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October 8, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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October 8, 2014

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146 Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter ('--k,------Dad' Glade and I go hiking :) in the..    m ,. { ' ...woods to explore andcKioSr I discovefr, i y v X,LP Annimills LLC 2014 Vll-41  ,. ooOOr -,, ( I love to explore in the /-  ] oceans. Can you read 7" : I these clues and put the /_,  Ilast name of each world- - \\; 1 I traveling explorer in the uzzle? 1. Leif - an explorer from Iceland who landed in North America about 500 years before Columbus. 2. Marco ,- Venetian explorer; traveled into China and other parts of Asia. He was the first European to meet Kublai Khan, the emperor of China. 3. Amerigo Italian explorer, thought to have sailed past Brazil. The Americas were named after him. 4. Christopher - born in Genoa, (which is now part of Italy), but was sponsored by Spain's King and Queen, who gave him three famous ships: Nia, Pinta and Santa Maria. He made 4 trips to the "New World." 5. Ida Laura - Austrian explorer; traveled around the world more than once. Her books about her travels were published in seven languages. 6. Juan - first European explorer to land in Florida (which he named). Legend says that he wanted to find "The Fountain of Youth." 7. Hernando - Spanish Explorer who led an expedition to . j South America, which in turn led to the downfall of the Aztec Empire. E:[ploring the Vv00)l'ld Where ,my map? Vespucci . 10 Columbus 1 J Pfeiffer 2 1 i Ponce de Leon 8. Cortez 12 m 3 I I I ) ) ) m 9.Zhou Magellan 11 Chinese explorer in the 15th century. " m m m Estevanico Polo Man Fawce Erikson j .,I Eberhardt Historians found evidence that his fleet of over 100 ships may have reached the Pacific side of North America (also Australia). does exist. 10. Isabelle - a Swiss-Algerian explorer who travelled in North Africa. She often dressed as a man to be allowed the, rights that men received. She was fluent in Arabic. 11. Colonel Percy - British explorer who believed he k found a lost, ruined city in the jungles of Brazil. He disappeared  and it is believed that he was killed by native people there 12. __  - Portuguese explorer who was the first person to travel around the world. Several species of animals are named after him, including the Magellanic Penguins. - thought to be the first African-born man to step in North America. He was a slave to an explorer and he scouted much of the Southwest. |l , D ' r Exlrl fAir n l c p o e s o : pace T>'"Hey, there really is ("My name is Star. I like to study photos  , -) ceese on the moonFJ) that show parts of our solar system and|  ....... .......  .... ..,Zket0bean astronaut. J ,_ --/,/./) These people studied and explored the skies. Can you 4 finish the clues? 0(P,/ 1. Yuri Gagarin-Soviet cosmonaut; ,__ "" "l-  J first person in outer space and to j [__ telescopes t--'/ \\;  orbit (1961).  [  6 z 2. Steven Hawking - Works in the science of energy and matter (physics) and math; helps us understand space, the way our works, and what may lie beyond the stars. 3. Neil Alden Armstrong - First man to walk on the (1969).  J 4. Valentina Tereshkova - Soviet 2 cosmonaut, first woman in (1963). 5. The Wright Brothers - First people to have a powered, controlled in 1903. 6. Galileo Galilei - Italian physicist was put under house arrest for writing that the Sun was the center of the universe, not the Earth; invented one of the first universe Erth 3[ v flight space m Moon e 1. Jacques Cousteau - his Aqualung let divers __ underwater; filmed the world under the water. 2. Jacques Piccard and , Searcni Ig the s 2 deepest oceans breathe aquanauts 3 species ' 5 U.S. Navy Lt. Don Walsh - manned a deep-diving bathyscaphe ---- before!   L,___. ("deep boat"), reaching a record-breaking depth.of   about 35,761 ft., in the surveyed part of any ocean. 3. Robert Ballard - found the sunken ship Titanic underwater; discovered countless new deep in the sea. 4. Teams of filmmakers, naturalists, zoologists and marine biologists work to explore and film the depths of the 5. Silvia Earle - led 5 female to live in an underwater laboratory; walked on the sea floor at deepest level ever in a pressurized "Jim" suit. .Bold an,:! RisK T00Lki I'm not bold or a risk-taker. I hardly leave my shell. People who travel and explore the world going into unknown and unmapped areas have tobe risk-takers. They often put themselves in some danger to learn about new things. They may achieve great success! ) nu "E00:plorers" /-,d 2. ' ,/v G,t 1C J' Y A V , Follow the color key to see what explorers of the earth, sea and space want: IV Y I G = Green I Y = Yellow I V -k/ t I il This the Fun Page is Spc ns;o;00ed by. ( 1953 E. Main St., Quincy (Next to Sav-Mor) qe, sIs ,.1 530-283-4463 l' Sm00[e  ......... loves x/ou! We recognize With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive ... to bind up the nation's wounds :.. to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all 'nations. ~ Abraham Lincoln, March 4, 1865 The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity ... Those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God. ~ John Adams, Second President !