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October 21, 2015     Feather River Bulletin
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October 21, 2015

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 11B COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE I li my 44 Drastic change comes to Plumas County if you vote next June to secede from California and join up with Jefferson. Therefore, it's time to consider whether or not secession from California is a solution still searching for a problem. We've been told by Jefferson supporters that the representation deck has been numerically stacked against us because urban voting blocs have the population and representation to get their way over ours. But I ask you, if that's the case, how often are these two points of view mutually exclusive? And do the gains for California's population centers always come at our expense? Jefferson supporters complain about the results of representation by population, but that's part of the U.S. Constitution, reinforced by the Supreme Court's ruling in Reynolds v. Sims in 1964. Nevertheless, they want it reversed in California or WHERE I STAND BILL MARTIN RETIRED COLLEGE BUSINESS INSTRUCTOR they'll break away. Frankly, I have yet to see information from Jefferson supporters that numerically illustrates the burdens they claim or the regulatory walls they say stop us in our tracks. Where is the detail on lowered profits, of enterprises prevented and of business expansions denied? All I see are unsupported complaints that we are stifled and over-regulated, and without specific examples, those complaints are vapor only. Jefferson supporters rail against over-regulation. However, the two greatest financial disasters we've faced in the last quarter century were both brought about by fewer regulatory controls, not more. For example, consider the effects of 1996 electricity rs in Plum J t the way it i de-regulation and the popping operating revenue? Where As the old adage says, "The Placing the Jefferson of the 2008 housing bubble would Jefferson get the funds devil is in the details." The question on the June ballot at that was inflated by loosened to "buy" California's existing trouble here is, you'll have to county expense has skipped lending standards and Wall infrastructure within the new rely on vague promises before this important step that Street greed, state's boundaries? Will you choose. The "small print" proponents of every other California has had some representation inside isn't available in advance, issue must clear. ups and downs, but it remains Jefferson be measured by You'll just have to live with it I urge our county supervisors a favored place to live and population or by the number once Yreka tells you what's to focus on running Plumas work. In my view, Plumas is of participating counties that good for you. County government and the best part the region, joined? What could we count Plumas County Supervisors improving communication with We have lots to look on for our schools, higherignored their sworn oath to Sacramento if they believe forward to as we entice more education, hospitals, water support the State of California we're getting the short end of tourists, plus encourage supply, sewage treatment, and the United States of the stick. Politics sometimes seasonal and year-round roads and maintenance? What America from threats by all looks like a contact sport, but residents to relocate and will your future tax burden others. They found it easier to to end up on the winning side widen our tax base here. Our be, and will free-for-all zoning deflect the Jefferson zealots you should provide solid prospects look good, and if we allow non-residential uses to by spending your money to arguments, logical thinking don't lose 45 percent of the degrade your neighborhood?hold an "advisory" election and numerical proof for your county's operating revenue Answers to questions like that has no legal weight to assertions; whining and by joining with Jefferson, we these could reveal their effect determine whether Jefferson ideological fantasies aren't can avoid an implosion of our on your daily life, yet you achieves statehood, enough. economy, won't know where you standWhat they should have Seceding from California in We're still recovering from until after you get your "seat done is insist that, as with favor of Jefferson is not a the recession of 2008 and the at the (Jefferson) table."any other serious political solution to any problem we general reduction in They make it simple: initiative -- and secession might currently have, but it's forestland management, but "Throw away your certainly is the most serious a virtual guarantee to bring on secession from California is a connection to California and -- the proponents should more problems down the road. guaranteed slide to economic trust us to make your lifehave been told to qualify their Your life as you've known it oblivion, better." You already know proposal by obtaining the is at risk. Vote against Will these people backfill what you have, Plumas requisite number of voter secession. That will prevent that 45 percent of County; do you know what signatures at their expense, Jefferson's solution from state-supplied county you'll get? not ours. becoming your problem. LETTERS to the EDITOR Guidelines for letters my opinion, buying this Plumas? San Francisco fromseparate state. He was harmless enough long shot that if enacted All letters must contain an equipment is not necessary at Siskiyou? How much more Now, here's the real scoop: and bold enough to gather a would probably lead to address andphone number, this time. The residents of the "divided" could we possibly The fact is, these naysayers few followers, and he was so serious problems. Yet, as you , Only one letterper weekper district certainly did not be? Is retaining our personal actually do not want to form a beloved as San Francisco's point out, they kicked the can person will be published; only expect the recent sharp rise liberty "yesterday's dreams?" separate state. They foolishly own character that down the road for fear of one letter per person per month in their fees to be spent on Isn't part of "embracing our think or hope we can businesses did not charge him offending some constituents regarding the same topic will vehicles that are not needed California heritage" actually continue to receive hand outs for his daffy expenses. About -- at a cost to we taxpayers of be published. Feather at this time. protecting private property to from the morepopulous 30,000 people attended his an estimated $15,000. Wow. Publishing does not printThe other thing that upset pass along to future counties forever, that funeral in 1880. An example of how small third-party, anonymous orme was the lack of effort the generations? Is trying to everything will remain the I wonder how many people government can be just as bad open letters. Letters must not district made in obtaining frighten people and offering status quo, which is already ever heard of the California as big government (often is) exceed 300 words. Writersbids for t.he purchase of the unsubstantiated, incomplete killing us. state hymn? It was declared indeed. responding to previously new truck. I mentioned to the "facts" called working I've got news. Now that the our state hymn by Governor David Lind published letters may notboard that I thought our local together? DMV is issuing drivers Hiram Johnson in 1914. It has Taylorsville mention the author by name. car dealer should have been Keep It California claims to licenses to illegals (more than several verses, but I will The deadline is Friday at 3 given the opportunity to be a "non-partisan" PAC half of the licenses issued are quote just a few lines: The poor will suffer more p.m.; deadlines may change furnish a bid for the truck representing Republicans, to illegals) and automatically "I love you, California, "Sixteen Tons, what do you due to holidays. Letters may be and the response was thatDemocrats and Independents. registering them (and all you're the greatest state of all. get?" (Merle Travis, 1946). submitted at any of Feather nobody could beat the price A Google search of their other non citizens) to vote, we I love you in the winter,Thanks for leaving that Publishing's offices, sgat via they received from the officers and their respective of the Jefferson counties will summer spring and in the opening. ! think that the ..... fax to 283-3952 or emailed to out-of-town dealers. Thispolitical affiliations reveals: have even less representation fall." message the Pope was trying,really concerns me since they One is a member of the Sierra than we do now. And all those The hymn ends with the to convey was that if there made no effort to get bids County Democratic Party new voters have been told to words, "And I know when Ihappened to be severe Supervisors waste money from our car dealer in East Rural Caucus and Treasurerexpect government handouts die, I will breathe my last sigh weather possibly related to I am dismayed that the Quincy, how do they know he of High Sierra Rural Alliance, and services. Who will pay for for my sunny California."alleged climate change in members of the Plumas couldn't be competitive? As a which has, of course, suedthem? Salvatore Catalano South Carolina, New County Board of Supervisors, new and used car broker, he Plumas and Sierra CountiesYou think the debt, Taylorsville England, the Gulf, or a who have balked at raising sells many cars and trucks to for thousands of dollars. The taxation, mandates are prolonged drought in the wages for county employees the county, and is invited to other five are either members hopeless now? Just wait.Bad decision by already arid Western United because of a lack of money, bid all of their vehicle of their respective county's Time for State of Jefferson 51. supervisors States resulting in extreme could decide to spend $15,000 purchases. Democratic Party or Barbara MacArthur I have not always read your wildfire behavior, then the to pay for an election Local businesses should Democratic Party Central Chesterweekly editorial (sorry) and poor tend to suffer a bit more (actually an advisory vote) on always be given the Committee. Those counties have disagreed with it onthan the well-to-do. whether or not Plumas opportunity to bid on include Del Norte, Siskiyou, Paying ourselves more than one occasion when Generally the top 10 percent County should join the anything they can provide to and Shasta. After reading the article I have taken the time. have more than adequate proposed state of Jefferson. I a government or district Their "non-partisan" about the state of Jefferson, I But I could not agree more insurance; so the tough commend Lori Simpson for agency. Keeping the county coordinators are have a question. You said with your editorial taking our question they face is, "Will resisting the pressure -- in taxpayer's money local is one active in the Democratic Plumas County sends only $18 board of supervisors to task the new carpet go with the large measure from peopleof the things that help keep Party or Democratic Party million to the state of on the state of Jefferson issue, new paint color chosen for the who are not Plumas Countycommunities alive. Central Committee in E1 California, but receives much Yes, they are paid to look walls?" voters -- and being the only Mike BeattyDorado, Lake, Mendocino, more back. Did you countinto these matters, listen to The less fortunate, after supervisor to vote against the East QuincyNevada, Placer, Plumas, ALL the taxes we pay to their constituents, noisy and watching their habitations measure. Shasta, Sutter, Tehama andSacramento? We pay salesperhaps not so noisy, then and possessions washed Margaret Goodart Cartel marijuana farms Yuba counties. Many officers tax, gasoline tax, income tax, make a decision that is for the away, or incinerated tend to Quincy I read your recent article and coordinators are involved and more. If we form the state greater good for the county have a few more problems to about the increasing illegal with neo-environmental of Jefferson, we'll be paying residents. Any serious look at deal with. Write in Orange Mexican cartel marijuana groups, state water and other all those taxes to ourselves, the Jefferson issue would Gene Nielsen The ballots have been farms in Northern California agencies, etc. Heidi Marsh conclude it is an incredible Crescent Mills received for the Nov. 3 and I am very interested in Conspiracy theory, maybe, Greenville election for two replacement getting involved, but I must ask: directors for the Indian I live in the Butte County "Non-partisan." Really? Are Valley Community Services area and these beautifulPlumas County's best District. Unfortunately, Bob mountains and lands are interests in their hearts? Orange missed the date to run already at a disadvantage to Suppose they might have in the election. However, we mining and government use ulterior motives for staying can still add his name in as a and now illegal Mexican tied to the progressive, write-in candidate. Since Bob cartels are abusing the land to Democrat-run California has already been serving as a sell bad weed to our kids at piggy bank rather than director and has proved high schools. I am appalled, gamble on a conservative himself to be a very capable I'd like to also get in contact state? and thoughtful person, I am with Dr. Mourad Gabriel at So, will you blindly accept recommending that we all add UC Davis. I am available to the disparaging remarks and his name on the ballot as one help in clean-ups and hiking fuzzy math of special interest of the two choices we have. searches as well. groups? Or will you ask Thank you for your Also, I would like to questions at, consideration, commend him on his work, it research relevant issues, TanyaHenrichis not a safe job at all. Ihave evaluate them objectively, Greenville lived in Peru and have battled and make well-informed, illegal gold mining in the fact-based conclusions? Peruvian Amazon, and Your kids will live with usually these guys mean your answer. business. They don't care who Lynn Desjardin gets in their way, either. Portola Thanks for publishing this article. Kristen Woods Chico Let local businesses bid I attended an East Quincy Service District board meeting on Oct. 13 and I was quite surprised to find the current board and their manager were considering buying a tractor and a brand new truck. The total cost of these would be in excess of $70,000. As a taxpayer, the expenditure of this money -- especially on the heels of a pretty substantial rate hike -- got my attention. By the manager's own admission, the equipment would be nice to have but not essential for the district's operations. In Do the research Regarding the state of Jefferson movement, Keep It California says "instead of dividing our communities and chasing yesterday's dreams" we should "embrace our California heritage and work together to address today's needs." Divide LA County from It's time for Jefferson A couple recent letters continue to lament that forming our own state of the northern counties is just not financially viable. So if these lamenters really want to know, I direct them to, which contains California Comprehensive Financial Reports of 2012 and 2013 along with other government reports illustrating the financial viability for a My sunny California I would like to offer a few tid-bits regarding our sunny state. Since 1850, when California became our 31st state, about 220 failed attempts have been made to fragment our state. The only successful split of California was in 1864 when California still belonged to Spain. That separation resulted in Alta California and Baja California. In 1846, when California belonged to Mexico, a group of settlers in Sonoma declared California an independent country. That fizzled. In 1848, the Guadalupe-Hidalgo treaty between the USA and Mexico ceded Alta California and a great deal of the Southwest to the United States, Baja California remaining - Mexican territory. After the discovery of gold, people from all over the world came to California. One immigrant from England settled in San Francisco; and, in 1859, after losing all his money in a bad investment, declared himself emperor of not only California but of the whole United States. A little later, he claimed to be Protector of Mexico as well. Contact your elected officials PLUMAS COUNTY SUPERVISORS- 520 Main Street, Room 309, Quincy, CA 95971; (530) 283-6170; FAX: (530) 283-6288; E-Mail: Individual supervisors can also be e-mailed from links on the county website, PRESIDENT - Baraek Obama, the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20500. (202) 456-1414. Fax: 202-456-2461. E-mail: U.S. SENATOR - Dianne Feinstein (D), 331 Hart Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510. (202) 224-3841; FAX: 202-228-3954;TTY/TDD: (202) 224-2501. District Office: One Post Street, Suite 2450, San Francisco, CA 94104; Phone: (415) 393-0707; Fax: (415) 393-0710. Website: U.S. SENATOR- Barbara Boxer (D). District Office: 5011 St., Suite 7-600, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 448-2787; FAX (916) 448-2563. 112 Hart Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510. (202) 224-3553. FAX (202) 228-0454. U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 1ST DIST. - Doug LaMalfa. 506 Cannon HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515. (202)225-3076.; Facebook.conffRepLaMalfa; twitter: @RepLaMalfa. DISTRICT OFFICE: 1453 Downer St., Suite #A, Oroville, CA 95965, (530) 534-7100, FAX (530) 534-7800. STATE SENATOR, 1st DIST. -Ted Gaines. State Capitol, Room 3070, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 651-4001, FAX: (916) 324-2680. E1 Dorado Hills Constituent Service Center: 4359Town Center Boulevard, Suite 112, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. (916) 933-7213, FAX (916) 933-7234; Redding Constituent Service Center: 1670 Market St., Suite 244, Redding, CA 96001, (530) 225- 3142, FAX (530) 225-3143. STATE ASSEMBLYMAN, 1ST DIST. - Brian DaMe, State Capitol,.Suite 2158, Sacramento, CA 94249-00001, (916) 319-2001; FAX (916) 319-2103. District Office, 280 Hemsted Dr.,Ste. #110, Redding, CA 96002; (530) 223-6300, FAX (530) 223-6737. GOVERNOR - Jerry Brown, office of the Governor, State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814. Website: 445-2841. FAX: (916) 558-3160. i