slow- down in production and an increase in demand. Re- garding pricing at Chilcoot, I can only generalize as I don't know the specifics. However, part of it was due to old ver- sus new gas, meaning ff the station in Chilcoot buys a load of gas about:every two weeks, and we buy gas every three days, we incur in- creased fuel costs at a faster pace, resulting in a price dis- crepancy. I hope this in some small way helps explain why it costs more to buy fuel in our area. But then we all know there are trade-offs for living in our beautiful communities. God bless America! Jerry and Justin Dollard Dollard's Sierra Market Portola Keep the Jewel For the past 36 years, I have co-owned Coppercreek Camp in Greenville, a private, resi- have plaint" about the medica llll_1= received by any child,] -=1 their parents, personal ana clans, or specialists, r.." they have returned ho] la is During those 36 yeta va aeaSj lived for 17 years in four times the size of " as Valley, at 4,000 feet m tral Sierra, without a ltprati tal 1 I" volunteered for fiverds & as an EMT on our co Oc! ty-supported ambulanc@ ,mu vice and served three i hur on its board of director ng r worked constantly to prol get a hospital for our toni at t never happened. ;alle.l Measure M would pr e cel to cash drain presenuy"-- n, nouv, : erhi toPl le frU . trw' 7 acti us update the eqmpmem, heart monitors, mee Pen -- Static vices that will increase " tal usage. Our long-tern Hal could be expanded, closed. This is th( head If we turn our and close our we will not ever get Coppercreek ( Restodng Carman Terri Daoustdid a ry about the going on out in ley. However, there eral points that did face in this excellent that I thought your would really like to about. This project has about as a result of the cy Library Group m part. The article that a partnership ty because of mandates or around or stretch out. have to say. With every- of fuel prices in Portola prior dential camp for children, formed in 1999. feeding at the trough? They are given massive thing that has been going on to Labor Day. The question is Our campers come from theActually a year or two.!='quest, Is the growth of Public doses of antibiotics to protect in our country lately, I have a good one and is asked often Bay Area, Southern Califor- to that, we used appro S Health from seven to 43 peo- them from contagious dis-heard some comments that by our customers, as well as nia, the East Coast, Asia, Eu- ly $5,000 from the QLG ple plus a building solely due eases and in the case of ani- are quite disturbing. Some those of other area stations in rope and South America. Health Pilot project to! t to mandates? mals used for breeding and people have expressed anger Eastern Plumas County. Their parents are people for and submit a grant prcL__" Anyone ask why govern- supplying milk and eggs, pro- at our people for becoming Our prices are competitive whom the best of health care to the EPA. This gra ment funded salaries are al- duction is enhanced to the suddenly American. I have a with rural areas including is readily available, andlowed us to develop a lowed higher than county point that the animal is phys- fewthings tosay about that. Quincy, Graeagle, Hallelujah whose expectations when it partnership, and undeI] supported for doing the same ically exhausted and deplet- My husband, Matt, and I Junction, Truckee and, atcomes to medical concernsan environmental study "='= job? ed. were both raised to love and times, the Bay Area as p,ub- with their children are very With the assistance rL' ,aj Any challenges made on de-3?he longest walk many ofrespect our country. We were fished in the San Francisco high. We have 160 people air- ra County and the SVRQc -" cisions by committees instead them take is the one-timebrought up knowing of theChronicle's Aug. 15 edition; ing on-site all summer, leveraged that first I of elections? walk from their cage to the great freedoms that we hold however, we are not competi- Coppercreek has used Indi- bring in more partner ' I/ Would a county animal trucks that will take them to in our hands, and the rights tire with Reno. an Valley Hospital, its physi- obtained further fundi The state of California re- cians, nursing staff, lab and mentioned in the article. re shelter in Greenville survive the slaughterhouses. There, to do what we want, when we quires the use of special "low X-ray very heavily each sum- So, from that $5,000 i/rees' a countywide election or the death can be a painfully slow want. name Dame Shirley Park :a rocess ip ~hich animals Matt does not ~ the uni-carb' gasoline-w~lt~Nevad~ :"merTor all those yearn, t~br. ment of QLG Fore~t'H~ Quincy election? i iay be butchered while still form of the armed services, does not. The full cost of this both campers and staff. From Pilot money, we have br F . Anyone know the status of conscious. This needless He wears the uniform of the reformulation may exceed 15 sprains to breaks, pneumonia numerous agencies,m losing Congressman Herger?tragedy occurs as a result of man who goes out every day, cents, as published in the to ear infections, out-patient tions, and individuals te Our national crisis may efforts to speed "production" and swings a hammer to newspaper's July 3 "Where I or admitted, every child (or er to plan, design, lead to survival, depending and keep expenses minimal, build the homes that you live Stand" column, counselor) needing to be seen and implement a com on our own resources, which The situation has reached in, and are lucky enough to Also, most gas stations in medically has passed through sire watershed resto could provide a passing lane the point that the industry live in, because you live in Reno are located within 10 those doors, project. Besides the35: miles of the rack, making an Staff has changed over wildlife habitats, a adov average haul around .015 those years, doctors havestored water cycle, clo (S: cents per gallon, while Porto- come and gone, as have ad- million of private, stat la is 125 miles from Chico and ministrators, but the institu- federal money has : Doing Business As: 155 miles from Sacramento, tion has remained there for vested in Plumas and FICTITIOUS BUSINESSDoing Business As: FICTfflOUS BUSINESS having an average haul of 5 tO us, and for the community of counties. Local com BR NAME STATEMENT FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 6 cents per gallon. Indian Valley, seven days a have gotten contrac - No. L~01-141 NAME STATEMENT No. 2001-215 (Expires 9-25-2006) California has an Under- week, 365 days a year, 24 have put the great maj i (Ex as S- 20O6) The fdlo ng is/are doing business ILl: Midnight Sun Construction, P.O. Box 141, Clio, CA 96106. Lauren and ChewI Hartwig, P.O. Box 141, C~,o, CA 961 O6. This business is conducted by a husband md wlfe, "the commenced to transsct busi- neas under the above name on June t 6, 200t. Signed: Che~ H~. Signed: Judith Sehrons. Clerk of Plumes County on date indicated NOTICE OF CURRENT P Tht= statement was filed with the County This statement was filed with the County below. ROPERTY TAXES DUE Cleric of Plumes County on date indicated Clerk of Plumas County on date indicated Filed: Sept 25, 2001 Made pursuant to Section 2609, below:, below:, Judith Wells, County Clerk Revenue and Taxation Code Filed: June 8, 2001 Filed: Sept. 14, 2001 By." Been Hanna, Deputy NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the first in- Judith ~ County CI~ Judith Wells, County Clek PuNished FRB, IVR, PR, CP stallment of taxes on the Secured Roll for the By:. Been i'~m, Deputy By:. ~m Hannah, Deputy Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 2001 Fiscal Year 2001-2002 willbe due and Pu~ FRB, IVR, PR, CP PuNished FRB, NR, PR, CP payable on November 1, 2001. The second Sept. 12, 19, 26, Oct. 3, 2001 Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 2001 installment of taxes will be due and payabte on February 1, 2002. Doing Business As: Doing Business As: Doing Business As: THE FIRST INSTALLMENT will become FICTITIOUS BUSINESS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS delinquent if not paid or postmarked on or FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NAME STATEMENT before December 10, 2001 at 5 p.m. and NAME STATEMENT No. 2001-216 No. 2001-211 thereafter a delinquent benafly of ten percent No. 200t -lg9 (Expi~ 9-26-2006) (Expires 9-24-2006) (10%) will attach. (Exptm~ 9-7-2006) The follo~ng person(a) ~are doing business The following person(s) is/am doing business THE SECOND INSTALLMENT ~ become 11m ~ perlon(a) i~afe doing busine~ as: Taytorsville Tavern, 4401 Main St., Tay- as: Summit Business Services, 76 Cotton- delinquent if not paid or postmarked on or as: ~mt Con~ S~, 1376 Chef-Iorsville, CA 95~63. wood Dr., Meedow Valley, CA 95956 before April 10, 2902 at 5 p.m. and tharas~t~ ty Ckde, Portole ~6122, Anthony Frank Annanino, P.O. Box 171, Susan H: Payne, P.O. Box 390, Meadow a delinquent penalty of ten percent (10%) will Janil & Sanduski, 1376 Cherry Circle, Per- Taytor~ille, CA95O63. Valley, CA95956. attach, together with a cost of ten dollars tole ~1~2. This Ix~no~ is conducted by an individu~. This businass is conducted by an individual. ($10.00) on each separate valuat~or| on the This buslneas is conducted by ~ individual. The Regis~nmt commenced to transact busi- The Registrant commenced to transact busi- Secured Roll. This cost shall be collected The I:le~istra~ commenced to tramact bual- ness under the above name on Sept. 26, ness under the above name on Sept, 24, even though the propety appears on the rofl ness under the above name on Sept. 6, 2001, 2001. due to a special assessment and no valua- 2001. f~'md: Ardhony F. Armanino. Signed: Susan H. Payne. tion is given. Signed: Jani= K Sandu~y. This statement was filed with the County This statement was filed with the County ALL TAXES MAY BE PAID WHEN THE This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Plumas County on date indicated Clerk of Plumas County on date indicated FIRST INSTALLMENT IS DUE. THE SEC- Clerk of Run'ms County on date indicated below:, below:, eND INSTALLMENT CANNOT BE PAID below:, Filed: Sept 26, 2001 Fded: Sept. 24, 2001 UNLESS THE FIRST INSTALLMENT HAS Filed:. Sept 7, 2001 Judith Walls, County Clerk Judith Wells, County Clerk BEEN PAID Judi~ Wdb, Cour~ Cterk By:. Eileon Hannah, Deputy By:. Eileen Hannah, Deputy Tax bills Will be mailed on or i~ivt to October By:, Been I-lennan, Deputy PuNished FRB, IVR, PR, CP PulNished FRB, IVR, PR, CP 31, 2001. Payments mey be made com- Pu~ FRB, NR, PR, CP Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 2001 Oct. 3, 10, t7, 24, 2001 mencing November 1, 2001, or on the day Doing Business As: " Doing Business As: Doing Business As: er. Thosemay be by FICTITIOUS BUSINESS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS or in the Tax Collectors Office on the 2nd FICTffl0US BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NAME STATEMENT Floor of the Courthouse, Room 203, Quincy, NAME STATEMENT No. 2001-207 No. 2001-208 Plumas County, California, Monday through No. 2001-202 (Expires 9-17-2006) (Expires 9-17-2006) Friday (holidays excepted) from the hours of (ExpivmR-10-20o6) Thefoflowingpemon(s)irdaredoingbuSinass Thefollowingpe'son(s)is/aredoingbusineas 8am.through5p.m The~lowlngpengm(s)~aredoingbusine~ as: Rumas Sierra Fitnass and Recreation, as: A Little Bit of Everything, 160Ma|nSL, Anyone not receiving a tex bill by November as: Plumas Compeny-Aasembly, 540 Ridge P.O. Box 41, Calpine, CA 96124. Chester, CA 96020. 10, 2001, should contact the Tax Collector at (5,30) 283-626O. St, Port~ CA 96122. Larry D. Markham, P.O. Box 41, Calpine, CA Jackey M, Yung, P.O. Box 1726, Chester, ANY CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP OR NEW Donald R. SlrKlasn, 540 Ridge st, Portola 96124. CA 96020. 96122. This bualrr~,s is conducted by an individual. This businass is conducted by an individual. CONSTRUCTION may be subject to a Sup- Thlsbusi~--,m~ieconductedbyanimlividual. The Registrant commenced to trar-',~ct lx~i. TheRegistra~tcommencedtotrensactbusi- pk~nen~Asssssment, resulfinginasul0~e- TheRegtstra~oomfnencedtotransastbusi- ness under the abeve name on Aug, 15, ness under the above name on Oct l, 2001, ~ tax bill bessd on the difierence in the nasa under the above name on Sept. 30. 2001. Signed:JackeyYung. values afier the ss~ or consVuc~en and the 0oI. Si ed: tan MarU m. ~ted: ~R. ~md~m. This statement was filed with the County This statement was filed with the County values prior to the changes. Clerk of Plumas County on date indicated PLEASE NOTE: A SUPPLEMENTAL TAX This statement was filed with the Coun~ Clerk of P|umas County on date indicated ~ BILL IS IN ADDITION TO THE ANNUAL Clerk of Plumas County on date indicated ~ Filed: Sept 17, 2001 BILL MAILED IN OCTOBER. below:. Fded: Sept 17, 2001 Judith We~is, County Clerk S/Borba~a J. Coates, Plumas County Tax ~d: Sept 10, 2001 Judith Wefts, Co~'tty Clerk By: Eileon Hannah, Deputy Collector Jud We , Co ty Been Haman, Deputy PuUished FRB, NR, PR, CP Executed Q=ncy, Rumas Coonty, C ,or. ~.IE~~ Dql~ty PuI~ FRB IVR PR, CP Oct. 3, 10, 17,24,2001 niaon September27, 2001. Published FRB, IVR, PR, CP Oc[ 3, 10, 17, 24, 2001 Published FRB, IVR, PR, CP ~1 26, O1.3,10,17,2001 OcL 3, 10, 2001. No. 2001-206 (Expires 9-1.2006) The fo~wing person(s) is]are doing business ground Storage Tank Fee of hours a day. this money into the d The~lowingparson(s)is/aredoingbusiness as: Dave Heppler Home Carpentry, 133 .013 cents per gallon. RenoIn all those 36 years, we economies. Roedar Ave., Crescent Mills. CA 95934. The article correctly! JB Financial, 748 Deerwesd, Portola, CA David Andrew Heppler, 133 Roedar Ave., out that past loggi~ 96122.Judith Ann Bohrens, P.O. Box 2172, Portola ThisCrescent MillS,business isCA 95934.conducted by an individual, caused the "rerouth g This business is conducted by an individual. The Registrant commenced to trensact busi- man Creek, and the The Registrant commo~ to transact b~- ~ tmdar lhe above name on Oct 1, 2001. of the pristine wetland ness under the above name on Sept. 14, Signed: David Andre. Heppler. I just wantedto 2001. This statement was filed with the County Taxes due Doing Business As: this logging occurred FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT No. 2001-210 (Expires 9-21-29O6) The following person(s) is/are doing busi- ness as: Spanish Peak Firewood Co., 112 Tramway, Meadow Valley, CA 95956. Russell Fad Jeskey, P.O. BOx 291, Meadow Valley, CA 95956. TNs businees is conducted ~ an indi~lual. The Reg~trant commen~d to trensact bur~- heSS under the above name on Sept. 21, 2001. Signed: ~ Earl Leskey. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Plumas County on date indicated Filed: Segt 21, 2001 Judith Wetls, County Clerk E en Ha =, Deputy Published FRB, IVR, PR, CP Oct 3, 10, t7, 24, 2001 Doing Business As: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT No. 2001-204 9-7-z)o6) The following person(s) is/are doing busi- neas as: Candy IOda, 129 Esconoldo Way, Portola, CA 961 22. Jennifer Lee Condliffe, BOx 1266, Portola, CA96122. This busineas is conducted by en indi~kmL The Reg~trant commenced te transact bus~- ness under the above name on Aug. 6, 2001. Signed: Condl . This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Plumas County on date indicated Filed: Sept 12, ',toOl Judith W~s, County Clek I~ RqB, IVR, PR, CP Sept 26, Oct 3, 10, 17, 2001 Public Notice Deadline Thursdays at 4p.m. 283-0800 FAX 283-3952 years ago, and bears ly no resemblance to logging practices. Some other im points are: The local Service grazing Calvert McPherrin, ly cooperative with tire project. He us every step of the help make this tess. As mentioned in some areas will be from grazing where vegetation moved so they can as rapidly as the vegetation areas will be reo grazing. In fact we forage crease because of the water table. My main point is is much criticism proposal. Most cus on "increased We rarely hear mandated program an managemenff been a p rt of the from the of the efforts of bers,, thousands of watershed curring right now Valley, and across and Lassen national This activity is problems created in to pass on healthier our children while economic Wow--what Sam& District