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November 21, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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November 21, 2001

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Bulletin Lessen County Times Indian Valley Record Chester Progressive Portola Reporter Westwood Pine Press Tuesday, November 20, 2001 Wednesday, November 21, 2001 Page I) i , Help 4 nn Help 4 nn Help 4 nn Help 4 nn Help 4 nn Help 4 nn Help 4 nn Help 4 nn Help wanted uu Wanted uv Wanted vv Wanted vv Wanted vu Wanted vv Wanted uv Wanted vv Wanted , WORKER Pio- THE PLUMAS COUNTY DE- (530)257-2196. CLOSING adults. Compet~hve wages pubhc relations mrJud~ng pub- Schoot year employee. JOB essary. FFD 1217/01. Satary frily employees, expenence ~ tures, performs manual labor ~a~ School. PARTMENT of Buddmgs & DATE 500 p m. November heatth benefits, vacation pay hc speaking and marketing DESCRIPTION: Available up- $54.000 ann. For reformation, food preparation, cost and la- and other duties, requires ~,"= ~y (11:00am Grounds is accepbng propos- 26. 2001 Equal Opportumty travel reimbursement kd- 40 hours per week. $12. to on request. Under general su- download job flyers and app's bor control, personnel devel- valid CA drivers license and ,,~]fl - $889hr to ale for contract janftonal me;n- Employer. Background roves- vancement poss=b~ht~es Stoy $1831 per hour dependt~g pervssion to assist teacher in at us, contact opmenl; hiring to term=hating, one year experience m con- ing upon expen- tenance. The faolhtles to be t~at~ons wltt be conducted by Re~ber Corporation. 2119 upon level, fu~l benefits. Sub- subervis~on and msVuction of the HR job line at: 530-283- Mandatory Drivers License. struct~on and building & u~ aPplicat On~ob ma~ntalneO are in the Portoia. JOB OPENING Main Street. Susanv~l!e mJt a resume, cover letter, students. Must obtain a pass- 0202 x325. Email vehicle overnight traveling grounds maintenance. Call 11.800.974.1925530.283.6500 Quincy Greenville and POSITION Opportun~ Class- ~ and PRS apphcat~on to Paula mg score on the instructional ] caus EOENoted skdls m meetmgde, for apphcation/job description cations accepted Request foeproposal packets room Teacher(Johnstonwtle mg now. Coldwel~ Banker- Johnston at 586 Jackson St. assmstant's proficiency test or oc=~rt~-r=o w^~r=n mands and deadlines Bflin- (530) 283-6500x225 or 1- Chester'ar as School--Grades 6-8) QUAU- Heard Realty of Susanvd~e Quincy. Ca 95971 by Decem- have been employed on or ...;'"":'."'%".'"~'?'"' .. gual a plus Fax resume to: 800-974-1925x225 Apphca- ~0n 12-5-01 or can be obtained from the oer 4. 2001 by 400 pro. post- befor"~ March 119"2o in cl"n Nortneastem. L;alnomsa weeXlYr 775-324-2402 tlons accepted untd 430 p m ~'ess all co'rre- Building Maintenance Office FICATIONS: 1) Vahd Cahfor- w~ll pay for your hcense & mark does not qualify An ap- instruchonalassistant looking for a staff wnt~. ~ on 12/5/01 or unhl filled Ad- preterao~y with pnoto sK~lls to COACh,-:> ,Jv ~rts uas~et- ' t0 Plumas Unified 198 Ptumas Ave. Quincy ma Teaching Credenhal 2) g~ve you free training 1-800- phcat~on and full ?ob descnp- (teacher aide) capaoty T B . . ' , , . . dress all correspondence to ~t, Personnel Of. CA, For adddional ~nformat~or~ Must have strong behaworal 400-5391 x799 t~on can be obtained by calh test and fingerprinting ie~ fill a vacancy ~n ~ts expert- bal Greenville Jr/St r~ gn PI m- -mfi ..... ~Skeet Qum- contact the Building Mainte- management skills deahng ~ ,.., u as u eo bcnool u~s SUUSlANCE ABUSE ~ng 283-3611 or by coming by -tared EDUCATION Hi-h enceo, naro-mlzlng news- School Greenville Fall/win- . ............ ..... t ...... .... ~ zrlc[, rersunne~ umCe bO - .-.. : g room Knowledge of Quark [er ~uu~,uz. ~] bz,'/s~pena Church Street Qum,",, r.^ L Infon~on job nonce Office at 503-283- w~th students 3? Experience our off=co at'586 Jackson St. scnoo= o~p~oma or equwa~en- =,,,,,~ .... ~ ..,,,=, ~ .... , work,ng with commun,ty , .... nrWuORKEIR! ..... in" ,nO~n~EO~'AA Y ........ " "ilt h .... r . . 95971.1nformahonlobhne x411. AA-6299 Ctosmg date for pro- c APPH~AT~C~N r~,.=An ,-,.v .............. r~,'-,, F rst A de and CPR compe- ' "~" "" agenc~espreferre0.4) Exper~- "~=~'..,.~..~',~,~,~,~",~..~ LINE November 30, 2001 s~ s elptuiDutweplzeatencyrequ~red, knowleogeo~ 530 283-6500x411 AA bOSal$ iS 12/12f01 = .... n,kinn ~lth ~h,d~nts ~pv,,,..a,~.=, ..... ,.,o,.=,,~.~ ........... ~ ............. r I "" HICKORY FARMS ..... ^~,,=,v ^-r , .... Z nose for news above all else. adolescent psychology as ~t I~OF' " NEEDED Top JOB OPEN NG on tnd,v,oua,lzed" ' " curr,cuul ms ,ouse worse .ms ,s a 2910 Riverside Dr.J,UH,ghP.,,,.SChoOt, rrL.o,strict,. =~'~"Office. Send,a?~su, merca!2,en,~ relates to sports. Call for ap- -" - nefits. D,eselex_ POSITION: C/assroom preferred 5 Experience pasrt;tl~e2q0:~OrUrperl~%~k Suite102 1324 Comell Street Su-='=. ..... ~3,,~,%,=,,~,,,~ plicat,on530-283-6500x225 HAVE YOU EVER CONSID. t~e~ssa!y. Apply Teacher QUAUFICATIONSworking naternabveeduca- ~'~ "~" ~.~" ' " Personne,ededfofstofe Sales ~nv,I~= C.t,a~ t~"~9~ alLassen~ounwumes, z~.uu orl-800-974-1925x225 Ap- ERED becoming a Family :'~,,MOtors, 388 1} Valid Cal,forma Teaching t,on preferred 6)Such alter- ~lu~e%~ peron~rat u~ta'~r~ experience w,th reta,I back- -"1197 .................... An Equal Opportunity ~l'~nMain ,.~, >.~St Susanv,lle,.~Ol . CA phcat,ons accepted until 4;30 Day Care Prov,der? Lessen Credenhal. 2) Must have naWes to the above qualifica- ~ ..... c w,,.,,, ~.~ ...... ~ ground desired Will tram the Emplo},er. #021057. ~,,,.,v ~..,,.,-,=,.,,- .... p m on 12/5/01. or until filled. Child and Family Resources =i~K FOR A strong behaworai manage- t~ons as the County Supen - ~= ~' .... . "__'_ _'_' right person. Must be avad- Address all correspondence can help you get hcensed to uepar[ment at (b30}Zbl-able weekends and holidays, to Plumes Unified School Dis- prowde child care m your r SYSTEM ment skdls dealing w~th h~gh- tendent of Schools may find _ EDUCATION RESTAURANT F .... r ~v^ DISTRICT LEADER . =COUNTY, risk students 3) Experience appropr,ate and acceptable 5769 EOE. . through January I. 2002 C.~ile;; ~n~es" "hcatlons for Seeking District Leader for tnct. Personnel Office. 50 home! Please call 257-9781 ~effult:ob o'ppor- working w~th multiple pubhc STARTING DATE: Immed~- AUTO MECHANIC Ceasar s Bring resume to the store, th" f"'t~ "~n .... ,~up:.,; .... long term. Must have expen- Church Street. Quincy. CA for more informat~on lexcell~n~ ~=,, ~ agencies preferred 4} Must atelyLOCATION John- Nugget Motors has an open- ask for Mary Ann. = ,..,,.,-, y pu~uu,,~, . 95971 Information job hne -'" ~"~ = ' FITNESS INSTRUCTC)R/FIT. once m managing staffs to ...............~Ht::HlE:N~t::::t..) L;OoK/FOOD l.asSen r.~,, .,, be abte to supervise ~nstruc- stonwt~e Schoo~ Susanvit~e in %r heaw 0utv automotw . . ~JU-Z~5-DbUU x 4]] ~,~- ""RVl"'-m n lerk tl $"~"".Y tional assistant(s) 5} Such al Califorma BEGINNING r~air techn~c~an-GM expere PRESSER Church StreetNESS CENTER DIRECTOR200 employees Must have pc~p be L,~ a ager. needed Office'Assi60an: ternatwes to the above qual,- Laundry and Dry Cle&ning in c~=rr an% nf f.It In,rl t9 complete knowledge in quah- ""'- immed,ately at small care SALARY: Appropriate place- ence preferred, but not re- Quincy is seeking responsible ..... -:-'~ r--' """; o,:.'~' .. " ~y. service standards sanlta- REGISTERED near Lassen Park Open ~,11~ ....t ficat~ons as the County Su- ment' on Salary Schedule quoted Full hme benefits person to train for year-round mort. t=,u ~''=~ r,a,}, ~- . ...... ' | ordinat-s mstru"ts "ro" " * t~on and ~ooo safety regu~a- DENTAL HYGIENIST .Thurs-Sun. We offer room ~"a 'c? ~a;ap- penntendent of Schools may ~. t, U up .... Starting Salary RangePay commensurate w~th ex. part-brae pressing posit~on ,-,a f;~n~ nv~,r==~, r ~a~= t=ons. Expenence m financial needed for Tuesday and and meals plus salary. Fax & Soc =i @on find appropriate and accept- $35.360-48010 w~th full cre- perlence Appty m person at ...................... |rit System' ~='r" able STARTING DATE Ira- dential based on education 116 E Main St Quincy (could become full-time) Ex- cemer~""" ;~,aH."*"'~ upe,at,Ofl=~.......... c,*,'~,,,,,^r~o~plannmg maintenance, I-~'h"-'of'~cOst~'ll Thursday ~n friendly dental of- resume (530)595-3355 or call ~r Job Lm~'~"=~ mediately. WORK and experience Med~cat .............. '.. penence not necessary, but cudgel'- " " FFD 1"7""1,.//u ~a" lary .... w-'rt team'S U,=m = ........ bet m-- rice (5301258-2201 (5301595-3383 604 Or v s:tt oul YEAR/SALARY.231 day dental and v~s~on benehts for V.,~L,~t:.N A~Ut: ~or b!erra des~retoleamts Respond to $36237.$67112ann DOE~ppo . em s. oo: MAINTENANCE WORKER: LASSEN UNION - ~mnlnvm= ~n,'t family atarv bascade vamuy upponum- Ke~th or Nanc~ at 283-2730. DIRECTOR 0'F ECONOMIC; eting a~vers~ mall aspects ot Distnct wide. 8hrs/day. 12 HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT work-year Appropriate place- w t"t~e"pror'ate'dioi 20()1"~ hes. Alturas Center 15 SMOG TECHNICIAN needed F/T administratwe Directs dat~ons and community good months/year. $1173 - Job Announcement POSI- .IWj~i,.~n..omen1 on salary schedule DFVFtnPMt=NT 19 mnn opera~=ons, puo,cacoommo- 9nn~ PI=R~C~MANC.F RF- hrs/wk. 40 wks/yr $7 25 - " ......... I. E 0 =~" ='" PERFORMANCE RESPON- _ ..................... ~ for 29 year old business. E--n-mic D^v-I^"men'''- will. Mimmum uualir~cations: $12,83/hr to start dependtng TION One parl-bme teaching SIBIUTIES: 1) Abilrty to meet SPONSIBtUTIES 1) Abilrty to $ Beg`ms ASAP Re- Good pay and good hrs. Day- t.u u ~ t~ up u~,a- upon expenence Job duties vacancy, two days per week. a it- ~ 'ddin--rant ~'"rv- H~gh school graduate w,lh [~_JOB? wide range of instructional meet w,de range of instruc- .spons,o,e lotr als~,~mg 1=me 257-5309/Evenings 257- p c y ou 99 De wdl be d~str~ct w~de performs SITE: Alternative Learning as District pnmary grant ram=mum of 5 years of expen- ".'P While looking and behavioral needs of stu- tional and behaworal needs ~J~cnen ~anag.e .w t ea 4328 Skilled clerical dents. 2) Work w~th rater- of students. 2) Work w~th in- prep c~ean-u.!ood purcnas- wri" r'r search r" con" " ence managing family styled semi-skilled duhes =n repair. Center. SUBJECT: Indepen- [e ~ e e auct restaurantswrth minimums of alteration, assists m construe- dent Study. REQUIRE- r r nn t " As =ng an(] mommy paperwor~ COACHES, Portola Highinstitutional research as nec. l~on of equipment and struc- MENTS: Appropnate Elemen- ~~'~e0 for tempo- agency personnel, including te -agency pe so e 3} - 1 ~,~etanal. re- but not hm~ted to. group sees and develop mdw=dual- Must be at least 8 yeats of School. Poflola. Spnng 2002 .......... '--.".-~ .... ch age ~esumes must be re- Varsity Softball Coach ~ ~=a entry book- homes probation depart ,z.~u p,..,~a,, ua~u u. == _. ,_ . !" Potentiai exists ment. school districts. School student's level of functioning c er~ oy.5100,.pm. 11.30101..: $1.423/seasonTennis ~Ff'l" App y m Attendance Rewew Board. ) Ma ta n equ= d paper- .. ...... 4 n r re bend [o Jonn ~ ngwa o ,~zu S960/season First Aid and ~|t~it~ EmFIoy'ment Career ~j,~& Tempo-and juvenile court 3} Assess ' Main bzree[ bu'[e A uumcy CPR competency requtred work. including documenta- . & C rer Network :~am St.. Su- and develop ind~wduahzed bon that w~lI assist students ~n CA 95971 knowledge of adolescenl psy. chotogy as it relates to tDOSEMamSt.Oum,.y Z545,~.~mSt.fiu~mlvdle program based on each stu- meet,ng graduation require- ADMINISTRATIVE TRAINEE With Us. ~.ull -r, ..... dent s level of functioning. 4} ments. CLOSING DATE No- No expeqence required M'F sports Call for apphcat~on JOB OPENINGS-QUINCY Cal~he'.,~. ~wela~ Maintain required paperwork, vember 26 2001 APPLICA- a e ~8 34 Good a ex"e530-283-6500 x 225 of 1-800- D,rector of Human Reechoes ....SDOE ,~=[y u=eselincluding documentation that" " g " P y *" *"974-1925 x225 Apphcat=ons Laboratory Staff Medical Tech ........ SDOE You'll find fun timeL good friends and TION PROCEDURES Sendlent benefits, educe!ion op- accepted until 4:30 p m on LVNs/CNA RN. Rad,~o~yTec~ SDOE great money at U.$. Cellular thi~ 6,~-7..~-'end,...nester!e wtll assist students ~n meeting appficabon, resume, and portumt=es 23 or 4 year en. 12;5.01. or until filled Ad- Auto Salesperson ...... SDOE =~'=3535 , graduahon requirements. 5) placemenf file to Lessen hstment Call 530-257-5085 MuseumAss~stant .......... $OOE. holiday season! If you know how to Perform daffy administrative County Office of Education. dress all correspondence to Cook .......... SDOE please customer~ and would love to ANTED for el- tasks as well as teaching Attn beOb=e Fry 472-013 COORDINATOR/ADVOCATE Plumas Unified School Dis- Housekeepers ...... $650.700/Hr earn ~ome extra money, we've got a -' bOOking and functions in the classroom Johnstonwlle Road North The CHAT program pro~es tnct Personnel Office 50 Auto Mechanics ...... SDOE ~lflexible hours APPLICATION PROCE- Susanwlle CA 96130 chmcal therape,t;c serwces Church Street Quincy CA Log Truck Drr~er 51247;Hr seasonal position waiting for you. Join ~erred. but noi DURES: Send application, re- (5301257-2i96 Equal Oppor- for n~Id wet,ms of abuse AA 95971 Information job hne Sawmtll Mdlwnght S1812,Nr our friendly, dynamic team thi~ ~eason 1 or 2 peoole sume. and placement file to. tumt~, Employer Background & ! yr exp ,n a ~m~iar 0oS~t~on 530-283-6500 x 411 AA- Truck Drivers &Trainees $28000-40 O00,~fr