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November 7, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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November 7, 2001

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Record, Reporter Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2001 9B wave of ;. SENATOR Day we have to demonstrate soldiers served in our military personnel gives us reason to be proud this Veterans Day armed forces. In this time of We sent our bravest to fight And today, on this Veterans selves, last, we can hope. And years uncertainty and uneasiness, in World War I, "the war to Day, we owe a special debt to Many of us have lost loved from now, as the evil face of we can look for comfort in end all wars." But that was the men and women of"Oper- ones and it is right that we re- terror recedes, the memory of those who wear our nation's not to be. Democracy was un- ation: Enduring Freedom."flect upon those who laidour veterans and their sacri- uniform, der siege a second time in They are leaving proudly and down their lives to protect rice will grow stronger. Our dedication of this day World War II, and Americans willingly on a noble mission our nation. But today is more We must always remember is to America's enduring his- rose up again to defend their to defeat terrorism, than one for remembrance,the importance of our mill- tory of heroes, homeland and liberate twoFrom the terrible incidents We must look on this day as tary and the high cost of liber. From our fiery fu'st mo- continents. Yet even with that of Sept. 11, we learned that one of hope for peace again, ty. So, to the men and women ments in 1776, to freedom's war's end, freedom's workunity made us invincible and The United States will al- of our armed forces and to all newest cause in Afghanistan, was not complete, now, as we turn the tide of ter- ways be a force for peace. But our veterans, know that you America's soldiers have al- First in Korea, then in Viet- ror, that same unity that will the peace we seek is the tri- have your country's gratitude ways answered the call to du- ham, and again in Desert make us secure. It is theumph of freedom and prosper- on Veterans Day and every ty whenever tyrants have ira- Storm, three more genera-courage of our uniformed he- ity, not merely the absence of day of the year. And may God periled freedom and threat- tions of Americans responded roes that has set America free war. While we can never bless America and the veter- ened democracy, with determination and vigor, and renewed our faith in our- know which battle will be the arm who keep her free. ll I I N -R again, someone animal, and never do too } didn't I'm-tired-of- never given "I do my job be- animals so to put but tears my vi- see the paper Someone sent Y at had my ? by Jim , a PUppy, I en- With my antics laugh. You and de- [ro I became : I Was "bad," at me you?" But then you'd relent, and Only she and you worried time when I was your onlypassed my pen, I rushed to murmured, "How could you?" roll me over for a belly rub. that I might hurt them, and I family, the front, hoping it was you-- Perhaps because she under. My housekeeping took a lit- spent most of my time ban- I was excited about the car that you had changed yourstood my dogspeak, she said, tle longer than expected, be- ished to another room, or to a ride until we arrived at the mind--that this was all a bad "I'm sorry." cause you were terribly busy, dog crate. Oh, how I wanted animal shelter. It smelled of dream. Or I hoped it would at She hugged me, and hur- but we worked on that togeth- to love them, but I became a dogs and cats, of fear, of hope- least be someone who cared, riedly explained it was her er. "prisoner of love." lessness. You filled out the anyone who might save me.job to make sure I went to a I remember those nights of As they began to grow, I be- paperwork and said, "I know When I realized I could not better place, where I wouldn't nuzzling you in bed and lis- came their friend. They clung you will find a good home for compete with the frolicking be ignored or abused or aban- tening to your confidences to my fur and pulled them- her." for attention of happy pup- doned, or have to fend for my- and secret dreams, and I be- selves up on wobbly legs,They shrugged and gave pies, oblivious to their own self--a place of love and light lieved that life could not be poked ffmgers in my eyes, in- you a pained look. They un- fate, I retreated to a far cor- so very different from this any more perfect, vestigated my ears, and gave derstand the realities facing a her and waited, earthly place. We went for long walks and me kisses on my nose. middle-aged dog, even oneI heard her footsteps as she And with my last bit of en- runs in the park, car rides, I loved everything about with "papers." came for me at the end of the ergy, I tried to convey to her stops for ice cream (I only got them and their touch--be-You had to pry your son'sday, and I padded along the with a thump of my tail that the cone because "Ice cream cause your touch was now so fingers loose from my collar aisle after her to a separate my "How could you?" was not is bad for dogs," you said), infrequent--and I would have as he screamed, "No, Daddy! room. A blissfully quiet directed at her. It was you, and I took long naps in the defended them with my life if Please don't let them take my room. my beloved master, I was sun waiting for you to come need be. dog!" And I worried for him, She placed me on the table, thinking of. home at the end of the day. I would sneak into their and what lessons you had just rubbed my ears and told me I will think of you and wait Gradually, you began beds and listen to their wor- taught him about friendship not to worry. My heart for you forever. May every- spending more time at work ries and secret dreams, and and loyalty, about love and pounded in anticipation of one in your life continue to and on your career, and more together we waited for the responsibility, and about re- what was to come, but there show you so much loyalty. time searching for a human sound of your car in the dri- spect for all life. was also a sense of relief. The The end. mate. I waited for you pa- veway. You gave me a goodbye patprisoner of love had run out tiently, comforted you There had been a time, on the head, avoided my eyes, of days. I would hope before you de- through heartbreaks and dis- when others asked you if you and politely refused to take As is my nature, ! was cide to take home that cute appointments, never chided had a dog, that you produced my collar and leash with you. more concerned about her.little puppy or kitten that you you about bad decisions, and a photo of me from your wal- You had a deadline to meet The burden she bears weighs realize at the very least romped with glee at your let and told them storiesand now I have one, too. heavily on her, and I know you're making a 15-20 year homecomings, and when you about me. These past few After you left, the two nice that, the same way I knewcommitment. If you are will- fell in love. years, you just answered ladies said you probably your every mood. ing to commit that time, She, now your wife, is not a "Yes" and changed the sub- knew about your upcoming She gently placed a tourni- please spay or neuter your "dog person." Still, I wel- ject. I had gone from being move months ago and made quet around my foreleg, as a animal, vaccinate it and put comed her into our home, "your dog" to "just a dog," no attempt to find me another tear ran down her cheek. I on identification. tried to show her affection, and you resented every ex- good home. They shook their licked her hand in the same If you are not ready for a and obeyed her. I was happy penditure on my behalf, heads and asked... :'How way I used to comfort you so pet or not sure, volun em: at a because you were happy. Now you have a new career could you?" many years ag6: ' .... l ocal'shelter. w ,y's Then the human babies opportunity in another cityf " They are as attentive'to us She eXpertl~/~J~d the h~ ~ 'iieLe~ waildng, ant~ d~/]~y~,r, came along, and I shared and you and they will be mov- here in the shelter as their dermic needle intomy vein.ways need petting. If you your excitement. I was fasci- ing to an apartment that does busy schedules allow. TheyAs I felt the sting and the cool don't have the time, local ant- nated by their pinkness, how - not allow pets. You've made feed us, of course, but I lost liquid coursing through mymal rescues will always take they smelled, and I wanted to the right decision for yourmy appetite days ago. body, I lay down sleepily,donations. Thanks for listen- mother them, too. "family," but there was a At first, whenever anyone looked into her kind eyes and ing. n ~AqJ to Plumas County residents al- the fair without consulting the whether the poll actually re- ways expect the board of super- fair board, flects community opinion. visors to consult with the fair The poll, which ran at plumas-Seventy-four percent said board before making any deci- from Oct. 29 to Nov. 5, the fair board should be con- sions about the county fair. asked site visitors to weigh in on suited in all instances. At least that's true for 74 the subject. About 23 percent said the percent of the residents who The poll was not scientifically fair board should "never" be responded to a recent survey, conducted, consulted. An Internet poll was con- Rather, site visitors were Another 3 percent said the ducted last week to determine asked to state their opinion on a fair should be contacted only what residents think of the su- topic which has caused some when the issue involves per- pervisors' decision to make controversy, sonnel matters. personnel decisions regarding There is no way to verify # Should the Plumas County grand jury inves- tigate Sheriff Len Gard- ner? [ have a direct link with Ms. at any of the other roads in straight--I'm supposed toyou, Tina! Cleo. You will definitely need the construction zone, and stop and find this engineer Lynna Mandernact COntain an ad- her help keeping you safe on they needed to get some signs and warn him that there are Blairsden number. We our roads, upsoon, no signs at my road to warn Per week, Twice, not once, but twice All he had to say was, "We me of pulling out and getting What a Only one letter in the last six months, there left the signs in Quincy this hurt? Sincere appreciation to the regarding has been road construction at morning." I don't think so. It is Cal- Chester Baptist Church for We do not the top of my driveway, near Huh? Wouldn't you think trans' responsibility to do hosting the musical concert Or open let- Two Rivers Road, near that if you forgot something this ahead of time, before on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 28. limited to a Graeagle. Now normally, this as important as signs warn- they start construction. The instrnmentals with the Any let- wouldn't be a big deal. ing people not to enter the Buy more signs if there organ and piano were beauti- words will beThanks to the wonderful peo- road, that you would sendaren't enough. We pay taxes ful, as well as the solos and deadline is ple at Caltrans, it has become someone back to get them? I to pay for those signs and, duets. The Engstroms were may be a big deal. guess not. They would rather dang it, I want to see my mon- certainly multi-talented mu- Publish- On these two separate occa- have people dangerously dri- ey at work. If they can't af- siclans. I'm just sorry more to 283- sions, the first happenedving on the highway and ford those pretty little metal people did not attend and ='mailed at about four months ago, and come head-on with a dump signs, then there is always take advantage of this inspir. the latter happened just to- truck or backhoe, cardboard. Make a sign. Just ing concert. day, my driveway has been in This morning, after having do something so this doesn't Gloria Robinson the middle of the construc- my second near-death experi- happen again and someone Lake Almanor See how lifetionzone, ence with road crews, I gets hurt. County. On these occasions, Cal- stopped not one, but three Now I must be off to call MeeUmqg= Second DUI trans is supposed to post a separate people in the con- Ms. Cleo. I have to drive to Len Gardner, meet Mr. Re- one in sign stating that there is con- struction zone to tell them of Quincy, and I need to know if ichle. Mr. Reichle, meet Dr. years struction and to wait for the their forgetfulness, it's safe to pull out of my dri- Musselman. Dr. Musselman, Using in. pilot car. Low and behold-- The only response that I re- veway, meet Len Gardner. Welcome Personal on both of these incidents--- ceived was, "I will let some- Heather Lewisto Alturas, gentlemen. fld swear there were no signs, one know about it." Graeagle Jack Jackson in A1- Unknowing of any con- Good--let someone know Indian Valley instead struction going on in my about it, but dang it, I want well domD tt really area, I pulled out on the high- someone to do something Tina Marie Love has m=imte tim mmmlb people way proceeding to Quincy.about it! worked so hard for all of us e vote On both occasions, I almost I called the supervisor at county employees during the We have been attending ran, head on, into the pilot Caltrans this morning. All negotiations and other mat- and exhibiting at the Plumas that he had to say about it ters that I would like to sin- County Fair for over 40 l~en Wilson ~ and all the cars following Nev. The first time it haP- was that I should have cerely thank her. Win, lose or years. pened, I stopped at the flagger stopped and talked to the draw, she has put her best Our children and grand- lee and told him that there head engineer at the con- foot forward and fought hard children have participated in driving in wasn't any warning of con- struction site. for us, and I think we all owe 4-H. Our grandchildren are You better struction at my driveway, or So, let me get this her a lot of gratitude. Thank currently very active in Call- fornla high school rodeo. We are pleased that through Mike's hard work and persis- tence, the high. school rodeo is back in Quincy. Mike has improved the ap- pearance of the grounds and modernized the buildings. Many organizations and events can use this facility. None of this would have been possible if not for Mike's hard work, which we really appreciate. LeRoy and Barbara Buckner Taylorsville Way to go, Loved your "Opinion" about male minds in last week's paper. Someone once asked a very wise person, "What would this world be like without men?" The an- swer: "There would be no wars and the world would be full of fat, happy women." Keep up the good work. I love your "Opinions." Velda Krafft Taylorsvtlle to=Uag mdt#. We were at the information center in Quincy in August. The lady there told me that your paper publishes letters frompeople trying to find page =.OI