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October 18, 2017     Feather River Bulletin
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October 18, 2017

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 9B director onds to nion pi WHERE I STAND about Child Welfare efforts undertaken by social ................................... Services and the important workers in specific matters ELLIOT[ SMART work social workers, stay behind the scenes. DIRECTOR teachers, school Sometimes that can lead to PLUMAS COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES administrators, school the incorrect perspective nurses, child care providers that Child Protective and others do to help keep Services hasn't responded to Editor's note: Social Services children safe by reporting a referral for investigation. Director Elliot Smart issuspected cases of abuse or We may well have, but we responding to a My Turn written neglect, can't and won't talk about it. by staff writer Maggie Wells that Readers of the BuLletin There is also the matter of was published in our Oct. 11 will note that the what constitutes abuse or edition. Department of Social neglect. The Department Services has made regularregularly receives referrals When a member of the contributions to this space for parenting (or the lack of public offers an opinionin an effort to educate and it) that we can't do a lot piece, as this newspaper so inform the public about about. Or referrals that generously offers the what social workers can and cover situations that have opportunity to do, we cannot do in their efforts to taken place out of the home sometimes might have to keep children in our that don't fall within our accept that the facts that community safe. mandate. We will work with public person relied on to Much of what gets done infamilies to try to improve form their opinion could be the Child Welfare arena is parenting skills and we'll wrong. That is just part of accomplished behind the make referrals to proper the public dialogue, scenes and generally out of authorities when we aren't But newspaper reporters the public eye. Juvenile able to intervene directly. can and should be held to a Court sessions in Plumas The reality is that those higher standard when they County are closed to the efforts aren't always offer an opinion. That's public and all matters successful. because part of the job of a connected with cases are Children who come into reporter is to access and confidential. There is a good the Child Welfare system do report facts, not hyperbole, reason for this: Childrenso because a parent or speculation and innuendo. If should not be exposed to parents have created a reporters don't have the secondary trauma as a living situation that is facts, they can get them. consequence of having what dangerous. Because no two That's what reporters do. has happened to them child protective services I've used this space on a exposed to the public, cases are the same, drawing number of occasions to write So it could well be that a conclusion from one or two cases really doesn't do justice to the wonderful work that social workers, foster care providers and others do in the interest of trying to improve the lives of abused and neglected children. I am saddened when well-worn, over-utilized stereotypes of civil servants get applied to all the good people, including social workers, who choose unflattering careers where most of the rewards are seldom, if ever, seen by the public at large. Stereotypes do little to inform the public or educate them about what can or cannot be done for children in the child welfare system, other than to inflame passions and promote inaccuracies. Sure, there are probably things that social workers do occasionally that could be done differently or better. Social workers would readily tell you that. They are after all, just like the rest of us: They're humans. But one thing I can assure you they don't do when they work with abused children is "phone it in." Facts to back up an assertion like that would be trying to improve it. nice to see. Because, as this "Making a sport of seeing is being written, there are (children) fail?" Where are social workers who are there any facts that back up spending their evenings and that assertion, moreover any nights with abused children policy or circumstances that instead of being home with could be reported on that their own families, document that conclusion? Social workers get called And how does that educate out in the middle of the the public? night, weekends and "Departments designed to holidays to help keep our protect children fail to children safe. Two years understand how to speak to ago, as reported in this children." As I described newspaper, CPS social above, a social worker's workers saved the life of a interactions with children child that was mere hours in our system are from death and whose confidential and I am siblings had already been unaware of the public or a murdered. That's what reporter having routine social workers do. It's access to those interactions. hardly "phoning it in." So here again, one could Describing children in the rightly question where the foster care system as being facts are that back up that "treated like delinquents" statement. and foster parents as "in it The practices our for the cash" does a Department of Social wholesale disservice to Services follows in Child many of the wonderful Protective Services are open people who open their and transparent. We have homes to abused, neglected participated in California's and abandoned children, statewide system and Just ask Carol Donald who outcome improvement fostered over 100 children in process for the past 12 years. the Bay Area. Sure there are That process is also open imperfections and flaws in and transparent. Get the the foster care system. And facts. They are easily we are constantly at work available. LETTERS, from page 8B patriotic and appreciated if they would speak up. Mark Mihevc Republicans) came armed Graeagle and chanting Nazi and KKK slogans. They killed and Strange injured innocentpeople. It's It is time for sober fundamentally dangerous thoughts and... President and stupid to allow any Trump was campaigning for citizen to publicly walk the Senate seat opened by around armed. It begs for the former Senator, now the confrontation and people get Attorney General, Mr. killed. Sessions. While I don't support The candidate's name is masked, violent and armed Mr. Strange. The Senator protest, Antifa fought fire from Arizona is Mr. Flake. with fire - a dangerous Mr. Strange did not win or mixture. It is, however, the we would have a Strange duty of patriotic Americans Senator and a Flake. At the to peacefully protest these rate business is taking care right-wing fascists Nazi of in the U.S. Senate, those white supremacists. Just two would not be the only like Germany, Congress strange and flaky characters must make white in Senate. In fact a good supremacist hate speech and guess is about 50 percent of assembly illegal, them. Then you have the The NFL, once referred to illegitimate Nazi (better as the National Felony than Herr) Russian and League, has a lot of players mentally incompetent who suffer from Trump who condemn 'many discrimination. They are sides' regarding correct. They are just not Charlottesville. Many sides? paid enough. The Is that what you want from demonstrations have an American President? One nothing to do with side is white supremacists disrespect for the flag, the Nazis killing and injuring National anthem and/or the people. The other side is military. They demonstrate normal patriotic Americans because they have been the fighting to restore our subject of discrimination. democracy. Their income is way too low We don't have much and should be tax-free. further to go before Trump President Trump jus and the Republicans stated that he is starting a completely destroy America new immigration system. No and America's democracy. I more aliens, legal or illegal, know there are some decent not even those from outer Republicans - it would be space and work for the CIA. The only exceptions are those from other countries, i.e. females, good-looking, or downright beautiful. Mrs. Nancy Pulosi, made an interesting statement that "Illegal aliens should not be deported, unless they did something illegal." The House Democrats elected her as their leader, because she is the smartest one of all the Democrats in the House. So duh ... Our new Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Jeff Sessions, is really after the drug business. Federal Law "still considers cannabis an illegal drug..In case the Supervisors "legalize" pot, are they then in violation of Federal Law and subject to prosecution for violation of their oath? Just a thought... President Trump keeps promising new jobs. A lot of jobs have been created by storms, floods and hurricanes. The damage is in the billions. For example, Puerto Rico is destroyed and it alone will cost several fortunes to rebuild the island. Then there is Texas, Louisiana, Florida and some additional areas. Let's not forget the horrible fn'es in California. All of the places are in need of workers. The question is how in the world did Trump get a hurricane started. Jan Klement Quincy Split the country in two Divide this country into two countries. We have such different ideas about entitlement, borders, taxes, nationalism and patriotism. We despise each other in so many ways, we can't even openly debate. We should have a national referendum for a split. Vote to become Conservative and Liberal States of America. Then vote for our own Presidents, Czars, Congress or Politburo, etc. Conservatives will keep the American flag (liberals don't like what it stands for) and we'll remove the liberal states stars. Libs will have most of the coast lines east and west, we'll take the southern coast. We could share resources to some degree and military defenses similar to a NATO alliance. Visas would be necessary to visit conservative states more than 10 days in a year. Blue states can tax yourselves silly. You can enjoy socialism and communism in one government. You could have single payer health care. You can welcome all the ANTIFA's, BLM's, welfare and illegal aliens you want. You could be a mega-California. You won't have to argue with conservatives anymore or cry because Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are broadcasting. How perfect, Right? You won't have to put up with lower taxes, charter schools, guns, marriage between a man and a woman, prayer in schools, applauded by the vast the 10 Commandments, majority of our people. standing for the national While these protestors anthem, the coal industry, essentially are protesting or off pipelines. It will be this administration's attack great for you and your tribe, on non-wasp ethnicities, Birds of a feather. Right? they are also protesting on a We'll be happy to get our wider scale for the 99 percent. lives back together without Every executive move this Hollywood, Pelosi, Schumer, billionaire makes, when be can Bernie, and Hillary and all fred the time to leave his elite the whining. You won't have golf course and go to his oval Trump anymore, it's a office, enriches the real elite win-win if you'll just and ignores the 99 percent approve. We won't be who really need the help, upsetting any man-bun He is poised to sign the liberal boys and girls. Our new tax bill which will give bathrooms will say men and the elite trillions in tax women. We'll be able to tell breaks that they do not need jokes about you, without while cutting billions from offending anyone in our : the,Medicareland Medicade country, programs; programs the Trent Sextonpeople have relied on for Lake Davis decades. Analyze his self-tickling Ivory tower rhetoric and it boils down to What a topsy-turvey world the condemnation of this administration has goodness and a reassurance created. The man with his to his white supremacy "Ivory" New York towers backers. Ask Neo-Nazi and billions of dollars in David Duke. He's proud of assets calls elite those his man in the White House. football players who have Also, if the educated were put their salaries on the line really elite, why would they by protesting what they be screaming for justice. know is wrong in this Why not just sit in their administration. "ivory" towers and read These brave men are their histories and never actually protesting the real apply what they have elite one percent who keep learned from the past to our pushing for more power and present American, assets at the expense of the untenable situation? 99 percent. The more we ignore the Exercising one's First past, the more we will re-live Amendment right to focus and rue the errors of the attention on the grievous past. wrongs of this Salvatore Catalano administration should be Taylorsville I I J 11 I I I I II Contact your elected officials PLUMAS COUNTY SUPERVISORS - 520 Main Street, Room 309, Quincy, CA 95971; (530) 283-6170; FAX: (530) 283-6288; E-Mail: Individual supervisors can bc e-mailed from links on the county website: PRESIDENT- Donald J. Trump, the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20500. (202) 456-1414. Fax: 202-456-2461. E-mail:] U,S. SENATOR- Dianne Feinstein (D), 331 Hart Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510. (202) 224-3841; FAX: 202-228-3954; TTY/TDD: (202) 224-2501. District Office: One Post Street, Suite 2450, San Francisco, CA 94104; Phone: (415) 393-0707; Fax: (415) 393-0710. Website: feinstein'senate'gv" U& SENATOR- Karnala Harris (D). 112 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington D.C. 20510. Phone: 202-224- 3553/Fax: 202-224-2200. U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 1st DIST.- Doug LaMalfa. 506 Cannon HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515. (202) 225-3076.; Facebook.con~RepLaMalfa; twitter: @RepLaMalfa. DISTRICT OFFICE: 2862 Olive Hwy, Suite D, Oroville, CA 95965, (530) 534-7100, FAX (530) 534-7800. STATE SENATOR, 1st DIST.- Ted Gaines. State Capitol, Room 3070, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 651-4001, FAX: (916) 324-2680. El Dorado Hills Constituent Service Center: 4359 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 112, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. (916) 933-7213, FAX (916) 933-7234. Redding Constituent Service Center: 1670 Market St., Suite 244, Redding, CA 96001, (530) 225-3142, FAX (530) 225-3143. Plumas County Animal Shelter 201 N Mill Creek Road, Quincy, CA 95971 [530] 283-3673 STATE ASSEMBLYMAN, 1st DIST.. Brian Dahlc, State Capitol, Suite 2158, Sacramento, CA 94249-00001, (916) 319-2001; FAX (916) 319-2103. District Office: 280 Hernsted Dr., Ste. #1 I0, Redding, CA 96002; (530) 223-6300, FAX (530) 223-6737. GOVERNOR - Jerry Brown, office of the Governor, State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814. Website: govlea:gov/(916) 44522841. FAX: (916) 558-3160. Wolfie Chance Smoosh Wolfie is an 11 -year-old Husky-cross neutered male. He's a loving, healthy, boy who needs a cat-free household. Chance is an un-neutered 1 -year-old black lab-mix. He is very sweet. Smoosh is a boxer-pit cross. She is young and not spayed. She's very quiet and keeps a clean kennel. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8am- 5pm. Saturday viewing is by appointment only. Office hours are subject to change due to staffing; calling prior to visiting shdter is recommended. All potential adopters must complete an adoption consultation form and be approved prior to adoption. Adoption fees are $10.00 for dogs and cats, h'cense fee for dogs is $15.00 per year. For more information or to view more pets, visit us at www.petf' i 'l