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October 31, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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October 31, 2012

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8B Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012 Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter EDITORIAL AND OPINION EDITORIAL Voters deserve to know the truth about, candidates Mud slinging and politics go together like ap- ples and apple pie. Politicians of all persuasions, parties and ideologies have been throwing the dirty stuff at each other and trying to make it stick as long as there have been candidates for office. That's not unusual, and negative cam- paigning has become a hallmark of many na- tional, state and local races this election season. And it seems to be getting worse. As Election Day nears, the pressure to win in- creases, and the campaigns and political action committees that have no direct relationship with the candidates seem to shift from a mes- sage of here's what's good about our candidate and here's why he or she deserves your vote to here's what's bad about our opponent and here's why he or she should not get your vote. During this election cycle, some of these nega- tive materials bear a slim and slight relation- ship to the truth or the facts at hand. Every vot- er should be concerned about the veracity of some political speech. Neither California law nor the Fair Political Practices Commission reg- ulates truthfulness of political speech -- an im- possible task at any time (especially with the First Amendment and freedom of speech), but especially in the crush of an upcoming election. Regulation of political speech from the outside will never work -- the candidates must be free to speak their mind on the issues. Rather than try to corral that speech or simply complain about the system that's now in place, the news- paper simply challenges all the candidates and political action committees to dedicate them- selves to providing the very best and most accu- rate information to the voters who will cast their ballots to elect our public officials and set our public policy. These smear campaigns remain the kind of dirty politics everyone disdains and loves to hate. They have a chilling effect on every elec- tion. The people deserve better from those who seek our vote for their candidates and our support for their causes. Editortals ale Written by members of the editorial : boakd~whi~h Cons'isis Of the Publisher, the managihg ~':' editor and the appropriate staff writer or writers, and should be considered the opinion of the newspaper. . . Feat bhshmg , ewspaper / For breaking news, go to Michael C. Taborski ............. Publisher Keri B. Taborski ...Legal Advertising Dept. Dan McDonald ......... Managing Editor Jenny Lee ................ .Photo Editor Alicia Knadler ........ Indian Valley Editor Ingrid Burke ................. Copy Editor Staff writers: Laura Beaton Jordan Clary Michael Condon Ruth .Ellis DJ Estacio Will Farris Mona Hill Susan Cort Johnson Debra Moore M. Kate West Aura Whittaker Sam Williams James Wilson Samantha P. Hawthorne Feather River Westwood Bulletin PinePress (530) 283-0800 (530) 256-2277 Lassen County Chester Progressive Times (530) 258-3115 (530) 257-53211 Indian Valley Portola Reporter Record (530) 832-4646 (530) 284-7800 Don't sit back and let others do the talking for you. Express yourself in our LETTERS TO THE EDITOR will th el There are many things one could say about Barack Obama: he has a great smile, he's a rousing orator during his campaign stops and I would say he is also determined to hold onto his job. That, I'm afraid, is as far as I can go in the compliment department for the man who currently sits as president of the United cti n bring change.? ton would have done a better job than Presi- dent Obama has and I also believe we might all have found life to be a bit better today had she been elected. Now that we are down to a week before the national election, choices must be made again only this time it's a straight up Repub- lican versus Democratic candidate. States. MY TURN i didn't choose Obama the first time In addition to observing the slight ups and ........................................................................................................................................................... around when he was the candidate of ,hope major downs of his administration I have al- so watched all three of the candidate debates on both the right-leaning Fox News Channel and the left-leaning CNN. I did this to be sure I heard the commentary and poll re- sults from such polar perspectives. Now before you just write me off as a right-wing Obama basher, you should know that I make it a practice to vote for the best candidate of any party. I have an absolute aversion to voting the party line and believe that partisanship has only served to further cripple the recovery of America. For many years I was a registered Repub- lican but my dissatisfaction with both sides M. KATE WEST Staff Writer of the aisle came to a head in 2008 and this led to my making a point to re-register as an Independent. When presented with the choice between John McCain, Barack Obama or Hillary Clin- ton, I did vote Clinton despite my concerns about Bill being back in the White House. Still, I voted for the individual I believed to have the best credentials and plan. I also voted to make sure that Sarah Palin would never be No. 2 in anyone's administration. To this day I still believe that Hillary Clin- This week's special days NOT JUST AN ORDINARY DAY COMPILED eV KERI TABORSKI Not just an ordinary day....a sampling of weekly notable special days and facts throughout the year. Oct. 31 Halloween! Halloween is also called All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve and is celebrated worldwide. 1864 - Nevada was admitted as the 36th state of the United States. Nov. 1 1800 - United States president John Adams became the first president to live in the executive mansion (later renamed the White House). 1938 - Race horse Seabiscuit defeated War Admiral in an upset victory in horse racing. 1968 - The American Motion Picture AsSociation officially introduced the film rating system of G, M, R and X ratings. Nov. 2 1959 - Quiz show scandal: Game show contestant Charles Van Doren admitted to a congressional committee that he had been given the questions and answers in. advance. Nov. 3 Sandwich Day: The sandwich was named after John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who created the sand- wich in 1762 while gambling in a London gamboling parlor. 1911 - Chevrolet officially entered the United States automobile market in com- petition with the Model T Ford. 1913 - The United States introduced a federal income tax. 1964 - Washington, D.C., residents. were able to vote in a presidential elec- tion for the first time. Nov. 4 Daylight Savings Time -- set your clocks back 1922 - A British archeologist and team discovered King Tutankhamen's (King Tut's) tomb in Egypt. Nov. 6 1935 - Parker.Brothers, American and game manufacturer, acquired the patent and rights for Monopoly. 1947 - "Meet the Press" made its televi- sion debut. 2012 - Election Day! and change" and I'm certainly not going to vote for'the candidate who has changed his slogan to "forward" despite his inability to lead the country anywhere. You often hear him say "four more years" and I say four was more than enough; no thank you. As in 2008 1 am again taking into consider- ation the worsbcase scenario that would move the vice president into the top slot. In addition to saying no to "four more years" I am voting a big NO for Joe Biden. While he might be a career politician who has been in the inforination loop for a long time, his public performances have left me with the opinion that he is a condescending clown without a presidential bone in his body. I feel very strongly about America's pres- ence on the world stage and he is definitely not the person I want representing my coun- try or me. If I'm not voting for Joe or his boss, that surely means I will be casting my vote for Mitt Romney. What's refreshing about this election is that I feel like I will be voting for positive change. In the past elections I have often felt like my vote casting could be equated to choos- ing the lesser of evils. I don't feel that way going into this Nov. 6 election. The daily polls only re-enforce my deci- sion to vote the Romney-Ryan ticket. I have observed Paul Ryan for a long time now and I like what I see and hear. The Romney-Ryan momentum is building around the nation and I hope it carries the day. It's obvious from the numbers that there is only one candidate America be- lieves is approaching hope and change from a practical aspect. I think the world needs visionaries and I would put President Obama in that catego- ry. However, to get any task done you also need someone with leadership, business ex- perience and fully capable of rolling up his or her sleeves to get the job done, something Romney has successfully demonstrated. Time is short. It is also a time when we need to think with our heads and not our .,, - :t t-" .......... ,,, , i~!11~, hearts. It s also atlme when e re offei ed : the opportunity to have a say our fu- ture and that of our children. Voting is a privilege of the free world. Re- gardless of the candidate of your choice, make it your mission to step up and vote Nov. 6. R,EMEMBER WHEN KERI TABORSKI " Historian 75 YEARS AGO ......... 1937 Train service, interrupted two weeks ago by heavy rain, washed out sections of the Western Pacific maintenance track on the Feather River highway, was resumed Sunday night. Passenger trains are run- ning late, however, due to slow tracks and unusually heavy transfers at each station. 50 YEARS AGO .......... 1962 250 were in attendance at the ground- breaking ceremonies held to commemo- rate the start of the construction of the An- telope dam and reservoir project that is to provide Plumas County with a beautiful lake and picturesque recreation area. Mu- sic was provided by the Greenviile High School band and included luminaries Cali- fornia Assemblywoman Pauline Davis, California Governor Edmund Brown and California Congressman Harold T. "Bizz" Johnson. 25 YEARS AGO ........ 1987 Ron Horton of Quincy shot and killed a California state record 581 pound black bear. His hounds treed the bear near Smith Lake. Pulling a tooth as part of the bear hunting tag regulation, indicated that the rings in the bear's tooth, known as Old Knuckle Walker, was very old. 10 YEARS AGO ............. 2002 A memorial was held for Tina Sharp at Quincy Cemetery this week. Sharp, then 13, was kidnapped and then murdered fol- lowing the Keddie murders on April 11, 1981. Her remains were found 17 years ago at Feather Falls. Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspa- per archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actu- ally appeared in the original newspaper. Let me share a ghost story with you After disco ruined the live music scene in the late 1970s and all the gigs dried up (hail the DJ!), I took a manager's job at the Broken Bit -- a dinner house on Highway 41 in Coarsegold about 40 minutes outside of Fresno. I didn't know the place was haunted when I hired on, but from almost the first evening I worked there I noticed unusual activity when I would lock the 15,000 square foot building down for the night. Even in the heat of summer, I would feel this incredible cold as I walked through the building to- ward the last darkened hallway that led past the pantry to the back door. At first I felt as if someone was watching me. Then I felt as if someone was following me. Some nights it felt as if I was walking through a field of sticky spider webs. Night after night my anxiety increased with each and every step. I shuddered from the cold and trembled with fear walking down that hallway. I just shook and shook and shook as I tried to slip my key into the deadbolt. One day when I arrived to open the restaurant, a locked exit door was wide open, and the alarm was blaring. It could only have been opened from the inside. I didn't have an answer for that one. One evening the bartender asked me where the sound of running water was com- ing from. We searched and searched, and it turned out the shower in the vacant apart- ment above the bar was running full blast. I went upstairs, unlocked the door and turned it off. I never figured that one out, either. I was the only one in the building with a key. Curiously, the owners had remodeled that apartment,but spent only one night there, preferring to sleep in their motor home be- hind the restaurant instead. They firmly de- nied having any paranormal experiences. Then one night after we closed and every- !i ,:~ MY TURN SAM WILLIAMS Lassen News Editor one was gone, as I counted the cash drawers I heard the sound of someone walking in the foyer, shaking a drink glass full of ice cubes outside the office. When I rushed to the foy- er to check it out, no one was there. This be- came an almost nightly occurrence, and the ice shaking sound soon morphed to include whispered voices. I could never make out what they were saying. Then a few nights later inexplicable bangs and bumps started reverberating all around the building. Womp! Bam! Ka-pow! Stomp, stomp, stomp! My final nightly walks through the build- ing just kept getting colder and colder. I know it sounds crazy, but eventually I began to shut the building dowr by turning on all the lights by the back door so I didn't have to walk down that freezing hallway in the dark again, humming to myself so I couldn't no- tice the whispering and the strange noises. a stupid accident I finally found out what/might have been causing these bizarre events. One day as I was handing the groundskeeper her check, I mentioned one of my experiences, and asked, "Can you believe it?" She matter-of-factly said, "Oh, that's Janis." Turns out the groundskeeper's family once owned the restaurant, and she took the g roundskeeper's job to help preserve her grandfather's apple orchard outside the main dining room. She told me this story. Janis had been a cocktail waitress who lived in the apartment upstairs, and she and the bartender were having a wonderful and very public romantic relationship until the night her beau discovered he was more in- terested in an attractive young customer. A distraught Janice left work, j umped in her car, sped down the highway and prompt- ly drove off a cliff to her death. Her haunting of the place began almost immediately. "I'm not surprised you've met her," the groundskeeper said, folding the check in half and stuffing it in her shirt pocket as she headed for the door. "She hates men." Well, after that I tried many times to con- vince Janis she should leave me alone be- cause I meant her no harm, but it didn't do any good. I worked there a few more months, and the intensity of my experiences kept increasing. Frankly, I just didn't want to be alone in that building anymore -- even for a paycheck on Friday -- so I quit. Even with all the lights on and me hum- ming away, my nightly walk down that hall- way became more than I could endure. Re- cently I found out some Internet ghost hunters even have called the long-aban- doned restaurant one of the most haunted places in the whole country. Whoa. I know, I know. Some doubting wise crack- er is going to say, "Yeah, you quit your job because a ghost was following you? Right." Hey, you're lucky you're not me, or you'd understand. All I can tell you is beware -- you never'know what kind of creepy thing- gee could be lurking out there in the dark foliowingyou home this Halloween night. Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!