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October 6, 2010     Feather River Bulletin
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October 6, 2010

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Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010 11B !i COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE Your ballot is your responsibility be sure to vote early! WHERE I STAND jurisdiction or state official ............................................................................................................. requesting our services for KATHY WILLIAMS conducting the election. COUNTY CLERK-RECORDER REGISTRAR OF VOTERS With the coming of autumn, so comes our next election, the Consolidated General Election that will be held Nov. 2. In the past, we would have a primary and a general elec- tion in the even-numbered years and a uniform district election (UDEL) in November of the odd-numbered years• These days it seems we have an election for various rea- sons every few months. We've had special elections for state measures, recall elections for state or county officials, special tax elections, initiative elections and even .an election for president that wasn't consolidated with a primary election. We're always asked why we didn't put everything on the same ballot. In most cases, it would be more efficient and cost effective to do so, but we don't have the option of con- solidating multiple elections. The California Elections Code provides dates for con- ducting elections, but many times an election can be called on a different date if the circumstances permit. Elections conducted using vote-by-mail.procedures in districts can be set for specific dates to accommodate tax deadlines. Recall elections must be held based on the date the in- cumbent has been served with a notice of intention to recall. The California Elections Code has specific date re- quirements based on the type of election to be conducted. Some of the races included on the Nov. 2 ballot are goVer- nor, lieutenant governor, in- surance commissioner and secretary of state as well as candidates running to fill file unexpired portion of the term held by the late state Senator Dave Cox of District 1. ff one of the four candidates does not receive a majority election, there will be a runoff election Jan. 4, 2011. These dates were calendared by the governor and cannot be changed. Regardless of the date of any election, certain laws al- ways apply to conducting them. Voters have the duty to make sure their voter regis- tration is up-to-date. If you have moved, changed your name or your political party, you must re-register by completing a new card to be entitled to vote. Voters have the option of either casting their vote at a polling place or voting by mall. Voting at polling places requires voters to cast their ballots at the precinct where they live, sign a roster to re- ceive a ballot and vote be- tween 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Election Day. Voting by mail, formerly absentee voting, requires voters to either request "per- manent" status and have • their ballot automatically mailed to them 29 days prior written request for a ballot to be mailed for each election. That option" is available for any voter for any election. Some important things to remember about voting by mail: You may only request one ballot. If you have requested to be a permanent vote-by- mail voter, your ballot will be mailed to you and you shouldn't request another one. You, the voter, are respon- sible to vote your ballot, sign your identification envelope, include your PlumasCounty residence information and most importantly, return it early. Ballots received by the Elections Division after Elec- tion Day cannot be counted pursuant to law. There are no provisions for postmark consideration. ff you have applied for a ballot or are a permanent vote-by-mail voter and.have not received your ballot, call the Elections Division early enough for a replacement to Our last day to have a ballot in the mail to you is seven days prior to Election Day. We want you to vote; help us by calling so we can help you. Vote-by-mail ballots re- ceived at the office are the very first ballots counted on election night. Ballots dropped off at polling places must first have signatures and addresses verified, then they are included in the updated count. We encourage voters to mail their ballot early to ensure it is counted first. Voter history information is posted to the voter file as signatures and addresses are verified. This process requires us to save the infor- mation as we complete each batch. Candidates for various offices may use this informa- tion in campaigns. Any voter at any time during the 29 days prior to the election may call our office to verify a ballot has been mailed to them or that we have received their voted vote-by-mail ballot. we receive ballots that were not mailed early enough to reach us by Election Day. These ballots cannot be count- ed. Just like a regular pollifig place on Election Day, once the polls close at 8 p.m., voting is over. Do your part, don't rely on the post office: Get your ballot in the mail early! If you would like to partici- / pate more in the elections t process, there are several ways you can: sign up to be a polling place worker; serve on one of the boards that process ballots or work on the canvass • board. Voters are welcome to observe every process that oc- curs each election. For information regarding your ballot, provisional ballot or any other election related question, call the County Clerk Elections Division at 283-6256 or 283-6129. We're here to answer your questions Monday through Friday, .8 a.m.-hp.m. Enjoy the spectacular colors in our beautiful Plumas County, and remember to That task is left up to the vote (50 percent + 1) in this to the election or submit a be mailed to you. The day after every election, vote! 1 H/e must change our ways before our planet becomes unlivable WHERE I STAND years, creation and severity. Our Other dead zones develop millions offish as they float ............................................................................................................. But I firmly believe that stores of fresh water, as polar when rivers carrying live- throughout the seas. DAN DAILEY with our overproduction, con- ice caps and glaciers, are dis- stock waste empty into the Forests are the lungs of the RETIRED SCIENCE TEAC HER sumptive habits and rampant appearing they melt and re- oceans creating toxic algal planet, capturing vast technology, we have seriously lease their volumes of water, blooms (red tides), which kill amounts of CO2, releasing "We're in a giant car head- disrupted the balance of the thereby raising sea levels sub- whole populations of lar er oxygen and protecting soft, ing toward a brick wall and living world in disastrous stantially, organisms, fresh water, and up to 90 per- everyone's arguing over where ways that are causing irre- Seventy-five percent of hu- More than 50 percent of our cent of all terrestrial species they're going to sit!'" versible ecological destruc- man populations live on coastal wetlands which can absorb in the bargain. David Suzuki tion, which, if we are to arrest areas, and many island nations flood waters, remove poilu- Yet, humans continue to it, will require drastically dif- are nearly at sea levels. There tants and provide habitat for mow down forests as if they We humans are currently ferent modes of living, which will be massive movements of fish, migrating birds and oth- were lawns• More then half living in the midst of numer- will not be easy. I needed to populations as coastal areas are er wildlife, have been de- of the forests that stood 8,000 ous crises: economic and politi- say something, so here goes! inundated by rising seas. stroyed in the past century, years ago have been de- cal, social and ecological. We The evidence is all around Much of our petroleum is Large numbers of rivers have stroyed for wood products or can't be aware of the extent of us, if one cares to take notice, used to produce chemicals, been denied of their life sus- these crises without some kind The amounts of carbon diox- Over 100,000 petroleum deriva- taining properties by the con- of emotional reaction, of the ide (CO2) and other green- tives, from cleaning agents, struction of more then 45,000 pain we encounter and the house gases (measured in pesticides and herbicides, fer- dams built since the 1940s. Spiraling global trade has dread, distress and, yes, denial, parts per million) continue to tilizers, lubricants and medi- A third of the ocean's coral contributed to the spread of cines, are made from this toxic reefs (home to a fourth ofoall, aggressive species'in the "black gold." marine species) have been de- In our rush to make a profit, stroyed due to acidification, we have applied these sub- increased solar radiation, stances in massive amounts to warmer water and from the our farmland, food sources and use by fishermen of explo- bodies, thereby peisoningthe sives, cyanide gas and huge very things that sustain us. steel-cabled nets dragged over Poor farming enterprises the ocean floor, to ensnare fish have caused billions of tons of around the delicate reefs• topsoil to erode into rivers Due to efficient technologies, and eventually find their way fish populations have plum- to the ocean where soil and meted by 70 percent according fertilizers have spawned 50 to the Ocean Conservancy. Today, Homosapiens is the climb from, primarily, the most demanding of Speciesonburning of fossil fuels (petrole- Earth. We are 6.7 billion strong and growing. Human impact of the landscape is global in scale, on a par with massive vulcan- ism or tectonic shifts. No place remains untouched. Some of you readers will be- come angry with me for ad- dressing this subject, calling me negative and pessimistic as I refer to the possible col- lapse of systems on our planet that have enabled life to exist and prosper for millions of um~ coal and natural gas), thus increasing the average tem- perature of the atmosphere• The oceans are warming, and therefore changing deep current patterns which are affecting weather conditions on the planet. The oceans are also becoming more acidic as they absorb more CO2. Storms are becoming more frequent and greater in destructive force owing to the increased warming which fuels their people live in countries where water supplies often don't meet demand and more then a billion people lack access to clean drinking water altogether. In the time it.takes you to read this article, say 15 min- utes, 60 children around the world will have died because they didn't have enough clean water or sanitation facilities available. In one day, 9,300 people Will have perished from diarrhea, ~b4 to plant various cash crops, cholera, schistosomiasis and t In America, 85 percent of other diseases spread by J original forests are gone. contaminated water or lack of 1 world. An estimated 3,000 marine species hitch rides every day in the ballast water of cargo ships. Many of the invaders have the potential to catastrophically alter the ecosystems they invade• Fresh water comprises less then one-tenth of one percent of all Earth's water• Unfortunately, much of the world's great watersheds now suffer from pollution, over- water for adequate hygiene. As the Earth warms, we'll find other tropical diseases will move north. Even in the U.S., water can be a problem. Utilities will have to spend $1.5 billion an- nually for 20 years to remove groundwater contaminants everything from bacteria to atrazine, a common herbicide. Earlier in this decade, haft the wells in Santa Monica were closed because of high levels of MTBE, a gasoline additive: L known dead zones around the Hundreds of miles of lost nets globe where nothing can live. continue to ensnare and kill exploitation and political con- flict. One-third of the world's LETTERS to the EDITOR See Dailey, page 12B ,i year, a few stores didn't even ment about the sign as well, Kennedy in his bid to become of a $5 million bond for the He will be a welcome addition Celtic festival was being held bother to stay open during the stating no one is at the desk our District 5 county supervi- next generation, and possibly to the board and will workjust up the road. While the event! In one store, we had to until 8 a.m. So here are my sot. Having known him for for geherations to come. hard with the other members gathering included "patriots" hunt for an employee because questions for th e manage- several years, I believe I am There is no question that to design, develop and imple- (the preferred Tea Party term) no one was at the front of the ment. qualified to speak on his our schools are in need of re- ment programs'to assist local who ranged in age from womb store greeting customers. Why do you not listen to behalf, pair, but these repairs have to businesses and encourage to (nearly) tomb, it seemed to The lack of weekend enter- your staff an d change the As a creative, ambitious en- be met without paying $8.2businesses to choose Plumas me that most folks were fellow tainment is not just limited to sign? Or put some sort oftrepreneur, dedicated parent, million in interest over 30-40 County. retirees. merchants and restaurants, button that notifies them.former firefighter and active years. Jon has already started There is- no mistaking Even the Plumas Arts gallery someone is there? member of our community, As a community, we all working by helping people the determination and isn't open past 5 p.m. or on Why do you have the Jon combines a broad base of need to get involved and find inside and outside the district weekends, ambulance work done outside real-life experiences with a a better way. Vote NO on he lives in. For example, some Themselves to blame People have busy weekday of Quincy? deep concern for the success Measure C, for our kids' and folks have time sensitive I would like to echo the sen- lives and use the weekends Why do you have a WiFi of our county• grandkids' sake. issues and haven't been able timents of the Board of Super- (Saturday and Sunday) to guest page for patients and no In life, many have the apti- Einen & Rhonda Grandi to get help from their current visors regarding Quincy's shop and have fun. Businesses one knows what the password tude to become leader, but few Loyalton supervisor, so Jon helped lack of weekend hours. Down- Who insist on not keeping ac- is? have the "it factor" necessary Editor's note•• Measure C is a them. Two issues that were re- town merchants are constant- commodating hours are losing In the last three years, I to accomplish great things, bond measure for the Sierra- vealed to me are loan modifi- ly bemoaning the fact that lo- business and have only them- have asked the nurse station, Jon has this intangible ingre- Plumas Joint Unified School cation issues and FEMA flood cals don't shop locally. What selves to blame. ER, labs, clinic and no one had dient, plus the desire to listen District. For the text of the zone problems that required they often fail to do is ask I encourage local restau- a clue who would have it. .and offer encouragement and authorizing resolution and calls to Dan Logue's office. themselves why. . rants and merchants to seri- With no cell service inside, empathy to others. " bond measure, got to countyof- While he served me break- Lack of weekend hours is 0usly consider shifting their it would be important for visi- Join me in electing Jon fast at ~is home I noticed he not the only problem facing operating hours. If enough tors to have access to the web Kennedy, District 5 super- px?DID=3177. . was reviewing county docu- downtown. I can't count the businesses make the effort, to keep family updated on pa- visor of Plumas County• ments and figuring out what number of times I've walked people might think of shop- tient status. Jeremy Inman -- to do next. Most people I know into a store only to be ignored, ping in town instead of head- Why would you pay some- Graeagle Can t afford not to would not care enough to'look No friendly gi'eeting, no offer ing somewhere else and tak- one $2,700 to install radios in I own property in the 5 Dis- out for their community let of assistance, no acknowledg- ing their money with them. the new ambulance when the Measure C trict but live in Los Angeles. I alone- make an old man ment of any kind. The few Amber McMichaelbid from our company wasOur question to the voters of can't vote in Plumas County; who can't even vote for him times I've asked for help, I was Quincy $300 - $600? We ended upSierra and eastern Plumas however, I pay property tax scrambled eggs. i t treated as an inconvenience spending several hours in the counties is, are we willing to and support the community In my opinion Plumas i rather than a paying cus- Listen hot August sun finishing up pass a bond measure that will and was born and raised in. County can't afford not to tomer. I realize local mer- On Sept. 30, I went in to the programming the radio and cost our Citizens in excess of Quincy. This letter is to tell elect Jon Kennedy. chants often can't compete on main hospital entrance and then doing the other two so all $13 million over 30 or possibly the people of Plumas County AndreMoser price or selection compared was greeted by the sign that were the same. Because the 40 years? Is this responsible by how important electing Jon Plumas County with online sales or larger said "Patient Registration of- person you hired did not know burdening our children and Kennedy is to the community, property owner towns. But if I can't have price flee hour 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m." how. Did get a cold soda from grandchildren with school re- Jon is energetic with sub- Pomona or selection, I expect service. The other side of the sign hin . pairs, many of which should stantial knowledge and roots With the notable exception of states "Patients please check We have found the staff at have been made years ago? in Plumas County• With a Long-term tea the toy store, downtown is in with receptionist•" This the hospital and clinic to be The bond, in all likelihood, heart to serve, one can expect As a retired teacher of U.S. failing in that area. was 7:45 a.m. outstanding people, who are will outlast the repairs that it Jon to be a working super- history I've long been curious The Quincy Chamber Of One staff member asked if I hardworking, dedicated staff, is paying for (i.e. 25-year roof, visor with vision for the about the Tea Party, but it was Commerce has some wonder- was being helped. I stated just Why don t you listen to them? 30-year windows, etc.), which future, not until Sept. 25, urged on by ful events, but every year it doing what the sign is telling Bill 'Alex Alexander means that our children will I discovered Jon has a spe- a good friend who has become seems as if fewer merchants me to do and waiting• About Keddie pay on more repairs before cial love for Plumas County, is a Tea Party member, that I at- V are p.articipating and those 10 to 15 minutes later I was the bond is paid off. That is college educated and trained tended my first meeting at the who cfo are reluctant and un- helped by the lady who works It factor " fiscally irresponsible, in commercial mediation. He Grae~gle Fire Hall. enthusiastic, in reception. She said they I endorse, and encourage There are more sensible knows the economy is very Most seats were filled and At Girls' Night Out this have complained to manage- others to support, Jon ways than deferring the cost important to Plumas County. this was the night when a t See Letters, page 12Bi'