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December 8, 2010     Feather River Bulletin
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December 8, 2010

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12B Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010 Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter 1:)o you know the facts behind C-FORCE HEALTH AND FITNESS CHUCK NORRIS Q: Chuck, vitamins, vita- mins everywhere! Big ones, small ones and packages of both line every checkout counter. I'm totally confused about what to take and how much. What do you think? -- Robert J., Phoenix A: It's difficult to wade through the muck, mire and marketing of the vitamin and supplement industries. Today, according to the Food and Drug Administra- tion, there are more than 29,000 different nutritional supplements on the market. Debates continue on which vitamins and supplements to take and what dosages to take. The Institute of Medicine re- leased a report Nov. 30 that makes the audacious claim that few people are vitamin D- deficient -- a troubling conclu- sion coming into the heavy part of flu season, when people need more vitamin D. The Alliance for Natural Health implores us not to swal- low the IOM's pill (report), but to continue to accept the over- whelming scientific evidence that one-third of Americans are vitamin D-deficient. In 2002, the prestigious Jour- nal of the American Medical Association shocked the med- ical world by publishing a study that recommended all adults take a multivitamin supplement to help prevent chronic diseases. The recommendation was so shocking because for years, medical experts continually re- ported we Could get all the vita- mins and minerals we need from the food we consume. But because of contami- nants, additives and overused soil, our foods have been depleted of their nutrients. You've heard it said that "God made dirt, and dirt won't hurt." Well, it can now, espe- cially when it's been stripped of its nutrients from excessive use and tampering. Our fruits and vegetables might shine more in the mar- kets, but they offer less to your body in terms of nourishment. It is estimated we can only acquire 50- 70 percent of the nutrients our bodies need by eating well. But most Americans don't eat well, so they don't even ac- quire those low percentages. That is why Dr. Don Colbert and most health practitioners I respect believe that most your nutritional supplements? Americans are deficient of vit- and their effectiveness backed your age and gender. amins and minerals, including by all sorts of studies and You and your physician the basic vitamins A, B, C, D, scientific proof." (not those marketing certain E and K and magnesium, Myth No. 3: "Supplement products) should monitor your calcium, fiber and potassium, makers are knights on white intake of supplements. You need supplemental horses riding to our rescue, Because you can overtake vitamins and minerals, but while the pharmaceutical in- some, I recommend you at before you purchase and take dustry is 'evil.'" least consult a reputable guide them, discuss your body's We must remember we can't to supplements, such as requirements with your live off pills or even nutrition- Berkeley's "Wellness Guide to health practitioner, al supplements. They are, after Dietary Supplements." Excessive dosages can be all, supplements. We still must Then-- and only then-- detrimental to your health and eat right, obtain and take quality and nat: often are marketed in those Before adding supplements ural supplements, time-re- giant package amounts, even to your diet, first build the leased and only compiled of the at the best of nutritional foundation of a healthy diet most organic of ingredients. stores, of"living foods," including Of course, feel free to The University of Califor- ' organic fruits and vegetables consult your local nutrition or nia, Berkeley Wellness Letter from good soil and what Col- health store. Just remember, highlights three typical myths bert calls the phytonutrient when you do, what Hall of and warnings when it comes rainbow (red, yellow, orange, Fame baseball legend Early to nutritional supplements: green and purple, e.g., grapes, Wynn used to say: "I don't like Myth No. 1: "Dietary supple- blueberries and eggplant), losing a ballgame any more merits are far safer than pre- Also, consult your than a salesman likes losing a scription drugs because they physician or health profes- sale." are 'natural.'" sional about the proper Myth No. 2: "Dietary supple- dietary reference intakes of Copyright 2010 Chuck Norris merits are rigorously tested, vitamins and minerals for Distributed by Creators.Corn LETTERS, from page 11B the toy drive at Dollar Tree; buy a $10 bag of groceries for the food drive at Safeway; clean out my coat closet to find donations for the coat drive at the crisis center. It makes me feel a bit better about the whole thing. And yes I know it isn't supposed to be all about giving gifts. But I find myself wishing I could give more, do more. So I'm wondering if anyone has any great ideas for things that really help but don't in- volve having to spend a bunch of money. No matter how lim- ited our funds or abilities are, can we each find at least one thing to do that will make things better for someone else? Judith Parks-Stevens Meadow Valley Wake up Portola City Council faced an important ethical dilem- ma involving an appointment process to fill a vacancy created by a recent resigna- tion of a council membei'/ This was an opportunity for the current council to prove to Portolans that such issues are dealt with "fairly" and with ethics and justice for all. This was not the case in their appointment process at the Dec. 2 meeting. The "good ole boy" government was in full swing that evening as an injustice was done to Portolans once again. There were several people in the audience pleading for the council to have a special election in order to fill the vacancy and not to fill the vacancy by an appointment process which brings out obvious bias from the council members. We all know which way the council decided to go with their process and it's sad Portolans have to deal with this kind of unethical behavior. A neWly-voted in member stated he received numerous phone calls from his friends and voters and they wanted a.special election, but he asked the audience for a "show of hands" (as if we were in kindergarten) and after, seeing more hands raised for a no vote for the special election, he "flip-flopped" back and forth with his decision until finally "caving in" to the pressure of the audience (which there were some non-city residents). Way to go ... take the opinions of 15 people in an audience and not theTequf hundreds and possibly thousands of regis- tded voters: ...... The ..... ant council will keep on voting for "facades" and such instead of putting a process in place to start to fix our roads. How much longer do we have to wait for another ethical disaster to take place in order for Portolans to wake up? Michael Rush ' Portola Not so scary I really appreciated Nancy Yeager's letter last week expressing hope for the future of our society after being helped by a very kind and considerate Feather River College student who volun- teered to shovel snow for her. As Nancy said, we are inun- dated with negative news 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, bad news sells better ,than good news so that is what we get. I think it's very important to tear yourself away from the media broadcasts and go outside and meet your neigh- bors. There are a lot of nice people out there, especially in Plumas County. (Admittedly, I am very prejudiced.) I suspect the proportion of nice young people today is ahout what it was in my generation, and my parent's generation. This opinion comes from my 25 years expe- rience being the manager of the U.C. Berkeley Forestry Camp where I have the privi- lege and good fortune of being involved with young people every summer. Don't buy into the nega- tivism of the news media. It's really not so scary and dangerous out there as they portray. Jim Schaber Quincy Well done We want to give a huge heartfelt thank-you to Debbie Allen and her helpers, and all the participants in the 10th annual light parade. It was a community effort, including the 4-H chili dinner and bake sale. Lots of work and many hours went into this. As residents of Taylorsville we enjoyed and appreciate this annual event. Good job and well done by all! Gene and Sandie Kanniainen Taylorsville Stop stealing The ex-Grand Jury mem- bers got it wrong in the "Where I Stand" piece Dec. 1. For those who own residen- tial property in Plumas Coun- ty outside official fire district boundaries, don't be fooled by the propaganda that you do not have fire protection and that you should agree to pay a fee for fire protection. The facts are you have fire protection and you already are paying for it in your standard property taxes. The scandal is that the county is not sharing your taxes with the fire districts. For several decades the county has engaged in the practice of approving new subdivisions and failing to annex them into fire district boundaries. Why? Because the annexa- tion process requires the county to enter into a tax- sharing agreement with the fire districts. By avoiding annexation, the county doesn't have to share. The county keeps it all and the fire districts have to resort to selling pancakes and plead- ing with voters to approve special parcel taxes to raise the money they need to pay the rent and buy OSHA- required equipment. Taxpayers should not agree to pay a new fee for fire pro- tection services they already are paying for. Taxpayers need to unite and take a stand against double taxation and hold the county account- able to complete the long-ne- glected annexation process and stop stealing from the fire districts. Dennis Clemens Quincy Bad idea Plumas Unified School District teacher/labor nego- tiator Robert Gimbel pro- posed paying mature teach- ers an incentive to retire early, arguing that vacancies would be filled with inexperi- enced teachers at lower salaries, thereby saving mon- ey for a few years (Where I Stand, Nov. 10). A bad idea. The purpose of public edu- Cation is not to provide jobs to w0uld-be teachers or to provide early retirement. The purpose is to prepare our. young people for productive adult lives in a cost efficient manner. Public education is not doing well in either quality or cost. The United States spends more per student than other countries, but our students rank low in international testing, particularly in math and science. Colleges report that as many as half of incoming freshmen need remedial English or math. Many com- panies find high school and college graduates ill-prepared for jobs. High tech companies clamor for more H1-B visas (a six-year work permit for highly skilled foreign workers); 81 percent of manufacturers reported moderate or severe shortages of skilled workers. Experienced teachers are paid 50 percent more because years of experience develop teaching skills Skilled teachers should be retained, not retired early. Our country and California face trillions of dollars of future retirement obligations (largely bargained by union negotiators), which threaten bankruptcy. Gimbel's proposal increases. the risk of eventually paying expensive retirement bene- fits for both early retirees and replacements. Ending a contributing teacher's career also removes the replacement from a differ- ent productive position, a net loss to society. If the mature teacher continues to teach, the young person presumably would find productive work and there would be two tax- payers, instead of one. Our country is going bank- rupt because of years of ill- conceived spending. We need to start thinking things through. We cannot afford "golden handshakes." Gene Kailing Sierra Valley H ....... !0000ats, Do you want younger looking skin? Do you want to take yea00 off your appearance? Are you tired of shaving and plucking those unwanted hairs or those unsightly spider veins? Do you want that tattoo gone that you once liked dearly? 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