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December 19, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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December 19, 2001

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14B Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2001 Bulletin, Progressive, Rec~I In Continued from page 1.1.11 13 for delaying a year, and two opposed. Since the 13 vot- ing to delay for a year could hardly be characterized as "opposed," it would seem to me that you have 11 in favor, 13 potentially in favor, pend- ing further discussion of the details, and two firmly against it. Given those num- bers, why are you implying that the faculty is obstruc- tionist per se? It appears to me that the problem here is that two dif- ferent models of decision making are at odds. In the business world, the first ques- tion is likely to be, "Is this a good thing to do?" If the an- swer is "Yes," the next ques- tion is likely to be, "Is there anything prohibitive that would prevent this from be- ing implemented?" If the an- swer is "No," then the deci- sion is made, and at that point the details of implemen- tation are discussed. In the world of public edu- cation (and other public insti- tutions as well), the first question may be the same as that in the business world-- "Is this a good thing to do?" If the answer is "Yes," however, it is likely that discussion of the details will precede the making of the actual decision to implement the plan, what- ever it is. This process is dictated in part by the reality that public institutions are working with public money. As a result, their decision-making process is subject to a differ- ent, and often lengthier, stan- dard than is that of business,. which can be significantly more "fleet of foot" when it comes to decision making. Is it any wonder that people who are most familiar with the business model would be frustrated by what they per- ceive as foot dragging by those who follow the public institution model? Community colleges in Cal- ifornia have been charged by the state legislature with something called "shared governance," which means that the faculty of a college is responsible for providing in- put to the decision-making process. The FRC faculty brought together a list of con- cerns regarding the start-up of a football program at the school and presented the, list to the board of trustees. This is not only their appropriate role, but their responsibility, under the shared governance process. Some of their concerns warrant discussion. For ex- ample, the student housing situation is tight, and the in- fusion of up to fifty football players, most of whom would likely be from outside the community and in need of places to live, is certainly a potential problem that needs to be solved. Scheduling of classes also needs to be addressed, and it's not a matter of "some in- structors (being) troubled that they will be asked to al. ter their schedules to accom- modate practices," to quote your Dec. 5 editorial. (An ar- ticle in a previous edition of the Bulletin made the same accusation, by the way, so there seems to be a pattern here.) The issue of scheduling has been raised by the faculty senate as a group and con- cerns the problem of limited facilities at our admittedly small "small college." If stu- dent athletes from three ma- jor sports (basketball, base- ball, and football) all tradi- tionally practice in the after- Loon, and if these athletes constitute a significant por- tion of the student population at large, then how do you find enough rooms and enough in- structors to offer a majority of your classes in the morn- ing hours? That question needs to be answered. The newspaper's editorial has labeled the FRC faculty with a "can't do" attitude. That characterization, along with the inference that they are a bunch of prima donnas who don't want their person- al schedules altered, is very unfair and suggests that who- ever wrote your recent foot- ball articles and your editori- al has a personal bone to pick with this particular group in our community. While you may t'md the aca- demic decision-making process drawn out and frus- trating--and from a business perspective it m0s rtainly can be--don't resort tb har- acter assassination when he folks lined up in your crosshairs can also be por- trayed as doing their job the way they've been trained and are legally required to do. I expect a higher level of jour- nalistic performance from my local paper. Susan Christensen Quincy We the right thing In your Dec. 5 editorial in support of a football program at Feather River College, you took the opportunity to take a shot at those members of the faculty who raised concerns about the proposal, describ- ing them as "can't do" indi- viduals. I unequivocally dis- agree with your characteriza. tion. The football program repre- sents a major investment for the college, as well as a signif- icant shift in instructional emphasis and composition of the student population. The faculty were doing their job in identifying issues and con- cerns relative to the football proposal and advising the ad- ministration and board of trustees of those concerns. We would have been negli- gent had we not. Football can bring a num- ber of benefits to the college and the local community. It also presents some serious in- stitutional challenges and the college needs to be prepared to handle them if the board of trustees votes to approve the program. Knowing my colleagues as I do, I am sure that the football program, if approved, will re- ceive the whole hearted sup- port of the entire college com- munity. I doubt that very many folks on campus, no matter which position they took on football, would agree with your negative character- ization of those who ex- Network Administration Computer Services Maintenance Consulting Plumas County IB: rvlce also repair and maintain home p .- ,,anJ corn u er systems From home { networking to tech support, rAd n( ! { ] PCiT does it all. PCiT also I J offers professional solutions i S0Mi0ns I for small businesses, specializes J in networking, troubleshooting, I and high speed internet . ld i .J J I =cos, utilizing X 7-DSL .[ technology. PelT is located in East Quincy in the pmfe.i0nal building at 2056 E. Main St. Office Hours A lOam to 5pm Monday thr F- 'day 2056 E. Main St. #4 Quincy Recycle nnr, rl mntnr ell =nri Rnt, r pressed concerns. I am very immediately. To fully appre- ters in the LACC proud of the faculty and the ciate the positive impact of latest issue and job they did in promoting an environmentalism versus the must take the open discussion of all aspects evil timber companies, just broadly to the of the football proposal,travel down the Feather Riv- That's sad because Ken Cawley er Canyon and take noticetheir issue. President, Academic Sen- that timber companies have A very intelligent, ate successfully hidden their 150 edgeable, and Feather River College years of devastation, committee and But, the beauty of charred have worked on In response to John Fuller- wilderness is everywhere. Af- changes for two tom's letter to the editor ter viewing these thousands of the additions are of Dec. =Tax or $)m- of acres of successful environ- by changes in the tax?': mental policy, it becomes ob- state association Ditto. vious that the economic sta- have occurred Joe and Bey Hernanbility of thousands of people LACC, lifetime of 50 Lake Almanor in dozens of communities is doesn't think LACC is! inconsequential when corn- mon interest Ditto. pared to the value of watch- spite of the fact that Lorraine Tugend ing these ashen forests rot. of us 1,g00 property Westwood We must ensure that all our think we are and old growth forests are al- to prove it if he wants | Ditto. lowed to burn, so that nature lenge it. Most of Paul Tugend can take its course, and no were never here Westwood human enterprise or commu- was founded and we nity can benefit, catch up and get We should apololOzo Ed Dickensconcert legally. I think we citizens of Quincy led by this guy, who Chester should apologize to is a developer and Mr. James of Sonoma (Let- /tat LACC line know better. Life ters, 12/5). On Wednesday, Dec. 12,, the not been a happy one Should he see fit to grace us US Mail delivered (put) the entiy. with his presence again, we newspaper jackpot in my He's tried this might have the courtesy to al- box--a copy of the Chester :has gotten nowhere low our "littered lots and Progressive, Lake Almanor outside of LACC, junk filled yards" to remain Country Club News, and the interest in it. It layered over with snow a bit 36 pages of the Borrego Sun. however, with this longer, and leave the streets What do you know--the first tion, because he'll "covered and level with the two had letters to the editor terest anybody who sidewalks" till he was done from none other than Bob ten. So, look for enjoying his "feast for the Thayer. The Borrego Sun had tribes in his letters tel senses." We could hold off on three letters (join the local if the Progressive our cutting, slashing, burn- chamber; thanks to the fire print them, which I ing, yadda, yadda, (he forgot department; and thanks to won't. This is an LAC raping and pillaging), till a the "God Squad" of cleaners that will be settled by more civilized hour. Perhaps and their friends who made owners. Not the the dirty old mill will be Borrego Springs shine). None lic. If his energies down so it won't offend any- from Robert Thayer. directed in positive one. I've sent a response for the ductive ways instead I, for one, am going to don next issue of the LACC News. ing desperately to my quaint peasant costume Now on to the Chester Pro- most everything, and sing quiet folk songs, gressive letter. Bob is trying would have If tourism is to save our to explain to all of the Al- much more instead economy, I hope it won't re- manor Basin citizenry why ging Thayer along. quire that we choke clown he doesn't like the revised guess that's our much of this sort of supercil- CC&Rs of LACC. The mum- it! ious nonsense, burs are being asked to vote Ron Robert MacGregor upon their approval in the Lake Chester next couple of months. The covenents, conditions, and re- Charred beauty strictions of LACC have no The enviro-wackos are bearing whatever on the peo- Many thanks for right! I don't mean the aver- ple who live in other areas of of remembrance. The age environmentally con- the Basin. He tries to make it flowers, food and cerned realists who desire a out that they do somehow, were balance between man and na- I've wondered whether or not The caring and ture. I mean the real Enviro- our gates were put up to received from friq Nazi idealists that strive for a "keep others out, or was it to people of this human-free wilderness. You keep us in." truly memorable. know, the type of zealot will- He takes this issue to the thoughtfulness at thi ing to cast aside common general public with property timeis sense and wisdom,-~hoping t~ v~ue ~,. ~jc~r~rt@~.,, The attain a utopian harmony be- er reason than fo cause confu- :,. , . tween earth, mankind and sion, twist facts, and throw A special thanks to the universe, another bone for the public to Sunbrtdge Rehab and All public and industrial chew On if they will. Seems ing facility, for all the use of our forests must stop he missed the deadline for let- care and kindness Dennis. It has much to me. To all at Plumas Hospital, thanks for ready for the holiday shopping season, cial care given to Dc Dr. Sharon MclnV. 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