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October 10, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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October 10, 2001

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Record, Reporter Wednesday. Oct. 10, 2001 l I WIDMAN DIRECTOR CRISIS CENTER Sept. 11, violence has our faces--the sense- of it, the tragic as- our sense of safety and the pro- at the loss of we have continued daily lives, we will the same. We are to adjust our think- way of doing things, we treat each other. of unity, as a pulls itself is inspiring. abhors senseless violence against innocent peo- Then comes the other ef: was, family violence is more ets and under beds, women and kind relationships, in ple---as it should, fects: sleeplessness, lack of prevalent than most people won't leave their homes, and which children are nurtured And while there is nothing concentration, lethargy, emo- want to admit or acknowl-male victims feel too ashamed and each of the participants is to compare to the terrorist at- tional upheaval--and all of so- edge. to talk about it with friends, allowed to feel whole and tacks, there is frighteningly ciety then pays a cost in lost Violence can take many there is some out of control healthy; to be his/her own violent behavior closer to productivity, absenteeism, forms--physical bruising,behavior happening, person. home, perpetrated by known disruptive behavior, and spe- emotional battery, mental ha- And it must end. Help must Encourage those in rela- attackers. It lives within fami- cial services for children act- rassment and control. Its vie- be sought, tionships you are not sure are lies and couples of all income ing out in the classroom, or rims are young and old, male Every one of us is a re- healthy to talk to someone levels, of all races, creeds, col- escalating their behavior un- and female, source. We have a capacity for they know who can help like ors and belief systems. It is til society steps in through Common to each of these loving and caring that is only Domestic Violence Services at domestic violence, law enforcement, the courts cases is the need for one of the really seen in times of hard- 283-5675, the crisis line at Many local families must and probation, partners to dominate and con- ship andtragedy. The impact 283-4333 or toll free at face the daily occurrence of And then the cycle may be- trol the other--in actions, be- of our own behavior often1-87%332-2754. violence in their lives. They gin again in another genera- haviors, and interactions. All eludes us, although when we Staffed 24 hours a day, sev- live with not knowing what tion. of us are aware of relation- offer help to our neighbors or en days a week, someone is el- will happen next, if there will The Plumes Crisis Interven- ships where this occurs to a loved ones, we receive it back ways there to help. The be more hitting, if the sheriff tion and Resource Center op- certain degree, tenfold. Plumes Crisis Intervention 's off-me will be called, if some- erates Plumes County's crisis Crossing the line to where The outpouring of love, em- and Resource Center also of- one will be going to jafl. For line for those who need to talk the control of another be- pathy and support for thefersa women's support group the children in these houses, to someone, comes more important thanfamilies of victims of the ter- on Thursday afternoons, and their loyalties get torn be- Callers are encouraged tothe relationship is when do- rorist attacks shows that we parenting support groups and tween their parents, in their share their sorrows and frus- mestic violence enters the careabout one another, classes throughout the court. conflicting feelings for both, trations, to talk about their scene. Let's keep the caring andty. in not trusting their own intu- worries when they feel they When one individual is di- concern for others in the front For more information, call ition, in their view of them- have no one else to turn to. In- minished so the other person of our thoughts and actions, the business office at 283-5515. selves and the powerlessness cluded among the reasons for can feel powerful, something Make ta stand to ensure We are all in this world to- they feel in not being able to calling is domestic violence, is dreadfully wrong, that those you know and care gether, and together we can control their lives. While not as hidden as it once When children hide in clos- about are involved in loving work to end violence. I to those coping with mation than simply selecting of trauma will be able to iden- ing a final decision. National Crime Victims Re- to a psychologist, 800-964-2000; and emo- someone from a phone book. tify symptoms of distress Consider attending a sup- search and Treatment Center, family members of those of the recent If you plan on filing under more quickly and will be able port group. Processing expe- National Organization forkilled on the planes, attacks, a coalition your insurance, make sureto identify a number of effec- riences with others who have Victim Assistance (NOVA),800-777-9229; Concerns of Po- victim assis- the person you select is coy- tire treatment methods, been through something sim- National Organization of Par- lice Survivors (for law en- rganizations issuedered by your plan. What trauma-related con- liar can be very helpful,ents of Murdered Children, forcement professionals and Americans select Ask questions before set- tinuing education opportuni- Those who participate in a National Sexual Violence Re- families), 573-346-4911; Na- mental health ring up an appointment. You ties have you participated support group may find that source Center, the Pennsylva- tional Fallen Firefighters are the consumer and havewith? Ideas and treatmentalso visiting with a therapist nia Coalition Against Rape, Foundation (firefighters and including Moth- every right to get information methods for working with regarding certain mattersTragedy Assistance Program their families), 301-447-1365; ansi Drunk Driving before making a decision,trauma issues are constantly can provide additional bene- for Survivors (TAPS), andPublic Safety Officers Benefit the National CenterSome questions you may changing. Keeping currentfits. Victims Assistance Legal Or- Program (families of public of Crime, the Na- want to ask include: with evolving issues is criti- ganization (VALOR). safety officers injured or tion for Vic- . How long have you been li- cal for effective treatment. Co lmto killed), 888744-6513; and Par- Bistance (NOVA) andcensed? You may feel more what local, state or nation- The coalition of victim as- Fwttmr amppoct ents of Murdered Children Organization of comfortable with someone al victim services coalitions sistance organizations pro- Groups offering assistance (family and friends of those dered Chil- who has been practicing are you involved with? Active riding this information in- and information to survivors murdered),888-818-7662. others, say that longer and has a greater level participation with groups re- clude: American Probationand victim families are: the Some contact people are: s more man- of experience. If you want, cusing on victim or and Parole Association, Asso- American Red Cross, Tresa Hardt, MADD, 214-744- when it ls verbalized, you can contact the state li- trauma-related issues indi- ciation of Traumatic Stress 800-435-7669; National Organi- 6233 x4545; Mary Rappaport, talk with censing authority to find out cates the person's desire to Specialists, Balanced andzation for Victim Assistance, National Center for Victims the aftermath, if any complaints have been share concerns, trends and Restorative Justice Project, 800-879-6682; National Center of Crime, 202-467-8714; Nancy ng in our giled against this person, resolutions withother ser- California Crime Victim for Victims of Crime, Ruhe, National Organization offers one what are your credentials? vice providers. Compensation Board, Con- 800-394-2255; Office for Vic- of Parents of Murdered Chil- A t. ted confi- Make certain the person has Interview the service cerns of Police Survivorstims of Crime Family Assis- dren;888-818.7662; and John 1ether a COworker, credentials from a recogniz- provider before committing (COPS), Joint Center on Vie. tance (victims/survivingStein, Nat onu Org'ani tio clergyper- able and reputable institu- to a second appointment. The lence and Victim Studies,family only), 800-331-0075; for, VJctim~As~ista~e, 202- health profes- tion. Just having letters a.t relationship between a there. Mothers Against Drunk Dri- American Airlines (victims 494-80001 f. central to trauma the end of their name does pist and client should be one ving National Office (MADD), and employees only), Additional information and not guarantee 'that they have of complete trust and com- National Association of 800-245-0999; United Airlines trauma recovery tips and in- for Selecting assis- the education necessary to fort. Trust your instincts. If Crime Victim Compensation(victims and employees only), formation can be found on treat clients, you didn't feel a good connec- Boards, National Association 800-932-8555; FBI Tips, the Internet at: neighbors or What experience have yoution during the first meeting, of VOCA Administrators, Na- 800-483-5137 or , for recom- had assisting survivors ofcontinue your search. You tional Center for Victims of ; Federal , Personal refer- trauma? A professional expe- may want to talk with several Crime, National Coalition Emergency Management , or Provide more infer-rienced in assisting survivors service providers before mak- Against Domestic Violence,Agency, 800-462-9029; referral . Opercentof ltoOct 8 askedsitevisi 42percent ath dofread Plumas County residents tors about Plumes Corp. ers said the county should say the county "should f'md The poll was not scientifi- break off all ties to Plumas a way to fund" Plumas Corpcally conducted. , , Corp. in an appropriate man- Rather, site visitors wereAnother 17 percent said, * ner." asked to state their opinion "It's a difficult, complicated , An Internet poll was con- on a topic, issue." Another 8 percent said ducted last week to deter- mine what residents think about the subject. The poll, which ran at from Oct. There is no way to verify whether the poll actually reflects community opin- ion. In contrast to the other that county government should keep Plumas Corp away from the economic de- velopment program. Do you approve of our current military efforts? I I must contain an ad- a PhOne number. We per week, and only one letter Per month regarding SUbject. We do or open limited to a of 3oo words. Any of 300 Words will be itor. The deadline is P.m. Letters may be of Feather Publish- sent via fax to 283- or e-mailed at e 7, syndicated Dr. Walter Wrote: "Our nation about child vic- homicides and ac- First, let's put the of accidental gun are Centers Control 1997 sta- types of accidental from birth drowning (1,010), ,608), bicycle (201), (675) and gun acci- "It turns out thaf among all constructive way, raising Greenville Volunteer Fire De. the causes of accidentalmoney for their brothers, the pertinent, for the great din- deaths ,of children, theheroic firefighters of Newner. And thank you, most of chances of death by a gun ac- York. all, for being there for us, 24 cident are the remotest. But There were too many to hours a day, 365 days a year. you might say whatever it name. But you know who We know how very fortunate takes to prevent the acciden- they are. They are your we are to have you. tel death of our children is neighbors, the guys at the Dick and Nancy Lurid worth it. market, the women from the Greenville "Then I suggest that youhospital, the fellow who prioritize things a bit. We'd serves you at the auto parts our ho plt save more child lives by clos. store. They didn't have onI received the newspaper hag swimming pools, by ban- their yellow slicks and their today, and the first thing my ning cycling and by banning hard hats, just their blueeyes saw was, "hospital could pedestrian activities." shirts that evening. But they close." I just don't understand This writer wonders why were working for us, like it--$75 a year, my friends, to the Barbara Boxers and the they always do. keep our hospital. How can Dianne Feinsteins, alongWe came for spaghetti, butthere even be a question in with our own Governor we got a complete dinner our minds? "Grayout" Davis is silent with an array of cakes that If one of us is having a when it comes to these facts, could have made the pages of heart attack, or falls into a di- Could it be that they don't Bon Apetit! abetic coma, or is bleeding to wish the law abiding citizens The town hall was crowded death, do you want to travel to own firearms? on Saturday, Sept. 29. There 40-45 minutes to Quincy or Roy H. Walliswere so many seniors and so Chester for emergency help? Lake Almanor many families with children, And that's ff the roads are in it was hard to f'md an empty good condition! To tim volm w de- seat. Though it was the awful What ff it was one of your tragedy that brought us to- parents or children, or any There are too many to gether, there were smiles and loved one? If we had no hospi- name. But we want to thank good talk that evening. And tel here would you want to be them. Thank them for theso we need to thank them for the one who said, "What if?." great spaghetti dinner Satur- bringing us together, Indian Is $75 a year so much money day evening. Thank them for Valley with a united purpose, that it's worth that chance? reacting in such a positive, So we thank you, the Think of it this way, how many coffee lattes would you have to forgo, how many beers, hamburgers or any junk food to keep our hospi- tal, 22 cents a day, people! I am one of many low-in- come residents, and I know I am not the only one who would gladly give $75 a year to keep our hospital. Please friends, is $75 too much to know we and those we love will be well taken care of right now, not later, when lat- er may be too late? Etta Rodriguez Greenville p, m The Dollards' defense of high gas prices (letter of Oct. 3, "Area Gas Prices") would be persuasive except for one fact. Most of the costs they talk about are differences be. tween California and Nevada. However, ff you compare two cities within California, the only real difference is (or at least should be) transporta- tion. The Dollards say that, between Reno and Portola, the transport difference is less than 5 cents a gallon. The distance from Oroville to Quincy is somewhat longer than from Reno to Petiole, so call it 7 cents a gallon extra cost ha Quincy. How does that justify the usual price in Quincy being 25 cents a gallon more than in Oroville? And what accounts for the 40-cent difference I ob- served two weeks ago? George Terhune Quincy lr mdm to I have been published in your pages criticizing Super- visor Meacher for not being there for lower Canyon resi- dents. Now, I'd like to pub- licly give him my appr'ecia. tion. Wednesday, Sept. 26, a crew from Pacific Bell showed up to change out a motherboard on the Tobin box. Since then, all of us at Tobin and Storrie experienced terrible phone service. We were unable to go on line. Our voice phone would inexplicably drop out. We've called two or three times per day, every day See Lettem Pq e 1M