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November 5, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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November 5, 2014

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014 11B This oil painting on canvas by Rafael Blanco, titled "Aylen and Haley," is one of several dealing with the theme of patriotism. Rafael Blanco sits in front of his piece "Faded Glory." Blanco, the new art instructor at Feather River College, will feature his work Blanco explored the idea of using the American flag as a at the Plumas Arts Gallery on Nov. 7 between 5 and 7 p.m. Photos submitted symbol on commodities. Art teacher to showcase works questioning use of flag James Wilson Staff Writer jwilson@plumasnews.corn Feather River College's newest art instructor, Rafael Blanco, has shown his students his unique perspective on art " since the semester began late in August. Now, Blanco plans to unleash his creativity upon the wholecounty. Plumas Arts is set to hold an exhibit of Blanco's work through the month of November. The exhibition, self-tiffed "Blanco," will include multiple pieces showcasing the variety of themes Blanco worked on throughout the years. An opening reception will take place at the Plumas Arts Gallery on Nov. 7 from 5 to 7 p.m. Blanco, a native of Spain, came to the U.S. on a tennis scholarship, attending Florida Southern College. Blanco transferred to Saint Mary's where he earned his bachelor's degree, before going on to obtain his Master in Fine Arts at University of Nevada in Reno. Though, Blanco said. he learned a great deal while studying, some of his biggest inspirations came from the classic masters of southern Europe. As a child, Blanco made several trips to the Prado, Spain's national museum. There, Blanco was exposed to the chiaroscuro technique used in the masterpieces of such artists like Francisco de Goya and Diego Velazquez. "That's how I became fascinated with this reality in painting," Blanco told Feather Publishing. "I understood that art had to be very technical. It's about caring about the human form, about the dramatic light, about all these elements to make these paintings different. That became my obsession." Blanco mentioned the process required to produce a large, detailed painting is one of the aspects of art that appeals to him. Each painting takes Blanco roughly 300 hours to complete. "A painting is never done," Blanco said, explaining the end to his process. "You can always add more to the painting. So for me, you never get to the point where you say 'I'm done.' Instead, it gets to the point where you just have to let it go -- move on." Though Blanco's style is very traditional in its methods, the themes he evokes deal with contemporary issues. "I love painting things that I don't understand it helps me wrap my mind around it," said Blanco on how he chooses his themes. "I like to propose a question, and let people take it either way. I like to ask those questions that are difficult to ask." For two years, Blanco focused his work on the issues surrounding immigration in the U.S. Currently Blanco is working with the theme of patriotism. In specific, Blanco's work focuses on the American flag and the paradoxical way Americans both revere the symbol and use it as a commodity. "I was blown away how patriotic people are here." commented Blanco. "The flag here is everywhere. I asked, 'How can you be so patriotic, yet go to the dollar store and buy some chips with the flag on it?'" In Spain, said Blanco, the Spanish flag still has a stigma associated with it because the country is fragmented. As an example, people don't wear the symbol of the flag on their clothes in Spain. "Since I'm not an American, I thought I could bring a fresh viewpoint to the subject," Btanco went on. "Once you're inside, it's difficult to see things." One of the pieces of the exhibition, titled "Faded Glory," shows examples of the reproductive nature of the American flag. The red, white and blue can be seen on a bag, a calendar, a sign, a pen, a sweatshirt and a bra. The large painting of the glorified symbol juxtaposed on the cheap products is meant to force the paradox into the viewer's mind. In addition to pieces dealing with patriotism and immigration, a collection of photographs of the Spanish landscape will be included in the exhibit. The idea of the exhibition is to give the viewers, and Plumas County in general, an overall view of its newest resident and his artwork. So far, Blanco's time in Plumas County has been "great." he reported. Blanco went on to say he looks forward to see how time in Plumas County will affect his artwork. "Since I've gotten here, I've told everyone this community is amazing," Blanco said. "It's the first time since I've been in the U.S. that I've felt this sense of community." 'LETTERS, from page 9B ...... Seems the city paid for the two weakest members of the City Council to attend and hear guest speaker Van Jones. Really? They both must be clueless as to who Van Jones is; then they bought his book. They are clueless. Wanna buy a copy of Mein Kampf, too? Who is Van Jones? All Communists know Van. You see, Jones (At the Obama White House, Jones served as special advisor for Green Jobs.) was forced to resign for his name appearing on a 2004 petition from that suggested the Bush Administration "may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen." Yep, and Obama allowed the Ebola virus to enter the United States; or did he? In 2011, Jones worked with to launch the Rebuild the Dream campaign, which was intended to start a "Progressive" American Dream movement to counter the Tea Party movement. Rebuild the Dream announced a "Contract for the American  Dream," intended as a counter to the Tea Party-supported "Contract from America" and , held house meetings in July. The Blaze's Dana Loesch interviews Van Jones In a stunning admission, Van Jones said Democrats purposefully destroyed Sarah Palin (in 2008) and painted her as stupid because they were :'afraid' after her amazing :convention speech. They saw 'her as smart and a threat so they made stuff up about her i and destroyed her political career. Sounds an awful lot like a... war on women. So, comrades Morton and Gault must have bathed in Jones' greenhouse gases; they bragged about Jones at the city council meeting. Do you see a problem with this? Let's hope the Van Jones influence upon the girls won't spill over into city hall, again. Trent Saxton Lake Davis Adopt cat and ve will wave the adoption fee on the 2nd cat.* Where is the cooperation? Ebola on the back of ISIS. Here they come. Our government has a solemn , obtiget.ion*to, do,hatever i ........ .Alabama's RepubliearSen:.:-,jtting drge to create rairL, takes to protect American lives. This has been the rallying cry on Fox Noise and bombastic talk radio for weeks. And, of course: whatever the Obama Administration does concerning these threats, is not enough or just wrong Ok. So let's look at heart disease. It kills 600,000 Americans every year. So when Obama proposed some guidelines for food served in schools, guess who objected the loudest? Fox and friends deem dietary halth as tyranny. How about expanding Medicaid under the ACA? Republican-led states have rejected this, even though studies show appropriate screening and treatment would save over 10,000 lives per year. This is rejected because, wait for it, states cannot afford the cost, even though the Feds will pay the first few years. Gun violence is another hot topic. 75 percent of Americans want background checks and other sensible gun law overhauls. 32,000 Americans die every year via gun violence. The government has an obligation to save lives, right? 97 percent of our scientists say we need to address climate change. Sessions says, "It is-not enough just to say that the danger is great, so therefore we are free to demand the nation spend whatever is necessary." But that is exactly what Republicans say all the time as they criticize Obama as we confront ISIS, Ebola or illegal immigrants. Governing is not easy. It takes the cooperation of well-informed and well-intended people. Sadly, it falls on politicians to run a government. Remember what Sen. McConnell said as Obama was being inaugurated. "We will do whatever it takes to make Obama fail." Where has been the well-intended, well-informed cooperation? Tom Slavik Mohawk Vista Geo-engineering An article in National Journal titled "Can California Make it Rain With Drones?" represents the classic method of disinfo and illusion. Tell them a little but keep the "real goods" secret. It states the fact that Desert Research Institute (at the north end of Reno) has been running mountaintop cloud seeders and that they increase precipitation around 10 percent. However, now they're Laurence McClish, M.D. Orthopedic stem cell therapy uses your own stem cells, injecting them back into your arthritic joints, potentially reducing inflammation & pain. Metabolic Medicine also entails weight reduction and memory enhancement. The drone picttred is an oversized Cox airplane we used to play with (ouch, my finger!). Give me a break! The article leaves the inexperienced reader thinking cloud seeding is pretty harmless. What they fail to mention is the massive effect of jet based cloud seeding. Look up. Live or Memorex? Today, none of the clouds are real. All human induced. It's a pea soup up there. The mountain generator produces a wide, long cloud, resembling smoke from a distant fire. Interspersed through that haze one views billowy jet trails knitting a pattern in the haze. But still.., no rain. Jets are obscuring the skies coast to coast and around the globe, a far greater effect than DRI's little drones could ever have. It is evident to me and many other observers that the frequency of jet traffic increases These little kittens came to the Shelter at 4 weeks old. They have been loved by "Uncle Bill" our volunteer and are now 8 weeks old and are ready for their forever home. There are 2 boys and 1 female left. markedly before and during most storms. Our;cbnclusion is that these are not merely passenger, cargo or military jets on their daily routines. Three people in my life have come to see the light recently regarding geo-engineering. It's an OMG moment when they realize "wow that's all fake up there." That's what it takes. Then you never see it the same way again. So this winter, keep an eye out. Check ( And see what you think. I think it needs to be stopped. Nice try National Journal, but the people are waking. Robert Milne Clio The disease of hate I'm sure you've seen the extensive computer ad for a book on how to create your own electricity. Actually, it is an anti-government spiel with an 775-348-8100 Sierra Metabolic and Cellular Medicine 605 Sierra Rose #4, Reno Laurence McClish MD, AAOS, MS in metabolic and nutritional medicine IF YC)U USED THE BLOOD THINNER XAREL TO and suffered internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, required hospitalization or a loved one died while taking Xarelto between 2011 and the present time, you may' be entitled to compensation. Call Attorney Charles H. Johnson 1-800-535-5727 Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-5pm. Saturday viewing is by appointment only. Office hours are subject to change due to staffing, calling prior to visiting shelter is recommended. All potential adopters must complete an adoption consultation form and be approved prior to adoption. Adoption fees are $10.00 for dogs and cats, license fee for dogs are $15.00 per year. I ,mphasi on Qbima. In its meanderings about how one can do without the grid, the wind, atomic and solar energies, it attacks almost everything. Rather than coming to the point about how we can create our own electricity, the ad takes us on a hate tour that has nothing to do with the book that it is purporting to sell. While the book attacks almost every corner of our society, it uses the word "patriot" in its title. There is an anti-government group called "The Patriots" which is stockpiling arms and is.listed as one of the domestic racist terrorist groups. To what lengths will those who are afflicted with the sickness of hate go to attract our attention just to spread their disease? Salvatore Catalano Taylorsville Your Local Full Service Pet & Feed Store 283-9605 F" Plumas County Animal Shelter 201 N Mill Creek Road, Quincy, CA 95971 362 Crescent St. Quincy (next to Feather River Fitness) For More Information or to View More Pets, Visit Us at www.petfinder.eom J