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December 24, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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December 24, 2014

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3 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2014 913 COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE Community shows how much it cares about Quincy theatre WHERE I STAND rebuilt and opened once spooled up on beautiful reels The Quincy Revival friends and neighbors, system. We are well aware ............................................. again in 1936. For the next 50 will become obsolete. As one Committee showered us with The Save Our Theatre that we have a pretty steep ROXANNE VALLADAO years it served primarily as a of the last movie houses to $2 bills and put out a Money campaign has worked. It has learning curve ahead of us. If DIRECTOR movie theatre, proudly continue to screen Bucket Challenge to otherworked amazingly well. all goes as planned (fingers PLUMAS aRTS films on a two-projector groups. The Sierra Pacific This new projection system crossed again) our first Into the hands of Plumas change-over system, we Foundation, Quincy High will give us the means to stay digital movie should screen Sometimes places are moreArts fought that fact as long as we School Class of 1970 and afloat. The campaign brought Jan. 9, 2015. than places. More than the Plumas Arts began our could -- certainly a little Quincy Rotary sent checks., in the $80,000 we needed to vintage timber lathe and relationship with the longer than was convenient. The Quincy Peeps made a big buy the projector, screen and 'Tis the season plaster construction thatbuilding when the movie Just as all this reached a impact with their Facebook upgrades and then some. The community support makes a shelter. More than business was bought from critical point something call for donations. Feather People are still telling us that has been awe-inspiring, the plumbing and power that Gary Patton in 1986. Overamazing was taking shape.River College and the Plumas they did not get a chance to humbling even. As much as makes it habitable, nearly two decades a County Public Health Agency donate and Plumas Arts is Sometimes places can committee, then a nonprofit The Save Our Theatre made commitments for still happily accepting those reaching our cash goals we learned that the Town Hall embrace the hearts and board and several mangers, campaign future programming with the tax-deductible, year-end dreams and hopes of a developed it once again into a As we were faced full on new digital system, donations. Theatre still matters. The common people to create acultural arts center with a with the option of going A colorful collection of There will be enough to campaign has brought us not place where who they are and performing arts space to digital or closing, volunteers fundraisers dominated themake some roof repairs and just dollarsl but countless what they do is celebrated, complement the movie helped us fire up the Save summer and fall: Tatum's build a modest rainy daystories of growing up in Thus, this place becomes a business. Our Theatre campaign. Diego Lemonade Stand, Tailor's fund. This will be a godsend Quincy and going to movies haven where everyone Challenging economic Lozano made us a compelling Silent Movie Night Seniorbecause this vintage facility or plays or concerts. belongs. This is a place where times brought the theatrevideo that went viral andProject, Cole Young & has much that needs to be We have also been so very a community is shaped andmanagement back to Plumasbrought in donations from far Friends Comedy Night, Therepaired and some systems pleased at how the younger nurtured. Arts in 2003. Since then and wide. Bread for the Battle of the Badges Pork Rib that could certainly benefit generations stepped up to In this last year it has been building and business Journey, High Sierra Music Cook-Off at The Knook, from some more 21st-century help. For those of us who resoundingly told that the improvements have included Festival and Sierra Nevada Reformist6 and Happy Happy technology. Now when work to preserve these Town Hall Theatre still is one insulation, electrical and Brewery sponsored a July Joy Joy Family Band's something breaks we will not historic places it is important of Those Places; one of those movie sound upgrades, newer Kick-Off that started the ball concert, Reformist6's concert have to hang our heads and to know that our good works special somewheres that seats, refinished floors, new rolling by collecting $10,000 at Midtown Coffee's parking wonder where the money will live beyond us. becomes so much more thancarpet and another coat of in a single fun-filled evening lot, Danielle's Drunk Brush could come from to fix it. Plumas Arts has been the sum of its parts, paint. The movie businessof open mic entertainment, painting sessions, Fire on the As Sherlock might say, overwhelmed by the vote of thrived once again and there More than 250 individualsMountain fire dancing and'the game is afoot' trust made to us as the keeper A community coalesces: were more traveling and groups made donations"drumming outside the Main Parts and pieces of of the Town Hall Theatre. It Town Hall Association performances and local of $5 to $5,000. Countless Street Sports Bar and projection and sound is an honor and grand In 1872 the Town Hall productions than ever. others donated anonymously Lounge, Hollywood Hair & Association was established Seeing how Plumas Arts in jars in the theatre as well Makeup for Girls' Night Out equipment are arriving daily, responsibility, one that we by Quincy pioneers. Theirhad taken on the mission of as Great Northern Hair Co., and a cribbage tournament at The new screen has been take on very seriously and first order of business was to the Town Hall Association, Quincy Natural Foods, Thethe Plumas Arts Gallery. ordered and is scheduled to most often with some great have a facility for meetings that group deeded the theatre Drunk Brush, Body & Soul,All these events brought us ship tomorrow. With a bit of joy. and gatherings, travelingto Plumas Arts in March of TaylorsviUe Market, Careytogether and showed us that luck this one will actually In this season of counting shows and local productions, this year. Candy Co., the Paul Thornraising money gave us more make it to us. (Fingers our blessings, gratitude is the That first Town Hall Theatre Then it became a digital concert, Sally Yost's studio, that just a cash benefit. It crossed,) The first week in message we offer to one and stood until it, along with world. Mamma Fig Designs and gave us a chance to rallyJanuary we will have a all. most of the rest of Main New movies long booths at the High Sierratogether in the name of atechnician come in to put all Here is a toast to our Street, burned in the great transported across the Music Festival and Quincygood cause while we were the parts together and train community and to the new Quincy fire of 1934. It was country on 35-mm film Certified Farmers' Market. having a great time with us how to use our new year! ETTERS TO DITOR Guidelines for letters It makes perfect sense to All letters must contain an take advantage of energies address and phone number, that one can own, are kind to Only one letterper weekper one's lungs, are beneficial to person will be published; only the environment, are ready to one letter per person per month go and, unlike fossil fuels, are regarding the same will " :- 'inexhaustible. ........ ..... , be published. Feather Beside the point: Our word Publishing does not print daisy Comes from a third-party, anonymous or metaphoric Anglo-Saxon r open letters. Letters must not device. In Anglo-Saxon exceed 300 words. Writers poetry, the human body was responding to previously called the bone-house and the published letters may not sun was called the day's eye, mention the author by name. and so the flower that had a The deadline is Friday at 3 resemblance to the sun was p.m.; deadlines may change called the day's eye, eventually due to holidays. Letters may be to become daisy. submitted at any of Feather Salvatore Catalano Publishing's offices, sent via Taylorsville fax to 283-3952 or emailed to One-sided story A, Solar power At this writing, the Walton family, owners of Wal-Mart, is carrying out an expensive campaign against home rooftop solar installations. They have been so successful in Arizona that the solar industry there has lost 40 percent of its business. There ,, are not many states that have more access to the sun than Arizona. Why are the Waltons funding a campaign against solar for homes while it has major shares in a Malaysia-based industrial-oriented solar business? I think it is good that the Waltons are pushing solar for industry but mean that they are trying to deny the same for the average householder. But time marches on, and eventually the use of polluting fuels will be obsolete. Actually, wind and water energies are not new. Europe and rural America long used windmills successfully. Along with using rivers to power modern turbines (PG&E), the noria, a water wheel, was long ago used in Europe, Egypt and Asia. Now, with the invention of the solar panel, the sun has been harnessed and ready to be used universally. For an interesting use of solar, legend has it that the ancient Sicilian Greek-speaking Archimedes reflected concentrated sunbeams from huge metal sheets that set fire to enemy ships. I am truly disappointed and ashamed of you for allowing a once reputable small town newspaper to become a "goSsip rag" equal to the National Enquirer or The Star. The focus of the past two weeks' front page articles (Nov. 26 and Dec. 3) about the Graeagle Fire District seems to be only concerned with discrediting and belittling a very l rofessional, well-run, efficient service organization, a huge and valuable part of Plumas County. All based on half-truths, innuendos, misquotes or ones taken out of context supplied by totally self-serving, for-profit corporation representatives. How is that responsible reporting? The entire tone of both articles was so obviously biased and, in the second article, so poorly written, I am embarrassed for you. The Schomac Group, and you as the editor, did not once credit Graeagle Fire District with excellence in providing highly trained emergency services to the community. Did you once mention the infrastructure of this fire district or the costs to maintain this service? Did you once mention the contributions and commitment of the mostly unpaid volunteers who make up this department, their level of training -- the quality of the equipment needed to respond to 911 calls? This is very much a part of the whole picture but not your article. The whole picture as you presented it deals only with the dollar amount for annexation. It neglects to mention the huge create a new unnecessaryyour neighbor. Oh, now you responsibility, both financial environmentally questionable have to find those shear pins and physical, that would be economy, that you put away last winter. required of GFPD with this, Guess USA is going to have The joy of winter. or any annexation. The to export more scrap and porn Trent Saxton complexities of the Feather and license more medical L.ake Davis River, Inn are very much a marijuana outfits to offset the ...... part of the cost of annexation, loss from the fracking fatalities. Yost and Little We as readers don't have any Robert Milne free people idea what those might be, Clio It is always very difficult which makes the research and to fred people to serve on the investigating journalism of The joy of winter various boards, committees this article even moYe pitiful. The weather report around and commissions that help Shame on you. Lake Davis this morning.., to run this county. As a Dee Kelly The roads are a bit slick, but former county supervisor Cliowhat makes them worse isfor 18 years, I have always Cheap oil? there are patches of dumb believed that they have had With oil around $55 perdrivers everywhere, somestronger role in our county barrel, analysts are predicting blowing and drifting Reno-ites than we have had, and $40 per barrel for an and a sprinkling of thankfully so. If unintentional indefinite time. Some are Californians. There are gusts mistakes are sometimes predicting $25 per barrel. It's of Christmas-tree searchers made, because someone or certainly a benefit to the still spinning in the snow. several "trusted too much," consumer and our . Come on people, if you can't then let those among us who recreation-based local drive in the white stuff, wait haven't throw the first stone. economy. However, the where you are until spring. If Serving on these boards, long-term consequence would you drive fast on icy roads, etc., is usually done at some be a detriment to the U.S. call me first so I can stay personal cost, is hard on the economy, home; we'll fmd your frozen family, and usually not very Most American shale oil(well-preserved) body enjoyable. I don't know of producers need $65 per barrel eventually, any that profit personally. to break even. According to As I write, I hear snow Our county is fortunate and Wolf Richter in his blog "Wolf creeping down my metal roof very luckY that some will St." we also have to look at the toward its inevitable plunge serve. peripheral damage to sectors and thump on the deck. I am Mike Yost is one of the that make American oil reminded of three winterfinest people I have ever had producers function, Specialty lessons in "snow defense" I the chance to work with. He USA pipe and machine learned from locals after has been vital to keeping the manufacturers. Trucking and moving here. * Sierra Pacific and Collins railways. People in R&D, IT, Lesson number one: When Pine mills open (when many business services ... you hear something that others closed) by advocating Sustained lower price will sounds like two blocks of sand an evenhanded approach to cause defaults on the bonds paper sliding together, step good forest management. that funded the American oil (quickly) towards the wall of He was an original member industry as well as preclude your house. Or if you hear of the Quincy Library Group new investment, that swish sound (and you and went back to Washington, The oil price crash was pause to think, what wasD.C., more than once to fight precipitated by several that?) followed by a sudden for our struggling county. factors: A slowdown in the silence, forget about moving; He has also guided and global economy. The North rig for impact, influenced many of his American fracking and tar Lesson number two: When college students into better sands boom. The recent Saudi stepping up into your frosty forest practices. refusal to reduce output, or snow-covered tractor, make Jane Braxton Little has Of course, this price level sure you have three points been fair and balanced as a works wonders againstRussia touching the vehicle. The first writer in our dounty for and the remaining "Axis of time you think two points of over 20 years. Sometimes I Evil" members who opposecontact will do is when you wish we experienced the the West in the Middle East break something or you end same balance from our and Ukraine and threaten the up performing a face plant national media petro-dollar and the IMF. The into the windshield. No one representatives. There has Saudis need $95 per barrel to will be there to score your never been any doubt that break even. But they aregraceful plant. Or you will be she loves her county and the prepared to eat the loss and crumpled between the blower people in it. support their ally, USA, in and the tractor; hopefully the Thank you, Jane and Mike, sticking it to Russia and gang. vehicle is off. for your service on this board They say Prudhoe Bay, Lesson number three: Youin Indian Valley, and for the Alaska, has enough wellsare blowing snow around positive impact you have had capped off to last us 100 years, your home with your big in so many public venues So they created ANWR Honda track blower, around our county, where you (Alaska National Wildlife Remember those small items have helped make such a Reserve) there, making much you said you would pick up positive impact. of the oil inaccessible. And before it snowed? You just Bill Coates then they pushed fracking to delivered (launched) them to Quincy Terrible editorial I'm absolutely flabbergasted. I have never- ever--seen such a horrendous mountain of verbal offal, such violence committed on the English language,'as :that which defiled your editorial page last week. The author should have the ninth-grade English class down the street rewrite his articles before submitting them to what is an obviously oblivious editorial board. You actually pay this guy? Perhaps there is a point to Mr. Knight's writhing spaghetti of nowhere-near -logic, but both rambling, uneducated content and utter lack of language skills preclude my knowing for sure. A few notes: The first paragraph contains no full sentences, and... "effectuated"? Really? Moving on, constitutions, even ours, do not "seek" nor do they "govern." They are contracts agreed to by the authors, delineating procedures that should be used to arbitrate disputes, whether petty theft or murder. This kept them from spending all their time killing each other. Constitutions, etc., even ours, are the products of many civilizations of humans with roots going back to prehistory, as Mr. Knight notes -- I think. You can't be "in the history of the world" and proceed into the "dawn of man in prehistory" while there. You'd be creating a massive anachronism. Mr. Knight raises the Constitution to divine status, right alongside the Bible. But his Holy Constitution seems to only include the Bill of Rights, ignoring the equally important protection of rights codified in the 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th Amendments, not to mention the actual Constitution. Human rights are not even remotely divine. They're not even really "human" rights. They are complicated biological interactions that have developed over the course of our evolution, beginning long before the "dawn of man." If you must keep Mr. Knight, please send him back to the sports section. I don't read that. Gary Terhune East Quincy