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October 27, 2010     Feather River Bulletin
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October 27, 2010

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Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, Oct.. 27, 2010 13B LETTERS, from page 12B Political Practices and the Plumas County elections of- fice through Sept. 30. Dick Lundy has spent $18,349.41 of which only $6,988.78 were spent out of county. It is extremely hard to raise funds and prepare a budget and spend responsibly with quick response in the very short window between the primary and Nov. 2. Second, I have been there and done that myself. Dick Lundy has done an excellent job spending to date $11,360.63 in loc'al Plumas County businesses showing excellent fiscal responsibility and understanding of the difficulties faced by those same local businesses. I support Dick Lundy for supervisor, an honorable fiscally-responsible man with no other agenda than what is best for both his district where he ,has live'd and served for 30 year and the entire county. Judi Madden Quincy Think before you vote Can anyone believe this... Jerry Brown opposes Propo- sition 23, which would sus- pend AB 32 until the state unemployment rates reaches a low of 5.5 percent! AB 32 just adds more regu- lation to business that is already overregulated in Cal- ifornia. Our unemployment rate in California currently stands at 12.4 percent and businesses are leaving our state in droves. So far in 2010, 158 businesses have physically left or transferred portions of their businesses out of our state. They are moving to states that are promoting their business friendly climates while California continues down the same road that only encourages business to go elsewhere. States such as Nevada, Utah, Texas and even Oregon are just salivating and hoping that this overregula- tion of business continues. These are not always small businesses but large com- panies such as Intel, Ebay, Twitter, and Oracle. Our un- employment rate will only continue to rise as more and more businesses leave. How long are the people of California going to keep electing candidates that do not support the growth of business and, along with that, jobs? It's no wonder that the budget is always in the red and cuts are being made in areas that can only hurt our state! Businesses pay tax- es (so do their employees) and the tax base is eroded when they are no longer here. Does this attitude on the part of our state make any sense? Thank goodness for Dan Logue and his efforts to en- courage business in Califor- nia and for his promotion of Proposition 23. He wants to see Californians back to work and our state once again "The Golden State." Meg Whitman understands the importance of business to our state and wants to suspend AB 32 for at least a year to study the effects that overreg- ulation of business is really having on our state. California cannot afford to lose any more businesses so think carefully when you go to the polls next week to cast your ballot! Please support Proposition 23 and the candi- dates that want to keep busi- nesses viable in our state! Della Myers Greenville Great coach I received a call this morn- ing and decided to write this letter as soon as I hung up the phone. Our oldest son (Con- nor) decided to play football for the first time this year. As the season progressed, I made little comments on how much I like his coach and how im- pressed I've been on his abili- ty to teach these kids more than I thought was possible in such a short time. I didn't realize it until I was remind- ed by my wife, but every week I nonchalantly made the comment about how the coach really cares about these kids. That was about as far as it went until today, This week our team packed for another trip to Reno, ready to confront another team of double our size (in quantity and stature) and hit the field with heart and soul. We "won" the coin toss and my son and one of his buddies were set and ready to return the kick off. Connor was the lucky guy and he be- gan to sprint toward their end zone. That was Connor's last play of the game, and possibly for the season. Don't worry, he's fine and will hopefully bestacking wood soon. Three hours in the ER, X-rays, some Ibuprofen and we were headed home. The first call the next morning was from Coach Gay. "Hey JP, how's Connor...? Coach John Gay, in all the years I've been involved in sports, is possibly one of the most sincere, knowledgeable and concerned coaches I've ever encountered. As he walked Connor off the field, he told him, "Connor, do you know how to keep from having this , happen? .... Run faster!" He is truly a blessing to our chil- dren and the next time you see him on the streets, give him a hug, shake his hand, high five, whatever you feel most comfortable. He deserves it. Jon Kennedy Graeagle Vote The importance of this election cannot be over- stated. It took eight years for the Republicans to com- pletely destroY' our economy and our Bill of Rights. And they want back in to, once-and-for-all, end our democracy. The real threat comes from corporations and the wealthy that purchase the willing Republican officials (and a few Democrats, too) and back groups like the 'Tea Party' who will carryout their mission. Their primary goal is to replace our democracy with a plutocracy. They have infiltrated our Supreme Court with corpo- rate conservatives who, thru the Citizens United case, de- clared corporations 'people' and granted them unprece- dented and secretive 'rights' to influence our elections. Through the US Chamber of Commerce, foreign corpora- tions, like China and India, can influence elections with multi-million dollar anti- democratic advertising. They have fired millions of Americans and shipped those jobs overseas. They purpose- fully collapsed our mortgage/ banking industry, took our homes, and rewarded Wall Street with our Treasury (TARP). Our States are bank- rupt and unemployment plagues our country. And they are willing to harm America and Ameri- cans to get what they want. Republicans, including Con- gressman McClintock, vote to fire 319,000 teachers and first responders (HR1586). Repab- lican Senators killed a bill discouraging corporations from outsource jobs (S3B16). Republican Senators blocked TANF (a Democratic jobs stimulus bill program) thus 250,000 Americans lost their jobs. They even stalled a small business-lending bill (HR5297) with McClintock voting no. Republicans will destroy Social Security, Medicare, Unions, public education, and they will repeal Obamacare. Why? It is all about money and trashing 95 percent of Americans to get it. And realize that 'free markets' means 'outsourcing jobs'. Our country is under assault by the wealthy, like Whitman and Fiorina, who will- privatize all of America. Do you prefer a plutocracy or a democracy? Vote November 2nd. Mark Mihevc Graeagle Who benefits? I am writing in response to the two front-page articles Oct. 20, in the Portola Reporter. I have been asking myself since reading the two articles, who do they re'ally benefit? I don't see either of them benefiting the Gold Mountain homeowners, the Nakoma investors, the ex-developers, the Schomac Group or any current Plumas County business owners. This article is bound to stifle the influx of any new businesses wanting to relocate to Plumas County. It certainly won't pro- vide us or our children with great paying jobs. Was the editor in collabora- tion with another party when they chose to write and print these articles? Could it have been the High Sierra Rural Alliance who wishes to stifle growth and shut down projects that benefit the citi- zens of our county? Or, could it have been some competitor that wants to see the Nakoma and Feather River Inn fail so that they can better benefit from their disappearance? And, why does so much of the article read as an editorial? Why did the editor choose to not disclose and investigate the real facts? Why d,id she not investi- gate the bankruptcy court records? Why did she not in- terview a member of the Schmac Group? Why did she present such an unbalanced article? And I ask you, did the Dragon really "best" (defeat) anyone? I think not. It didn't best any of the lot owners at Gold Mountain who have a stunningly beautiful place to live. It did not best the court or the trustee because neither of them chose not to complete the job. The Dragon survived and will survive under the Schomac Group's leadership. How can they fail if they have community support behind them? The only one that is trying to "best" the Dragon (and the Schomac Group) seems to be the Portola Reporter. The people of Plumas County have yet to under- stand what really happened since the Garners were forced to file bankruptcy. Choices were made by every- one involved, not just the Garners. Peggy Garner Graeagle Sttpport the local economy : : . and Invest in Plumas County! Sudoku Puzzle #1970-D 2 1 3 6 8 9 2 4 7 4 6 7 7 9 1 3 1 8 7 5 5 8 3 Difficult 2 1 7 6 4 Sudoku Solution #1960-D 9 1 6i2 7 318 4 5 3 8 5]4 9 611 2 7 i 4 7 211 8 516 9 3 7 5 3!8 4 9!2 6 1 i 8 9 1 6 2 7'5 3 4 i 6243511978 i 1 6 7 5 3 214 8 9 i 2i4 9 7 118'3 5 6 5!3 8 9 6!417 1 2 ACROSS 1. Regular or high- test 4. Chicago Bears founder George 9. Fat eschewer of ;7-m rhyme 14. Gardner of film .3"- 15. Novelist Jong 16. Use a pattern 17. Cap's weapon 19. Put on the radio 31 32 20. Down in the dumps 37 21. Hypnotic state --- m 23. "Bullitt" director Peter ;-" 25. Old Scratch 28. Atlantic City game s--" 30. Coastal region 31. Pince- glasses 34. City near Tahoe 36. Eighteen-wheeler 37. YOU HERE 38. 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