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December 17, 2008     Feather River Bulletin
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December 17, 2008

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12B Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2008 Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter HOMEMADE, from page 9B down to 350F. " Bake 20-25 minutes; check often and remove from oven when golden or pale brown. Prick with fork all over surface. Cut while still warm. Store in cool dry place. Alternatively, mix up a batch of chocolate chip or sugar cookies, shape into a log, wrap in waxed paper and foil and freeze until needed. That way, there's always a gift on hand, simply place in a decorated lunch bag, tie with ribbon and deliver. Don't like to bake? Layer the dry ingredients in a jar. Cut out a circle of festive ma- terial to tie over the lid, and attach the recipe as a gift tag. Almost any food can be transformed into a gift: a fa- vorite soup recipe, bread or cookie mix. An attractive container and voilfi -- it's a gift to be enjoyed. It's easy to create one-of-a- kind T-shirts, aprons, table linens or wall hangings with a bit of dye or fabric paint and a paintbrush, potato or sponge. Here are a few how-to tips: Use 100 percent cotton with a tight weave for best re- sults. Silk and rayon can also give good results. Try a sam- ple square first to get a feel for how the fabric takes the paint. Prewash to remove any sizing and shrinkage. Don't use fabric softener. Iron well to smooth out wrinkles that can ruin a design. Dampen, but do not soak, the fabric to encourage color blends -- like watercolor. Work on a lightly padded surface, an old towel or thick card covered with' waxed pa- cloth or iron on the wrong side to avoid damage to the iron. Test a sample in your dryer, and then wash it to check the paint has set before proceeding with the dryer for a bigger project. Experiment with samples to check the results of remov- ing dye with bleach for softer dark colors. Use a cheap brush to apply bleach: It will ruin brushes. To stop the bleach action, rinse using a cup of white vinegar to two- and-a-half gallons of water or wash immediately. Cut shapes from erasers or potatoes to stamp designs on a fabric. Using a craft knife, outline the stamp design in the potato, then remove the material surrounding the de- sign so the design is raised. Toy car tires, real leaves and other objects can be used to "print" designs: For leaf prints, use stiffleaves; try the effects by using "right" and "wrong" sides of the leaf. Carefully be sure the leaf makes complete contact with the fabric, without shifting, to get a clear, complete print. Try out this project for moms and grandmothers: Family Tree Sweatshirt from Sherri Osborn, Materials: I sweatshirt sponge or paint brush green, brown and black fab- ric paint scotch tape, optional cardboard Wash and dry sweatshirt without using fabric softener. If using tape, place tape where names are to go and place the cardboard inside the sweatshirt. Paint leaves with the green Remove tape from sweat- shirt when completely dry, if used. Otherwise, paint names over previously painted areas. Add names in black: The trunk for mom or grandma's name (don't forget to include dad or grandpa), branches for sons and daughters and leaves for children or grand- children. Set paint by ironing, using a press cloth or turn inside out and iron on the wrong side. Wash, dry and wrap. Is there a green thumb on the list? Try decorating clay pots. Paint, mosaic and fabric techniques are limited only by imagination and can cre- ate unique, beautiful planters, gift baskets, candles, bird- baths and birdhouses, cookie jars -- the list is endless. Here are two: MEhL T2amE from Sherri Osborn, About.corn Materials: Clay pot, old or new Joint compound Marbles Pick up joint compound from the hardware store; marbles from the dollar store. Be sure the pot is clean and dry. Cover completely with joint compound and ap- ply marbles to the surface. Let dry, add dirt and plant: It's ready to give. ADDle Cookie Jar from Materials: 12-14 inch clay pot with matching saucer red and green paint black paint, optional spray sealer small thread spool with sealer. Cut one or two leaves from fun foam. Glue spool (stem) and leaves to the bottom of the upside down saucer (lid). Fill with cookies, wrap and give. Clay pots sealed with Modge Podge make good con- tainer candles, from votive up. Be sure to use container grade wax for best results. Remember sand candles? Make one for that special someone. Sand Candle from Sherri Osborn, About.corn Materials: 1 gallon sand, at least water wax shells, decorative natural items wick material Place sand in large contain- er and pour water over Lmtil wet. Dig a hole in the sand the size of the candle. Place shells around the sides if de- sired. Tie wick to small shell or stone and place in center bot- tom of the hole. Melt wax and pour into sand mold while holding wick. Hold wick until wax is firm enough to support the wick, about a minute. When wax is set and cold, dig trench about one inch from the candle and as deep as the candle. Lift out gently. Soaps, bath oils and salts and dusting powder are all easy to make gifts. Foamine Vanilla Honey Bath by National Honey Board Measure oil into medium bowl, carefully stir in re- maining ingredients until ful- ly blended. Pour into a clean bottle with a tight-fitting stopper or lid. Shake gently before using. Swirl desired amount into bathtub under running water. Enough for four baths. Tropical Dream Bath R?ipe by Pioneer Thinking Ingredients: 3 drops rose fragrant or es- sential oil 2 drop jasmine fragrant or es- sential oil 1 ounce liquid glycerin (skin moisturizer) 1 ounce coconut oil 1 4-ounce bar castile soap (humectant), grated or flaked or 1 cup unscented shampoo 4 cups distilled water Mix all ingredients togeth- er. Store in a decorative con- tainer. Pour in running water. Castile soap is used to soft- en and moisturize the skin; it is made from 100 percent olive oil. Liquid glycerin is a byproduct of soap making. Both of these products can be found at health food stores, some drug stores or major de- partment stores. Bath Powder Ingredients: 1/2 cup cornstarch Approx. 2 tbsp. arrowroot powder 2 tbsp. baking soda Essential oils of your prefer- ence Combine ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Let stand a few days and then sift through a flour sifter. Pour into a powder shaker/con- tainer. fragrance oil for each cup of mixture. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl and mix together until thoroughly blended. If mak- ing large batches, cover nose and mouth to avoid breathing powder. If desired, add fragrance oil and stir until thoroughly blended. Let mixture sit in a sealed jar overnight. This al- lows the scent to permeate the whole batch. Be sure to let dry before packaging in a decorative tin. Powder puffs are available in the cosmetic section at drug stores. If using cornstarch, sift through a screen, to break up clumps and fluff it up. Push mixture of oil/cornstarch through the screen and mix with the rest of the corn- starch powder. Repeat the sifting process as necessary. Package homemade soaps and bath oils in easily-made bath bags. Materials: Washcloth 18-24 inches ribbon or lace Hot glue, sewing machine or needle and thread Fold washcloth in half. Fold ribbon in half and place the fold in the edges of the washcloth, ends facing in, about 1/3 inch from the top. If sewing, pin or baste edges, leaving top open. Stitch. If us- ing hot glue, simply glue along edges, leaving top open. Turn bag inside out, fill with bath oil beads, soaps, bath salts. Tie closed. Silk flowers or dried herbs tied in the ribbon add a bit of flair. Save more by making your own gift tags, greeting cards and wrapping paper. Tips, tricks and instructions can per. It will also keep the de- paint and let dry, usuallygreen fun foam Ingredients: Arrowroot powder can be be found online using any sign from soaking through to overnight. With the brown craft clueorhot gluegun 1 cup sweet almond oil, light used alone as a soothing search engine or visit the back of a T-shirt. paint, make the tree trunk , olive or sesame oil may be body/bath powder, just A trip to the li- To set paints, iron for a and branches. Let dry Paint pot and saucer red substituted scent to suit your nose. brary willalso provide plenty fewminutes according to gar-overnight, and let dry. Paint spool 1/2 cup honey Quantities provided are aof information on how to ment care instructions. A1- If desired, add other deco-green, let dry. If desired, 1/2 cupliquid soap . guideline. Use equal parts of make almost any gift. low paint to dry 24 hours be- rations or painting and letpaint face on the"apple" with 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract baking soda and cornstarch,A gift made with love: fore ironing. Use a pressingdry. black paint. Spray all pieces add about 20 drops of priceless. i U . Last Week's Crossword S doku Puzzle #1283 D Fat-Freei3 4 s {6 i I i l I, o, s ,;, T i i 1.Ao,umnb,oomer ,, i l,o " ' " ' i l I m I 2 6. C;ip'schipmunk ~~ li i i " - " / I ' " '-? .". ". "_ .. : ?i_" {I lO. Street-vendor I I I I I el I I el I I I I I I "Rolex," e.g. !,11 I I I I31 14 l{ 15. Scoreafterdeuce ~~11 17. acid (protein 5 9 mponent) 18. Seemingly .... limitless 7th, e.g. . 3 ! l 20. 7t;s~ogn the ~,7 ~~ {1 " ' f ' ' L~ ' ' ' ~ ' I ~4' [ |1 Sudoku So|ution .1273-D / [ 21 Ginza ,24~~r~~ 44454647 "~-----~~ ' I i ,~ I~~~~ j ~ [21" ''King'' KngStrangelove,,player in "Dr. ~[~~~~ ~~~ I l 26. In vogue : ! I I 6: uetherose /d-1-1-1-1il -1- , family ~ i I /l--~'~-'~~-~~r~~~ L ~ I29.~:yder I~ ii~'--~!l 29 Colander II I 0 I I I l 0 1 I I I l; 4 a s 6 1 2 i8 9 711 features canProflleHornetownConlent I /I I u '1 I I I I I I /!! .:. ;, :. o ]l., o ,. II 31. Petered out / ' " : l r' ' o o '* I o u " I I 32. Hadthe nerve 56 Home to the Tai 9 Havinnthe right 40. Singer I' II I Difficult I I ~[I 331 Healthful "" Mahal ~ 10 Poker=pots""" Ani~on-y" I ~ ......... " ..... I getaway 58. St. Louis 111 Safe place' "41. Portuguese I I" 36. Indu ts rious bugs landmark 12. Make changes to dessert wine I II I 37. C major chord,59. Geraint's lady13. In disarray 42. Tithe fractions I I e.g. 60. Crossties support 22. Place to graze43. Tennis ballI I 38. Read over quicklythem 23. Street (urban container I II I 39. "Youbetchat" - 61. Dell loaves acceptance) 44. Sacrificial site I I 40. Express grief 62. Jean Arp's art 25. Prospectors' 45. On one's guard I II J 41. The only one- " genre finds 46. Rumbaor-sambal I syllable state 63. iPod maker 27. Go to and fro 47. Singer Ronstadt I Est a te name 28 Glazier's item 49 Hebndes isle U 42 Shar tastm i E st ate 142. ~mep-tasting DOWN 29: Like the Wol;man 49: (~:brnd:eS:SwlethI I 43. French, film -1 nn the road 30. Algerian port " 52. Place for a- I ULHUULUU vvu,, uu m fesbval cl ,T , I festival city ";' ...... 1 32. Part of FDA 1 cooling pie I I 44. Birch family trees " 33. Swim in the buff 53. Emit c :)herent I I 47. W_e!ghed,_ down3 Ponular ~id~:,"out 34. Aerosol scent light | ................ 48 Dieter's br " ~" .... I 48. Dieter's brand " cook;es 35. Iowa State city 57 T, oddler's break I II I51. B{g letters in - ', -. 37 Shaven as a { -- I fashion 4 Long ong[me " , ' F I ! ;;;i:::!;;;:~:'::~::;~:::~;~'~;::: :;;~; ~;~'*;:d~::~:;~!::::~;~::;;;~::;!:;:::~ii:; ~ ;;:::::;;i;;i~:: :#i::::;i;::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: I :~ rr,as~n, ....... {.5 Sat ;n a perch ...... monks headl I II I o'-L ,,.,aH,lJ~, ~ ,.,UV=l R /a-v-, fr,,mncd'c,r~; I-laving all ones I ! I55" Hrse c` ng" M'~les ...... ~' .... marbles . I I I 7. "Bonanza" son I i l-usIorlc Downtown t ulncy -- =- , 8. Talk like Daffy J I I I ! Home Enterta,nment Systems __ .0o= I i IV l Audio Sales & Installation Za -L (J j I ! Home Theater Smart Homes ....... . o I ...... %~,~.~:,.,,,~:~,,jY 7"'v'/" t~,%~,/,3 . I CA Contractor # 8|9017 I .................. Freelance Photoaraohv Photo Restoration ,, I i '" '1 " ( ) - PamTrebesPhotog .- wwwTrebesDes 530 5964166 = I II III I I IIIIIIIIII II IIIIII I IIIII " i i i ,,i Mill "