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October 17, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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October 17, 2012

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4B Wednesday, Oct 17, 2012 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter: Qg Chuck, Ilmve a mental illness and am so tire~ ofhow society those of us who do. Anything you carl do to help remove the sti mas and talk about how prevalent mental illnesses are? Oregon &: Great timing. Mental Ill- ness Awareness Weekjust happens to be Oct. 7-13 this year. Even ifthepuhl:ication of this column where you're reading it should miss that exact week it's never too late to learn and be educated. The point of the week is omreach, education and advocacy. The National Alliance (m Mental Illne~ ~I)]ained: "In 199& the U.S. Co gress esmbT lished thefirst full weekof October as lVlental]llne Awareness Week in recogni- tion of N 's efforts to raise C-FORCE ~TH AND FITNESS L'I+IU{X NEIRm$ i nfo@creators:com mental illness awareness. Since I9~, mental health ad- vocates across: the country: have joined together during the f cst:fifll week of Oetober in sponsoring many kinds of/ activities." One of the primary reasons for MIAW is- to dispel-the mythsandfight stereotypes about-people with mental ill- nesses- It brings: the issue out of'the cMrk rQ rms-of.-psy- chotherapy and into the light of everyday households. CALIFOFINIA ~ ~ F-EEiL=:R:ATION I ----,- w flif.e.attt l%vember 6, [ 2Or[ 2, Gmm[mJ,]L The Catifornict Farm Bureau Federation Board: of Directors adopted: the'following recommendations on. statewM ' ballot measures that will be before California voters in tlui Nov. 6 general election Propaeitian 3a--Teml urary; Ta =s- Enacts et s verr-ye r'i eas in personal incometax and:four yearincrease in sales tax. to fune education and: pubtic safety as= determined: by the Legislature. ProlmmUorr art -smm Bam'R . & I.ocal mtmt--Establishes atwo-yearbud, getcyclein addition to creating:de facto re- gional government:in theform of regional action plansto influenc =hcev local govern- ments funct and previde pubJic services. Repe thedeath penalty arml: rep ace it: with l ifeimprislmm-ne twithoutlhepes bility ofpaTol NO POSITION NO POSITION, Food -- Californiaeonly labeling- ] ofgeneticallyemjirreere t emt cremes;the potential for-lawsuits even when &farmer- does netpmcluc,biotech crops;, bans use of the word "natural"on most: processed food lalml . Lisa Badgtey, Tan adult com- muliieation service- director; exptained, '"Htis week pm'fic~. ularly, we wo~fldFIRe to focus Oil indivi~ with mental health dis~rder~ because they often don't have a. VOid" A coul~leofyea~- ago, a na- tional sum~ey was: conducted and d monstrated how se- vere mem illnesses: have: in, creased 7 over the tmeviou decade on ULS. c l- le : university: c .ampus es: John Guthman, director of, student counseling services atHofstra.Univer~lty, ex~ , plained atthe-2010 Ameriemz Psychological Ass~eiation!s- annual/meeting; "IJnive~s-i~ and cofiege co. unseting ser~ vices aromalthe country are reporting that:the=ileeds of students seekingservices are escalatingtowavd more-so; vere psychological prob- lems.'" The Mayo Clinic: says the: term mental illness " fers to a wide range ofmentat health conditions -- disorders that: affeetyour mood, thinking: and behaviorY amptes of;mental illness include depression, bipolar disorder, a~xiety disorders, s~hizophre~i~ eating disor- ders, obsessive-compulsive disorder; panic disorders; post-traumatic stress disor der and addictive behaviors Mmly of these disorders are as, common as the cold. Consider these few facts: atmut:mer~dt illnesses fi-om N:AMI" s wehsite: --"The National Institute of:~ ttealth reports that one in f0m- adults--apical, matety 57:T million Ameri- cans--.exp ienee amental health disorder in a given year: --'The:U:S. surgem~ gener- al reports that 10 percent of childm~ an& ad~lescenm in the United States s~from serious emotional and' mental disorders: that cause signifi- cant fimcfionat imp~t: --~'The WorId Health Orga- nization ha~ reported that four of:the 10 lea.ding causes of disability in the U:S. and other developed Countries: ave mental disorders- By 2020, major depressive illness w/ill be- the leading cause ofdis- ability in the world for women ,and children --"Without treatment: the consequences ofmental ill- ness for the: individual and society are staggering: un- r ecessary disability, unem- ployrnent; substance abuse, homelessness, inappropriate incarceration, suicide and wasted lives;, the economic cost of untreated mental ill- ness is more than $I00 billion each year in the United S tates --"Mental illnesses ave se- rious medical illnesses. They cannotbe overcome through 'willpower' anti ave not relat- ed to a person's 'character' or intelligence. --"Between:70 aud90 per- cent of individuals have sig- nificant reduction of Symp- toms anet improved quality of life with a combination of pharmacelo~cal and psy- chosocial treatments: and supports~, --" Akey concept is to de- velop expertise in developing strategies to manage the ill- ness process." If you believe you or-a loved one has: a mental ill- ness, there are tests to con- firm or discount your sustxi- cion. And most of atl, rememher that there are also succes al treatments for most mental disorders, allowingthose. who Suffer from them-- and their families -- to carry: on and live fruitful a fl prochm-, tive lives, Consult your physician or health practitioner f0r ref - rals to local experts in your area; Also, NAMI's webs te (na- has a host of mental health resources: and support links. On the site is: also a: map of the entire U.S giving a state-by-state guide for find, ing your local chapter of MI, Write to Chuck Nor4"is; (iw f O~creators ~ eom) with questtor~: a~out health a~d Fl~eas~ Copyright 2012 Chuck Norris: Distributed by creators:corn Volunteers needed attire departments Le at volunteer fire depart, ments are looking:f0r a few good men and women, to serve their communities Seventy percent:of firefight- ers in the-United States are volunteers, Without volun- teer& rural areas such as Plumes and Sierra-. counties wolfldnot have a.firstline of defense for structure-fire& medical emergencies and:res- cues: When I moved to Plumas County my housewas:not in a fire protection area, I was told that no one would re- spond to my house:if itwas on fire except f0rthe United States: Forest: Service and on- ly if my housefire was: threatening trees in the-na, tionatforest: I am fortunate to~now~have Beel~-wourth F:ire Department- to respond in an emergency. Think how: it wouldfeetto have a: fil=e in your houseand there: isno oneto respond. Consider what:happens ifa- family member-is:lmving a life threaterdrr~medical emergency and the nearest ambulance is across: the FIRE: & R.EscuE Beckwourth Fire Department county from yottr location. To: be a volunteerfirefight- eratl you really need is: a de- sire and!commitment to serve your community, Yes, the chie~would probably love to have: a= department of young; buff:firefighter~ hut- the reality is: that-mostvoltm- teers aremuch older -- fit, but: not -so-huff5g-year-olds; Our oldest fireffghter is 76; two m'~in.their'2B~-- most L oftherest are in their.50s- And: (gasp) many women. serve on volunteer ffrede- partments IT waited: along time to find: out aboutvolun~ teering because 1- had the mis- conception- that: women were- not welcomed into the fire service. I:don?t Meow ofany volunteer department:that- does not have women. Most calls, ave medical emergen- cies thattakeskill but not so much bra-wn. Going to a structure f'we?. Even i can lay line to a.hydrant and mrn on the water to put outa fh-e. If you want a good femaIerole model, look atthe women on the USFS ttotshot crews~ They do thesameworkthe men do. On my first w:fldland fire, Chie~M~Caffrey (who th~ he is- & comedian), jok- ingly told me had to help the Hotshot crew cutline~ I looked: at themmovingspeed- ily up the mountain and cre- ating a. fire:line with: a~es, chainsaw& shovels and/other toBls and: said, "No way." The gon~L thing about being, a~yohmteer is-you: are a. voL . unteer: IEyou are not com- fortable doing something, like donningan air tank and going into a burning buildL ing you can say no. Some vo}unteers likemedicals and others den!t: Everyone needs basic trainin~in firefighting, CPR and first aid; hut you: do not have to do anythinffyou are not comfortable with. Can you work and be a vol. unteer? Yes. Business anti: training meetings: are mazda, tory --usually a minimum of' once a week. You on] y go to an emergency call ifyou:are: available to go. Thechief un~ derstands most ofus~ have-to work for a livingand can't ta-ke off work to respond: Training is: criticatf0r safe- ty. Firefighting cache dav~-- gerous and fire departments: makesafety the first :~r~ority: in respondingto emergen- cies. Everyone goes:home:afz ter a call is the goat: Training in medical calls and firecalls is-provided by thefn=e depart-- ment.along with theprotec:-. tive clothing-- anti, cool T-r shirts: are ava:llable, One day a.week in return for being a hero, driving:fire: engines code 3, lights, and sirens on, and theoppertuni=: ty to serve your community saving:lives anff pr y! R: doesn't get:any better tlra that, Interested?. ,re:to, cat volunteer fire depm'tment and ask about membership. Volunteers: are always: needed. Pturrras County. Dept.: is ;ceptir hid far: Service em-d supplie on the fallawing: items: coverall& shop towei,fender seat: cever , nylon rubber mats. Fet m !k 3 FOREST SEtRV.t VEI+II & U.l IN 'AUCTI , Te:s~rch: f~:s~ngleeitem ~,~de ~- plt~.ltem & (Example: ~l~C]1"3E4~-lEL'l: will brir~yeutcdte~ 1) - Item will be rr pmll G taber 21117. arel~e~wehs~tee Oetatmr2 mmmia ,O .Z<.alrZ 9:01Ia~m -3~{~ixm.~ Dinner to The: Lake Almanor Elks will: host a 'coo~your=own steak-: dinner Friday; Nov. 2, to support high:schoolers. Rib-eye steak and: a= full- course- dinne~. costs ~l& Tick- et~ are limited to 80 and sold: in advance'0nly:. No tickets will:be: sold!at door: "W,e auLa~y the food, you: suppty, the alapetite," suggest otzganlzers "You. cook your ~n steatt: orwe will, cook. it ffLr. yOU:" All proceeds go. to:wa=rd: high school scholarships~ for Chester, Westw.ood: an([ Greenville~ The dinner will be held at: the Lake Almanor Elks-loege, 16~ Main St. in CheWer: So:-- ciat hour. begins a.t 6 p.m with dinner at7: For. ticket~ call: Dave- S~. ott at 259-4682, Paul: Bmrnett at. 259-5055 or DaveA~.at25~. 588L or- visit David: Price. Jewelry in:Chester: mmt /Immml