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November 26, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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November 26, 2014

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014 9B COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE A day of thanksgiving is a day with t shopping As a holiday, Thanksgiving WHEI I STAND or simply good luck, when we ultimately happier and more means many things to many give thanks we admit that we fulfilling ff we just buy more people. For many of us, THE REV. MATTHEW WARRENare not the sole authors of our "stuff." VICAR tomorrow is a day to gather CHRIST THE KING success. Both experience and with family and friends and EPISCOPAL CHURCH This act of giving thanksmedical science confirm that celebrate the many blessings and acknowledging our there is no relation between of our lives with those closest Thanksgiving is a limitations is a practice we the acquisition of goods and to us. However, increasingly, remarkable, even should be cultivating, and our happiness. Happiness, tomorrow is also quickly countercultural, holiday, instead, it is under the assault true containment, will not, becoming a day of rank America was built on the ideal of a consumer culturethatcannot, be found in a new consumerism. "Black Friday," of rugged individualism -- tells us that happiness, like electronic gadget, no matter the official start of the that we are responsible for anything else, can be acquired how much it is discounted. On Christmas and holiday whatever fate we make. Yet, and bought instead of the other hand, if we can shopping seasons, which once Thanksgiving is a holiday that discovered, develop a practice of began early Friday morning, directs our consciousness Consider for a moment what mindfulness and has crept earlier and earlier, outwards, away from one's the intrusion of"Black thankfulness, I think that we so that this year there are self. Thursday" shopping into our will find ourselves happier on many stores that begin their The very act of giving Thanksgiving holiday saysan individual and societal sales on Thanksgiving day. thanks is to acknowledge that about our values: In the span level. That needs to stop, and as we have been blessed by some of a few hours, we turn our Therefore, I am asking all of consumers, we are the only exterior force or forces, attention from giving thanks you to refrain from ones who can stop it. Whether we consider those for what we already have into participating in "Black When you think about it, blessings to be grace of God, the belief that our lives will be Friday" sales that actually start on Thanksgiving Day, and instead patronize merchants that remain closed for all of Thanksgiving Day. As a society, we need to cultivate, not diminish, a culture of giving thanks over a culture consumerism. I know that in these difficult economic times many of us recognize deep discounts on items as a real and practical way to give presents to our loved ones that we might not otherwise be able to afford. Similarly, I am encouraged by the sentiment of many of our friends and neighbors who see this season as one to be generous, believing in their hearts that "it is better to give than to receive." That is why I am not asking people to skip "Black Friday" sales just skip the sales that either start on Thanksgiving Day, or necessitate that employees begin their shift during Thanksgiving. My hope is that the more we extend the period of time in which we reflect on our blessings the more we may realize that it is our family and friends, and not a low-priced gadget, that makes us happy. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! As we begin the holiday season, may they always be merry and bright The Rev. Matthew Warren is the vicar of Cb.rist the King Episcopal Church in Quincy. LETTERS to the EDITOR Guidelines for letters All letters must contain an address and phone number. Only one letter per week per person will be published; only one letter per person per month regarding the same topic will be published. Feather Publishing does not print third-party, anonymous or open letters. Letters must not exceed 300 words. Writers previously published letters may not mention the author by name. The deadline is Friday at 3 p.m.; deadlines may change due to holidays. Letters may be submitted at any of Feather Pub lishing's off'aces, sent via fax to 283-3952 or emailed to, The mustache I don't particularly look good in a mustache but this breakfast on Veterans Day and how proud he was to have served his country. I am very lucky to live among special people who still value honor and traditions. No matter how upside down the rest of the world is, our community still gets it. Gil Driscoll Cromberg Abuse of power I am finally tired of living in a communist regime in Portola. The abuse of city powers given to the community service officer has completely gotten out of control. The conditional use permit is totally out of control. Many lost their businesses to the CUP, which has sadly had no effect on Leonard's high prices, which make food doing. I don't need to attend your meetings; your narcissism breeds contempt. Trent Saxton Lake Davis Formula flawed The Board of Supervisors will consider the adoption of the new garbage hauler contracts this Dec. 2. This is important because your garbage rates will increase every year no matter how much money the garbage haulers are hauling in for themselves. The rate increase percentages are calculated on a refuse rate index (RRI) that is based on six localized governmental indices like the consumer price index (CPI). You take the index increase or decrease (in each category) and multiple it by the contractor's percentage National Forest are Wealth corrupts Andrew Carnegie is critical currently open to The Chinese Ming dynasty of the wealthy who do not cross-country snowmobiling, pitted the followers of the share their fortunes with Despite anecdotes about profit-hating Confucius their neighbors and has no some people liking to ski on against the treasure-seeking use for those who die rich. snowmobile trails, it isemperor and his magnificent During the 1940s, 1950s and evident from the other areas roving flotillas. Eventually, 1960s there were satires in in the West that skiers do the followers of Confucius America regarding greed not want to share trails with won out and the flotillas,and the commerci izing of snowmobiles. Many areas were dismantled. Christmas. Also, in the plot other than the Plumas have Having read this, I of almost every American healthy bases of both ski and wondered how many other western story the greedy snowmobile tourism, cultures had negative were the villains. through managed use. attitudes toward the Today, the very wealthy in If an additional 3 percent amassing of wealth, our country are proving that of the Plumas NF lands were In addition to the excess wealth can be Used to reserved for nonmotorized Matthew, Luke and Mark corrupt the nation's use, it would have zero comments about the camel equilibrium. impact on snowmobile and the eye of the needle, the Salvatore Catalano tourism but would doubleBible has other references to Taylorsville the lands where skiers see the evils of wealth; and, recreation opportunity, throughout history, Constant flux Bob Rowen important religious writers This is in answer to a South Lake Tahoehave been critical of letter writer's diatribe about excessive wealth. "warmers." Some things are Mass stupidity There are adverse a matter of belief and some The reader must excuse comments regarding wealththings are a matter of fact. month I am growing one. In stamps useless, of expenses and that is the my confusion, but maybe by the ancient Greeks and Climate change is an resnortse to Miri odv's All of these weird laws and percent increase or decrease you can assist me in finding Romans. In fact; atone i : atmospheric fact of this My Turn pi elaSt,week, unhappy atmospl ere makeinour garbage rates: the answer point, the G e s/nade their pAneL Isn t it warmer at 3 the mustache simply can't be Portola not considered by It seems fair, and most of it According to the ads, a money so huge that it wasp.m. than at 3 a.m.? Isn't it mistaken for anything other anyone to be a good place to is. However, there are certain Mr. Gruber has been than a mustache. It is anlive or move to. problems with this formula, paid $400,000 (give or take a intentional act. Take back the town. One problem is that there is buck) to help engineer the It is easy to stop shaving Disincorporate. no "throttle." The Obamacare bill. That's the for a month. Many men, Eddy Coroallescontractors could be raking one that saves $2,500 per including myself, do this at Portola in huge net profits but still year per family. times during the year. So, get a raise. Just because Remember that at the time while I applaud "No-ShaveVoters speak statistical indices rise, it the bill passed the Senate, November" and its very Congratulations to the doesn't mean that the the Senate was controlled by sensible fundraising effort to citizens of Portola. You contractor's expenses rose as a majority of Democrats. The donate the money you would managed to change 20 well. bill passed with the required have spent on shaving andpercent of the City Council, There is currently a loose 60 votes. All Democrats grooming, the mustache ofwhich is a step in the right limit on net profit of 10 voted for it. Movember is far more direction. We'll get somepercent. With no throttle, After pocketing the ambitious and specific in my more in the next election in the contractor's net profit money, Mr. Gruber called opinion. 2016. Bill Powers retained could soar. And remember, the voters stupid and That was the thought of his seat on the council with their net profit comes from admitted that the famous Movember organizers in the sympathy voters. As athe money we pay for Obama transparency was 2003 who launched the former supervisor, Bill only garbage services. Our not exercised because people original effort. After 10received 25 percent or 228 government (and common are stupid. years, the Australian votes out of 885. Wow. What sense) mandates that ourThe senators who voted mustache movement has a popular guy. Seems the garbage be properly for the passage were all gone global with millions of people wanted change but disposed of. It doesn't mean Democrats, bUt according to men raising over $550 not that much this time these private for-profitMrs. Pelosi, the bill had to be million for education andaround. It takes time andcorporations can make a passed before anyone could prevention efforts related to money to mold a good Citymint off of a societal know "what's in it." It mental health, and testicular Council. mandated service. A limit on logically follows that the 60 and prostate cancer. The Perhaps the city will maximum net profit must be" senators did not know what mustache, besides being reconsider the $60,000 included in the new was in the bill when they iconic, is a conversationretainer for the city attorney contracts, voted for it. Furthermore, starter. "What's up with the and limit the CPA salary in Another problem is that Mr. Gruber must have mustache?" leads naturally the coming year. The council the contractors are not thought that the senators to conversations on raising still ignores the fact that the required to produce annual were stupid to vote on a awareness about men's city fire department has audited financials to prove 2,000-page bill and not know health, been operating out of the contractor% expenses in ' "what's in it." We men are quite slack compliance for quite someeach index category. Only The other problem is that when it comes to looking time. Does your insuranceevery third year are audited the senators were elected, after ourselves and asking company know this? financials required, for the most part anyway, by for help. Getting help of any Perhaps we should check. Contractors need to certify Democrats or at least sort often only comes with You want me to stop their expenses if they want a liberals. the constant prodding andcriticizing the council raise. You see the problem. pleading of our significant members but you continue For some reason, public Either the liberals or other. We like to tough it out to lie to your constituents works and the Board of Democrats were stupid to but mortality rates are much about the fire department, Supervisors just love giving elect the senators, or the higher than necessary. Weyour cover-ups and overpaid the contractors raises even if senators were stupid to vote often don't take even basic employees? Fat chance. You it isn't warranted. We must for a bill they did not read, steps, have leaks in your City Hall not be gouged for a required or all of the above were I lost my dad at 58 to and it's a small town. Take public service, stupid. cancer. My mustache is inresponsibility for your past Mark MihevcYour choice. his memory. Look out for the and stop slapping each other Graeagle Jan Klement men in your life. Donate or on the back for doing Quincy educate. Check out nothing. Have water ratesSharing the snow, gone down, have streets The founder of SnowlandsRest of the story As the tagline reads: been repaved, have you cut Network, Marcus Libkind,Now for the rest of the Knowledge is Power. your overhead and operating has done as much as anyone story: The "slippery slope" I Mustache is King. costs? to bring winter visitors into wrote about last week is Rob Wade No, but you purchased (for the national forests. Thirty paved with "inflation." Meadow Valley $7,000) a response vehicle years ago, he began Social Security seniors have that can't respond because publishing the first received a total of 6.8 percent Supporting veterans your firefighters aren't backcountry ski guides to inflationary increase, total, Kim at Courthouse Cafe certified for respirator fit; the Sierra Nevada, and his for the past 10 years. The CPI and a very special lady, Pat and your seif-contained guides are now available(consumer price index) has Leslie, joined forces to give breathing tanks are not up to free online, risen 57.7 percent, total, and free meals to vets on OSHA state code. Yet, I don't understand the the inflation rate index, 23.5 Veterans Day as a way of everything in the city is just hostility of the community percent, total. saying thank you. It brought great. Living the lie. to developing its winterEnough said? back childhood memories of The public has a right totourism economy; 97 percent Nansi Bohne my father getting a free know what you heroes are of the lands in the Plumas Quincy almost impossible to hoard colder in February than it. August? The White The Irish, Welsh, French, Mountains in Zion National English and Arabian Park are petrified sand cultures have proverbs and dunes -- doesn't that tales regarding the evils of indicate a drier time, wealth, perhaps millions of year Remember Aesop, King ago? Midas, Robin Hood and The most notable local Scrooge? example we have of climate Although oil has made change is Pleistocene age today's Norway the richest Lake Lahonton. About 11,000 country per capita in the years ago, this age began to world, it has tales of the end and there was an inland corruption wealth can bring sea that stretched from to a community. Hawthorne to Winnem.uca, In America, Mark Twain's from Susanville to the "The Man That Corrupted Carson sink. On the Black Hadleyburg" is a scathing Rock Desert, the water was condemnation of how the 500 feet deep. The water over desire for wealth can corrupt Pyramid Lake was 900 feet a town. deeper than it is now. Our American Doesn't this indicate global philosopher, Henry David warming and drying to you? Thoreau, takes the wealthy I would suggest to you that to task. the planet is in a constant The philanthropist See Letters, page lOB Contact your elected officials PLUMAS COUNTY SUPERVISORS - 520 Main Street, Room 309, Quincy, CA 95971; (530) 283-6170; FAX: (530) 283-6288; E-Mail: Individual supervisors can also be e-mailed from links on the county website, PRESIDENT - Barack Obama, the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20500. (202) 456-1414. Fax: 202-456-2461. E-mail: / U.S. SENATOR - Dianne Feinstein (D), 331 Hart Senate Office Bldg Washington, D.C. 20510. (202) 224-3841; FAX: 202-228-3954; TTY/TDD: (202) 224-2501. District Office: One Post Street, Suite 2450, San Francisco, CA 94104; Phone: (415) 393-0707; Fax: (415) 393-0710 Website: U.S. SENATOR - Barbara Boxer (D). District Office: 501 1 St Suite 7-600, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 448-2787; FAX (916) 448-2563; OR 112 Hart Bldg Washington, D.C. 20510. (202) 224-3553. FAX (202) 228-0454. U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 1ST DIST. - Doug LaMalfa. 506 Cannon HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515. (202) 225-3076. DISTRICT OFFICES: 1453 Downer St Suite #A, Oroville, CA 95965; 2885 Chum Creek R Suite #C, Redding, CA 96002. STATE SENATOR, 1st DIST. - Ted Gaines. State Capitol, Room 3070, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 651-4001, FAX: (916) 324-2680. El Dorado Hills Constituent Service Center: 4359 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 112, E1 Dorado Hills, CA 95762. (916) 933-7213, FAX (916) 933-7234/ Redding Constituent Service Center: 1670 Market St Suite 244, Redding, CA 96001, (530) 225-3142, FAX (530) 225-3143. STATE ASSEMBLYMAN, 1ST DIST. - Brian Dahle, State Capitol, Room 2174, Sacramento, CA 94249, (916) 319-2001; FAX (916) 319-2103. District Office, 2080 Hemsted Dr Ste. #110, Redding, CA 96002; (530) 223-6300, FAX (530) 223-6737. GOVERNOR - Jerry Brown, office of the Governor, State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814. Website: (916) 445-2841. FAX: (916) 558-3160.