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December 26, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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December 26, 2001

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~, Progressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, Dec, 26, 2001 11B in page 3B t seems to have been a lit- in some people's ~recently. Dealing with Sierra, we had a meet- them. I think that, us and High Sierra center... )er: You worked I believe that we learning more on ~tion And I believe they're what we're dealing insofar as animal con- there is a differ- and we're trying to the two together. thing we added--a officer. He gets paid I grant funding. Works with the schools. And all the sex cases uveniles. Portola contract. I jok- told (Portola City Man- Jim Murphy this: If I that he wanted to give us so much money, we would have done this a long time ago. We wouldn't have had the hassle we went through. $265,000 is a lot of money. I think it is $65,000 for the actual contract, and he's putting $200,000 from the technology grant, from the COPS money, to go toward two deputies. And he wanted to know what he could get for that money. And I said, "I'll give you two deputies, 10 hours a day, seven days a week." And that's what we're doing. They are purchasing all the equipment for the city. I mean, they've even got a bi- cycle, if you can believe this, for bicycle patrol with a light and a siren on it. (Laughs.) We have that. They're pur- chasing two cars--a Tahoe and a Crown Vic. They're get- ting laptop computers. They're getting these scan- ners, that they look through, that you can see and take a picture of a Fmgerprint. I've already told you about the COPS grant. We're adding the deputy from the rural law enforcement. We're adding one deputy. Also, with that rural law enforcement (funding), that $500,000, we're upgrading our communication system. We're working with the fire department to try to get coun- tywide dispatch, to expand the building out here. Put dis- patch in here. So, if some- thing happens, one of the dis- patchers can just push one button. And, when the infor- mation goes out, it goes to law enforcement, the fire de- partment and emergency- medical. So, everybody hears the same thing, and we don't have to do this paging sys- tem, which takes so cotton- picking long. (Gardner reviewed the agreement the department has struck with CHP that al- lows the sheriffs department to access CHP's microwave communications system without having to pay $1,400 a month. DeCrona and Gard- ner also discussed the cooper- ation between the two agen- cies.) I've had the desire to make sure that every deputy had a take-home car. TMe reason for that is that cars last longer. I think they're better maintained. The miles aren't put on them as fast. The deputies can keep their equipment in the car. So, when they're called, they can respond a lot quicker. I think it's just all around better, not only for the deputies but for the people. I heard that I was going to catch some flack because six, seven cars were purchased from this Restorative Emer- gency Vehicle. Before I even purchased them, I went down to talk to (Wallets Motors Gen- eral Manager) Kevin Puffy. I said, "You need to know that this is what I'm going to do, and this is why I'm doing it." And he told me, "Look, you've been very good to us in buying cars." And he said, "We're not even concerned with it. We know what you're trying to do, and why you're trying to do it." At least I went to him be- cause we have purchased a lot of cars from him. We pur- chased used cars. We just got a van from him. It's my un- derstanding, at least from Wallets' standpoint, that they're not upset with what we're doing. These cars that we have in here, they're go- ing to get all the service. They have the contract. And that too is certainly going to benefit him. (Editor's note: Puffy told the newspaper he is not concerned and that Gardner approached him.) This is, hopefully, just a one-time thing, with getting those cars down here. When it comes time to replace a car, then we're going to (go to Wallets). Because we already have the equipment and everything. All we got to do is take it offofone and put it on another. I think that our investiga- tive unit--Sgt. (Jeremy) Du- val and the investigators in there--have been doing a bang-up job on illegal drug manufacturing. They've had more illegal labs this past year than in the history of the department. (Gardner mentioned sever- al of the county's child abuse councils and a Portola citi- zens committee as other ac- tivities the department is in- volved in.) So, all in all, I guess the comment I have: I will not give up and become weary of doing good. DeCrona: We. Gardner: Huh? DeCrona: We. Gardner: OK. We will not give up. We will not get dis- couraged to the point of giv- ing up. DeCrona: That's right. 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