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November 21, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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November 21, 2001

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8A Wednesday, Nov. 21,2001 County News I y $hayla Ashmore cy Library Group Act, which calls plan. Staff Wnter for selective logging to reduce the "Until this group has reviewed On Friday, Nov. 16, U.S. Forestfire danger, the chiefs instruction, we will not Service Chief Dale Bosworth upheld The forester "selected Modified 8 know what specific effects the in- the controversial Sierra Nevadaas an alternative he believed structions may have on the Forests Forest Plan Amendment Final Envi- balanced uncertainty of effects asso- \Plan Amendment or other pro- ronmental Impact Statement and ciated with fuel reduction treat- grams and projects in the Sierra Record of Decision. However, he left ment with the risk of wildfire loss Nevada and Modoc Plateau. the door open for additional review, to areas of old forest conditions," QLG member John Sheehan sum- The plan, known as the Sierra Bosworth wrote, marized the appeal fried in May. Nevada Framework, reduced tim- With fewer acres disturbed, Mod- Sheehan said the Plumas Nation- ber harvests on 11 National Forests tried 8 posed the least risk to ripari- al Forest is basing its decisions on in the Sierra Nevada, including the an areas. However, with Califor- the framework and not on the Herg- Lessen and Plumes. nia's continued high fire risk, er-Feinstein Recovery Act. And that Bosworth, who graduated from Bosworth said fuel reduction strate- limits the scope of the work the for- Lessen High School when his father gies "must be sufficiently aggres- est is planning. was Lessen National Forest Super- sive to minimize risk in the urban Referring to the framework, the visor, said the regional forester's wildland intermix area and ade- appeal stated, "There are issues and decision "met the minimum re- quately address risks to wildlife." impacts on the human environment quirements of federal law and regu- He ordered review of the deci-which should have been studied in lation." sion's consistency with the Nation- this EIS (Environmental Impact Members of the Quincy Library al Fire Plan. Bosworth said he be- Statement)--issues and impacts we Group, supported by Plumes Court. lieves "searching for even more asked to have studied at the begin- ty, the Maidu Cultural and Develop- flexible and effective solutions will ning of the Sierra Nevada Frame- merit Group, and the Roundhousebest serve the land and those who work and this EIS process--but that Council filed one of the numerous care so much about it." were downplayed or just plain ig- appeals of the decision. The Califor- A notice accompanying a sum- nored in the FEIS (Final Environ- nia Forestry Association also ap- mary of the decision said the Forest mental Impact Statement). Other is- pealed. Service Pacific Southwest Region sues were dealt with in an arbi- Bosworth listed a number of ele- will develop a plan to incorporate trary, biased, unfair, and/or incom- merits of the Framework that re- Bosworth's instructions into the pletemanner." quired further review. Framework as soon as possible. It QLG representatives pointed out He said the Regional Forester must will convene a group of planners they have worked for 10 years and harmonize the Framework with the and subject matter specialists this spent thousands of hours, attempt- goals of the Herger-Feinstein Quin- week to outline an implementation ing to find commonalties on forest issues. When the Sierra Nevada Framework and Forest Plan Amendment processes began to in- terfere with the Herger-Feinstein Recovery Act, QLG members at- tempted to work with the Forest Service, according to the appeal. QLG members also pointed out that the framework is in violation of the Organic Act of 1897, Multiple- Use sustained-Yield Act of 1960, the Resources Planning Act of 1974, the National Forest Management Act of 1976 and its implementing regula- tions, the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and its imple- menting regulations, the Adminis- trative Procedure Act, and the Herger-Feinstein Recovery Act. Specific violations involve pro- tecting and increasing old forests, spotted owls, fire and fuels, timber management, riparian area protec- tion, recreation and modeling re- sults. The appeal asked Bosworth to withdraw the Record of Decision and implement the California Spot- ted Owl interim guidelines until a new decision is reached. It also asked him to initiate fuel re- duction in urban wildland intermix areas as covered under the Herger- Feinstein Recovery Act and issue a supplemental EIS to correct legal deficiencies and other FEIS. The California tion also called upon U.I Service Regional Powell to withdraw Nevada Framework sion complete and correct ses as appropriate, and ternative that pliance with the How can the re fy selecting an ranked last at meeting the criteria created by his CFA President David tioned. "According to vice analyses, the achieve the purpose for Sierra Nevada Framework ated." It said the alternative fails to comply with the Fire Plan, which seeks decrease in acres at and25 percent reduction "high-risk" from insects ease by 2006. Above all else, it prohibits tion of Defensible Fuel - ignoring strong by Forest Service scientists PZs be a part of any ment strategy. I By Dave Keller Staff Writer Dave Keller decade. Medical problems continue Staff Writer During the mid- and late-to delay a trial that would de- The number of unemployed 1990s, unemployment rates in termine whether a Crescent workers in Plumes County the summer rocketed to 10Mills couple cruelly treated increased in October afterpercent after reaching record their horses. plunging in September. lows in 1990 and 1991. Nearly two years after the But the unemployment The dark underlining to district attorney's office filed rate---4.9 percent---remains the heady employment num-a criminal complaint against better than the state average, bers is the rapid decline in John and Dorothy Trail, the In October, 9,250 Plumes the labor force, case still has not been re- County residents were work- In October alone, the labor solved. ing. force fell by 230 workers--a The complaint contains 12 In comparison, there were sign that Plumes County rest- counts of animal cruelty and 9,510 workers in September, dents either are looking for 12 counts of keeping animals for an unemployment rate of work in other counties or are without properly caring for 4.4 percent, moving their families away. them. John Trail also faces a Historically, the summer On the other hand, Plumascount of obstructing a peace and early fall months are the County continues to standofficer. best times to find work inapart from the state, which But the Trails, with the Plumas County because jobssaw unemployment shoot uphelp of attorney Charles Diaz, are plentiful in the tourism, to 5.7 percent in October. have delayed proceedings. agriculture and construction The county also ranked Dr. Richard Musselman, in areas. 26th among the state's 58a recent letter to the Plumas History aside, 2001 and 2000 counties and third among the County Superior Court, con- have bestowed the best era- state's small counties, tends that the Trails current- ployment numbers in a Property sale Water ., Petition for Name Change NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE qua!ny noIIce Order to Show Cause for UNDER DEED OF TRUST Attention: Gensnar Park Visitors Change of Name Loan: 0023654908 Investor No.: 563-330- The bactadological quatity of water provk:led Case No. 22544 1674298897 Other: 1652498 TS#: 2001- at Gansner Park during the third quarter of TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: 45666 A.P.N. 113-090-016-000 2001 did not meet the drinking water stan- Petitioner: Porcha Marquita Thomas filed a YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED dards as specified in the California Domes- petition with this courtfor a decree chang- OF TRUST, DATED MARCH 9, 2000, UN- tic Water Quality and Monitoring Regula- ing name as follows: Porcha Marquita Goq- LESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT tides. The bacteriok)gical quality OF domes- selves. YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT tic water is routinely determined by testing THE COURT ORDERS that all persons in- A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EX- for coliform bacteria, terested in this matter shall appear before PLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE . The California Department of Health Set- this court at the hearing indicated below to PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU vices (Department) sets drinkingwater show cause, if any, why the petition for SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. standards and has determined that the change of name should not be granted. NOTICE OF HEARING at Superior Court of NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the real presence of total coliforms is a possible property for which the address is purported health concern. Total coliforms are common Catifomia, County of Plumes, Nov. 26, 2001 to be: 537 Silver Creek Rd Meadow Valk~, in the environment and are generally not at 9 a.m. at 520 Main St., Quincy, CA CA 95956 Assessor's Parcel Number: 113- harmful themselves. The presence of these 95971. 090-016-000 ~ be sold at public auction at bacteria in drinking water, however, gener- Filed Oct. 22, 2001 at Ptumas County Su- At ~ k0~ d the Co_urn.. ~. ~se, ally is a resun of a protdem with water treat- perior Court for Sheri Wert, Court Adminis- 520 Main Street, Quincy, California on ue- ment or the pipes which dis~e the we- tratot, by Pare Uarcbetti, Deputy. cember 5, 2001, at 11:00 AM, tothe highest ter, and indicates that the water may be Published FRB bidder, payable at the time of sele, for cash, contaminated with organisms that can Oct. 31, Nov. 7, 14,21,2001 a cashier's check drawn by a state or na- cause cBsease. Disease symptoms may in- tional bank, a check drawn by a state or dude diarrhea, o'amps, nausea, and possi- Plumes National Forest federal credit union, or a hed~ drawn by a bly jaundice, and any associated Mt. Hough Ranger District state or federal savings and loan aasoda- headaches and fatigue. The.~ symptoms, Jura Defensible Fuel Profile Zone Project tion, savings association, or savings bank however, are not just assodatad with dis- The Mr. Hough Ranger District is beginning specif'ed in section 5102 of the Finandal ease causing organisms in ddnking water, the s~ng process for the Jura Defensible Code end authorized to do bodnass in Ca]i- but also may be caused by a number of fac- Fuel Profile Zone Project. The purpose of fomia. The undersigned Trustee disclaims tots other than your ddnking water. The De- scoping is to determi~ what the environ- any liability for any incorrectness of the parlment has set an enforceable drinking manta] analysis wig cover, ir,~ud~ level of pr~rty address and other common .de~- water standard for total coliforms to reduce detail. The scoping period will end on De- nation, if any, shown herein. S~I sele wm the dsk of thase edverse health effects. Un- cember 21,2001. be made without covenant or wan'az~, ex- de' this standard, no more than 5.0 percent The project is located in portions of Sec- press or "~ regardi~ title; .pcose.~.. ion, of the samples collected during a month tions 23, 24, 26, 26, and 36 of T26N R10E, or ~, to satisfy the indabtad- can. contain these bacteria, except that sys- Sections 30 and 31 ot T26N R11E, and hess evidenced by said Deed, executed by tams collecting fewer than 40 samples/ Sections 6 and 7 of T26N Rlt E. Local land- Terence H. B,"ennan and Kiml:~/L Pepe, month that have one total cdifo~ marks include Mount Jura and Taylorsville. husband and wife as joint tenants, as sample per month are not violating the Ferest Service resource specialists exam- trustor, re~rded on March 21, 2000, as In- standard. Drinking water which meets this ined the project area in the summer of 2001 strument No. 1637, Book No. 802, page standard is usue[ly not asso~ted with a to determine existing conditions and to 658, end ot the Official Records of Pt0mas health ri~ from ~ bacteria identify opportunities and possible manage:. County, California. The total amount of the and should be considered safe. ment practices that could be implementod unpaid .bala. n.ce..of ~ .ot~ation On August 28, 2001, a routine bacteriok@- consistent with goals of the P lu~ Nation- property IO ~ so~ ar~ reasonauy eel- cat sample taken from the water system al Forest Land and Resource mated costs, expenses and edvencos at the was fognd to contain total coliform bacteria. Plan (1988), as amended by the H erg~.~ e- time of the initial pu~ Of ~ Not~ of Repeat samples taken on August 30 con- instein Quincy ~ Group Record of De- Sale is $101,382.57. In the event tender firmed the presonce of total coliform bacte- cision (t 999), and as amended by ~ Sler: other than cash is accepted the Trustee rla. The wall, pressure tank, ailed. _fflstri~ ra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment t~ecoro may wifhhold the issuance OF the Trustae's piping was then chinfected. Mdition$ sem- of Decision (2001). Possible manegem ..e~.... Deed until funds become available to the pies taken on September 28 showed the practices were cbed~ed for co.n~s." .!ency w~ payee or endorsee as a mait~ of right. Oat- water to be free o4 total coliform bacteria, applicable standards and guiDe, nee, a.,r~ ed: November 8, 2001 Verougo I rustee The cause OF the contamination is believed modified where necessary to Develop the Service Corp., as said Trustee, 2710 to have been a result of maintenance work proposed action. W'mona Avenue, Frist Floor, 8u,'bank, CA that was done on the water system in Au- The Forest Service proposes to develop a 91504 By: Claudia Segura Trustae's Sa~s ust Processor For Sales Information Call: (714) ~ tin~ to date ~ no spedal pre- Defensible Fuel Profile Zone on approxi- mately 840 acres. Treatments would in- 573-1965 cautions are nesessery on your parL dude: 2001-45666 11/14/01 11/21/01, 11/28101 CNS- This notili~ of the pul~ is being dene . Chain sew cut, handpile, and bum piles in compftanse with the California Domestic Underbum, including backing fires 313720# FEATHER RIVER BULLETINWater Quality and Monitoring Regulations No new construction, ter~corary construc- as a means of keeping the ~ informed, tion, reconstn~tion, or re~0nment oi roads Residents wisZdng more intormat should is proposed [ ~,~ cootact Jim Boland at ~. If you have any comments or would like tur- ther information,please contact project Pubhc otice Plu R e on Pa, Dis. leader Mr. John McCarthy at Garcia and J Deadline ~tshad FRB Associates, 1 Saunders Avenue, San Nov. 21, 2001 An^^se^Imo, CA 94960, telephone (415) 458 I Thursdays 4 p.m. | Phone: 283-08OO Fax: 283-3952 Pu~shed FRB I e-mail: Nov. 21,2001 Pizza, Sandwiches, Soup, Salad Bar Plumas Pines Shopping Center B SHADETREE AUTO SALES 283-9740 ly have "significant medical illnesses, the judge has el- From the be problems." lowed the case to be contin- Trails have The problems are so bad, ued. Our office would like to innocence, callingt Musselman stated, that it see this case resolved." attorney's would be harmful to the Trails to be subjected to a jury" trial, ur office would liketo ty Deputy Dis- this case resolved." trict Attorney Gary Mc- Gowan, who is GaryMcG0wan prosecuting Deputy District Attorney the case, ad- and mite the case has taken a while to be resolved. The nex[ chance to resolve attorney seized "We've attempted to get the the case, short of a future tri- and two goats case tried," McGowan said. al, will be Jan. 18 in front of search "But, due to their personal Judge Ira R. Kaufman. Sandwiches, Soup, Salad Bar PLUMAS PINES SHOPPING CENTER New Easy to Use Phone # -- 800 E Call for Your Appointment Today! Free, confidential one-on-one counseling, for current and prospective business owners in Plumas, Lassen and Modoc counties. Long Ter Ca ing At SunBndge you v. find a skilled professz staff and a warm, cs environment.-- Our givers are dedlcateL . meeting the mediC social and personal o of our residentS. For more lnf0rmadon, call ] Huggins, Administrator SunBridge Care and Rehabilitation for 50 Central Avenue Quincy Caring for those you care about