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October 17, 2018     Feather River Bulletin
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October 17, 2018

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018 15B OPINION Humanity is on the e e all WHERE I STAND JOHN DESELLE QUINCY ROTARY CLUB Humanity is on the verge of one of the greatest public health achievements in history -- eradicating polio. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) has reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent since 1988, bringing the world closer than ever before to ending polio for good. This means a world in which every child would be safe from the paralysis caused by the virus, and no family would have to bear the emotional and financial costs of polio again. With sustained political and financial commitment to protect every last child, we can seize this chance to end the virus forever. The GPEI is a public-private partnership led by national governments with five major partners -- the World Health Organization, Rotary International, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UNICEF, the most challenging place in and the Bill & Melinda Gates the world to end polio, has Foundation. This coalition not seen a polio case since unites frofftline health 2011. This incredible workers, governments, achievement paved the way donors, and global leaders for the World Health behind the vision of a world Organization to certify the where children are forever South-East Asia Region, safe from the threat of polio,home to 108 billion people, as Today, polio exists in the polio-free in March 2014. smallest geographic area in The tools, infrastructure history. The world has not and knowledge developed to experienced any outbreaks eradicate polio have been of wild polio virus outsideused to fight every the three polio-endemic vaccine-preventable countries-Afghanistan, childhood disease, tackle Pakistan, and Nigeria-since Ebola, deliver malaria August 2014. In 1988, there prevention tools and were 350,000 annual cases of improve disease surveillance wild polio virus from 125 worldwide. Through the countries. In 2017, there weredelivery of vitamin A 22 wild polio virus cases supplements alone, the reported in only two program has helped to countries-Pakistan and prevent more than 1.5 Afghanistan. Nigeria has not million deaths. seen a case since 2016. Only We desperately need to one of the three wild polio protect our gains. If we don't virus strains appears to end polio now, we could see a survive. Wild Poliovirus resurgence of up to 200,000 Type 2 was certified cases annually within a eradicated in 2015, and there decade. The world could also has not been a case of Wild risk losing the $50 billion in Poliovirus Type 3 detected estimated savings that since 2012. eradication would generate India, once described as over the next 20 years. To protect global progress, the program vaccinates more than 400 million children across 60 countries every year, and conducts disease surveillance in more than 70 countries. Since 2001, there have been wild polio outbreaks in 41 countries that were previously polio-free. While each outbreak has been stopped, each one is a reminder that as long as polio exists, every country and every child is at risk. Through its surveillance, the program investigates more than 100,000 suspected cases of polio each year using a community reporting network. It has also expanded environmental sewage testing to help vaccination campaigns target areas where the virus is circulating even before any child shows symptoms of polio. Pakistan and Afghanistan have made impressPce gains toward ending polio in a region challenged by insecurity and population movement across the countries' shared border. Vaccinators are reaching more children at border and transit points, and the program has increased the use of locally recruited-mostly female-social mobilisers to vaccinate children in the highest risk areas. Since 2014, Pakistan has reduced polio cases by more than 97 percent and greatly expanded its surveillance network. While the country saw a record-low 8 cases in 2017, there still are 4 cases so far this year, indicating that the wild virus continues to circulate in the environment. Afghanistan has seen an 80 percent drop in wild poliovirus cases since 2011, but these gains remain fragile. The program has used a range of interventions-including vaccinating during brief windows of opportunity in conflict areas and collaborating with religious and community leaders and implementing strategies in coordination with Pakistan to reach mobile populations. To rid the region of polio, these countries must increase access in hard-to-reach areas and among mobile populations. The detection of the wild poliovirus in Nigeria in July 2016 after two years without detecting a case was a sobering reminder of the complex challenge of eradicating polio, especially in areas with ongoing humanitarian crises and faltering health systems. In conclusion, we have to stay the course to finally rid the world of polio. Each of the 32,000 Rotary Clubs are asked to contribute to this effort. This is the Quincy Club's llth year in asking for donations for this effort. During the past 10 years, our community has raised over $11,700. Please help the global effort again this year by giving what you can. Rotary, members will be at the 2018 Plumas County Drive-Through Flu Clinic at the Fairgrounds. The clinic will be held on Oct. 19, starting at 11 a.m. ,a LUSCRI, from page 11 B Next claim: B will As bad as B's promises prohibit cultivation are, this deal breaker is licenses in residential even worse: If Measure B be temporary and limited to areas. While it's true that passes, non-priority local harvest time. This means Measure B makes most growers who can't land that the untaxed cash their residential zones off limits the lifetime, temporary employees make for cultivation, rural auto-renewable, priority will be spent locally only residential zones are fairlicenses will be while they're here. Truth is game. So are all suburban understandably outraged. these transient workers zones. You know -- What are they likely to do? will enhance Plumas' suburban as in suburbs -- They'll sue. And they'll economy about as much as where families live in do so because B's priority Pacific Coast Trail hikers, homes? licensing scheme is blatantly unconstitutional In fact, it's a lawsuit magnet. And who would pay the legal bills? We voters and taxpayers. This, along with the county's assessment that refutes the revenue bonanza B proponents claim, could bankrupt Plumas. By all thoughtful, honest accounts, Measure B is so poorly written it's fatally problematic. It-would be a nightmare to implement, regulate and enforce because it's written by growers for growers who aren't lawyers. While it's likely Measure B authors began with a lawyerly boilerplate for their ordinance, it's riddled with discrepancies and contradictions. In fact, each time our legal expert analyzes it, he's astounded by its unworkability. Fellow voters, the simple truth is that Measure B is not good for Plumas. It's just not the right cannabis ordinance for our county. Let's vote it down and send a message to our supervisors: Get to work crafting a smart and safe solution. Vote no on B. SCOTT, from page 11 B they may use the General unconstitutional. The BOS Plan to be CEQA compliant has the right to do the same to when they apply to the state, Measure B, if they believed it I held statistics in my hand BUT if the state says, that's was unconstitutional. The about crime rates that show ~ ~~ '~ ~ "~ not gooff enough, t]~en ~he 1~i ~~n~i says equal security measures at cannabis business must pay treatment to all people commercial cannabis for its own. It should not be wherever they go, but it also businesses have decreased the burden of Plumas County says, unless doing so becomes crime, because they are as tax payers to cover that cost, a danger to the people. That secure as banks, and and with Measure B, it's not. danger becomes a compelling criminals don't like The second question was, governmental interest and surveillance, but public "Is Measure B must meet strict scrutiny speaking is my Achilles' heel. unconstitutional?" No, it is tests to be applied, and I physically shake, my mind not. When you look at your further it must be done in the goes blank, and everything ballot take a peek at least restrictive way. inside me screams, "you're Proposition 9, it was removed Measure B states a danger gonna screw this up for by the Supreme Court can be foreseen by looking at everyone" as soon as I am because it was the events that occurred in asked a question. I have no Calaveras County. The population increase became a dangerous burden on social services and law enforcement. Plu~ 'Cb'ffn~ h~.S"fi.~ ~l~le'tdii"' crew of law enforcement and needs one year of revenue from these cannabis businesses to increase its services should we also see a quick population increase. Therefore, we restrict licenses to 1 in 10 for non residents for the first year only. I strongly believe this will not result in lawsuits, but as I write this, the County is looking at lawsuits from cannabis businesses. I fear litigation may be unavoidable, choose one you can defend. Finally, "What happens if ' Measure B does not pass?" The large amount of Plumas residents who survived in Plumas County by working in this industry will lose everything. They will leave, creating even more destitution. No one will have safe and legal access, THERE IS NO LEGAL DELIVERY TO PLUMAS, that claim is a lie and according to the closing statements of the No on B representatives, "We just need to focus on tourism and raise property taxes." Honorable mentions: Measure B limits property use to 10 percent, if you want to use an acre, you better have 10. Measure B allows a maximum of 25 acres of cannabis cultivation in the entire county. Measure B provides an economic future for Plumas. Plumas County lost 1,267 people since 2010, We need that workforce back to have a sustainable future. less than three perfect answers to every question, but choosing the one most appropriate for the crowd only increases my anxiety. I practice my answers over and over, I study so hard the information is burnt into my brain and should be second nature even when I'm a deer in headlights, but still some answers are complicated to explain, and I fail. Last night, three times I failed to be clear and it haunts me that I could have lost support for this Measure because of it. So, I hope that I can do better with this letter. The first question was, "Does Measure B exempt itself from CEO.A?" CEQA is the California Environmental Quality Act that requires projects in the state have an Environmental Impact Report, to make sure the project is safe. The County has this done when they create zoning charts and assign land uses to the General Plan. Plumas did one in 2013, it costs approximately a quarter of a million dollars, and takes about a year to complete. To avoid requiring a new Environmental Impact Report, Measure B followed the General Plan exactly. Measure B tells cannabis businesses in Plumas County RETIRED COUPLE $$$$ to le.d o. California Peal Estate* VJY.TRUSTDEF COMN Y 35 OF FAST RNDING d818) 248-0000 , WLWK0k, m rd Scramble Rearrange the letters to spell something pertaining to painting. m i m m. t m m Sudoku Puzzle 9 3 2 9 8 1 4 3 7 6 5 1 7 7' 3 8 4 1 9 8 . Crossword ACROSS 1. Hindu month 5. Fashion accessories 11. Prong 12. Clever 16. Network of nerves 17. Helps the police (abbr.) 18. Russian lake 19. Not allowed into evidence 24. Indicates position 25. Without clothes 26. Geological times 27. Folk singer DiFranco 28. Buddy 29. but don't break 30. Father 31. Cast a shadow over 33. Afghan city 34. Concluding speech 38. Type of creed 39. French Revolution image "The Death of" 40. Syrian president al- 43. Soviet composer 44. Dove into 45. Famed Broadway producer 49. Leavened bread 50. Ruling family House of 51. Planet 53. Publicity 54. Manifesting approval 56. Fern genus 58. Larry and Curly's pal 59. Company officer 60. Expressed loathing for 63. Birthplace of Constantine 64. People from Asia 65. "Hercules" voice Donovan DOWN 1. Central hall or court 2. Italian city 3. All there 4. Seamstress's tool 5. Sends after y-- ~-- y---- ~-- 11 i 19 25 28 ~4 49 58 8O 35 38 57 37 54 64 5 12 17 m 4O 82 6. Used in herbal medicine 7. Specific gravity 8. A male 9. Hydroxyls + 2C 10. Trigonometric function 13. Archaic language (abbr.) 14. East African native 15. Satisfy 20. Mother 21. Where innate impulses are processed 22. "Rule, Britannia" composer 23. Not good 27. Swiss river 29. A-Team member Baracus 30. Calendar month 31. Drunk 32. Mercury 33. Concealed 34. Give forth 35. Contradiction in terms 36. Middle Eastern country 37. On the [e m 6 41 58 m m 9 10 m m 18 m 3O 45 52 59 83 85 13 14 15 mm 27 48 47 48 38. Sodium 40. One who attended a school 41. Supporters 42. South Dakota 44. American brewer Adams, Sr. 45. Type of attorney 46. Absence of oxygen 47. Most sheer 48. Human soul, mind or spirit 50. Flies high above 51. University of Dayton 52. Dorm moderator (abbr.) 54. Intestinal pouches 55. Assents to 57. Delaware 61. Robots are a byproduct of this 62. Tantalum Answers to this week's puzzles can be found on page 3C