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December 19, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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December 19, 2012

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4B Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter J!it0000:,ze, and reality chec'ks. Part ()ne There is a new angle in pre- vention work these days• It be- gins with talking about it. Whatever "it" is. It then moves into re-examining social norms and discouraging vic- tim blaming. It is meant to hold the person acting out the violence accountable. This means changing the way we say things, and do things, in order to change the way we see things and experi- ence things. For example (for- give me while I get down to the nitty gritty with this one): "She deserved to be raped be- cause she was drunk. She went out to a party got drunk and she deserved to be taken ad- vantage of. She should've known this would happen. Be- sides, she has slept with every- one in town. She was asking COMMUNITY OUTREACH TRINA RITTER Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center for it! It wasn't rape." Well here's a reality check for ya ... if she/he was not able to give consent, it is consid- ered rape. Only yes means yes. That's it. Not maybe, not "I'm being sexual with you so I'm giving you the signal that I want to do it." None of that! Only "Yes!" means "Yes!" Plumas County has a 0.0 tol- erance when it comes to con- sent. California as a whole has a 0.08 tolerance, This is the law. The picture of rape has changed. It does not mean it is rape only if it is a stranger and he beats you up. Welcome to the "consent culture." Rape is not caused by what someone wears, or how much he or she has had to drink. The only thing that causes rape is a rapist. And now you know the con- sent law. Let's re-examine the nitty gritty situation we start- ed off with. What social norms are these statements support. ing? How about this one: "She de- served to be treated like an ob- ject and abused, because she drank and has had X amount of partners." Or this one: "How dare she act like that in front of a man? Men can't con- trol themselves! Right?" I, would like to believe men are strong and can control them- selves and will look out for women and other men! Now let's examine our words. By saying "He raped her," we are shifting the re- sponsibility and focus onto the problem behavior. By keeping words like "She was raped" "m play, we are encouraging vic- tim blaming, fueling shame and re-victimizing the person harmed in the situation• We are also remaining in a cycle of shame and abuse. Why is it if a man has mean- ingless sex with a lot of women he is a stud? But ifa woman does it, she is a slut? We need to communicate. Men and women are wired differently. She may be looking for love, while he may want something physical. Regardless, we are all looking for connection. Now I am not a man-bashing feminist. I love men. My best friends are men. I do not want to blame them if they had no idea, and are just doing what they know to be acceptable. I do, however, want men and women to feel safe with each other and look out for one an- other and enjoy the relation- ships we have, whether physi- cal, emotional or sexual. This new consent law was not created to make your life more difficult. It was created because there are too many in- cidences involving alcohol and sex where people are getting hurt. Hurt physically, emo- tionally and spiritually. If you are under the influence at all, you are considered unable to give consent, therefore it is considered rape. There are so many fine lines that the up- holders of justice are tired of sorting out the facts. They are done. If you choose to have sex, make sure it is with someone you trust. And men, if you are hoping to wait for that girl to be drunk to have sex with her, think again. The risks are too high. You can lose your scholarship, your integrity and your freedom. I hope this has given y'all something to talk about. We will continue this conversation in two weeks! Man plc.00,ads 'rio contest' to charges in counterTeiting case A man arrested last month in connection with producing and passing counterfeit money in Quincy pleaded no contest to a felony charge on Dec. 7. • Christopher Hale, 30, of Quincy, pleaded no contest to a felony violation of forgery and admitted he was in viola- tion of the terms of his post-re- lease conviction supervision (under Assembly Bill 109). Plumas County district at- torney David Hollister said Hale will be sentenced Jan. 18, 2013, when he will receive up to two years of confinement time in county jail. On Nov. 8, Hale was arrest- ed after a search warrant was served on his residence. During the search, equip- ment and items used to forge counterfeit bills were located. Hale was also identified as the person passing counterfeit bills at a number of local busi- nesses. Witnesses were able to iden- tify Hale, in part, by a two- word expletive tattooed on his upper torso and visible when Hale entered the business and passed the counterfeit bill. At the time of his arrest, Hale had a warrant issued for his arrest for his failure to comply with the terms of his post-release community super- vision. PRCS is the form of su- pervision created by AB 109 whereby parolees who were formerly supervised on parole by the state are now super- vised by local probation de- partments. The DA's office thanked De- tective Sgt. Steve Peay and his entire unit for their aggres- sive efforts during this lengthy and complicated in- vestigation. Hollister noted, "The crime of couhterfeiting is an egre- gious offense potentially caus- ing serious harm to our local merchants• Those engaging in this conduct should expect to be apprehended and prosecut- ed in a manner consistent with the harm they have done to our community." Hollister said, "This has been a consistently busy and challenging year on many lev- els for those working to pro- vide a high level of safety and security to Plumas County." He offered thanks to every- one for their efforts toward safety. Following is a sample of some of the criminal cases prosecuted by the district at- torney's office. People v. Anthony Heitz On Nov. 30, Anthony Heitz, 18, of Forbestown, pleaded no contest to a felony violation of possessing marijuana for sale. Heitz will be sentenced Feb. 8, 2013. • Heitz was stopped for speed- ing on Bucks Lake Road by the California Highway Patrol. The CHP was joined by detec- tive Jeremy Beatley. During the course of the stop a loaded shotgun was found in the cab of the truck along with a Tup- perware bowl containing 24 small baggies, each containing approximately one gram of marijuana. Numerous mes- sages were found on Heitz's phone indicating sales activi- ty. People v. Tanishia Shaffer- Smith On Nov. 30, Tanishia Shaf- fer-Smith, 26, of Quincy, plead- ed no contest to felony viola- tions of grand theft from a per- son and identity theft. Shaffer-Smith will be sen- tenced Feb. 8, 2013. While babysitting for a local family, Shaffer-Smith stole the family's ATM/credit card(s) and made $2,394.08 in unau- thorized charges. Additional- ly, Smith stole a check from a person she was getting a ride from and subsequently forged and cashed the check at a local business. People v. Ervin Yates On Nov. 30, Ervin Yates, 20, of Quincy, pleaded no contest to a felony violation of assault with force likely to commit great bodily injury. Yates will be sentenced Feb. 1, 2013. On Sept. 25, Yates was en- gaged in a fight with others in the area of Mill Creek Road and Forest View in Quincy when Yates brandished a steak knife and chased one of the other combatants. People v. Diane Rodriguez On Nov. 30, Diane Ro- driguez, 58, of Chester, admit- ted she had violated her proba- tion in two cases and was sen- tenced to 150 days in county jail. Rodriguez's violations all in- clude her being under the in- fluence of alcohol and harass- ing patrons and employees at the Lassen Club in Chester, patrons and employees at Sub- way in Quincy, citizens trying to vote at a polling station in Chester and children selling lemonade in Dame Shirley Plaza in Quincy. I People v. Jeffery Kelley On Dec. 7, Jeffery Kelley, 35, of Portola, pleaded no contest to a felony violation of receiv- ing and possessing stolen property and admitted he was in violation of his misde- meanor probation on a sepa- rate case. Kelley will be sen- tenced Jan. 4, 2013. Kelley was found Aug. 22 with parts of a motorcycle that was stolen in Portola on Aug. 3. Upon being confronted Kel- ley produced a handwritten bill of sale for the stolen parts, which was later determined to be forged. People v. Derek Tissot On Dec. 7, Derek Tissot, 27, of Lake Almanor, pleaded no contest to felony violations of forging a prescription and pos- sessing or receiving stolen property. Tissot is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 27, 2013. Tissot was alleged to have attempted to pass a forged pre- scription for hydrocodone at Village Drug in Greenville as well as possessing a stolen chainsaw. Sudoku Puzzle #2636-D 1 2 4 5 6 7 3 9 7 1 9 6 7 8 1 4 5 8 8 7 3 6 Difficult 3 1 4 2 7 9 R B E R M..E A..N N T I D N Y o .E ,IE R; x I K=i TEl ilS El Sudoku Solution #2635-D 761 892435 458637291 32941 5678 1 85746329 6943281 57 237951 846 91 6274583 5431 897.62 87256391 4 a U= et )rk gn ACROSS 1. ,No , no gain" 5. Prefix with physics 9. Rattails. e.g. 14. Patron saint of sailors 15. Like the Sabin vaccine 16. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, for two 17. Lucky Lindy's plane 20. In great shape 21. Operation Desert 22. __ BIo fuse 24. Is mad for 29. Popular charity 35. "Pagliacci;" e.g. 36. 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