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October 22, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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October 22, 2014

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126 Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter LETTERS, from page 11B in volume. Plumas County and the city of Portola will benefit from these new employees and perhaps the trickle-down, "secondary markets" will spin our way from Tesla. Housing for many Tesla employees will be more affordable in outer regions. Those not wishing to live in Reno will come this way. It's a short commute for the beauty and recreational advantages this area provides. New jobs at Tesla may benefit some of you already living here. Perhaps some Plumas residents will apply for a position in Reno. All in all, it is a big win for Nevada and speaks volumes about California's higher corporate taxes, draconian regulations, and laws that push businesses out of California. The County general plan is adopted, use it. Even the city of Portola could approach Tesla displaying Plumas County's attributes to executives interested in providing support (jobs) to the Renb expansion. I have several small manufacturing ideas but don't hold your breath for the county or city government to create job opportunities. At the very least leaders should be in contact with the Tesla Corporation now, inviting them to tour the Eastern Hwy. 70 corridor. If nothing else 6,500 tourists will want to fish, hunt, ski, snowmobile, golf, hike, ride bikes, and observe wildlife, if the U.S. Forest Service will allow them to use our forests. They will also eat at local restaurants and coffee shops. California is really better off without Tesla. We'll just take their tourist dollars and send them packing. Local socialists abhor corporate tax dollars unless they're able to extort money from them. Trent Saxton, Lake Davis Don't trash Hall A long-time local attorney last week was critical of my candidate for Congress, Heidi Hall. I have great respect for those who've made it through law school and passed the bar. The LSAT (Legal Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a rigorous test of analysis and logic, but that doesn't seem to have been applied in last week's meandering rant. The letter made accusations of Heidi being a Liberal and exactly like every other Democrat in or out of office. She's not exactly like anyone else but she certainly recognizes that doubling the interest rate on student loans is an unfair burden that further delays or prevents the establishment of households, consumer spending, and career and business starts (and therefore taxable transactions). Acting like a liberal would be recognizing that income inequality does exist, that high earners and corporations pay a lower tax rate than middle class families, and that ever since the Reagan years, tax codes have been engineered for exactly this result. More recently, we permit corporations to transfer earnings offshore and have given tax incentives for them to kill mainland jobs while simultaneously moving production overseas. Willingness to address some of these upside-down policies that work against common Americans is something that few serving politicians or candidates commit to, but Heidi has. Liberals and Progressives helped us reverse the Gilded Age with "radical" campaigns like trust busting, child labor laws, women's suffrage, a 40-hour work week, and the beginning of U.S. safety regulations. Airline safety, seat belts, air bags, cleaner air and water, and consumer product safety rules are some of the continuing benefits. Analysis and logic would have resulted in last week's writer knowing this, but evidently he only had time to vent -- not to make a winning argument. Bill Martin Quincy Hall an effective, active voice In last week's paper, the letter writer who complained about Heidi Hall's campaign for Congress tips his hand, as it were, by saying she is "just another liberal." Since the letter writer obviously prefers more conservative politicians, he is merely announcing that he is not a liberal. I have never understood why some people dislike the word "liberal." My Webster's dictionary says the term is "befitting a person of free birth; not restricted.., not narrow or contracted in mind; broad-minded ... independent in opinion; often having a tendency toward democratic or republican, as distinguished from monarchical or aristocratic forms ..." Heidi Hall is well informed about issues that matter to the voters of this district, and she would be an effective, active voice for us in Washington. I urge a yes vote for Heidi Hall for Congress. Ruth Jackson Quincy Fed owns you America is a family making $35 thousand a year with a debt burden of $50 million. Could it ever repay? Like a friend says, "Ain't gonna happen." Essentially, the Fed owns America. Who would be buying our bonds (IOUs) otherwise? We are property of a private foreign cartel of banks which congress gave the money control to back in 1913. They cleverly named it The Federal Reserve, implying that it is a branch of government, when in fact it is a private cartel. Looking for a new vehicle? NO HASSLES DELIVERED TO YOUR AREA You get the rebates, special pricing & financing! i,!ii i i! i Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Lexus, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Kia, Subaru, Lincoln, Buick, Acura, Audi, BMW, Mazda, Volkswagon & Volvo Let me work for you and save time & money. Just a phone call away! Call Jack: Quincy Auto Co. 530-Z83-CARS (2277) or 530-966-5463 1970 F. Main St.; Quincy f "German Shepherd" - This beautiful German Shepherd was found in East Quincy. She is a very loving and sweet. She's about 4 to 5 years "Queensland" - This young blue merle Queensland old. She recently had puppies. She is not mix unaltered male was found wandering in Warne spayed. She needs a new home with people Valley and is available for adoption. He is one that will love her. happy boy between 1 and 2 years of age. , Our office hours are Monday, lhesday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-5pm. Saturday viewing is by appointment only. Office hours are subject to change due to staffing; calling prior to visiting shelter is recommended. All potential adopters must complete an adoption consultation form and be approved prior to adoption. Adoption fees are $10.00 for dogs and cats, license fee for dogs is $15.00 per year. i> AMERICAN VALLEY ANIMAL HOSPITAL   We carry a wide selection of pet food  and Flea & Tickproducts 283-4500 Alta & Lee Rd. Quincy - For More Information or to View More Pets, Visit Us at J Maybe we're no longer owners and we are just renting now. As long as we keep up the payments, they will take interest only on the credit card. What a deal. Wouldn't you like it if congress came to you and granted you the right to lend America money with interest? Even if the amount you lend goes far past your "reserve"? Also to be given the right to increase or decrease the amount of money (,credit) into the economy. That's also a great deal, since you could intentionally whipsaw the economy so congress begs for more credit to fix it. That credit which you issue is money from nothing. At least it used to be. You didn't have so many assets back then. But America kept coming and coming for credit and money. They knew they were broke. Now you're the dealer and they are the junky. You were the pawn shop for all their possessions and you've got them addicted for life. So to say, any more, that the private Fed makes "money from nothing," and it has no "reserve" is erroneous. The FED has plenty of "reserves" it owns America... and you. All "caps" now (inside joke). Robert Milne , Clio Ebola questions Here we go again; we have questions. This morning we awoke to the news a healthcare worker in Texas was the first person in the United States to contract Ebola. Who will pay for treatment? Do you think ObamaCare will pay for this treatment, or will Workers' Compensation, or the Aflac Duck? No. In case of death, the burden will fall on the families, because of the enormous deductibles of Obama Care. Workers' compensation will not pay a claim before it is heard before a workers' compensation judge. It will be the responsibility of the claimant to prove they did not travel to West Africa, use a bathroom that was used by an effected person, or were just careless on the job: We still have questions. We are concerned for health care workers. What about the thousands of airport workers and employees of the air lines who have no protective gear, and what about the first responders? What is the president doing to protect us? Why isn't he doing his Constitutional duty to protect the American people by shutting down flights from the effected African countries, or securing our borders? Does he consider average American citizens, like the Benghazi four, as being non-optimal? These are our questions. We do not expect the president or anyone in government will answer them. Richard & Janet Naas Greenville Fossil fuel It's a new term for me but I guess I am a "warmer"; although, I believe the term would more aptly fit those who wish to allow warming more than those who would lessen it. It is true that reports indicate that warming is slowing, but the same reports I have read say that it is because many steps have been taken to lessen the use of fossil fuels. Also, there are reports that the ozone is healthier, which is a result of the same steps. That said, we have not conquered global warming. We now have proof, however, that decreasing or discontinuing the use of fossil fuels is the answer. That seems to work. Next year, the world will address itself to the use of fossil fuels and the devastation that climate change has recently wrought. This is not a political ploy. It is a movement by humans to make their planet safer. The general population has absolutely no reason to oppose' the movement, especially when a spokesman for a major oil company embraces the movement. Stephen Heinz, president of the Rockefeller family fund said, "We are quite convinced that if he (John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil) were alive today, as an astute businessman looking to the future, he would be moving out of fossil fuels and investing in clean, renewable energy." Salvatore Catalano TaylorSville Paying for education and healthcare Conservatives are fond of using the word Liberal like it's a bad thing, always talking about accountability and responsibility. I mean how in the world can we pay for education and health care? Here are a few ideas. M Pot Chose i,.4nq it, Susf vifie for Q VCe;gr3 leel our Ial techniciatu aervinq all  Sierra, lumaa, and Lee Shinobarger :, ng in PoVolo tot / 8 Veors SENIORS B EWARE or Think globally -- stop spending more than a trillion dollars on defense when no one is threatening to invade us. Make no mistake, the money is being spent to protect corporate profits not your freedoms, well except for your freedom to burn five times your share (and mine) of fossil fuels. Let's cut the I defense budget to $1 more per - capita than the Russians and the Chinese combined for starters and use the savings to' provide education and health care for all, after we outlaw the health insurance companies. , Act locally -- remove the middle:men (banks) from the student loan program. Cut out i the welfare queen (bailed out) : banks and have the government collect the money directly. That would put more : money in graduates' pockets to spend, helping drive our greatest-in-the-history-ofithe-w orld consumer-driven 7. economy. Act more locally -- demand the $1.7 million subsidy our 'r congressman voted for himseff while he was cutting increases in the food stamp program, " back. Did I miss something? Have food prices decreased or even stabilized? One point seven million makes him a far: bigger welfare queen than food ? stamp recipients. Anyone who casts a vote for him renders ' any talk of fiscal responmbflzty hollow. He got his, so vote him I out. If our next representative i acts as irresponsibly and self-servingly, we can vote them out next time. Who cares if there's an R or a D beside their name? Nowadays the corporations buy them both. If my thought streams could i be seen... Jeff Ludvigsonl Quincy Welcome to Khobani Against astronomical odds you find yourself in a vacation rental next door to the one the Obamas' are renting. Wow: You run into them several times. Barack even invites you over for a beer in the garden. He is charming, humorous, charismatic- a really nice guy. Michelle is unbelievable, prettY, gracibtis; intelligent One morning you wake up smelling smoke. A fire has started in the stairway and is , blocking you from getting upstairs to wake the children. ' You yell for your wife, tell her to call the fire department and run to get the garden hose. Your wife tells you the fire fighters are out on call and cannot respond. And you discover the hose is too short to reach the tallest flames. Handing her the hose and telling her to do the best she can, you run next door. As you frantically knock on the door, a sleepy Barack opens it slowly. "Quick! I need to use your : hose!" you yell. "What?" Panicking, you yell, "I need your hose. We have a fire and the kids are trapped upstairs! Help me!" "A hose? Well, I'm not sure. What do the neighbors think I: should do?" ', "The neighbors?" you ask,) incredulously. ' Barack says, "Tell you  what, you can use the fire extinguisher in the garage. But I'm not sure about the ': hose." See Letters, page 131