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October 15, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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October 15, 2014

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014 11B LETTERS, from page 9B Judd owes an apology The Board of Supervisors recently received an interesting letter from Jim Judd during the public comment period of our regular meeting, regarding the possible joint venture between the CHP and Plumas County Sheriffs Department. It was more of a directive than an actual letter, which I thought was slightly humorous. In addition to the arrogance his correspondence is usually laced with, he felt it very important to lecture us on the character of CHP Commissioner Farrow. Judd wrote: "I found Commissioner Farrow to be a man of integrity, genuine with his concerns and honest with his proposal..." In a previous letter written to Commissioner Farrow regarding the same topic on May 8, 2014, Judd wrote: "A proposed venture between the CHP and the Plumas County Sheriffs Department to build a new joint facility was scuttled less than a month ago by your office." " ..we fred this explanation, on its face, to be shallow and less than forthcoming..." Mr. Judd, no member of the current Board of Supervisors ever questioned the character of Commissioner Farrow. The only evidence of any accusation against his intentions that I know of were from you. I recommend before you write any additional demand letters as a strategy for your campaign, you write a letter of apology to Commissioner Farrow for your ill-conceived letter based on little to no facts whatsoever. Jon Kennedy District 5 Supervisor Graeagle Engel a worthy candidate Of the three candidates running for Plumas County Supervisors for District 5, most of us agree we would prefer to vote for the apparent and best qualified person. We do not need a politician or a candidate who is poorly qualified, or one that entered the race at the last minute without much skin in the game, or one who is seeking office only to promote his position to move up thru county, state or federal appointment. We feel only Jeff Engel is the worthy candidate. Gene and Marie Bunch, Blairsden Made up my mind To the imbeciles who have absconded with Heidi Hall's campaign signs: Thank you very much for making up my mind for whom I will vote. If all you have is theft, you have less than nothing. If all I haye is a vote, you don't get it. The efficiency of your process is remarkable. Again, thanks. Hank Alrich Greenville Injustices At the same time that certain Republican-controlled states are making it increasingly more difficult for some citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote, the Supreme Court has given constitutional rights to non-humans (Citizens United), citing the First Amendment; which, apparently, does not apply to the citizens of Republican-controlled states. Recently, the Senate voted on creating an amendment that would declare Citizens United unconstitutional. It's not surprising that not one Republican senator voted for the amendment. When we allow injustices because they favor us, we make ourselves vulnerable for injustices that do not favor us. Salvatore Catalano Taylorsville GOP is out of step The House of Representatives doesn't represent America as it really is today. The Republican-controlled House governs a "fantasy nation created in talk-radio land," where black and gay people don't exist, women are subservient, and all gun-safety legislation is a step toward tyranny. Thanks to strategic reclrawing of districts, Republicans managed to maintain an advantage in the House in the 2012 elections, despite collectively getting 1.4 million fewer votes than Democrats. For the mid-term elections coming up the Republicans have added voter ID laws that tilt the playing field even further in their favor. As America becomes more diverse, House Republicans barricade themselves in red,state districts where extremism is no vice. This retrograde GOP white "boys" club is comically out of step, opposing commonsense legislation supported by a large majority of Americans, from universal background checks for guns to immigration reform, In their parallel universe, democracy is dangerous, and obstruction is the only goal. If you're voting for Republican or Tea Party candidates in the midterm elections, this is the political nonsense you are supporting. Ron Lowe Nevada City Right wing is killing America Researchers from Princeton and Northwestern published their study on political influence showing that our government is controlled by the wealthy not by the will of Americans. The effects have ruined America, America's democracy and have devastated America's middle class. The Republican Supreme Court makes law and ruled corporations are people, nullified voter rights and allowed people to legally buy/bribe politicians. Ignorant Americans parrot the notion that we have a liberal media. In reality, large corporations own news organizations and the news is fluff and propaganda. Oil, pharmaceuticals and other industries pay millions in advertising to prevent reporting any contrary news about their industries. The Republican-controlled House refuses to pass any bills helping average Americans, yet managed to pass the repeal of Obamacare 50-plus times. They are usually on vacation, even when President Obama somehow declared America is at war again. The House can't be bothered with their constitutional duties. The Senate is no better. Republican Senators filibuster most bills. And, no, it is not 'both sides'. Quit making excuses for your party's destructive actions. Congress allows corporations to trample Americans by sending our jobs overseas or by paying Americans slave wages. Nothing is made in America anymore. Our economy is stagnating but the rich are getting richer. Congress is purposefully letting America crumble by neglecting America's infrastructure and denying Americans these jobs. Our government spies on our every move. The President says he can kill any American. Our police have military weapons and kill Americans without consequences. America is now a right-wing fascist oligarchy. The proof is obvious: bought-off government, news propaganda, corrupt Supreme Court, corrupt Congress, endless war, no good jobs, America's infrastructure in ruin, no privacy, voter suppression, militarized police state, and America's middleclass decimated. And people wonder why I refuse to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Mark Mihevc Graeagle Just another liberal Heidi for Congress... The ad in the Oct. 8 issue of the paper said it all. It essentially repeats all of the promises previously stated by practically an democratic candidates. Education. Reduce interest on student loans. They were increased recently. How are teachers held accountable? I thought we have federal education levels. What about holding school administrators accountable? Fiscal Responsibility. There is only a small middle class left, to wit, government employees and you are advocating a tax cut for them? Which one of the programs would you cut to reduce the deficit? I suggest you did not provideany solutions or ideas. You promised everything to everybody, which is the typical liberal manner to get elected, rather try to getblected. The thought behind the generalities is that the "Folks" are basically stupid and will fall for the tricks. Incidentally, you forgot motherhood and apple pie. Frankly, Mr. LaMalfa is not one of my favorites, but you do not seem to be an acceptable alternative. You are just another liberal. Jan Klement Quincy Our final 100 years I realize, now, that our perennial writer from Portola isn't just a Tea Party whacko, but rather an absolutely insane, conspiracy-laden, Tea Party whacko (redundant?). My condolences. Another writer claims that a single study of a narrow topic has debunked history's largest, most complex scientific theory. My own understanding is that primary ocean currents strongly influence global weather patterns over the long term. If the study was accurately represented here, I see a cart/horse issue that needs resolving. Melting permafrost, and the eventual disappearance of "meridianal overturning circulation," are two "positive feedback loops" that are making mincemeat out of previous projections. Melting permafrost releases trapped methane, or provides huge quantities of biomass for methane-producing microbes to digest. Methane is an exponentially more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 and thus warms the atmosphere faster, leading to increased permafrost melt. "Meridional overturning circulation" is the major "conveyor" current that circulates water throughout the world's oceans. Hard to explain here, but it's expected that these major currents will weaken during the current great ice melt, and eventually cease altogether. No currents, no weather, mass extinctions. There have been five mass extinctions in Earth's history. The largest, the "Great Dying," 250 million years ago, killed 96 percent of all species. This sixth mass extinction we're undergoing has many similar traits. We've got maybe a hundred years left, so let's have some fun. Start with Turkey. Add everything between the Red Sea/Mediterranean and India. including Israel and Iran. and seal them in. Nothing gets in or out, period. Use nuclear enforcement. To make it more interesting, let's give adequate warning for people to evacuate and then nuke Mecca and Jerusalem. Return those old-time religions to their roots. If it works, on to Africa. Or Europe. Or the U.S. One religious war is as good as another. Gary Terhune East Quincy m how we can Sudoku Puzzle #3065-D Difficult 8 Sudoku Solution #3064-D 671 428953 934765 1 28 58291 3647 1653:97284 348256791 297841 365 856179432 413682579 7295134816 !~ ...... ~,i~,~i,, '",~',-: , ',"~ "~ " '/, ~ ~ , ' ~ ~ .... :~. ".. 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