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December 26, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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December 26, 2001

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'I2A Wednes~y, Dec. 26, 2001 From Page One Fearer Continued from page 1A tinued. "Since I have been on the fair board, I have witnessed the board of suers pull the rug out from under us on more than one occasion. They will allow this board to make decisions just as long as they agree with what we decide," Beatty wrote. "Most recently, they com- pletely ignored the majority of our board, state Fairs and Exhibitions, our community, members of the Sierra Coun- ty Board of Supervisors and two Plumas County Supervi- sors when they voted 3-2'to remove our fair manager," Beatty explained. "Because two supervisors were blinded by one man's personal quest to fire Mike Clements, we now find our- selves without one of the best fair managers this fair has ever had," Beatty wrote. During his comments to the fair board, Beatty said, "Pat (Roarty) is in the heal- ing mode right now and that's great." But BeattY said he's wor- ried about the next CEO who "pisses somebody off" and it happens all over again. Beatty said someone on the beard needs to figure out how to make the two boards work together. During his resignation pre- sentation, Leonard Ross looked down the length of the table to where CAO Bob Co- hen was seated and said, "You can have my 57 years of work and shove it." Ross began serving as a volunteer and a horse judgeI ng said. CEO be flown in the state." Nancy Pullan has been at the fair during its early His board of supervisors She added that the entire ning the fair in a years. Later, he was the requested that he not resign, fair board needed to be in- pacity since Clements 1 Plumas County Supervisor People involved in the Sierra Continued from page volved, not just one or two of placed on who attended fair board County 4-H pr()gram encour- dations to the board of super- them. leave. meetings. When he lost his aged him to remaino , the visors. "' "We all need to work to- . "I think Nancy last election, he was appoint- bo ,, d. .... "Why weren't you here for gether as a team," Roarty the logical choice for ed as a director to the fair But t aon t see a real input the last time you want- said. Beatty said. board, ture," Lop_g said. "There's no ed.input?" Ross asked. "WeRoarty added that there's "I would second that," "I've worked 57 years with light at then end of the tun- gave it toyou and you ig- "not one supervisor who said. He added that this fair," Ross told fellow di- nel." noted every damned bit of it. knows as much as we do couldn't get an outsider rectors and others present on Long explained that the I think it's an insult." about this fair." speed in the time the Dec. 19 meeting. "I want Plumas-Sierra unty Fair is Beatty pointed out that, Roarty continued, "We willquired. to see that this is the best fair a "real hybrid situation."historically, the fair board make the recommendation as"It is my feeling that in the state of California." There isn't another fair like has done it a tifferent way. a team." has some complicity Ross went on to emphasize it in the State. Conen said these are not Jane Roberti said the fairthat," Viscarra said the amount of work required The fair is governed by "hard and fast rules." board needed to see what its Put]art's position with for a director of the fair. It both the two counties and the The process will be much duties and responsibilities CEO. means long hours of work state. The overwhelming ma- the same as recruitment for a are. "We need to know what"Somebody else has to; during the fair, regular board jority of its money comes department head. He used job the expectations are so wethe fair," Viscarra meetings, working with the from the state, but the searches conducted most re- are going in the same direc- mended. public, and involvement with Plumas County Board of Su-cently for the mental health tion." Maintenance superv special events, pervisors wants to control it. and alcohol and drug depart- Ross pointed out to Conen Orin Morrison said, "I t Directors are not paid. Long said that he has somements, that in the Fairs and Exposi- that Nancy has the They are not reimbursed for commitments to finish for Conen said he was treatingtions manual from the state, numbers." their mileage, the fair in January and isthis as just another county it spells out that it is the fair He added that And with that, to be faced submitting his resignation ef- department with an advisory board's responsibility to hire the deadline for the m .with having the CAO and fective Feb. 1. board. Two members of the the CEO. contracts associated with Ross added that Conen had fair "and if we don't three supervisors override Richard Stockton is the fair board could be involved "no idea of the scope and body here soon," the fair the board's decision was hard fifth person who is consider- in the hiring, along with sev- to take. ing resigning, eral members of the board of magnitude for running thislose money. Leah West recommended "My term has ended," he supervisors, facility." Ross made the motion that the fair board directors said. "If offered, I'm not sure "Understand, I haven't been Beatty added that the Puhan be appointed as be careful, if I would like to do it for the here in the past for recruit- biggest decision the fair terim director, but ,'It's not a team," she said fair." ment," Conen said. board makes is that of hiring Tkelma Olson Beatty explained "This bat- a CEO. the board give the CAO about the way the board has Sierra County director tie has been fought before." Director Richard Stockton to Iook around. split. "It's not a team." Kevel Gutman had decided to Beatty added that the fairsaid to Beatty, "I think you're "Nancy has West said she used to have resign, but the Plumas Coun- board knows more about thesaying what a lot of us want take her place," fun working for the fair. ty Board of Supervisors and fair and its needs than the to say." about a recent hiring "I loved this. It was fun," concerned residents asked boardofsupervisors. Susan Neer said she fairgrounds. "Things she said, in submitting her her to stay. "Unless things have thought the fair board should falling apart Orin and resignation. "It's not fun any- more." Gutman said the upcoming changed, this board still feels work closely with the CEO have the pulse on this Bill Long, a director ap- year means the 50th anniver- that same way," he added and not with the supervisors, than anybody else." pointed by the Sierra County saw of 4-H. Since she was a 4- Beatty said that, with theCohen told the fair board Director Jane Board of Supervisors, said he H member as a child, she said new proposal, he thought he was in contact with theasked for a definition finally went to his board as she wants to remain on the"we're out in the cheap seats state Fairs and Expositions the difference between an informational item, to board one more year to par- again." office and they're "pulling to- terim and an clue them in to what the ticipate in those events. "They (supervisors) don't gether some names." Conen said it was really give a hoot what weCarol Viscarra said that matter of semantics. Plumas Board of Supervisors But she realizes that think," Beatty concluded, the local fair is one of only a As for pay, Conen was doing. "every decision now is a pain Director Pat Roarty sug- few that works with a board county employee is paid | "I was ready to resign," in the tuckus." gested that the position for of supervisors, it is a promotion to the l Viscarra added that she level. In Pullan's case didn't want the county to would be an place a premium on appli- cents an hour, plus a cants from outside the coun- stipend. ty. Ross, bringing the Beatty turned the fair back to the subject Federal enerav Iiicenses uses BOFI land and is in Sierra NF on 2661-012, and 2687-014. NATIONAL FOREST TIMBER FOR SALE board back to the questzon of a;,.=,., .... ia -x k. " " * . . . w....a.a~s,A l=.L~LIk ~,~.,l.v~, ~,gAI.8, x UNITED STA:I~OF AMERICA .He~CreekandtheNorlhFod~KingsRiv- . C~..ofh~efl~gsam. on.rdewi~., the PLUMASNMIONALFOREST getting an mterzm manager this enoine is about to FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORYerml-resno "..L~u~. _ L~rnm~s~nanoareavam=etorpuoacm- The appem perk)d for the Crystal Adams to hol'~ mob,. *ho a~,.;=;~,,~ b , n The ma ' MP ' "" ~' .................... COMMISSION /ran~-Line-Ordy Projects: The Don- spectio . filings m~ y also be ~ Group Select Timber Sale ends Decem- . ...... out of steaxn. NOTICE OF TRANSFER OF LICENSES ne .lls-S.t~ard....City P._~.. uses BOR land on the ~ at http:/ using the bet 27, 2001. If appealed, the sale wilt not mat neeo to De mane on run-.~ ........ AND SUBSTITUTION OF RELICENSE ano l-mTuo ..Cpup- "RIMS'link, solec 'Docketrandfo, owthe .he awarded until tbdaysaftorallappeais ning the fair. uespzte tne uP, us pr( APPLICANT W. m e wooolear-~'~ermo vro|ecz =s m instructions (cag (202) 2082222 for assis nave oeen resolve~ Beatty said the fair is a als, the members of the I ' Plumas NF in Butte Coun The French SOLICIT NG COMMENTS, MOTIONS TO ....... ~. tance). "es are also available for in- The sial Adams MP Group Select Tim- o board voted 8 4 zn" : INTERVENE AND PROTESTS MeaaowsProLect~mEluoradoNFand spection ~ie~ at the addresses her sC aes Sale is located within T.25N., C uple months behind on .. " . (Dece~r 13 20011 Tahoe NF in ~an Handsco County. The in itsm fabove. R16E. Sectines 2023,2520 and3236; contracts, m_aKmg Pullan the rater r Take notice that the fotk~inn ~v~v~" Narrows No. 2- Smarlville Project uses L Individuals des~ to .t~ i~.~. on ~ T.24N., Rt6E. Sections 15, 8, 10. 11, 13 What were you thinkin~ rector. ~nnlications have been "f~lng "~~ COE land in Yuba and Nevada Counties. Commission's mailing list snou~ so indicate 15, 2326, and 3436; T23N., R.16E. Sec .....i....~,, D ...... ,.---, ,~^------- And desnite words ne z ~ssionandareavailabtelorn=~,icinsr~c.. The New Metones Project usesCOEand by writing to the Secretary d the Commis- tions2,3and12;T24N.,R17ESeclJons4, u.,,,~t. ~"="'ty,~.~'U',.,UUmL , :~, --=---:. -.~--- tion:~ J .... "'--'2~:~" ..~BLMlan~:linC~aver=,t~. County. TI)eRd~ stun. ~ , . 5, 7, 8,1621, 30 and~l ; T23N., R17E. Conen's idea was to f'md aana me neeo t0 WOrK t( ill a. S alet ldS ~b~men~, rewire in"~ic-at ,ilo ~.m~.,-.* ~..~ .... along lines 1 Tra~sf~o~lect~c Li~Bses ~/~.~----'u~z~f~ ~_~jJ~Imi~_ .... v " -" " ~ " to.' " .;'.~mi~ 7 ~18; ~'~he ~w- ~~,~j~l~ ta~.-~r~ t~-~ ~ ~I Prole" c'~. ~-H~, !~>031,'t37-O3t, 175- ~u~. )~ .rmo,~, ~ap ~ a ano protest:~' a motk)n to intervene in accor- BeckwUurth anger =Station at 2 p.m. ~ :=.. - ~ .................. o~,];, ,~. .... +...~.~...,-, .. , ,, 018, 178-015, 233-082, ~06-020, 619-095, ~ ~ ~ m .L~, A~..., dance with the requirements of Rules of t~ne on Janumy 30, ~2002 for an estimated mrea. ov,,~ u,= ,ut= ?.,,, .... 803-055, 106t-056, 1121-058, 1333-037, .and .SanJoaquine~. TheMontice~ Practice and Procedure, 18 CFR 385210, 8,063CCFmark~dorothenvisedesignated Beatty pointed out that wasconcerneo. 1354-029, 1403-042, 1962-039, 1988-030, ~) Ro~c1..uses_BOR_ .=n0 _m ~ and Na: 211,214. In determining the aplxo~ate for cutting. There is an estimated 7,626 2105-087, 2106-039, 2107-012, 2t 30-030, pa "(~es.. 1he Friant P n~ect uses ~ anlion to take, the Commissinn wi consider CCF or (4,132 MBF) of Sawtogs and an es- .....2155-0222310120- ,2467 -06, 266 -061 11 Westmn in l-resno uounty. =he uamp l-ar allprotests or other commonts Bed, but on- timated 2,153 TONS or (147 MBF) of Non , I -J~, ,, ~oo~-uv~, and 2735-071; (2) Request fo; = Project is in Placer and Yuba Coun- ly those who file a motion to intervene in ac- Sawiog material. The Forest Service re- ~ : I " . ' " n' .... " : " .... " SubstituSon of ~t for New License in ~ ._ . cordancewiththeCommissio sRulesmay sorves the dgh{ lo rejecl any and all bids. .. p ik::~ii:.==,,; I Project Nos. 23~-081,1354-005, 2107-010, e.F~OPtj_r~a~to: FedoralPowerAcl,16 becoma a party to the p!'.oceeding. Any InterestsdpadiesmayolXainaprospectus -:q I;;UII14")I , | 2661-O12, and 2687-014; and (3)Transfer ~..p:b_k.=/~ztal_:.,Ir, l~r} ,- , ........ comments, p{otosts, or motions to ,nton~_ . from the ofl'o~. IL~edbelow:Apn~S, . ~ I~i~!i~Ii~/,II~! |, of Transrnissio~Line-Onlv Licenses for Pro- E ~ ~,ema~: .m~. e,P,~eue rarag~., must be received on or before ~ ~ aid form, ano complete information con- ~ i!~ !.: .: ~ :: . :.~,~.. jectNos. 2118-005, ~1-005, 2479-003, Peciflc Gas and Bectdc Company, P.O. _..c.ommentdateforlheparticul=appScaSon. ceming the timber, the~olsaie, I~::-':-::- '-~ ; .- : " - :: :! ~, .; .,_ __ F ,, 5536-001'5826-003 7009-004,and10821" uo 7442,~n randsco, CA 94126-7442, rnent ..s-::-/v~. l~ngsmuslbearina~capilal publiclmmthe~Ranger, Bedo~ourth -.~..:'~"~. -. .....:::~I:.:.~ F: llJ-.