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November 14, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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November 14, 2001

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Record, Reporter Wednesday, Nov. 14.2001 9B I I BOHD SERVICE DIRECTOR CANCER SOCIETY L Imagine Casablan- smoke? mingles .soft focus and per- an air this md many hite clas- these films were most knew of to- Smoking tool for creating 'and building char- knows yet its top-grossing a now at a 40-year Big To- not to promote its products on screen in 1989, and again in 1998 as part of the Master Settlement Agree- ment (MSA), movies made in recent years show brand lo- gos 11 times more than 1980s films, according to an article this year in the medical jour- n_al "Lancet." What underlies this surge? Critics suggest Big Tobacco may still pay off studio execu- tives. These are hardly indus- tries known for their candor. As recently as 1994, the tobac- co industry still chimed that nicotine wasn't addictive. No evidence of stealthy agreements has surfaced yet; however, some wonder whether there might be other possible explanations. Could this trend be, in part, a reflec- tion of the sway old, romantic notions about smoking still hold over Hollywood and the public's imagination? Anyone who's ever seen an elegant Joan Crawford coolly rebuff John Barrymore by shooting a plume of cigarette smoke in his face in "Grand Hotel"---or heard that men in tuxedos purportedly stood smoking on the deck of the Titanic as they awaited their fate--has a hard time purging. his/her mind of these power- ful images. Idealized images of smoking drawn from histo- ry, literature and music are likely the inspiration for the glamorized images of smok- ing in films today. Indeed, the mysterious, sexy leading men who popu. lated classic films, such as Humphrey Bogart (Casablan. ca's protagonist) and James Dean, virtually always smoked. These figures repre- sent an ethos of rugged indi- vidualism that resonates with people, especially young peo- ple, and cigarettes are central to that image. Cigarettes are also integral to our imaginings of classic divas like Joan Crawford or Jean Seberg. (One critic called the original "Breath- less,"a 1959 blockbuster star- ring Seberg, "the best ad I ever saw for cigarettes, in which Jean-Paul Belmondo just does a loverboy routine with gorgeous babes, every one chain-smoking extremely French cigarettes.") And-cig- arettes are permanently etched into history's portraits of admired leaders such as Franklin D. Roosevelt. In fact, most have a diffi. cult time imagining these leg- ends without cigarettes. Hen- ry Alien wrote in his Wash- ington Post article, "Bogie, BacalI, Edward R. Murrow, Franklin D. Roosevelt with cigarette holders pointed up- ward at an anti.aircraft an. gle--always described as 'jaunty.' Would any of them have had quite what they did without cigarettes--without what we thought cigarettes were--the cigarettes of movies, stories and song?." Allen's observation that Roosevelt's smoking style contributed to the public's perception of him as "jaunty" touches upon one possible reason cigarette smoking is so central to our memory of these legends--the habit has historically been associated with vivacity and personal expression. According to Allen, "Cigarettes were pure 20th century, the age of ges- ture and personality, as op- posed to the 19th century with its doughy pipes and cig- ars,.." Others echo this, that ciga- rettes can communicate char- acter, such as Miss Manners, who once said, "Cigarettes were a sort of replacement for the lady's fan. There were dictionaries of fan signals. The cigarette developed its own language." These less palpable ele- ments of smoking's appeal have been the most difficult to combat. Part of the chal- lenge health groups have faced is that they initially saw smoking as a purely med- ical issue. It's far larger than that. To get people to quR, ahe public health community has had to uproot deeply in- grained cultural attitudes. The public health commu- nity is getting progressively better at countering Big To- bacco's image advertising and old notions of smoking as glamorous, with anti-tobacco advertising efforts such as the "Truth" campaign, a se- ries of television spots that parodied well-known tobacco advertising by replacing the people (such as the Marlboro Man) with body bags. The spots have stirred the same buzz created by the most ef- fective product ads. Programs such as the American Cancer Society's "Teens Against Tobacco" aim to empower California teens to see through Big Tobacco's manipulative advertising tac- tics. The campaign takes place each year in conjunc- tion with the society's Great American Smokeout. As a result of such pro- grams, perceptions of smok- ing are evolving and people, especially youths, are less vulnerable to advertising and movies that portray smoking as alluring, adult or sexy. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the American Cancer Society's Great Amer- ican Smokeout. In celebra- tion, teens throughout the na. tion will organize events in their schools, and people of all ages will go smoke free in an effort to prove to them- selves that they can do so for good. To learn more, call (800) ACS-2345, or visit . I i :Y GENERAL . II attack on a critical sharing of im- rma- ities. attacks fo- East Coast, we to protect and our commu- F both for- eign and domestic terrorism, mation is a critical weapon cluding state officials, county In order to protect our state against terrorism. California sheriffs and police chiefs, and from future assaults by the law enforcement agencies headed by Los Angeles Coun- enemies of freedom, C-over- currently have in place intel- ty Sheriff Lee Baca, will help nor Davis and I have estab- ligencegathering systems to direct the Center's activities. lished the California Anti- combat illegal narcotics, Having central repository Terrorism Information Cen- gangs and organized crime of information available ter. It will serve as the state's activity. Now, informationstatewide to law enforcement primary agency for gathering pertaining to reasonable is critical, because terrorists and disseminating law en- threats of terrorist activity are highly mobile. While they forcement intelligence per- will also be collected in a cen- may strike in one area, they mining to terrorism, tralized place for review,will often plot their moves in The center will enable us to analysis and dissemination, another, making it critical harness the skill and experi- This secure central data- that members of law enforce- ence of California's 100,000 base will help law enforce- ment have intelligence about peace officers in the effort to ment officers report, analyze activities in all parts of the provide speedy, thorough and and share information about state. Through partner data reliable information on suspected terrorists and their collection systems, we can which to base critical deci- actions, and be available to share data not only with our sions to protect the public, all law enforcement agencies, neighboring western states, Real-time, credible infor- A 14-member task force, in- but throughout the nation. Only data on suspected ignore acts of violence criminal activity will be against Arab-Americans or shared. Civil liberties will be other individuals mistaken strongly protected, for Arabs or Muslims. Californians who observe Encouraging tolerance and suspicious behavior should understanding remains as contact their local law en- important as ever to prevent forcement agencies. Howev. assaults against innocent Cal- er, let's be sure not to blame ifornians. As Californians, the innocent for the evil residents of the most diverse deeds of others. We honor nation-state in the world, let those killed on Sept. 11 best us lead the country in a call by upholding America's val- for all Americans to avoid ues. acting out their anger against There have been more than innocents. 230 reported anti-Arab hate Good technology, accurate crimes or incidents in sixma- information, good sense and jor California cities, slightly dedication to our American more than 10 a day since the values will be critical in the terrorist attacks. Even in our coming fight. grief, we cannot condone or ' .... I Plumas County SheriffLen net. The newspaper has report- a topic, which has caused" Gardner should be investigat- ed that Gardner obtained a sur- some controversy. ed for misconduct by the plused police car engine that There is no way to verify grand jury. state regulations say he waswhether the poll actually re- At least that is the opinion not allowed to buy. flects community opinion. -- ---, of 84.5 percent of the Plumas The poll, which ran at The poll showed that more County residents who partici- from Nov. 6 than eight of ten readers sup- pated in a newspaper poll to Nov. 12, asked site visitors to port an investigation. during the past week. weigh in on the subject. Those who oppose such a .... An Internet poll was con- The poll was not scientifical- grand jury investigation ducted to determine whetherly conducted, amounted to 15.5 percent of =.--" residents think the grand ju- Rather, site visitors were the vote. ..... ry shouldtake a look at Gard- asked to state their opinion on Should the board of su- pervisors get involved in contract talks with em- ployees? sense, by, I called him to tell him of government over income a:s to doctors, dentists, glasses, tlMags oever "Is God willing to prevent my findings, only to be met es. The brainwashing automobile automatic trans- contain an ad- evil, but not able? Then he is with a defensive, "If you don't been handed down to our missions--again, too many to One of my fondest child- m number. We not omnipotent, vote 'Yes' you don't want to state and will continue! Bet list here. We had no income hood memories is the annual letter per week, "Is he able, but not willing?, keep the hospital.' That you can't remember the 1930s, limitations as we do now at excitement of Halloween. The 0nly one letter Then he is malevolent, wasn't the point. I only want- when very few people paid in- 7.5 percent, and auto expenses fun of getting together cos- month regarding Is he both able and will- ed clarification on the word- come tax and it was due were the same as for other us- tumes, the itchy (but really ing? Then whence cometh ing. , ect. We do not March 15 each year. es of your car. cool) face makeup, the dreams ?Y or open le[- evil? We are told to be an in- In the early 1940s, we were Remember how we had anof filling whole pillowcases t be limited to a "Is he neither able nor wffi: formed voter!" I tried, but in WWH and the government automatic sales tax deduction with candy, and the thrill of Words. Any let- ing? Then why call him God? with no answer from thoseneeded every dollar they then on big ticket items like racing through neighbor- 0 Words will be --Epicurus who govern our tiny county, could get from the public, be- cars, boats, washers, dryers, hoods in the darkness with The deadline is Roger PerkinsIn consequence, my ballot has fore it was even due. As mas- etc.? You could add that sales every other kid in town, Letters may be Foresthillbeen deposited in my woodterminds, they concocted a tax on, getting a substantial squealing and laughing 'til af- Publish- cook stove, theory, where you would have sales tax deduction. The same ter bedtime. A once a year, Now, it's leastove Barbara McMillinpayroll withholding taxes, applied to all interest you very special night! to 283- Taylorsville All this meant was that you paid. You deducted your Some things never change. e-mailed at Did you vote on the hospi- would not pay your taxes in mortgage interest, credit card In these uncertain times, I am ore. tal measure in Indian Valley?. March when due, but they interest and the interest you filled anew with joy as I watch Did you read the actual hal- Special lot? Occasionally in our lives, would be taken out of your paid Uncle Joe for your car's my children brimming with ou printed in I did and was totally con- we are blessed to know and be check whenever it was due down payment, etc. Not any excitement at these same tra- Frederick fused by the line: "The tax influenced by special people, you, for up to 15 months in ad- more! ditions that so thrilled me as a Unbelievable. shall be collected in the fiscal They become friends .an.d the vance. This way they earned It's hoped most of you re- child. adeany sense, year commencing JulY 1,_2002, friendship is genuine, we are interest on your m0ney for up call the $165 trillion surplus I want to send a special in the world and each four years there- grateful for all the hard work to 15 months. By then, people the feds had on Jan. 1, 2001. thank you to all those caring r god is the on- after..." and energy you put forth on had been brainwashed into That was your and my money people who had their porch exists. What Now, what does that'mean, behalf of building and sus- thinking the withheld money and belonged in our pockets, lights lit and their jack-o. Unknown" 2002, 2006, 2010... forever?, taining an already special belonged to the government Even President Bush made lanterns glowing this Hal- ristian god Trying tO get clarity, I con- community, and, ff they were lucky, they many issues about this being loween. Portola can be proud tacted Steve Quimby, presi- Thank you, Don and Nancy would get back an income tax our money we had worked for of thus supporting families by t a religion dent of the hospital board. He Clark. You are truly an inspi- refund, and we should have it back. providing our youths with ;od was all- read me what the board ration to those who know you Then came the post-WWII The thing that angers a few traditional opportunities for all-pow- meant the ballot to say. When and care--as well as those on years. It was so cumbersome most about the brainwashing good, clean fun. This kfnd of An all-pow. I asked him why it didn't read the outside looking in. Some- collecting your money early, is that people never worry cooperation and support for ot have al- that way, he told me to con- times we just never get to they moved the income tax about what they pay in taxes, each other is what makes Por- to be killed tact the county council who hear often enough ... a simple due date to April 15, giving All they want to know is how tola the kind of place where did the official editing of the "Thank you. For doing the employers more time to get big their refund will be. As we want to raise our children. right thing, for honesty, for your W-2s to you and more long as they think that way, Yes, some things never time usingyourmoney, our government can keep change This Halloween was measure all Upon calling the County then why divert the council s office, I was passed the tow- on to the county clerk, who in- formed me that they only some- printed the ballot when it had notice? been stamped with a seal ana to hit signed by Mr. Quimby. ,-,..,.- let them As requested by mm- make integrity Leah-- and Dan West Graeagle I iawmaml Brainwashed? Yes, anyone under the age of 50 has been brainwashed by our federal How many remember fib squandering trillions of dol- just as exciting as any I can ing the long form so you could lars each and every year from remember, for my children save taxes? In medical experts- here to eternity, and for me! What a wonderful es we deducted bandages, as- Floyd Austin kick-off for the holidays. pirin, feminine hygiene and Greenville Thanks again, friends, from far too many other items to all the children to whom you list here. This was in addition pago