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October 17, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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October 17, 2001

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, Progressive, Record. Reporter Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2001 R I III J I Ill JRT JUDGE and character references. The probation department may recommend that the de- fendant be released without bail; that is, that they be re- leased on their "own recog- nizance," or "O.R." Regardless ff bail is set or the defendant is released without bail, the court will place a number of conditions to get an understanding of the. office may not be called. Or, if quired to comply with the degree of risk if the defendant they are called, the deputies temporary orders until the is released. The defendant may decide that the level of hearing and will further be will be ordered to stay a cer- violence or threat of violence ordered to surrender any tain distance away from the may be insufficient to war- firearms in his/her posses- victim, the victim's house, rant the filing of criminal siGn to the Sheriffs Depart- place of work, etc. charges, ment. Criminal charges can have Regardless of whether or At the hearing, the court serious consequences, such as not criminal charges are filed, will decide whether or not state prison, or not so serious the victim has the right to re- there is sufficient evidence to consequences, such as proba- quest protection from the show that the defendant in- the children are placed, whether or not they should have contact with the defen- dant, and if so, how such visi- tation should be structured. The bottom line is that if you are involved in a relation- ship, which sometimes seems violent, I encourage you to start going to counseling now. There are several excellent When domestic on the defendant as part oftion. The disposition of the court. The victim can contact tentionally or recklessly at- counseling resources in ke. ~ OCcurs, the sheriff is that release, case will depend on many fac- county's Victim/Witness As- tempted to or actually did Plumas County. Mental .~a Perpetrator is ar- First and foremost, the tors, including how serioussistance (283-6285) or Plumas cause bodily injury, or that Health offers a program for ! our 1~ then he or she will be court is going to be concerned the offense was, whether orRural Services (283-5675).the defendant placed the vic- abusers (283-6307). Plumas , . that the defendant not havenot the defendant has a prior These programs will assisttim in reasonable apprehen-Rural Services (283-5675) pro- any contact with the victimrecord, etc. the victim in filling out paper- siGn of imminent serious in- vides counseling for sur- until the case is resolved. So, If placed on probation, thework which requests that the jury. vivors of abuse. Crisis Line before the defendant is re-defendant will certainly be or- court order the perpetrator to If the court so finds, then a (1-877-332-2754) is available 24 leased, the court will want to dered to attend the batterers' stay away from the victim,more permanent restraining hours a day to assist you in know if the person has a place intervention program. It is al- the victim's house and work, order will issue. These usual- finding safety and help. Need- to live other than with the vic- so likely that the defendant etc., and further, that the de- ly last for three years, less to say, it's a lot better to S" "~ tim. will be forbidden by law from fendant have no contact with In these non-criminal cases, seek the expert advice of these e ith the community,The court will take into con- ever possessing a firearm the victim. These are called neither side is entitled to an folks now than to have to do it ' tnployrnent status, sideration the victim's wishes legally again, temporary restraining orders, appointed attorney. The court pursuant to a court order. and fears in an attempt to try In other cases, the sheriffs The defendant will be re- will also be concerned where m Nearly 85 percent of visitors about current mill- percent, 12 percent of the [ Plumas County residents tary efforts overseas, residents who participat- support the U.S. govern- The poll was not scientifi- ed in the survey oppose ment's current military cally conducted, the current military el- campaign. Rather, site visitors wereforts. ps An Internet poll was asked to state their opinion Another 3 percent said rnther ....... conducted last week to de- on a topic, they are undecided. ,--- liCr" ...... i How'concerned are you pub , :::=--. termine what residents There is no way to verify Those results differ re larga ........ ] think about the subject, whether the poll actually from the results seen on about the possible use ecause i ..... The poll, which ran at reflects community opin- the national level, where of chemical warfare .... ::: ................ against the U.S.? hng0f ....... - ..... from ion. polls show a support of ss in t ................ ' Oct. 8 to Oct. 15, asked site In contrast to the other 85 more than 90 percent, ] athor ." an a .... ;ier to ........ ' : :* 0t Banner , men weren t takm one would en thant .- Letters ,, , ' .... g ' ter intoa 1-, 5-or That truck is now gone, and I 6-8 million) Why don't we cheer for thepolice. Iamlook- :C' must c ..........meir nats off when our flag 10-year lease. In the case in don't know where the post of- publish the number of Ameri- ing forward to the flag core- in ofle a h0ne ar ;er" W: passed by. point, hardly had improve- lice for the Peninsula is now. cans that have converted tomony at the QHS Homecom- ' We really needed a wake-upments been completed, whenWe use the post office in the Islamic faith'? (Estimated ing game tonight. I know the are, ,otter per week, call. It is most unfortunate the landlord put the property Chester, since it is convenient to be over two million in the response will be overwhelm- :serv , 'uom one ,e .er that over 6,000 innocent peG- up for sale, subjecting the when we go into town to shop last l0 years) ing. ;, there e_mnm reg.ar0m9ple had to die in order for hospital to 30 days notice to and run errands. The Taliban in Afghanistan Greg Gilman stion tbird. ct. We 0o not Americans to realize that vacate and no place to do It would be wonderful if we was concerned that two Quincy u tters ty or open let- they low, d Amer'irav,,.:re latm.qr'v ~muid have a permanent post American girls tried to con- .. must be limited to a proud to be Americans A couple of years ago, the office on the Peninsula! We vert Afghans to Christianity. for t ,'.t Z 2L a00 words i think we should put "God hos ital wanted a enerator words will be Bless America" on every for tPl e clinic. The hgospital re- need a post office that reflects Islam is the fastest growing Three cheers for California the fact that we live in religion in the world and in Attorney General Bill Locky- 3- The dead ne is school and building acrossfused to let local suppliers Plumas County, not Lassen America. er for the civil and criminal _ j.m. Letters may be the United States and tell the bid. Instead they got one County. We should not be enemies action taken against one of II tll~ ~|~ - . ' . , of Feather Publish- ACLU that they can't push us price from a Reddmg compa- We would like to continueof Islamic countries. We allow the nursing home chains. 2 ~, $e~t via fax tn p83- around! ny. Was the price the best?the rural mail delivery ser- their religion complete free- I fully support the prosecu- - e-maile, at God Bless America No. Will any Redding people vice that the residents cur- dora here and they should be tion, conviction, and imprls- ,ne del b@a , _ u _ , v~.c0rlt Joan Moffittcome to our hospital for any- rently enjoy, with service out made aware of that. Why onment of the owners of some Greenville thing? Doubt it! of Lake Almanor with our don't we emphasize that point of these nursing facilities, ho~ The hospital was having own zip code. on a daily basis in our media? along with trailer park~own- to find this I rie$ problems with an electric wa- With all of the new residen- My father suggested that we ers that allow their parks to Paper. I work As a former service station ter heater. A new one costtial construction going on in- put a bounty on Bin Laden of become slums, and slumlords in Art- owner I have a few observa- over $1,800. Having repaired side LACC and Bailey Creek$100 million? That would mo- in general. I say fine them first thing donetions about fuel prices, the old one, they were told a on the Peninsula, as well as tivate groups and probablyand throw them in Jail when anybody,espe- I opened my service station $10 anode rod would solve the the new construction goingcountries to help find him. deteriorated living conditions e Working with in Portola 21 years ago and electrolysis problem for on along A-13 and the new And it would cost us a lot less and care for the elderly and equipment, to went stone cold broke in years. Their choice, buy the Foxwood development, I money and probably save the all people are discovered. no way to three years. $1,800 replacement heater,think that the growing popu- lives of many of our troops. I applaud all the employees I was trying to make my fu-It's very hard, as an owner lation could support a perma- Why don't we ask Islamic that worl~ with the elderly in no sense el prices as low as possible, or part owner of numerous nent post office and Lake A1- countries to contribute to the nursing facilities, they de- m ' a d -women Lw. J31-tnQ _arcels, voting to charge my- manor zip code. bounty? Osama bin Laden serve our utmost apprecia. o Could be trau- there were those who thought self $100 per month more in If it is not feasible to create was thrown out of Saudi Ara- tion and recognition for the attacks, left to I was a robber without a pis- taxes, when others who get a Lake Almanor zip code, bid, and they should be happy work that they do, doing a Job their regular tol. housing, food, medical, utility then could our mail be routed to see one of their bad seeds that nobody wants to do. rive! So Let me ask those of you who and other assistance had the through the Chester post of- stopped from terrorism. These employees are gross. think you're being chargedsame chance of doing whatrice with rural mail delivery Why don't we compare Bin ly underpaid, understaffed, go and deal too much for gas. When is the I've done. service? Perhaps the mail de- Laden with Timothy and under-trained. it would last time you saw a fuel retail- Generally, voting in these livery person's position could McVeigh? They are both ter- The owners and corporate a win-wi ua- er driving a Cadillac? special taxes, with a sunset be moved to the Chester post rorists, heads of some of these chain liter- How many Whitehawk or clause of x period of years, office. McVeigh intimated that he nursing homes live high on Sept. 11, so Gold Mountain golfers do you they just go on and on and on! It is confusing when mak-was Christian just before he the dollar. Money is no object per- figure own gas stations? Our garbage parcel tax is an ing a major purchase such as died. Why don't we acknowl- in their lifestyle nor their or comp. time And f'mally, if you thinkthe example. It was for four a car, or when applying for edge that and in the process business expenses. retailers are holding up the years, now going on 10 years, home owner's or car insur- make it clear that we are not Some of these nursing Patty Renoll price of gas in some sort of It's been used for everything ance, to state that we reside tar and feathering the Muslim homes are run on a bare Arizona conspiracy, why don't you but closing our solid waste in Plumas County, but ourreligion? bones budget for the clients, sell gas here? landfills, which it was as- mailing address is in Lassen We have our own terroristsstaff and facility. The owners If you're cheaper than sessed for. County. One business owner I and we also have our own can boast on what great bust- s news broad- them, I'll buy from you. We voted ourselves an am-know has had difficulty re- house cleaning to do. Our did- hess people they are, but real. School that putEd Laurie bulance tax with a cap of $45 ceiving supplies because of logue should be one of a com- ly if you look at the situation Portola that would never be that high! the mix-up of the county's mon problem, closely you will find that the on the But it's just been raised to $45 post offices. Why did we lose contact government loots the bill ard, and the plus the county's $2.50 for col- We identify ourselves as be- with Afgh3nistan? We helped with Social Security checks, it be taken Cute slogans ing residents of Lake A1-them defeat the Russians. We Medicare and MediCal pay- bless that "Three miles or three rain- lecting it. utes." than a cup of Floyd Austinmanor, Plumas County. Our gave them arms; we supplied merits. taxes and the sales advisors and our media sup- People housed in these fa- ii/!!!ii il iiii il ;:; iii i!i/;:: /;?i /i