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November 5, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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November 5, 2014

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lOB Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter of Jamestown, VA? "  , Jamestown on the . . Have you heard NCSP   . . color I, &apos;8 stuf , in! www.readingclubfun,com  .  Annimills LLC 2014 Vl 1-46 _, Jamestown! "e'"""'"'""'"'ann''""'" ' 13 1 burne KS Jamestown, Virginia was settled over 400 years  7 ago. It was the first permanent English colony peaceful m 4 ; n North America. Here is some of its history, j supplies . ;: ,,,: :,, .................  ..... ' route -- v,r"lnld,u 1. Three ships of adventurers sailed from  in 1606. 17 .......................................... , 2. King James I of England hoped they would 11 find a shorter  to the Orient.  i  ............................... ie ships settled on Jamestown and built a __ -- 4. The native people and colonists had periods of fighting and   m 5. Captain John Smith, a leader of Jamestown, was captured ..................  Chief Powhatan while seeking. According to Smith's .................. ,. diary, the chief's 11 year old daughter, Pocahontas, helped to save his life. women 6.  tried to return to England for help after his powder bag exploded. I ,rt 7. Ships from England, expected to bring , did not come. 2 -tl 2 8. During the winter of 1609-1610, almost all settlers died of 9. In the spring, the settlers decided to  the colony and return to England, but a ship with a new governor arrived and forced them to turn back. 10. John Rolfe helped settlers grow a type of  which was a hit in England. 11.  married Rolfe and went to England, where she met the King and Queen. 12. Pocahontas died of an __ before she was able to go home again. 13. The first black men came to America in 1614 as "indentured .," not slaves. 14. The same year, the f rst  from EurOpe also arrived in Jamestown. [ 15. A new Indian Chief did not like settlers taking Indian. He attacked and killed many colonists. 18 16. The English made a  with the Indians, but then poisoned many to death. f 17. The Chief attacked again, but he was killed. A new Chief sought __ times, r Read the clues to I 18. In 1696, Jamestown was __ to the ground by rebels. In 1698, it burnedagain. Ihelp you fill in this| I puzzle and to learn I 19. In 1699, the capital was moved to the place we know today as __ bout Jamestown. 20. __ slowly disappeared over the following years. i i I i Williamsburg Jamestown I I Pocahontas tobacco leave 15 9 lands 6 /  food peace /\\; truce  10 16J II ---.=   Smith 4 England starvation i illness i servants J F S Print out free puzzles: Native American , Tribes, Our National Parks bookmark puzzlers I and our new fall reading log and certificate set@ I .,) How We Teach and Learn History There is no town left, but today you can go to visit the area where Jamestown started and see copies of the ships on which the first Settlers sailed to get to a new land. There are also models of the English fort and a Native American village that you can study to learn how the people lived then. Can you find and circle these things people are using , or doing to teach people about the history of Jamestown? f ]MIOPFVBETALKSPNP YTHEATERIURVDCKMH IEDVCFGHBITOURSNO RS]NOIUYFMBCXMYET WSTFARCMNOLK]UHFO EMVLOUFSNCOURSGFS CPOGIHVZTILDOIPWQ VNURBUMOPRMCSCOYR DIGSKLQP]CAMYGVDS G]HITFVDSKROWERIF FILMSEWSAZQRHBOPL photos digs films music theater quilts talks tours foods arts crafts fireworks What do you know about the daily life of the Native Americans during colonial times? Below are some daily activities of the Powhatan Indians. Read each clue and circle "T" if it is True and "F" if it is False. 1. Men would shave one side of thek heads ...... so bow strings didn't get caught in their hair. T F 2. Women built the "yehakins" (long houses). T F 3. Men built canoes to travel across the sea. T F Powhaiatl Tribal 00aitv Life 7. Powhatans harvested corn, beans, squash and sunflowers. 8. Men hunted deer, turkey and zebra for food. T F 9. Long houses had fires burning inside, to cook with and for warmth. T F/ k... 10. Long houses had a hole in the roof "(' i to allow smoke to escape. T F 11. Villages were usually built on T F high ground near rivers. 12. Men would skin and clean the meat T F they brought home after hunting. 4. Men worked the fields to grow crops. T F 5. Women collected firewood and water. T F 6. Men would fish with spears and fishing poles. T F T F K From the Powhatan Language Captain John Smith, one of the founders of Jamestown, Virginia, recorded about 50 Powhatan Indian words. William Strachey, a Writer, recorded about 500 words. They spelled the words based on their sounds. The language of the Powhatans is no longer spoken, but people are studying the language. And, some words we use today, such as "raccoon," have come from this language! Read each word and match it to its definition: 1. opossum 2. tomahawk 3. moccasin 4. raccoon 5. muskrat A. a hand axe used as a tool or weapon B. nocturnal creature with a striped tail C. animal with a ratlike tail; related to the kangaroo! D. rodent that lives partially in water; has strong odor E. leather shoes, usually made from deerskin 1. pone 2. pecan 3. hominy 4. hickory 5. persimmon A. hard wood from this tree is used for tool handles B. flat cornbread, made without milk or eggs C. fruit, orange and sweet D. ground corn, used to make grits E. these "seeds" are baked into a favorite pie /  Take a look at 1 hese 3 words o see how their spelling has changed! " opossum from "aposoum" tomahawk from "tomhikon"| i raccoon from "rokohamin" .,) o @ O _J .._1 E t- < O Q. r Z This Week the Fun . ,. . . Cal apel 1953 E. Main St., Quincy (Next to Sav-Mor) Page is Sponsored by: :oundations are crucic success an ' venture, 530-283-4463 5esus (ayes :you! mga nahon Wen the Founding Fathers set about to lish the bedrock that would America's greatness, they went :: right to the source; declaring that all human beings are endowed by their Creator with certain ;. ' unalienable Rights. : The Bible contains the foundational truth that God is the Source of all life, sovereign over history and :. our only hope for the peace, happiness and true liberty we all crave. ii: In Genesis, the "book of beginnings," we witness God's creation of heaven and earth by His powerful ' ',,. word, the beg nn ngs of man's rebellion and sin, and God's calling of a covenant people through hich ':f" He wou d br ng sa vat on to a the peap es of the earth through H s one and on y Son (! : :::