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December 10, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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December 10, 2014

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014 9B COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE ubstance ab Two years ago William "Billy" Altes broke into our home in the wee hours of the mdrning. Today Altes sits in jail, accused of murdering a woman exactly my same age. If we had a dollar for every person who told us "if it were my house, he would have been a dead man," we'd be rich. But consider the circumstances. A ...................................................... not justify bad behavior Dan, as some of you know, is the editor of this paper. He has received phone calls and emails from friends of Altes. They say poor Billy had a drug problem. This doesn't just make me angry, it makes me livid. Drug and alcohol use might help _._-_. explain why someone does MY TURN something, but it does not justify it. While waiting for the police to gun, locked and loaded, stays rightSHELLEY WlLKERSON next to the side of my bed. I know Staff Writer how to use it. Altes broke into our bedroom, and later told police he even lay on our If we had been in the master bed. Luckily (or unluckily, bedroom, most likely Altes would be depending on how you look at it) we dead. And, again, Lauren Allen weren't in it. We were sleeping in might still be alive. another room because we were in What if Altes had come in armed the middle of painting the master with knives and hammers and we bedroom, were defenseless? Then Dan and I Our dog chased Altes through the might be dead. house and into the laundry room. Dan asked me how I felt after My husband, Dan, chased after them hearing that Altes was a suspect in and locked Altes into the room. the murder. First, I feel horrified for I retrieved the gun, held Altes at the victim and the terror she must gunpoint, and called the police, have felt in the last moments of her If I had shot a man behind a locked life. Then I feel sympathy for her door, when clearly I had the upper family and friends. hand and the police were on their Then, honestly, I am very angry, way, would that have been justified? Angry that a woman was cut down Not hardly. But Lauren Allen might in her prime. Angry that our system still be alive, doesn't handle people like Altes well. arrive at our home that night, Altes finally figured out he could escape through the back door of the laundry room. The police "found" him sitting on our front porch taking his socks off. That makes the incident sound funny, but it wasn't. It still makes you feel violated when someone breaks into your home, no matter if he was a stoned idiot or not. It was weeks before either of us slept through an entire night. We have a similar problem with a local man in our neighborhood, and the other locals say he's "just a, drunk."-I agree. Justadrunk was a great neighbor before he became Justadrunk (or, more accurately now, Alwaysdrunk). But now that he's cussed out my aunt, tried to fight my husband, left me threatening phone messages, harassed some guests at our cabins and made up stories about my uncle, Justadrunk has a lot more problems than alcohol use. And clearly Altes has a lot more problems than substance abuse. Have I no heart, you ask? No compassion, no sympathy? Of course I do. I understand the socioeconomic factors in this area that make substance abuse such a problem. I understand it is a disease. I would love nothing more than for Justadrunk to sober up and become a friendly neighbor again. Hell, if he came to me and asked for help I'd f'md him the right resources. I'd even drive him to counseling. But my compassion for your substance abuse issue ends when you harm someone or you threaten the personal safety of someone I love, or myself. There are other similarities between Lauren Allen and myself. I too am co-owner of a camp (though not a youth camp). We too have hired employees from questionable backgrounds. Sometimes the results were good, sometimes bad, and a few times downright scary. Between our experiences with employees, Altes and Justadrunk (not to mention the bear that broke into the laundry room), we quickly came to realize Plumas County is not the Shangri-La we were hoping for. In fact, I felt safer working in downtown Las Vegas. In the summer we are extremely busy with guests, and lucky that over 75 percent of them are returning guests that we know and love. And the rest have all been people we hope will return. In the winter we have fewer guests, but my uncle and I spend our time fuxing up the cabins. It is not physically possible to carry a shotgun everywhere I go, particularly as I am usually carrying a nail gun, chain saw, can of paint or other various tools. (Plus, it would scare the guests.) But I am blessed to have my uncle as a co-owner here, who I am convinced could wrestle a 300-pound man to the ground with one arm behind his back. And I make myself absolutely crazy keeping every door locked, my dog with me and pepper spray, at a bare minimum, on my person. Overkill, you say? Apparently not. Lassen National Forest travel management plan is not working WHERE I STAND When the Forest Service these higher standard less than 3 miles long. County Coordination Coalition and Recreation .................................................................. issued the Lassen Nationalunpaved roads are On Nov. 12, Council, Tehama County Outdoors Coalition met to SYLVIA MILLIGAN Forest travel management "highways" under the representatives from six Coordination Council, discuss designating CHAIR, RECREATION OUTDOORS COALITION plan in 2010, its decisionCalifornia Vehicle Code. rural northeastern Plumas County additional LNF roads for prohibited off-highway OHV travel on CVC California counties, the Coordination Council, OHV travel. CORKY LAZZARINO vehicles on 631 miles of "highways" is prohibited California Highway Patrol,Shasta Coordination At this meeting, it was EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, unpaved forest roads. Forest unless they are designatedOff-Highway Motor Vehicle Council, Lassen National, SIERRA ACCESS COALITION Service regional policy says for "combined use" and areRecreation Division, Lassen Forest, Sierra Access See Lazzarino, page 10B LETTERS T 0 T H E DITOR Guidelines for letters All letters must contain an address and phone number. Only one letter per week per person will be published; only one letter per p ef'so'n per month { " , -L ,., . regarding the ~ttM~ }opic WtlF' be published. Feather Publishing does not print third-party, anonymous or open letters. Letters must not exceed 300 words. Writers responding to previously published letters may not mention the author by name. The deadline is Friday at 3 p.m.; deadlines may change due to holidays. Letters may be submitted at any of Feather Publishing's offices, sent via fax to 283-3952 or emailed to Our sheriff is an asset My family, as well as my good friend's family and children, have been shocked by a recent arrest of someone we all knew for 20 or so years as a good family man, as well as a hard worker. I left messages with the sheriff, Greg Hagwood, to please get back to me as soon as possible. And yes indeed, he telephoned us back this evening at about 8:30 p.m. Sheriff Hagwood filled us in on an extremely hard case for us to handle, but he handled it with his usual understanding and aplomb. I could not ask for a better sheriff in my life. He has helped us with numerous inquiries about people we care about over the years, and he has always, I repeat, always gotten back to us in a timely fashion, and with extreme compassion. I could say that my family "loves" Sheriff Hagwood, and that would not be understating the fact. Sheriff Hagwood is an incredible asset to this community, and to my family as well. Thank you, Sheriff Hagwood, for the great job you have done for all of us, as well as this community. Ken and Laure Henrici Quincy Stolen trash can To the Greenhorn Ranch residents, visitors, workers or whoever stole my trash can. Do you think that I'm rich? Do you think that I can just pull money out of my backside to replace anything? I found out that this past Thanksgiving weekend, yet again, my trashcan was stolen. It was a metal can with a metal lid, on the corner of Greenhorn Ranch Road. I think that if anyone can afford gas and a vehicle big enough to load this, than they can afford to buy their own trash can at the local ........... ' ' :hardware store. I can't. Not if people keep stealing them. Do you really think I can afford the money to keep replacing a trashcan? Sandra Ramsey Spring Garden Amazed by fee I read in amazement of the Graeagle Fire Protection District's demand for $250,000. I worked with the California Building Association (CBIA) on getting AB 1600 passed in 1987 for the simple issue that fire districts and cities and counties were trying to get fees far and above what is reasonable. With the economy in slow mode I would think the board of the GFPD would want to get this developer a fee that is reasonable and tied to real costs. I am retired and spending about 75 percent of my time in Graeagle, but am amazed when things like this happen. It appears the board is out of touch; I hope you follow up on this situation for all your readers. Harry Moos Graeagle Tracking Moonlight developments The 2007 Moonlight Fire resulted in state and federal lawsuits against Sierra Pacific Industries and others. This year surprising new light has been shed on these legal actions by none other than a special California State Court judge and by the lead federal attorney assigned to the case. Special Judge Leslie Nichols threw the state's case out of court and assessed $30,000,000 in financial sanctions against Cal Fire in a decision made in Quincy in February. Next, SPI filed a set of motions in federal court in Sacramento asking the court to set aside its $100 million settlement because of, among other things, fraud upon the court due to misconduct by the U.S. Attorney's office. The kicker in this part of the story, tO date, is a declaration -- filed by SPI's attorneys -- and made by the former lead federal trial attorney, who states that he was taken off the case when he refused to play ball. Because there are a number of different documents in the courts' filings and decisions -- as well as significant press coverage -- several of us interested in the wellbeing of the area have created a website which will . :, interested parties track~ese developments. The site is We are constantly updating the website and look forward to hearing any helpful comments that interested parties want to leave there. John Sheehan Chas Brannen Quincy We didn't learn anything Polls have shown for the last few years that 60 - 70 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed. That being the case, why on earth did American voters give control of Congress to the "do-nothing," block-everything Republicans who have spent the last six years obstructing the economy and government all in an attempt to make President Obama be seen as a failure? This doesn't make sense. Why would American voters elect voodoo, supply-side, trickle-down Republicans who are still married to the same economic formula that brought America to its knees with the Great Recession of 2008; Republicans who are still preaching their same dreary economic forecast? Do you turn around the direction of the country by giving control of Congress to anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-immigration Tea Party Republicans who put their party agenda and extremist base before the good of the country? Didn't the American public learn anything from the financial fiasco of 2008? Ron Lowe Nevada City Humans in jeopardy It's pure madness, this fatal obsession of humans to destroy our planet. We build nuclear power plants, have disasters, and now they dump radiation into the air, land and the (warming) Pacific Ocean. We cut down our forests for industrial firewood. We voraciously burn coal, oil and gas and now we have the highest CO2 concentrations in human history. The last time the earth was this hot was 11,500 years ago. The direct result of our actions is global warming that is devastatingly changing I like R warm best year in business, but earth's climate. Claims of "consensus" decided to leave California for California is in a sustained among "global warmers" lower taxes. Do you really drought. It's a simple fact-- doesn't make for scientific think the recession in humans die without clean fact. In reality (something California is over? water. So, what do humans. : ::warmers lack) their beliefs The newly legal illegals . d0?.We[take,clean water,ilace,.: are totally absen~qfdefiniti-ve ...... will be allowed o ~vork., it with toxic chemicals and force it into the earth to extract oil and gas. Hydraulic fracturing is fatally contaminating our water supply. Can't drink fracking fluid or oil... Then we transport highly volatile oil on trains with a history of derailments through Plumas County. Do we have a death wish? With one derailment, the Feather River and the entire Plumas watershed system would be contaminated. Recall that we are in a drought and that humans need water to live. This newspaper's editorial board disgustingly suggests that fracking is perfected yet takes no official position. They also state it's good for the economy and we'll just have to live with the inevitable disasters. Is risking a clean environment and life-sustaining water worth producing more oil? I know (silly me), morley and greed trumps everything -- even our children's future existence. It appears that we are in the cancer stage of capitalism', with a corrupt oligarchic government, and a stupid, ignorant, apathetic and psychotic populace. The question is when and .what will it take for people to realize that human existence is in jeopardy? Time is running out. Mark Mihevc Graeagle Human Rights Day Dec. 10 has been designated as Human Rights Day. It transcends the concept of political civil rights because it implies that all Homo sapiens of the earth have inalienable, fundamental rights. The literature of all major religions expresses the 10ve of humanity in one way or another, but all too few members of those faiths actually live it day by day. The earth binds us all as one. Go back to the Sanskrit and Greek and we find that "human" is derived from an ancient word meaning "earth." We are all children of our nurturing mother earth and have a filial responsibility to maintain her health. Salvatore Catalano Taylorsville empirical data. Climate , collect Medicaid, schooling, change believers are stuck housing, food and a with the "hypothesis" that government subsistence man is the cause of climate paycheck, while they get change and global warming, settled. Are you feeling all They can't show us exact, warm and fuzzy? comparative data, because it The keystone pipeline will doesn't exist, eventually pass Congress, Look at climate change this despite those hypocritical way: you're just one, average- liberals that drive fossil sized asteroid away from fueled cars. Those plug-in never needing to calculate electric cars still use anything in the future. As I coal-powered energy plants to have said "warmer" science is charge their batteries. Have based on theory and you noticed fuel prices lately? "fraudulent" computer Thanks to American energy models. Buy yourself a rain independence, fracking, the gage. I like it warm anyway. Russians and Saudis/OPEC. Imagine fighting or serving Time to fill up your SUV and in our military and reading enjoy the great outdoors. the news back home about This government ($18 Ferguson, Missouri. Makes trillion in debt) needs to be you wonder why you defend thinking with its head and not some people's rights to be its heart. The best way to help idiots. The antithesis, thank yourself is to get a better God, for the Second education and get off the Amendment. addictive hardcore California is bleeding jobs. entitlement drugs. Stockton just lost 110 workers Trent Saxton after the Hormel Co. had its Lake Davis Contact your elected officials... PLUMAS COUNTY SUPERVISORS - 520 Main Street, Room 309, Quincy, CA 95971; (530) 283-6170; FAX: (530) 283-6288; E-Mail: Individual supervisors can also be e-mailed from links on the county website, PRESIDENT - Barack Obama, the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20500. (202) 456-1414. Fax: 202-456-2461. E-mail: / U.S. SENATOR - Dianne Feinstein (D), 331 Hart Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510. (202) 224-3841; FAX: 202-228-3954; TTY/TDD: (2,02) 224-2501. District Office: One Post Street, Suite 2450, San Francisco, CA 94104; Phone: (415) 393-0707; Fax: (415) 393-0710 Website: U.S. SENATOR - Barbara Boxer (D). District Office: 501 1 St., Suite 7-600, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 448-2787; FAX (916) 448-2563; OR 112 Hart Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510. (202) 224-3553. FAX (202) 228-0454. U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 1ST DIST. - Doug LaMalfa. 506 Cannon HOB Washington, D.C. 20515. (202) 225-3076. DISTRICT OFFICES: 1453 Downer St., Suite #A, Oroville, CA 95965; 2885 Churn Creek R., Suite #C, Redding, CA 96002. STATE SENATOR, 1st DIST. - Ted Gaines. State Capitol, Room 3070, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 651-4001, FAX: (916) 324-2680. El Dorado Hills Constituent Service Center:. 4359 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 112, E1 Dorado Hills, CA 95762. (916) 933-7213, FAX (916) 933-7234; Redding Constituent Service Center:. 1670 Market St., Suite 244, Redding, CA 96001, (530) 225-3142, FAX (530) 225-3143. STATE ASSEMBLYMAN, 1ST DIST. - Brian Dahle, State Capitol, Room 2174, Sacramento, CA 94249, (916) 319-2001; FAX (916) 319-2103. District Office, 2080 Hemsted Dr., Ste. #110, Redding, CA 96002; (530) 223-6300, FAX (530) 223-6737. GOVERNOR - Jerry Brown, office of the Governor, Statel Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814. Website: J (916) 445-2841. FAX:' (916) 558-3160. i t I