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October 17, 2018     Feather River Bulletin
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October 17, 2018

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14B Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter OPINION How pending bills will impact local law enforcement Wi-mm I STAND law this past week are committed even if they were Department of Justice to punishment asa person who areas battle unrelenting car punctuation points on thatnot present for the actualidentify all prior cannabis steals $950,000. burglaries and needles on DAVID HOLLISTER fact." death, Under AB 1437, a convictions potentially their streets while our whole The bills of which Ms. person can only be eligible for resentencing Within the public safety state faces the challenges of PLUMAS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY Hanisee refers are Senate Bill prosecuted for murder in aunder Prop 64 and notify the arena, we continue to an opioid crisis. (SB) 1391 and AB 1437. felony murder situation ifappropriate prosecuting navigate drastic changes in Though not immune from On Sept. 30, 2018, the last they directly assisted with agency by July 1, 2019. The our criminal justice system these challenges, Plumas day for pending bills passed SB 1391 prohibits 14- and the homicide or if they were prosecuting agency (i.e. local over the past decade. During County remains a safe and by the legislature to be15-year-old juveniles froma major participant in theDA's off'me) would then have this time we have seen AB109 just place to live, work and signed or vetoed, outgoing being tried in adult court for underlying felony and acted until July 1, 2020 to decide shift state responsibilities to play. While our state Governor Jerry Brown a crime, even if it was a with reckless indifference to whether or not to challenge our local jails, Proposition 47 legislature may not seem to signed a series of billsvicious and calculated human life. It is estimated the petition referred by the reduce most drug and theftcare about the rule of law or impacting the criminal murder. Papers throughout there are 400 to 800 inmates Department of Justice. Anyfelonies to misdemeanors the real, innocent victims of justice system. The slew of the state are sharing vivid who will become eligible for petition not challenged will and Proposition 57 allow for crime, such is not the case in legislation echoes earlier and horrifying examples ofrelease from prison due toautomatically be granted, the early release from prison Plumas County -- we do care. efforts to reduce prisonheinous crimes committed by the retroactive application of AB 151i, a bill sponsored of felons Convicted of violent This achievement is not by population and minimize 14- and 15-year-olds including this new law. by the California Districtcrimes. We are also grappling accident. crimes, murder, rape and a SB 1393 changes a five Attorneys Association, waswith legislative changes such I am exceptionally grateful As noted in a recent article particularly chilling knife year enhancement for having vetoed. AB 1511 would haveas those listed above as well for the tireless and dedicated by Michele Hanisee of the attack on an elderly woman, a prior serious felony reinstated an enhancement as SB10 which seeks to work of our law enforcement Los Angeles Deputy District Assembly Bill (AB) 1437 conviction from mandatory for excessive takings which eliminate the cash bail and criminal justice partners Attorneys Association "IT]he eviscerates much of the to discretionary, increased the penalty system. As we look up and and the strong and consistent utter disdain for crime felony murder rule. Current SB 439 removes anyone depending on the amount ofdown our state it is clearsupport of our citizens who victims by Governor Brown law allows a murder under age 12 from the loss the victim suffered, these changes have not value public safety as local and the State Legislature has prosecution under the felony delinquency jurisdiction of Inexplicably and with~the benefited the public's safety, government's number one been apparent for some time murder rule if a murder the juvenile court, veto of AB 1517, a person Property and drug crimes priority. now. Two bills signed into occurs during a felony they AB 1793 requires the stealing $950 faces the same continue to climb -- urban LETTERS, from page lOB looking for what in the big picture are very small would donate the locker operations? A sane, practical room to the Portola football and logical approach is what team. we need, and I hope someday Superintendent Oestreich soon we are voting on a decided this donation would measure that fits those be unfair to other schools in requirements. the region.In other words, I wouldn't ask my her primary concern is beer-loving friends, or "fairness" not health andSupreme Court judges for safety of our students, that matter, to buy their Folks, I am perplexed! Our drinks in a back alley, so major educational why should we ask the same institutions have conspired of users of a much safer to deny the use of a public drug? facility to our kids. It seems Here's to the idea anyway to me, "we, the people" pay cheers. taxes for these entities. At Howard Redding least allow our kids Meadow Valley reasonable access to the Sad facilities we have paid for. I Gee, it's sad to think that think we need to ask we need Commercial Dope Superintendent Oestreich growers (Cannabis) in our and her "elected" Board of county to have a thriving Directors some tough local economy. questions! Alan Baitinger Trent Saxton Quincy Lake Davis ' Yes on B ~.~ Brews ok, but not buds? Thank you, Plumas Action As I watch the town gear Network, the four Measure B up for the annual "Harvest (for and against) speakers fest," I hope one day that the and Jeff Cunan, moderator, event will include some local at the Quincy library forum cannabis businesses to go,Wednesday evening. alongside the alcohol Clearly there is much to vendors that seem to be so learn from the studies about embraced by the area and its the possible impact of culture. I would love to cannabis use for pain, some showcase some of my and seizures, epilepsy, autism, my friends' local flowers, cancer, Alzheimer, stress, concentrates, edibles and sleeplessness and other topicals, amongst other medical issues. items. This time of year ( there are some very kind Center for Medicinal flowers just perfect for a fall Cannabis Research.) How get together, beneficial and convenient it I am not naive to think would be to have that Plumas County will knowledgeable medical ever embrace cannabis like personnel and a dispensary it does alcohol. Beer, wine in town with well-trained and liquor are large parts of budtenders. our local economy/culture, Growing food locally and the acceptance of the makes sense in terms of drug is evident by the miles to market and jobs for countless alcohol vendors our folks who have learned throughout Quincy town what, when and how to itself. Right as you drive into grow. Brewing beer and town, there are a handful of baking bread locally cuts bars, as well as a brewery down on miles to market and and a pub to greet you. So provides some jobs also. why is it such an outlandish Growing cannabis locally idea to have one or two makes sense to me. Some of stores in the county that us cannot or do not grow our provide cannabis products, own apples, pumpkins or and perhaps a delivery cannabis. We need our service or two? I would love neighbors to do this for us. to invest the money into a We need grocery stores, local business like that and farmers' markets and provide a much-needed dispensaries. As far as I service as well as much know, there is no delivery needed tax dollars to our service for cannabis. local area. There are numerous good We can almost all agree arguments against Measure that Measure B was poorly B; there are numerous good written, with haste, and with arguments for more a bit too loose definitions information and access. concerning certain items. I There may never be hope, however, that we can consensus in Plumas County all also agree that cannabis but this measure seems a isn't going anywhere. Lots of step into the present. people use it your friends, For these and other family, neighbors, etc. -- and reasons, I support we aren't stopping anytime cultivation by our local soon!. ' farmers and a local You don't have to agree dispensary. Yes on with the use, but perhaps Measure B. you can agree that a safe, Nance Reed reliable place to obtain Quincy cannabis is better than propping up a very dirty For the Council black market, one that I attended the public locally also thrives on meth, forum for Portola City heroin and cocaine. Council and want to Shouldn't we let our already congratulate the candidates burdened law enforcement on their willingness to step focus on real crime, instead up and serve. It is not easy to of spending our tax dollars sit before an audience and flying around the county spontaneously answer questions; and for the most part, they did a good job. However, it is all too easy to just say that we need to make Portola prosperous or improve community spirit when you are unable to .explain how to achieve such desirable goals. The city council members put in countless hours outside of scheduled meetings; and, as Phil Oels stated, the monthly stipend averages out to about 3 cents an hour. They persistently forge ahead in spite of formidable odds, and I can see where they are steadily making progress. Because of this, I recommend you vote for those council members who are running for re-election: Phil Oels and Bill Powers for the two four-year terms and Pat Morton for one of the two-year terms. For the remaining two-year position, there are -= two candidates I cannot endorse. The In:st is Larry Douglas. Although Larry regularly attends council meetings, he is bitter about past events, particularly the poisoning of Lake Davis and being recalled from his former term on the city council. During the public comments period, he routinely mumbles through a prepared script that is often repetitive and irrelevant. He frequently asks questions and makes comments that divert the council's attention from the issues being discussed. Although I believe Larry is a good person who cares about the city, I do not think he would be an asset on the city council. The second candidate I cannot endorse is B.J. Pearson. I am unable to erase from my mind his behavior following the meeting where Debra Reynolds, an intelligent and educated young woman, was selected over him to fill out the term vacated by John Larrieu. He was so incensed that he came to the following two meetings and angrily hurled personal insults at council members. I just don't think such childish ancl rude behavior can be overlooked. Therefore, I recommend you cast your ballot for the second two-year term for one of the following: Max Bradshaw, Timothy Kreth, Stan Peiler or Kim Scott. Leela Mowry Portola Vote No on 6 I know you all think I am a flaming liberal and you should vote against anything I am voting for, but I hope you will look carefully at Proposition 6. It isn't just me. The California Chamber of Commerce says to vote no. I think this is the first time I have agreed with them. So why does the California Chamber of Commerce say you should vote against the repeal of the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017? "This measure would eliminate more than 680200 good-paying jobs and nearly $183 billion in economic growth that will be created by fixing California roads Understand this: by usingOn the demise over the next decades." the ACA (because you of the republic On a personal level, you needed healthcare), It might be too early to already know that you end everything you have now is declare that our experiment up paying more to drive over a preexisting condition. You as a democratically based poorly'maintained roads, will be denied health republic has finally come to Wear and tear on tires, insurance if Republicans a close. Democracies do fail. shocks and your paint job repeal or remove provisions But the causes of failure are and windows are just the from the ACA. important. For 240 years, we beginning. Poorly Democrats implement have taken our maintained roads are more policies that help all people, self-proclaimed rights and dangerous, so you could be Republicans repeal policies benefits for granted. The saving major repair bills and that help all people and cater word 'responsibility' is not even major hospital bills, only to the rich. LaMalfain our Bill of Rights, yet no The authors of this bill voted each time to repeal the right can exist for long want you to think that you ACA and to hollow out thewithout a concomitant can save money voting for it, ACA. Vote Audrey Denney acceptance of responsibility. and that road repairs will for Congress. For any democracy to still happen from some Mark Mihevc survive, a controlling base mysterious source of funds. Graeagle of well-informed, But this bill doesn't have compassionate, thinking any mechanism for funding Hostility, individuals is an absolute the upkeep on roads, so we Republicans and necessity. can be pretty sure that conservatives are the At present, the primary magical money is not going hate-mongers and racists,objective of our public to appear, right? For our economy, for jobs "You cannot be civil withschools is no longer to teach our students how to think. and for our safety, vote no on a political party that wants Indoctrination is now Proposition 6. to destroy what you stand Darrah Hopper for, what you care about," training them in what to Chester if we win back the House think: Once again, without ~' and or the Senate, that'sdirection, there can be no Vote Denney when civility can start progress, and the long term In the last year of the Bush again." Hillary Clinton, national goals that provide a presidency (2008), former Secretary of Statepeople with direction are corporations were " members of your totally absent in America. terminating the employment Cabinet that are being booed Emotion continues to of over 800,000 Americans a out of restaurants, who have override rational thought. month. The fmancial crash protesters taking up at their Symptomatic remedies have (perpetrated by house, who say, 'No peace, become our standard unscrupulous bankers) no sleep' " " if you see response whenever causal resulted in the collapse of anYbOdY from that Cabinetalleviation is required. the stock market and caused in a restaurant, in a Overpopulation is currently millions of Americans to department store, at a the world's greatest threat to lose their homes and gasoline station, you get out mankind, yet we refuse to retirement savings. This was and you create a crowd and even acknowledge the the second Great Republican you push back on them, and threat. And insecurity is Depression/Recession. you tell them they're notleading Us back to a herd President Obama and the welcome anymore, mentality. Unless we wake Democrats passed a stimulus anywhere ' Maxine Waters, up soon, we will have bill that reversed the Senator. become just another of f'mancial devastation caused "I hope the last images civilization's numerous by Bush Administration. burned into your slimy, evil, failed social experiments. Employment and the stock treasonous retinas are Wallace B. Eshleman market rebounded. The millions of women laughing Quincy Democrats, who had total and clapping and celebrating control of Congress for only as your souls descend into four months (not two years), the flames." Dave Hogue, also passed regulations to Twitter. prevent bankers from Regarding 'entitled white ripping off Americans men': "All of them deserve (Dodd/Frank); student loan miserable deaths while program changes, and feminists laugh as they take rescued two automakers, their last gasps " "Bonus: The Democrats also we castrate their corpses brought us the Affordable and feed them to swine? Care Act (ACA). It isnlt Yes." Christine Fair, perfect (no bill/program is), Professor, Georgetown but millions of people received comprehensive health insurance with affordable premiums, copays, and max out-of-pocket costs, with no lifetime caps and no preexisting conditions exclusions. All policies were required to meet high standards of coverage. When Trump/Republicans acquired total power, they gutted Dodd/Frank, passed tax cuts for the rich and tried to repeal the ACA. That failed; however, they passed a series of bills to slowly kill the ACA instead. One bill is to allow insurers to offer 'junk' plans. They reinstate caps and are not required to conform to ACA standards. Basically, you will be conned into health insurance policies that doesn't cover anything. In a court case, Trump/ Republicans are also allowing the removal of preexisting condition coverage requirements. University "Demonize the person with falsehoods, then merchandise it, then have #FakeNews cover it, then say 'see it's all over the press'." Nancy Pelosi, Senator. "When they go low, we kick them." Eric Holder, Former Attorney General. Regarding Kanye West, "He's the token negro of the Trump administration." Tara Setmeyer, CNN. Who is escalating hostility in the country? How much of the violence and destruction, from "protests" to bombings to shootings to anarchy, is being fueled by such language from noted and seemingly respected leaders? How do you look your child in the eye and tell them that bullying and violence are not acceptable if you condone this rhetoric and praise the authors? Lynn Desjardin Portola Several reasons It's wonderful to see Bret Kavanaugh appointed to the Supreme Court, for several reasons. First, just imagine how lonely Clarence Thomas feels being the only judge on the court with the cloud of being a sexual predator and ~i perjurer over his head. At least now there will be two and how nice that they are both Republican. Also, now we finally have a chance to overturn Roe vs. Wade, although we can never stop abortions. We can put it where it belongs -- in dirty back rooms with unqualified people and coat hangers. About the alleged attempted rape by a couple of spoiled rich brats, it only happened once and he has been a great person ever since, and who am6ng us hasn't gotten stinking drunk and tried to rape a 15-year-old girl? Anyway, what was she doing at a Catholic boys school's drunken party if she wasn't looking for trouble? The think I can't understand is why the American citizens have lost faith in their government and its institutions. Frank Kortangian Graeagle