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December 15, 2010     Feather River Bulletin
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December 15, 2010

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Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter DFG, from page 8B 1 101 ac, .... 41 ac. ID# 700 1147 :'5:. The California Department of Fish and Game has 709 wildlife areas and ecological reserves, like those pictured provided by the California Department of Fish and Game properties in the state, including 240 here in the North Central Region. Image A timeline provided by Pacific Forest & Water- shed Lands Stewardship Council Regional Land Conservation Manager Heidi Krolick 2009 In November 2009, after the stewardship council's Interested Donee Registry closed, it re- ceived statements of q ualifications from eight organizations for the Humbug Valley Unit. 2010 The stewardship council hosted two collabo- rative meetingswith stakeholders, including many of the interested donees, in April and September. They talked about their interests, objectives and desired future outcomes for the Humbug Valley and Lake Almanor planning units. Between 25 and 30 people were in atten- dance at each meeting representing a variety of stakeholder interests. The council.hosted a site tour of both areas in June. The council then sent out requests to inter- ested donees for land stewardship proposals in July. Proposals for the Humbug area were re- ceived in November from the Maidu Summit Consortium and the California Department of Fish and Game. Proposals for the Lake Almanor Unit were received from two organizations, the Maidu Summit and Plumas County. The stewardship council is now evaluating those proposals, and anticipates a donee recommendation to its board of directors sometime in 2011. Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010 9B I t thefa, cts on oral cancer HERE'S TO Your HEALTH AURA WHITTAKER One of the most common virus groups in the world to- day affecting the skin and mucosal areas of the body is the human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV is a double-stranded DNA virus that infects the epithelial cells of skin and mucosa. The moist epithelial surfaces (squamous cells) include all areas covered by skin or mucosa such as the mouth, throat, tongue, ton- sils, vagina, penis and anus. Transmission of the HPV virus occurs when these areas come into contact with a virus, allowing it to trans- fer between epithelial cells, Researchers have estab- lished that sexual contact, both conventional and oral, is means of transferring the HPV virus. More than 120 different types of HPV have been iden- tified and different types are known to infect different parts of the body. The most visible forms of the virus produce warts on the hands, arms, legs and other areas of the skin, Most warts of this type are very common, harmless, non-cancerous and easily treatable. The most dangerous aspect of the HPV is its potential to cause cancer: HPV 16 and HPV 18 are causative factors in cervical cancer. Now, HPV16 is also an identified cause of oral can- cer. In the oral environment HPV16 manifests itself pri- marily in the back regions such as the base of the tongue, the oropharynx (the back of the throat in the mouth), the tonsils and the tonsillar pillars. A recent study showed the mouth was, at the cellular level, structurally very simi- lar to the vagina and cervix, with the same type of epithe- lial cells targeted by HPV 16. The majority of oral can- cers are cancers of epithelial cells, primarily squamous cell carcinomas, not unlike cancers that affect the cervix. This first step in under- standing the similarities of these tissues and the disease that affects them, led to re- search that linked oral can- cers to HPV. Oral cancer has at least two distinct etiologies: one through tobacco and alcohol and another via the HPV virus, particularly version 16, though other versions of the virus might be implicated as research progresses. The HPV-positive group is the fastest growing segment of the oral cancer population. Research has shown that smoking and drinking alc0- hal help promote HPV inva- sion. Alcoholic beverages contain ethanol alcohol, and ethanol is known to inhibit the produc- tion of an anti-cancer protein. The carcinogens in tobacco damage cell DNA, the precur- sor event to malignancy. Re- cent studies seem to indicate the relationships between to- bacco alcohol and HPV are additive in their effects, as opposed to synergistic. One factor alone (tobacco or HPV) can be enough to begin the cascade of cellular events that culminate in a cancerous cell. According to the American Cancer Society~ roughly one- quarter of all oral cancers are not HPV-related, and approx- imately 25 percent of cases occur in women. In many cases the body's immune system will clean HPV on its own within two years. However, a small percent- age of infected women (about 11,000 per year) will not clean HPV and may develop cancer. To date, safe-sex campaigns have J ypically blamed the spread of HPV on unprotect- i ed vaginal intercourse. It's now clear the disease can be contracted orally as well.. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, people who have had sexual inter- course with six or more part- ners are more than twice as likely to develop oral dancer. Those who've had six or more oral sex partners in- crease their chances by a whopping 340 percent. Why? It seems that some people don't consider oral sex to be the same as sex, even though it has risks too. The good news in all of this is that, if detected early, this cancer is highly treatable. HPV-related cancers tend to respond better to chemother- apy and radiation. Seeing a dentist regularly can mean spotting a lesion or a change in mouth tissue col- or or texture as soon as it happens. Dental screenings are not fail-safe but an extra set of eyes is a worthwhile protec- tive measure. Sources: oralcancerfoundation. org; Women's Health, Nov. 2010 Aura Whittaker has a Bach- elor of Science degree in kine- siology, which is the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement. She has more than 15years experience in nutritional consulting and personal training. For com- ments and questions, e-maU, or send mail to Lassen County Times, 100 Grand Auenue, Susanville, CA 96130. Sudoku Puzzle 1 #2015-D Difficult 7 ! " " " Caught! ACROSS 1. In the thick of 5. Burn to a crisp 9. Essential part 13. Coin redesigned in 1945 14. Anise-flav0red liqueur, 15. Totaled ~16. Part of Krupa's kit 18. Early anesthetic 19. Seaweed extract 20. Accesses to attics, sometimes 22. Spiral-shelled mollusk 24. Writer Hentoff 25. Numero =-- (first- rate) 26. David--Gurion 27. Those on the bench 30. Name of several Egyptian kings 32. Scratch a dele 34. Doll's word 36. Juror, in theory 37. 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