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December 5, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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December 5, 2012

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8B Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter LETTERS, from page 7B people can agree to disagree and the Founding Fathers set up a system that will correct itself, should the current par- ty in power take the country too far toward any particular extreme. In his last few letters, Sax- ton has repeatedly compared the current administration with the Hitler regime. In my opinion, it was the successful fomenting of systematic hate that helped Hitler to power; hate of the Jewish people, hate of LBGT community, hate of artists, and hate of anyone Hitler did not agree with. This hate killed 6 mil- lion people and enslaved most ordinary Germans in fear. I don't think that any- thing but systematic, dog- matic hate of the kind that Saxton advocates could de- stroy the core values of the American political system: It was especially dishearten- ing to see Saxton's letter in the paper on the same day when a young, passionate new citizen of Plumas Coun- ty wrote such a powerful ap- peal to the citizens of our county to welcome people like her. So, I am writing this letter to politely but firmly disagree with Saxton, to advise the people in my life that I am not going to start hating them (even if they have different political opinions) and to wel- come the new, young and en- ergetic people to this county, regardless of their political leanings. Anna Thompson Quincy Band of brothers Every generation has he- roes that rise to the occasion; they appear out of nowhere and restore your faith in mankind. Heroes make the difficult look easy; in an in- stant they erase any doubts or fears you may have harbored for the future. On a cold and misty night prior to Thanksgiving Day, a sporting event occurred that was worth the trip to the town of Chester. Many teams would have shown up with their individ- ual "champion" but this "band of brothers" stood to- gether: an ominous, forebod- ing threat to a team that handed Portola its only defeat in earlier league play. Porto- la's varsity football team ar- rived looking for redemption and a schooling opportunity. Their s{udents were the fans of both teams and their wor- thy Chester gridiron oppo- nents. If ever you wondered whether this current genera- tion of young men were going to amount to anything, look no further than Wednesday's final game. Your doubts would vanish. This season, I volunteered as their chiropractor/EMT. Without children of my own, it was an amazing eye-open- ing experience for a neophyte. In the locker room (minus the rap music) and on the field, thege young men were "broth- ers" to one another -- gen- uinely concerned about each other's well-being. There was the typical kidding, but no bad mouthing or bullying to- ward any particular team member. If one of them asked for something -- a roll of tape, their shoes, a helmet, (a piece of chicken) -- another team- mate took care of that play- er's need. I don't believe you could build better cama- raderie between families of blood relatives. Their coach, Steve Heskett, and his wife Julie deserve much of the credit. The orga- nization and support shown by many "community-par- ents" and volunteers trans- formed these "Tigers" into 2012 football champions. Consequently, a lifetime of memories was made that evening by the newest "band of brothers." Trent Saxton Lake Davis Fair share I agree with many things President Obama says, like "everybody should pay their fair share." That is a phrase often repeated by the left, to which I ask, "What is their fair share?" I always get a deer-in-the-headlights look and silence. Only one liberal could be coaxed to answer. The tax distribution she thought was fair placed a far lighter tax burden on top earners than they currently pay. So, what is their fair share? I've followed this topic over the years, and accumulated some data. The year Jimmy Carter left the White House, the wealthiest 1 percent paid 18 percent. After eight Reagan years they paid 28 percent, a 56 percent increase in share. That means the other 99 per- cent of taxpayers paid a lot less. Under George H.W. Bush, the rate decreased to 27 per- cent, a 4 percent decrease in share despite a tax increase he was pressured into by De- mocrats. Under Clinton the rate in- creased to 34 percent, a 26 percent increase in share, but less than half the 56 percent share increase resulting from the Reagan tax rate cuts. A tax cut increased the share "the rich" pay far more than a tax increase. Imagine that. More startling, Reagan's eight years included a terri- ble recession he inherited from Carter, so he only had six years to grow the econo- my. Clinton inherited an economy already emerging from the 1990-91 recession, and left as his economy was sliding into the 2001 reces- sion. During the G.W. Bush ad- ministration the rate in- creased from 34 percent to 40 percent in 2007. And then the Great Recession caused it to fall to 37 percent as wealth was wiped out. Isn't a share increase from 1 percent of the taxpayers from 18 to 37 per- cent enough? If not, put some numbers on the table for dis- cussion. Gene Kailing Portola Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving! A subscription to your local newspaper provides the gift of news, advertising, information, ideas on where to go and what to do! You'll find great savings all in a convenient package, delivered every week! Gift Certificates Available S26 one year In-County s37 one year Out-Of-County . ' ""- . ' I I ' s5 off ' I I I I I I I I I , any new subscription ,' I ! n Expires 12/3 I/I 2 t L Dnmmimi i Dm m mii nnmmBam m mg i m  n  n in  ,,:: - ,,L:.. " 287 Lawrence St., Quincy 283-0800 00POITOI, I IIP01?II 96 E. Sierra (Hwy 70), Portola 832-4646 RECORD Call our Quincy office 283-0800 135 Main St., Chester 258-3115 Digging Deeper Part 3: a community in crisis As I walk through the town  turkey baskets to fill for fami- from business to business, ac- ! lies in need, but no turkeys! complishing things on my dai- Our employees quickly ly task list, my task as an out- stepped outside of their desig- reach educator becomes clear- nated roles, pooled talents er to me. I smile and look each and resources together and business owner in the eye to ........... reached out to our communi- honor them and be grateful COMMUNITY ty. Amazing things started that they are dedicated part of happening! Phones were ring- what makes our community OUTREACH ing off the hook from people so progressive. Conversations ............................. TRINARTITER ............................. wanting to help. The front of- greet me. They seemingly Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center fice was a high traffic portal open their doors to me as if to of the spirit of giving! I saw invite me in for tea. Circum- feels safe? What could give us the things we can do as a com- stances open their hearts to the courage to reach out to ' munity, together! Within a me and people sense my open- one another and re-invent couple of hours the need was ness as an opportunity, ourselves? Individually, or as filled! It was truly amazing I hear frustration in their a business, as a community, and brought tears to my eyes. stories of hard work so just to I believe as I mark things I thought, if this community keep their dream of owning a slowly off my list, that these can come help feed store front alive. I see the fire are indeed the only tasks to families in need, I know we in their eyes, a burning desire, be completed. I am wrong. I each have special talents and A hope that tomorrow, a sim- must help raise awareness skills that allow us, if we prac- ple solution to make all of it and present the common tice interdependence, to nour- worthwhile will follow the bell thread that keeps following ish other needs throughout as it opens the door. I sense dis- me, to and from each member our county. Let's reach out to couragement and vulnerabili- of the community, one.another and honor our in- ty. I hear the shutter of their The first year and a half dividual talents and offerings. hearts and minds ready to that I lived here I found my- Let's be vulnerable with one close at any given time. I hear self frustrated and alone. I another and make it safe for people feeling like they are not wondered why I had moved others to be vulnerable and re- being heard. I see everyone here. I was waiting for al when they reach out to us! I protecting themselves against Plumas County to show me challenge you! Let's re-invent all the uncertainty, what it wanted me to do. ourselves, with the support As I continue walking, this What does this place have to and encouragement of others. common thread reveals itself: offer me? What was I here for? I challenge you and myself to we are all afraid of taking To be snowed in, in a crappy re-invent ourselves, using our risks. We fear failUre. We are trailer in the woods? To be true and tried skills and step- afraid that all of Our hard isolated and depressed? I ping outside of our comfort work and dedication, our chose to take a risk, not give zones to experiences. idea, our dream may be com- up and change the way I On behalf of our agency I promised due to circum- viewed the world and myself, would like to thank everyone stances outside of our control. I made a decision to show for your generous donations I wonder what is keeping us Plumas County what I had to including: Plumas County as a community isolated in offer it! It was amazing the Sheriff's Employees Associa- our separation. We all have transformation that began in tion, United Methodist the same fears. We all have my life from that moment for- Church, First Baptist Church, the same dedication and work ward. I heard the bell of the Lion's Club, Plumas Club, ethic. We all want success, door and saw hope walk Sierra Medical Transcrip- What is it that is dividing us? through, warmly greeting my tions, Quincy Hot Spot, Bear Why are we allowing this? Is vulnerability. Things began Country Riders and Quincy it that we don't know how to to change. My purpose unfold- High School's Bystander In- reach out to one another? Is it ed. Now I am hoping my story tervention students, just to that we cannot look outside of inspires you to do the same. name a few. You all helped to ourselves to see what our true At the resource center, the make someone's Thanksgiv- purpose could be? Is it that we week of Thanksgiving, we ing truly a time for giving are set in our ways because it had a crisis. We had 115 thanks. MY TURN, from page 6B The conflicts had risen to a point of daily danger and she and her family decided to move somewhere safer. Several years later Lily was on a date; she and her date were heading to Catalina on a ferry. At the sarrie time my grandpa was on a date doing the same thing. Lily caught two spent every night togeth- er until my grandfather's death six years ago. I asked my grandpa why he married a Palestinian instead of a Jew and his answer was simple. "Because I love her." When I see the conflict hap- pening in the Middle East, I can't help but take it person- ally. My family's history is in- tertwined with both Jewish hate each other decided to spend the rest of their lives to- gether. I truly believe that love is more powerful than hate, fear or any other emotion the hu- man experience can produce. Likewise, the result of love overcomes these imaginary lines between race, country and creed. The two sides have fought for so long that the reason for the attention of my grandpa, and Palestinian history. The fighting is hazy at best. I who left his date and walked difference, thanks to my know it is completely unreal- up to Lily and introduced grandparents, is that a differ- istic, but I still dream of a himself. Two months later, ent route was chosen in their time where both sides will the two were married, lives, throw down their weapons My Jewish grandfather and It's a true testament to the and follow my grandpa's ide- his new Palestinian bride power of love, I feel, that two" ology and truly love their were truly soul males. The people who on paper should "enemies." l]00m w,l mien 1' l a Give us a call today:  A rlm'I v General Building Contractor I  lJ" I I Calif. 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